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I’ve got nothing against killing animals per se. I eat meat. I wear leather shoes. I practice shooting my Remington 700 SPS and whispering for my debut on the Outdoor Channel. But I also believe in live and let live. If an animal doesn’t pose any threat to you, and you’re not planning on eating at least some of it, leave it alone. And if you do hunt for hunting’s sake, don’t call it “personal protection.” That terms refers to protecting yourself, not chasing after a snake that’s trying to get away from you. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Its redneck fuck-buckets like him that give rise to the gun control movement. It wasn’t even a poisonous snake for fuck sake. Oh, and then lets wave the gun in the air in celebration of the fact that you successfully killed a harmless animal. I guess if they ever do a sequel to Brokeback Mountain they will know who to call.

  2. Read the comments, they may have changed from the time you posted this, but the guy specifically says, they raid his chicken coops and eat the eggs.

    Robert, I think you could understand that this is important for them to be able to protect their livelihood, Montana ranchers do it to wolves and he does it to snakes.

  3. Now THIS looks a job for a Taurus Judge. Or a S&W Governor. I’d just worry about shooting a handgun in the open like that, without knowing what’s behind the snake. I know he’s shooting towards the ground, but what about a ricochet off a rock? Whoever it struck would be just as dead. Seriously, I think we’ve found the perfect raison d’ĂȘtre for a revolver that shoots .410 shot shells.

  4. Agree on all counts. Guy needs to work on his shooting skills too. I don’t get quite as worked up as Joe Grine, but he’s right too.

  5. now THIS is a prime example of neck logic, snake running away means attack? Can you even eat snake? if this is “personal protection” i think boss hog need to go do some book learning to figure out what his words mean. btw i think a 22 would of done the job just as well (leaving out the need for accuracy with any gun, 45acp seems like way too much in this situation)

    Grines, you are hilarious

    • Snake is delicious. I intend on hunting and eating a fair amount of it once out Oregon way…

  6. … and whispering for my debut on the Outdoor Channel. …

    I want to know when your debut on talk radio is going to be.

  7. Maybe I’ve killed a lot more snakes, (poisonous), but I never get that excited. That and mine threaten me or my dogs.

  8. If it’s a pest animal, I don’t mind recreational killing, as long as every effort is made to make sure the kill is clean and quick.

  9. What a stupid hick and another dime a dozen yawn fest outdoors show. Yes, I understand and know about problem animals. I help a boss out with coyotes on occasion, but I don’t act a fool and chalk it up as a triumph of self defense like this buffoon w/ a stupid hat. (Already riled up enough with dealing with a bunch of young want to be hick cowboys cocksure because they screw around riding livestock.)

  10. What a hack. My mom once killed a five foot diamond back with a garage door. Still got the rattle sitting on top of the TV.

  11. Here in AZ I have shot many rattlesnakes (mostly western diamond-back and mohave). I don’t like to do it because I believe that we all are animals on this green earth and the snakes were just in the wrong place (around the house and we have small children) and I consider it a best defense practice. Mostly I shoot the poor bastards through the head with a .22 cal air rifle, once dead I remove the head completly with a shovel and bury both. I take no pleasure and I take no trophy; I justify my actions by thinking that I am protecting my loved ones. I have become very good at identifing the rattlers and if it is a non-poisonous snake I let them be. This is a URL for the folk in AZ to help identify the 13! different rattlers in the greatest state in the union:

  12. Here we go again, Ignorant characters like this ridiculous figure make much harder for civilized gun owners to make a point on real self defense, the fact that he has some chickens and lose some eggs from time to time isn’t an excuse to shoot an animal whereever never he is. He was cruising on a 4wheeler so its very unlikely that he met the snake that ate the eggs, I would love to know he is about to have a visit from a game warden and pay for this horrendous display of ignorance.

    If there is one animal that can be considered a pest that destroy the land, that’s us humans… We should regain the value and understanding that some people had in the past where they knew that we are part of nature and our well being depends on its health. Everything is connected, all animals have their place in nature (symbiosis).

    Ps: I also eat meet, and most of the meet I consume is from animals I hunt.

    Thanks Robert for that post.

  13. I grew up in the rural South and still gladly live here.

    I don’t see anything remarkable in this video. Large snakes like Coachwhips and Black Rat Snakes, while non-venomous, are potent predators especially of domesticated poultry eggs and new hatchlings.

    The other name for Black Rat Snake where I grew up is Chicken Snake, because of where they were mostly likely to be found…near the chickens

    I know of a local man who runs his own bird sanctuary, with almost 100 purple martin boxes. He carries a revolver loaded with snake shot and averages about 50 or 60 dead snakes a year, usually killed as they try to climb the poles to the nesting boxes.

    I am not an anti-snake crusader. I let non-venomous snakes on my property go, unless their choice of residence makes them a nuisance. In the past, I have killed snakes inside the house I was living in, for example.

    Anything venomous that slithers into my yard will die, quickly.

    But nothing in this video upsets or offends me in any way.

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