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Ms. Clinton replaced that Tweet with this:


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    • And by armed guards, you mean the free people of America who protect the 1st amendment, right?

  1. Quite the entertaining choice of words. Its mental illness alright, just not the kind shes referring to.

  2. Don’t compare radical muslims to people with schizophrenia, autism, etc, it’s insulting to them. Love how she’s trying to paint a guy who pledged allegiance to Daesh (and was probably in communication with them) as some poor, misunderstood kook. The blood-dancers know no bounds

  3. ALL HAIL QUEEN HILLARY, or at least come November. I’m afraid we are screwed…………..

  4. The real tragedy is that Islamic terrorists have uncontrolled access to America. And the Crusty Old Crook wants more, more, more.

    • Its funny: you used a bunch of C-words to describe Hillary, but missed the C-word I would have used.

  5. ALL HAIL QUEEN HILLARY! We were already subjects rather than CITIZENS, now we will be devout subjects to the supreme ruler of the land. Maybe we can become indentured servants or surfs, if we are lucky. Don’t even think about killing the Queen’s deer……….

  6. And some gal spouting off about high capacity clips this morning(a Floriduh legislator). Allah boy was a security guard I hear(BAN GUARDS)! I see THIS as helping the orange dude…

  7. The source on this is your Facebook feed? Missing date in screenshot. Nothing on Politiwoops. …

  8. From the reporting I heard the gunman was a security guard contracted by a company that works for the government. Does that mean Hillary will dissolve her private protection?

    Being a security guard for the government the gunman passed all the checks possible and had no prior history. According to his ex wife he was not religious at all. Sounds like another fame chaser that jumped on the ISIS bandwagon. Multiple reports said he took hostages so he probably had something to say, but the loud music must have made communication impossible before SWAT blew out a wall and took him out.

  9. “The real tragedy is that mentally ill people have access to firearms.” …

    So, *access* is a tragedy, but 50-some people getting killed is not? Well, we know what she thinks is important. (Policy, and specifically policy that allows people to do stuff. No surprise there.)

    After the dead, wounded, and damage to a community, the *next order* tragedy is that the victims were more vulnerable because of the stupid policies in place these days.

    A close third is the *tragedy* that with gun bans, endless speechifying, dragnet surveillance, expanded search & seizure, even *this guy being a known wolf*, *calling in to 911 to declare allegiance to ISIS”, and *the ISIS whack-jobs publishing a hit list declaring it’s the season to kill some gay folk for Ramadan* … he was running around loose, & working as a security guard for the government.

    Tragically, our laws, regulations, and their application seem to be exactly backwards. We gotta harass people who have done nothing, but can’t touch the ones who want to kill folks to make a point.

    Here’s a hint, and a political sound bite: “You want more gun regulations, show that you can responsibly, effectively use the authorities you already have.”

  10. PLUS, t shooter passed a NICS check, got a legal permit, and passed a background check to become a security guard. The only answer is confiscation. It’s clear to me now.

  11. The real tragedy is that people with mental illnesses have the same rights as the rest of america.

    • You mean to self protection?

      Not every mental illness should be an automatic bar to the 2nd Amendment. Not all mental illnesses are equal. Some definitely do demand a prohibition, while others don’t really impact people. PTSD is an example. Everyone seems to equate PTSD with military personnel, yet the victim of a crime (especially an assault like rape), the victim of a serious vehicle accident or even near accident, and many other reasons, can cause anything from temporary PTSD (like the shakes post accident) to long term PTSD. Sen Feinstein says all military suffer from PTSD, yet only a small percentage of personnel actually serve in the combat theater. Navy personnel rarely enter compared to Army and Marines or Air Force. Consider, too, that there are military installations, and ships at sea, around the world which must be manned. Even among those who enter a combat zone, a great many depart having seen little or no action, and, therefore, suffer no PTSD.

      I think more mental health issues can be found among leftists who can’t use reason or logic to see how flawed their ideas are. Like a POTUS and wannabe POTUS who want to allow the immigration of tens of thousands of Muslims from the middle east. I heard a lefty say, children would not be terrorists. Tell that to Marx, and Stalin who held that a child raised by the state would be a communist for life (just as the numbers of leftists raised by Marxist professors appear to become lefties for life). Those children may do nothing at age 8, but what about when they hit their teens? Look at the “child soldiers” of the Congo and other parts of Africa.

  12. Hillary reveals yet again why she is perhaps the most reviled person in politics today, a canned prepared talking point to dole out to the masses about gun control and mental illness as if mental illness were the Scarlet Letter, branding people as unclean or something, sheesh.

    The other thing is “gay newton” imho is a little tabloid sensationalism mixed into the discussion which is bad enough it doesn’t need any added verve.

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