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Yesterday, Chris Dumm introduced us to an Israeli-made 7.62mm machine gun that’s lighter than the average bear and fires in semi-automatic mode. Screw that. I’ll take mine full auto on a Georgian Lazika thank you very much, and a bunch of friends besides. Not to mention a 23 mm cannon. OK, yes, reliability. Jeez. Tough room.

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  1. I might have to reinforce my concrete driveway, but I think it might fit. It would look so ugly with big DOT-mandated bumpers on it, though. Federalization rules for motor vehicles are such a crock.

  2. The bad news is, you would have to pull over for Weigh Stations on the Interstates. The good news is, you wouldn’t pay a cent after weigh-in.

      • There’s a single seat version if you want to drive hands on.

        Otherwise, you sit in the comfort of your personnel carrier, send Ripsaw out ahead while remote controlling Ripsaw and the machine gun mounted on top.

  3. I feel for the poor guys that have to ride in that thing. Or any APC. Pretty sure C stands for “Coffin.”

  4. I’m a Georgian and absolutely love this site!

    For anyone interested the squiggly letters at the end of the video next to the Lazika name say “Made in Georgia”.

    And yes our APCs tend to trump our rapping skills 🙂

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