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Vermont (courtesy

“Hillary Clinton ratcheted up her attacks on Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ gun control record Monday,” reports, “telling a private gathering of state legislators near the State Capitol that many of the guns used by New York criminals come across the border from the Green Mountain State.” That’s news to me. And to the Democratic lawmakers, lobbyists and other “party stalwarts” who gathered to hear the presumptive nominee pontificate. Such as Buffalo State Senator Tim Kennedy . . .

“She said she wants to work to get illegal guns off the street and said it’s been part of her work as an elected official to strengthen laws to keep America safe. She said that it’s going to be coming out in the very near future that many of the catastrophes that have taken human lives in the State of New York have been the product of guns coming over the border from Vermont,” said State Sen. Tim Kennedy, a Democrat from Buffalo. “That’s the first I heard it. I think it caught everybody’s attention and we’re looking forward to learning more about it.”

You know the Watergate thing, right? Must have two sources. Well, here’s another one:

“She said that many of the guns that are found to be involved in crimes in this state are found to have their origins in Vermont,” said Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, a Democrat from Kingston. “The implication was just that many of the guns that are involved in crimes in this state come from Vermont.”

Clearly, Ms. Clinton is trying to paint her rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, as weak on gun control. The problem with this particular line of attack: it’s not true. Not only is Sanders for an assault weapons ban, but his state is hardly a major source of firearms for New York Criminals.

In 2014, out of 7,686 firearms recovered and traced in New York, only 55 were first purchased in Vermont, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. That’s compared to 371 that came from Pennsylvania, 395 that were sourced to Virginia, and 386 from Georgia, government data shows.

Senator Sanders campaign has pushed Ms. Clinton to the left on many issues. While this piece of nonsense doesn’t indicate that she’s moved to an even more extreme position on gun control, if such a thing were even possible, it does show that Ms. Clinton is will say anything to further her civilian disarmament agenda. In case you didn’t know.

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  1. Pfffft.

    I remember what it was like trying to buy a nice Parker shotgun from a Vermonter in the 80’s. Their eyes narrowed and they said “You ain’t frum ’round he-ya, are you?”

    Wouldn’t sell me the shotgun, even with cash in my hand. I didn’t have the right accent, so I failed their personal background check.

    I can only imagine the reception down-state New Yorkers get in Vermont.

    Here’s a funny hunting story I remember from those days, too. A fella from down-state NY goes hunting in Vermont. He’s dressed in an orange cap, orange coat, striped orange pants. Brown boots.

    He comes into the general store where I’m buying some goods for my hike during the leafy time of year. The guy scoops up some supplies, put ’em on the counter, pays cash. The clerk, who looked like she was 70+ years old and real salt-of-the-earth type New Englander looks the dude up and down and says:

    “Ain’tcha takin’ an awful chance with them brown boots?”

    I fought like hell to maintain a straight face.

    • Wear LL Bean stuff, and when asked if you are from NY I always said ” No, I am from Long Island, bub.” NEVER say it as if it were “lungisland'” they think you are from Brooklyn and BINGO, they don’t like you. Seemed to work , even in the Virgin Islands and Nassau, as long as you were not from NYC or a borough, you were OK.

  2. Liberals: when it doesn’t work, it’s not because it’s just ineffective, it’s because the scope wasn’t large enough, it didn’t go far enough, etc. Never is it ever the fault of a failed policy, no, it just proves that they need to enact stronger and further reaching policies is all.

    They’re just plain delusional when you get down to it. Even when they realize it’s ineffective they acknowledge it is just there to make them feel better, to assuage the fears of constituents, to give a sense of accomplishment. California’s mayor acknowledged this with the recent minimum wage hike, even declaring, in his own words, that economically it didn’t make sense, but it was morally and politically right. That is, in and of itself a contradiction: knowingly doing something bad to society’s well-being by disrupting the economy is very much immoral if you’re a sane person.

    Yeah, I went off topic a little bit there, but it’s a relevant example.

    • Not off topic at all. It’s about control, pure and simple. Always more control.

      These people think it’s possible to control and reform human nature itself — but humanity being largely set in its human ways, that lofty goal can only be achieved when the enlightened few wield enough power to MAKE everyone behave in the desired way.

      At least the idealists do. People like Hillary Clinton don’t give a shit about the idealists. They just want the biggest possible slice of personal power they can get. Either way, freedom goes down the tubes and a lot of good people suffer.

    • Absolutely on topic. When faced with the very real possibility that the policies proposed and put into actions fall flat in the real world, the solution to a leftist is to simply expand that program or policy. Government healthcare would have worked if we had forced people to buy in at day one at gun point, socialism would have worked if it were fully implemented, social program x would have worked if we had just gotten more tax dollars to fund it. Its an age old lie and its really ingenious when you think about it:

      The program demands more power and money flowing to the government, if it fails, that only means that more money and power is required to make it work as intended. There is no room for conversation that holds that the program simply is a policy doomed to failure.

    • The liberals in VT, such as Ben and Jerry (ice cream), and Bernie Sanders (all from liberal NY families) have made the Burlington-area an over-taxed, crime ridden crap-hole over the last 25 years, welcoming with open arms drug using, no-job, welfare-taking baby makers from NY, MA, and CT who are leaches upon a productive society. Violent and drug crime now common there. These are the same liberals who move here from their crime ridden cities to raise their kids in “VT Disneyland” and mold the area into their liberal ideal. While VT has great gun laws (none), it also permits anybody showing up to receive Medicaid, food stamps, housing and welfare the day they arrive – no waiting. Isn’t that great? We have one off the countries highest property tax rates to appease these liberal programs. Oh, and if you snuck into the country illegally, have no fear, the liberal VT governor (parents also liberals from NYC) has ordered state police and attorney general NOT to turn illegal aliens over to the federal government for retention and deportation. Guns are next on VT liberal list, as seen in Burlington attempts by liberals,

      • First of all, property taxes aren’t used for any of those programs you listed, they’re used solely for funding schools. Second of all, we have a relatively low job rate in Vermont compared to a whole host of conservative states. Vermont actually pays more in federal taxes than it receives in federal benefits. Burlington is also considered one of the cleanest, and healthiest cities in the country, with some of the laxest gun laws to boot. So I’m really confused as to where you’re getting your information from concerning Vermont.

  3. It’s the syrup.

    They’re getting all hopped-up from drinking that fermented tree sap….

  4. Nice to see elected representatives questioning facts and assertions and not just believing whatever Hillary tells them.

    Whoops, that didn’t happen.

    Any chance anyone from New York will ever blame the criminals that live there?

  5. 55 from Vermont but 371 from Pennsylvania, a state that already has mandatory background checks on handguns. Typical Clinton misinformation and lies.

  6. Yeah, there’s a veritable iron pipeline coming from the mean streets of Brattleboro…

    Thinly-veiled attack at Sanders since his home state has little restrictions on firearms.

  7. Bernie voted against the 93 Brady Bill, which is based on the laws in California which were drawn up by the NRA and Ronald Reagan.

    From “Sanders, who represents a rural state with a hunting and gun culture that runs deep. Sanders has said on the campaign trail that “guns in Chicago and Los Angeles mean a very different thing than guns in Vermont and New Hampshire.”

    In 2003 and 2005 he voted against legislation that would have made it possible for New York to sue gun manufacturers.

    From, “In 2009, Sanders voted to allow Amtrak passengers to store firearms in their checked luggage. President Obama eventually signed this provision into law in a separate bill. That year, Sanders also voted for a bill to allow licensed gun owners to bring firearms into national parks. President Obama eventually signed that bill into law, too.”

    He also voted against going into Iraq, then later voted to continue funding the war because he realized that to cut funding while troops were deployed on two fronts would have been like spitting in the face of all the guys and gals down range.

    Its a complicated issue, I don’t think Bernie is a gun guy, but it seems like he is actually trying to do what his people want him to and I have yet to find evidence that he has ever been bought off. The money for his programs is there, if it does get squandered, better it be squandered on us than on them.

      • Bernie would be the favorite if he got the nomination. When Trumpsters evaluate a Not-Trump -Bernie race they will flock to Sanders. Trump is preaching socialism for white people. He represents to American voters what the British National Party does to British voters.

    • At best he’s a “Fud” on guns. Which is light years better than Hillary! but still not good.

      And while Bernie is pushing Hillary! to the left on most issues, she’s pushing him to the left/fascist/evil on guns.

      • ….and god help you if Bernie becomes president and you actually spent your life working to a point you are actually making a really good living. The guy would just take your money and give it to dirt bags who sit around getting drunk and fat and making babies for others to pay for.

  8. Hillary cannot say nor do anything so wrong that it would disqualify her or discredit her so as to prevent her from being the nominee for the Democratic Party. Hillary leads her minions like they are a bunch of Lemmings. Nobody is paying attention to the fact that the number one cause of gun violence, murder, and suicide is people. Homocide and Suicide were invented long before the development of guns.

  9. So let me get this straight… Vermont, loaded with guns, with virtually no crime, is at fault for the actions of individuals in New York?

    • Yes, because Bernie is not for strict gun control, so it’s all his fault that guns are “flooding” into NY. Next thing you know, she’ll be proposing a ban on the interstate sales of firearms (as if this will make any dent at all in illegal gun sales/thefts/shipments across state line).

    • You got it!

      It’s never NY’s fault, nor the fault of its liberal politicians. There will always be someone else to blame.

  10. I’d imagine that most of the guns used in NY crimes are from Massachusetts because, you know, that’s where most of the factories that make guns are.

  11. Bernie Sanders is weak on gun control (that is a plus). He doesn’t care much about the issue but he has to make noises in the primary to have a shot at the nomination just as he abandoned his anti-amnesty position when he ran. Firearms manufacturing are source of high paying blue collar jobs of the kind he want to preserve and increase. Sanders would sign an assault weapon bill that crossed his desk but he wouldn’t push for it, but if national carry crossed his desk he would sign that too. Like Terry McAuliffe, gun control is way down on his to do list. Besides, as a Communist he knows you must arm the workers to make the Revolution.

    • He won’t need the armed workers’ revolution if he gets elected POTUS. Like every other Communist bigwig, he will make sure that only his supporters/partners/lackeys are armed I would expect.

      • It will take time and there are reactionary forces that must be dealt with before the workers need to be disarmed. First term we are golden as far as guns go..

  12. I would content that deBlasio and Cuomo are responsible for most of the crime guns in NYS.

  13. A lot of really short memories in the comments of this piece. Anyone else remember the numerous comments about how “Obama isn’t that antigun” from both of the previous two presidential elections?

    • Obama came from Chicago, Bernie comes from Vermont. Just look at the local laws and you’ll see a difference.

  14. Typical Democrat / Liberal BS. It is ALWAYS someone else fault as to why something doesn’t go as planned. Democrats continually need more laws (and excuses) to counter the enemies in the shadows who seem to foil their every more, year after year after year.

    Hillary is a sack of crap, no other way to put it.

    • There certainly ARE other ways to put it. E.g.: “Hillary’s a huge stinky sack of shit.” Etc.

  15. Hillary is an incurable liar.
    She would rather lie than be paid lots of money to tell the truth.

    Hillary wants the USA to be a Venezuela-Style Utopia.

  16. Clinton is just another lying Liberal who will say anything to get votes or push their agenda.

  17. New York contributes an excessive volume of car-accident/crime cars to Vermont every Winter, so I guess NY and VT are about even?

  18. And all of Vermont’s heroin comes from nice young men who take Amtrak to Rutland from the Bronx/Brooklyn.

  19. That VT guns are used in the majority of NY crimes is about as true as a video was responsible for the death of four US citizens in Benghazi.

    That harpy is a poor excuse for a representative of the people.

  20. Only “gun control” problem in Vermont is from all those out of staters “road hunting” during deer season.

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