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This won’t make the diminutive dictatorial dean of disarmament happy. No, not at all. With a third recall effort under way in the Centennial State, Governor John Hickenlooper has let it be known – in no uncertain terms – that he thinks members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex should stay out of his state for a while. As¬†quotes the Gov, “Colorado is a state that people like to be themselves and solve their own problems. . . . They don’t really like outside organizations meddling in their affairs, and maybe the NRA gets a pass on that” . . .

Gee, it’s not like Mayor Mike has statistics, public opinion or a winning, persuasive personality on his side. If he can’t throw some of his endless stash of cash at a bunch of mountain state rubes, what’s a dedicated gun-grabber to do?

But wait, why is Hickenlooper more concerned about outside influence now than he was during the Morse and Giron recalls?¬†Simple. First, he didn’t believe Coloradans were really pissed off enough to toss two powerful state senators over a little thing like losing some of their gun rights. Second, this time control of the Senate’s at stake:

If Republicans succeed in gaining (Senator Evie Hudak’s) seat, Democrats would lose their 18-17 edge in the state Senate.

Petition organizers have until Dec. 3 to collect 18,900 signatures. “They’re well-funded and there’s a lot of energy behind this, a lot of frustration,” Hickenlooper said. “I’m going to guess it’s probably 50-50” that they will be able to get the recall vote on the ballot.

But, he noted, “I didn’t think they’d get enough signatures for the first two.”

So given what happened when Morse’s and Giron’s fates were put before their constituents after they voted to restrict Coloradans’ natural, fundamental and Constitutional right to armed self defense, Hickenlooper figures the optics of a bunch of east coast lefties trying to affect Colorado politics can only hurt him this time around. No matter how much money they throw around.

“But (it is) probably not a bad idea” for gun-control groups, such as the one established by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to curb their efforts if gun-rights activists collect enough signatures to force a recall vote on state Sen. Evie Hudak, a two-term Democrat from a suburban district north of Denver, he said.

Sorry Mayor Mike. Looks like neither you nor your billions are welcome out in flyover country. The good governor – who signed those gun control measures into law – would just as soon you STFU, keep a low profile and hold onto your money. At least until all this recall talk blows over.

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  1. Why is the governor more upset and nervous with this recall? Because the footsteps are getting louder and closer to his door.

    • What does CO require to impeach a Governor? I think the GOP now holds a majority in both houses of the Legislature if we pull off this recall.

      • The CO House is 37 Dem – 28 Rep. Though one of the ranking Dems is resigning at the end of the month so I guess there is potential she could be replaced by a Republican. Doubtful that will happen since she was elected with 67% of the vote from Boulder.

        It is interesting to note, however, that there are three Dems from CO Springs and Pueblo who might be a little shy about voting for more gun control if a repeal was introduced. I would imagine several others might be a little squeamish as well. I think Hickenlooper might even be willing to change his tune if a third Senator is successfully recalled.

        • If I remember correctly, their bills only passed by one or two votes in both houses. Not only has the first two recalls removed that “one or two” votes margin in the Senate, it should have scared the daylights out of the rest of the members of both houses. At this point I think it would be political suicide for representatives from anything but the staunchest of democratic voting blocks to vote favorably regarding gun control.

  2. Okay, see this is why the idea of a secret disarmament conspiracy doesn’t make any sense to me. If they really wanted to keep that sort of agenda on the downlow there’s no way Hickenlooper would make this sort of statement publicly; he’d do it on a secure line in a single call. Fortunately for us the guys who wave the disarmament flag are 1) Not clever enough to pull off an actual conspiracy, 2) Way too dumb to actually plot out anything not directly related to their own elections and 3) Not very bright in any case. They can still effect some serious damage with their sabre rattling, but an organized secret plan assumes competence upon people who continually demonstrate themselves as incompetent.

    • It is not a “them being dumb” thing, it is their Dogma that drives them, that and their view of all other People being inferior to themselves

    • secret disarmament conspiracy

      Secret? What secret are you talking about? Frankly, it’s a conspiracy that’s no secret at all.

    • It wasn’t a conspiracy in 1934 with the NFA. It was also not a conspiracy in 1968 with the GCA. Nope in 1986 with the ban on new machine guns. No one wanted to take your guns in 1994 with the assault weapon ban. Clearly the SAFE act of 2013 makes us safer, its in the name, no ones here to take anyone’s guns. GRRRR.

      Stupid handwaving lampshading Jedi mind tricks that for some reason seem to work on most of America. Kind of frustrating looking back.

  3. Gun rights may have played part in the recalls. What I think really pissed folks off is when Morse told the state Senors to ignore their constituents and vote with the party.

    • Gun rights drove the recall election, period. What made people vote the way they did in the election is a different issue.

      • Their anti-gun stance may have driven the recall effort, but ultimately, it isn’t what cost them their seats. Both were from fairly heavily democrat districts, especially Giron. Even democrats were not happy with the fact that they brazenly ignored their constituents.

    • Yes. I believe a lot of voters didn’t like the arrogance displayed, especially by Morse. And it’s likely almost every gun owner voted to give the dictators the boot. But a lot of otherwise neutral non-gun owners had to be offended by the NYC mayor trying to show them the way. Reminds me of the salsa commercial: “New York City??!!” Bloomberg = poison in the free world.

      • Seriously, how do we not have a youtube pro gun commercial with that as it’s theme? It’s already well known from the salsa commercial and it’s applicable everywhere.

        “No right to defend your family? Where’d you get an idea like that from? New York city!!??”

        Youtube gold right there,

        • I miss that old Pace commercial… got big airplay years ago, before I left Texas for states with ‘new’ in them.

          “Get a rope.”

  4. I found this to be slightly difficult to read, however I have been on tons of cold meds, so it could just be me.

  5. Disarmament is the end game. It doesn’t require any sort of conspiracy. You state that X gun or X magazine capacity is OBVIOUSLY a problem, you call the banning of such “common sense”, and then you trot out the families of victims until you get your way.

    Next tragedy, you rinse, wash, repeat. Eventually, disarmament will be the end result without ever getting any of the proponents to consider it as a possible destination. Just keep the lemmings nodding to the common sense jargon until everyone’s disarmed and under control. Then we can get rid of all those pesky vestiges of democracy.

    • Well said. No secret at all. The anti-gunners are a tone-deaf orchestra whose only option is to play louder and louder. And in the process, they listen less and less. It is this inability to truly listen – rather than to hopefully listen – that should be their downfall.

  6. If the GOP can’t beat the dems this year. If the best they can muster is Romney or Newt for another run then our gun rights may very well be toast we all know Bloomer is gonna be pumpin money into the DNC to back their boy so it’ll be tough to beat them just based on air time the last thing we need is another idiotic GOP candidate like Newt or Romney.

  7. One more successful recall flips the majority. If “The Hick” is so opposed to Bloomberg why did he (1) take “short round’s” money in the first place, and (2) cause all the trouble in the first place by not vetoing all that anti-gun legislation he was so proud to sign off on. And yes, it’s the control of the Colorado Senate and loss at the Governor’s manse that he sees drifting away, like a dream that fades away bringing you a harsh reality.

    • They’re sensitive not only because it flips the majority in the senate, but they know she’s a loon, cf her remarks during the hearings earlier this year. Plus, as has been cited here earlier, she won re-election by a narrow margin in an election where a third party candidate (Libertarian) picked up more than enough votes for the election to go the other way.

      This one is in the Denver metro area, so it will get more attention by definition.

      • Absolutely. The campaign ads will literally write themselves. All that the pro-recall groups will need to do is quote Hudak or “roll the tape.” That’s it. Her comments are so idiotic that all but the most lunatic of her supporters will say “WTF’ing-F?” when they see them on the evening TV or in the paper. It isn’t just the gun issue – here comments on large tax issues are stupefying as well.

        Having a recall where this one woman is exposed to intense, ongoing scrutiny will be a disaster for her, and the DNC in Colorado. Loopy knows this. He can see it coming. He can see the opportunity for Hudak to go full-throttle-stupid if she’s given money by Emperor Big Gulp to run her mouth at will. She has a history of making cringe-worthy statements, and there’s no reason to assume she’s increased her IQ by now.

        Loopy is trying to minimize what he can see coming down the road – a full-throttle train wreck.

        • Dyseptic Gunsmith,

          I will shamelessly use your title of “Emperor Big Gulp” as often as possible.

          I am still laughing …

  8. You gotta love little Napoleon and his maiggots. He made it easy for us in Colorado when he tried to buy the state.

    Hickenlooper is no idiot. He knows that if Bloombag tries to buy Colorado again, the Republican running against Hudak really will be running against Bloomberg, and that’s a no-brainer.

    • I wonder if Bloomberg’s ego will allow him to steep back and stay out. Something tells me he cannot accept that his money is poison to his cause and he will still throw cash into the race either directly with contributions to Hudak (which she would be smart to publically refuse) or through buying ads/air time (which she would be smart to publically repudiate).

      On the idea of ads though, would this one be in poor taste for the pro-recall side:

      “Recall Sen. Hudak… the statistics aren’t on her side.”

      • If the organizers get enough signatures for a recall, I suspect that the Republican candidate will be running ads featuring Evie Hudak’s multiple brain farts.

      • No. Absolutely not.

        Little Emperor Big Gulp has already come out with delusional analysis about how losing the prior two recalls “wasn’t a loss” for MAIG.

        With that kind of thinking, of course he’s going to double down.

      • Bloomberg was chastised by Schumer for paying for ads against some Dems who voted against the background checks bill. S said it was bad for the Dem party. B said, ‘so what’ and kept paying for more ads. His ego is big enough to try to force the issue with Hudak. He is NOT a good party man.

      • You should see the comments Bloombutt made when asked directly about Colorado. He basically said in the interview that “those people” can twist in the wind. I think it was USA Today that had those comments. It should be an eye opener for anyone that swallowed his hook, if they read it.

  9. Normally pre Obama days Colorado would be dead set against any gun control. but I haven’t lived in the state for 10 years now. People say the only reason Obama won in Colorado was the youth vote (young and stupid vote) brought out by the legalize pot initiative. However, If they House and State Senate are about to turn Republican again the Governor is smart to tone down the gun control rhetoric. Only the Denver, Boulder and pockets of old money liberals in Aspen, Steamboat ski towns are liberal. Fort Collins and Colorado Springs are conservative as are the Eastern plains and Western Slope towns. Lots of takers moved into Denver and Boulder from California. Colorado has streak of Libertarianism going back to the mining days when my Great Great Grandfather settled there with his Cherokee bride. As they were discriminated elsewhere. It was a mining state where miners married the whores and it was a let and live state.

  10. Any bets on whether the dems taking his money under the table? Odds are he will offer and they will take!

    • Two words that prove that they can and will: Bill Clinton. He took a lot of things under the table just ask Monica.

  11. Well he should drop more money. I don’t know how this latest recall one voted in terms of gun rights but how she treated rape victims would be more than enough for me to sign a petition if I lived in that area.

  12. I don’t really have an opinion about “what it all means,” but I’m watching with interest.

  13. I, for one, hope that Bloomberg ignores the governor and sends both well-documented donations and public statements of support for the besieged state senator.

  14. Meh, Hickenlooper just wants ole Mikey to save the bucks for Hicky’s campaign because Hicky knows he is going to have one heck of a time saving his job at the next election.

    Clinton warned them and they did not listen.

  15. Stay out of CO? No Bloomberg, please DO keep going at it in CO. Hell, I may donate some cash to your MAG group for you to keep visiting CO during the recall effort. The recall effort should take a billboard out with your face on it.

  16. If I lived in Colorado, I would want Hickenloopers name on the next recall list. He has already shown what an ass he is, so now is the time to get rid of him. I don’t know why the whole Country is blaming the NRA and the Tea Party for all the ill’s in the Country. When its the Progressives and Socialists in our Governments, Local, State and Federal.

    • He’s up for re-election in 2014. If he has some credible opposition, he’ll have a run for the money. At the moment it’s too early to tell who’s running against him. There are several Republicans who have announced, but only time will tell who makes it to the general election.

      Sadly, there are plenty of opportunities for Colorado Republicans to engage in their traditional circular firing squad between now and then, not to mention the butthurt voters that stay home on election day rather than vote for the guy who got the nomination because of _____(fill in the blank).

  17. Hopefully the mental midget Hudak is tossed out of office and then the laws are sacked by the courts.

  18. It’s comical how the liberals talk about the NRA like it’s some invading alien army, a vast cloud of unknown and scary beings who descend on a state like storm troopers to suck the brains out of the citizenry. The NRA is Americans, million of them. Hickenlooper says they get a pass?? There are thousands and thousands of NRA members in Colorado. Police officers, elected officials, teachers. They deserve a say in what happens in Colorado. Yeah, it’s a special interest group, but not some phony baloney special interest with fancy letterhead and loud spokespeople (like, Mayors Against Illegal Guns).

    Liberals hate the NRA because the NRA is successful.

    • You said it before I could and said it well. The NRA is not an “outside organization”. It is the tens of thousands of dues paying members who live and vote in Colorado. Who is the the NRA? I am.

  19. Until the laws are repealed its all just spin, bluster and strategy to hold onto this step on the slippery slope to citizen disarmament. This should make us more angry at Hickenlooper, not less. He’s doing everything he can to appear “moderate” and retain the laws won during this push.

    Until a politician makes it their official position to repeal the NFA I’ll never vote for who I like, just who I hate least.

  20. Don’t interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake!

    Let Emperor Big Gulp drain his coffers away!

  21. Any state that legalizes pot and restricts firearms needs to have it’s arse kicked by all the other states. Colorado and Washington, bend over and we can do this the easy way.

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