Hexmag Recall .308/SR-25 10 Round Magazines
courtesy Hexmag
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SENTRY Products Group, owner of Hexmag, has issued the following safety recall notice:


Consumer safety is our first priority. Please contact us immediately to facilitate the replacement of your .308/SR-25 10 Round Magazines at our factory at no charge to our customers. Recalled Risers will not be returned.

DO NOT use your .308/SR-25 10 Round Magazines unless it has been assembled with the new replacement riser! Any unintended discharge has the potential for causing injury or death.


Load your magazine with .308 cartridges of the until the magazine can no longer accept any additional cartridges. Remove each cartridge contained in the magazine and count the total number of cartridges that were capable of fitting within the magazine. If that number exceeds 10, the magazine is subject to this recall. Alternatively, if your .308/SR-25 10 ROUND MAGAZINES contains a black riser (depicted below left), then your magazine is subject to this recall.


If you own a magazine that is subject to this recall, Sentry Products Group will provide a replacement magazine configured with the replacement riser (depicted below right) and ship it to you at no additional cost.

Contact us immediately! We will ask for your Name, Address, Telephone Number, Number of Magazines, and provide to you an RMA # for return and tracking purposes. Once you have been provided an RMA #, you will need to remove the riser from your affected product, and send the affected riser to: SENTRY Products Group, LLC, 2929 S. Cole Road, Boise ID 83709. Please discard the remaining components of the affected magazine. Upon receipt, Sentry will return a new replacement magazine.

CONTACT SENTRY (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST)
Email: [email protected] | Recall Hotline: 877.726.7328 | EXT FAX: 757.689.6066

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  1. “Safety recall”

    What they really meant was

    “We think the communist governments of Ca, Ny, Md, Etc. can sue us or sue our distributors.”

    Doesn’t seem to be a safety concern, more like they just announced to everyone that there’s “legal” 11 round magazines floating around that look like 10 round mags.

  2. I use their 5.56 mags. Cool idea, you can have these one place and full size springs in another place, if SHTF happens, remove the spacers put in the full size springs and your ready to rock 30 rounds.

  3. The 20 round SR25 mags aren’t worth buying anyways. They don’t even hold rounds since the feed lips spread out so much!

  4. Removed Californian:
    That’s what this smells like to me as well. With the number of people involved in designing and engineering that magazine, I would sure be entitled to think that SOMEONE would have thought to actually LOAD one somewhere along the development line, wouldn’t I? But apparently not. I guess product testing before release is just another old fashion idea like the Bill of Rights, or clothes that fit.

    • They probably tested for reliability and only used the 10 rounds the magazine was intended to hold. Testing for 11 was probably an afterthought. Being able to hold 11 would be a bonus in most cases, except for the criminality in some jurisdictions. “Unintentional discharge” is B.S. unless they’re saying someone would count 10 rounds fire and assume the gun is unloaded, which would still be B.S.

  5. It’s the people being harassed by the government agents that you have to worry about. An 11 round mag in ny is a felony with a potential 7 year term.

    • “An 11 round mag in ny is a felony with a potential 7 year term.”

      I *suppose* that’s where the possibility of death comes in…

      Is it a valid legal defense to say “It said it was a ten-rounder…”?

      • Yea, the “safety” aspect is curious, since the prescribed test to determine whether your magazine is “safe” is to load it until you can’t load it anymore. At what point does the “unintended discharge” with “the potential for causing injury or death” come into play? When you load the magazine? Or when you unload it by hand? Or when?

        • Bonus question: where does the past participle come into play? ‘Cause apparently the writer of the press release didn’t know.

  6. The BEST “Polymer Magazine” on the Market is made by Lancer and called the “L5” and is Temperature rated from -50F to +150F, and Impact rated from a 15′ drop…

    • The BEST “Polymer Magazine” on the Market is made by Magpul and called the “P-Mag” and is Temperature rated from -50F to +150F, and Impact rated from a 15′ drop…

      there FIFY. Sorry had to troll you. Do have a question though, do they make AK mags??? Seems my AK dislikes Hex mags and thermold mags. However it does fine with Pmags but I’m looking for something polymer and not made by Magpul. Also does anybody besides Tapco and Promag make polymer mags for the Mini 14?

      • I’ve got several 10 round p-mags for hunting. It turns a good hunting rifle into a jam-o-matic the 30’s may be good but the 10 rounders are CRAP. Based on the performance of the 10’s I WILL never buy the 30’s. I have the 30 rd gen 2 Hex mags and rounds come out of them like pouring water out of a cup. (5.56)

        • I run the 30 in my Century WASR-10 (I know it isn’t the best AK clone but it works… Strangely I’ve been told it should’ve died 4 times by now) no problems out of it so far. Also was fond of the 30s in my AR 15s I never have had a mag issue from the mag puls then again I don’t think Western Kentucky is ever gonna hit those temperature extremes. Never used them in the military as we were issued the normal steel mags (being I was never a super operator operating operationally in full spectrum operations) and I never saw the use in putting money into a rifle I didn’t own other than buying good gun oil and a better cleaning kit.

      • I have a few Tapco AK mags & they’ve worked perfectly fine for about 4 years now. They seem pretty sturdy to me.

  7. Wait a minute… These are being recalled because they can actually fit 11 rounds instead of 10? Since when is that a safety issue?

    I’d consider that a bonus!

    • German MP-40 9×19 magazines held 30-rounds! But typically the Germans only put 27-rounds into the magazines, which reduced the Pressure of the Feed Spring. Making the MP-40 a more reliable submachinegun…


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