Hexmag .308/SR-25 10-Round Magazine Product Safety Recall

SENTRY Products Group, owner of Hexmag, has issued the following safety recall notice: HEXMAG, INC .308/SR-25 10 ROUND MAGAZINES SOLD BY SENTRY PRODUCTS GROUP PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING AND RECALL NOTICE Consumer safety is our first priority. Please contact us immediately to facilitate the replacement of your .308/SR-25 10 Round Magazines at our factory at no […]

New From Hexmag: Reduced Capacity, Full-Size AR Magazines

Hexmag is giving a little love to shooterists in “ban states” who want to use full-size magazines while complying with capacity-limiting laws. In addition to the training and aesthetic reasons for sticking with a full-size mag body instead of a shorter version, there’s the fact that most magazine carriers and other accessories assume standard length. […]