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Dissident National Rifle Association donor David Dell’Aquila has sent a new letter to members of the NRA board of directors (PDF) last night. In it he notified them of updates to some his individual letter grades and asked them to appoint a leader or leadership team to represent them in their dealings with the Help Save the NRA group.

As Dell’Aquila makes clear, his group “no longer recognize(s) Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team and will discuss matters directly with Board members.”

We noted in our post following a conversation with him this week that Dell’Aquila isn’t a patient man. He’s ready to take the next step in his strategy to bring about leadership change at the NRA, and that will commence in the next few days:

Without substantial progress in finalizing an independent financial audit, our campaign will be forced to commence Phase 4 next week. The key operations of Phase 4 are Operations “Grassroots”, “Inside Out”, and “Clean-up.”

These are carefully arranged plans, intended to raise the public’s awareness of the issues at the NRA, and provide structure for better internal governance at the organization, and make the NRA accountable to all of its members. For example, Operation Clean-up will help the next CEO of the NRA — assuming such assistance is sought – in that position.

The next step is for the members of the Board of Directors to decide the fate of the NRA. When the dust settles, I am confident that history will find that we have strengthened the NRA for the next century of protecting gun rights.

Click here (PDF) to read the full letter.

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  1. Planned a trip to the grocery store today. Will add popcorn and beer to the list. This may just be entertainment worth the price of admission.

    • This will end up being a pissing contest, between the haves, LaPierre supporters,
      And those that want those folks out. Money talks and bullshit walks. That’s what it will
      take to get these dregs out. In the mean time, the underlings, regular people will go
      else where seeking gun rights support and legislation.

      • I, for one, am not going elsewhere because there is no other place to go for national lobby efforts. Yes we can count on 2nd Amendment Foundation for their intellectual support and guidance as well as their aggressive support of lawsuits, but they do not lobby. (I’m a Life Member of them as well.) And yes, there are groups like the Pink Pistols, DRGO, JPFO, and others but they are focused on turning people to value gun ownership.

        Certainly not GAO. If you think they do anything, let alone something productive you should first read their financial profiles and then listen to the You Tube videos where pro gun legislators discuss their lack of efforts in both state and federal legislators while taking credit for victories.

        • K… so you’re part of the problem. Thanks for the update I guess.

          “Certainly not GAO”

          Never heard of GAO, I don’t think that’s a thing. If you’re talking about a particular group you should probably be bothered to learn their name before you smear them.

          • Served two tours with NORAD. The first, the AF component was called ADCOM (Air Defense Command). The second, the AF component was called AFSPC (AF Space Command).

            Both my tours included time with Missile Attack Warning fusion center. While the fusion was the amalgam of digital data collection, processing and sending warning alerts via automated communications between detection sites/sensors, the fusion center, and the major military headquarters (including NMCC), there was a manual fallback for gathering and disseminating warning information.The backup was a relay of attack warning information via landline. Part of the process was to provide an evaluation of the quality of the data relayed. Quality assessments were labeled with a term to identify the likelihood the data was solid: “Confidence Level – High”. Phoned data from one or more detection sites/sensors was preceded with the station identifier. The label from NORAD also identified the source of the manually transmitted warning information, using the same nomenclature as the sites/sensors, i.e. “NORAD Confidence Level – High (or whatever).

            The terminology used by “barnbwt” seemed to indicate familiarity with the national warning manual backup for Attack Warning communications.

            (note: there was a very short period where SAC annexed the sites and sensors, but the idea that the delivery system should be in charge of ordering the delivery made a lot of people uncomfortable).

            Oh yeah, guns.

    • “There’s something happening here
      What it is ain’t exactly clear
      There’s a man with a gun over there
      Telling me I got to beware…”

      • “There’s something happening here
        What it is ain’t exactly clear
        There’s a man with a gun over there
        Telling me I got to beware…”

        “Stop children, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s goin’ down.”

        • Message for WLP –

          “Paranoia strikes deep
          Into your life it will creep
          It starts when you’re always afraid
          You step out of line, the man come and take you away…”

  2. Got the new NRA American Rifleman a few daze ago. No mention of ANYTHING amiss😫Not to hijack this post but does anyone watch Reid Henrichs on YouTube? He has a terrific video on fighting anti-gun scum specifically about ILLinois and jury(and law) nullification. Well worth the watch even for non-ILLinois resident’s!

    • I’m from Chicago and I watch Reid all the time… Great videos but I always worry he’s gonna step over the line and get jammed up by the Gov… Illinois is a lost cause… Most politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle are corrupt and self-serving… That’s why I’m looking at property in Kentucky as we speak!!!

  3. I’m going to pitch a bitch today.
    Since I moved, I have not received my American Hunter magazine.

  4. Any director with less than a A grade needs/deserves to be replaced and the complete management staff at the NRA needs/deserves to be fired,PERIOD.

  5. Dan Zimmerman………..I hope you will keep us apprised of Mr Dell’ Aquila’s most current listing with the grade he has assigned to them. It will give us a basis upon which to consider our votes for the next election, because I’m sure many of them will try to keep themselves in contention for their position.

    Also, with any recent updates from him in his attempt to rid the BoD of deadwood.

  6. It seems like people are waiting for someone to do something FOR them rather than participating in even a small way such as a letter in order to effect resolution of a a situation EVEN if ,possibly< that situation is a misunderstanding. Sam talking about popcorn is silly and unproductive. That doesn't help him re the retention f his firearms in view of the national political climate of the 2020 extreme left 20 or the organization either.

    • I don’t see Sam I Am’s comments in that light. Infighting is a bad disease. Keep in mind that not everyone can do everything. At least Sam got up, went to the store, purchased beer and popcorn at his expense which ain’t exactly doing nothing! I see this turn of events at the NRA as a bad movie and a comedy at best Perhaps Sam sees it the same. I don’t have the wherewithal to withhold millions in support leaving me only the ability to support, the best I can, those who do. Sam has not hinted at doing nothing. T T we all need to be supportive of the positions we take and not criticize those who go about expressing their views in ways contrary to ours. Tolerance that’s the word I was looking for.

    • “Sam talking about popcorn is silly and unproductive.”


      Sam I Am has held forth in excruciating and boring long commentary about how NRA fails at basic salesman (sales thing?) ship. And the idea posited by NRA apologists that even if the NRA is ineffective at actually recovering lost 2A rights, it is the biggest and baddest and best-known, so money must be contributed in an effort to maintain an inexorable slide of rights, vs facing complete collapse without NRA. Essentially, “NRA is better than nothing”.

      Now, we crank-in the current malfeasance of NRA leadership as further justification for continuing to send money. With the advent of the Dell’Aquilla Group, we have before us quite the show for the future of NRA. Being unwilling to feed the beast, being a non-member, about all I can do in this environment is watch things play out. Given that we may be seeing a titanic struggle within the organization, one cannot deny it will be entertaining, just as Trump’s presidency has been entertaining.

      So, popcorn and beer.

      PS – sometimes a little levity is appropriate.

  7. Why doesn’t the board remove Wayne? Could it be they are in cahoots together and if Wayne goes he will sing like a canary? That’s what I believe is going on.

  8. “Scotty, what’s our status?”
    “Aye Captain, she can’t take much more of this”
    “Bones, any changes?”
    “Look Jim, I’m just a country doctor, not a star ship captain! Read the instruction manual and STOP CALLING ME BONES!”
    “All crew members, this is the captain. All crew members wearing red requisition a shovel and beam down to the planet. Each of you dig a ditch. I’ll explain later.”
    “Kirk to LaPierre, Take a deep breath and beam yourself out into space. That is all.”

  9. For What It’s Worth

    Buffalo Springfield

    There’s something happening her????
    What it is — ain’t exactly clear…
    There’s a man with a gun over there !?!?!
    Telling me I got to beware—-
    I think it’s time we stop!!!, children!!!, what’s that sound???
    Everybody look what’s going down—-
    There’s battle lines being drawn—-
    Nobody’s right —-if everybody’s wrong?!?!?
    Young people speaking their minds—-
    Getting so much resistance from behind—–
    It’s time we stop!!!, hey, what’s that sound?????
    Everybody look what’s going down—–
    What a field-day for the heat********
    A thousand people in the street!!!!!!
    Singing songs!!!—and carrying signs—
    Mostly say, woohooray for our side?!?!?!?
    It’s s time we stop!!, hey,,,, what’s that sound!!!!
    Everybody look what’s going down????
    Paranoia strikes deep????
    Into your life it will creep?????
    It starts when you’re always afraid!!!!!!!
    You step out of line!!!, the man come an?!?!?!?
    Everybody look what’s going down!!!
    Stop, hey, what’s that sound!!!!!
    Everybody look what’s going down?!?!?!?!
    Stop, now, what’s that sound??????
    Everybody look what’s going down!!!!
    Stop!!!!, children!!!, what’s that sound?????
    Everybody look what’s going down?!?!?!?!?
    Songwriters: Stephen Stills
    © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    For non-commercial use only.

  10. LaPierre needs to resign. In addition, he needs to repay the NRA for everything he spent on suits except possibly $1,500 maximum. If he wants exorbitantly priced suits he should pay for them himself or at least pay the difference between a modestly priced suit and what he purchases. The NRA should not be stuck with the bill. By the way I am a life member of the NRA.

  11. Guilty of corruption or not, at this point it does not matter. Lapier is ripping the NRA apart. The only chance my NRA has to remain relevant is for WLP to go.
    Mr Lapier if you truly care about the second amendment, GET OUT OF THE WAY.

  12. Sometimes goals are accomplished almost accidentally by unrelated events. The left may wish to destroy the NRA but can’t. Small steps NYS took against the NRA started a ball rolling. Now the NRA seems to be in a free fall they are almost unable to recover from. The left may get their wish eventually.

    Pretty soon firing the entire board won’t be enough.

  13. The best thing that could happen to the NRA is that while on their $100,000 Alaskan cruise/fishing “board meeting” the ships sinks with all hands lost.

  14. As a life member, I can’t withhold my dues, but I can refrain from any further donations until this fiasco comes to a conclusion. I believe in the NRA, and still believe it is the best hope for keeping the Second Amendment and our other God given Rights. It concerns me that we are losing Members due to this conflict. This only gives hope and aid to our enemies on the Left There are other groups, (GOA, SAF, CCRKBA, JFPO, etc) but none as powerful and well known as the NRA. I believe the only way to clean up this mess is an entire restructuring from the top down, including the Board of Directors. There is no way in Hell anything can be accomplished and properly vetted with a 70+ member Board. I would be willing to bet there has never been a Board meeting with the entire Board present. In the end, the responsibility for this mess rests with the Board of Directors and top management, and that is where corrections will have to be made. I only hope this can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently, with minimal damage to the NRA and it’s membership. The Members and the Second Amendment are the only things important. Nothing else

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