High Caliber Catastrophe in Barrow County

A belated buon natale to Mikeb302000. Here’s a gift for you from ajc.com. Our condolences to the Orr family. TTAG readers: what caliber?

Sheriff Jud Smith said investigators are still trying to sort out the circumstances around the Christmas Day shooting but at least four people were involved — Lt. Todd Orr, his 21-year-old daughter Tiffany Thomas, a second daughter and another family member. Thomas, 8 ½ months pregnant, was shot in her right elbow. Her arm below the elbow had to be amputated, Smith said. After the bullet passed through Thomas’ elbow, it then through Orr’s hand and his stomach. Smith said Orr lost “two to three fingers.”

“We’re still trying to figure out” what happened, Smith told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Monday. “It was alleged he had stated he was going to kill himself. He said he was not going to kill himself [but] he was going to leave with the gun.” Smith said Thomas tried to get the gun from her father and then her sister and the other relative joined in the struggle for control of the gun.


  1. avatar miforest says:

    shotgun with slugs.

  2. avatar The Hamster says:

    Asking what caliber was involved is a pretty classless stunt even for this blog.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      We please to aim.

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