Here Come de Judge. Again. To the NRA Show.

Taurus is back. No bull. And this time they’ve brought something like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Not-So-Nice-Guy to the party. I don’t know if this piece is a lever-action rifle that want to be a shotgun, or the illegitimate child of an incestuous relationship between a rifle and a shotgun, with a little threesome action from a six-gun. I dunno. I don’t know because the show starts tomorrow, and there was nobody in the Taurus booth. The booth had a caseload of handguns – but only photos of this new FrankenGun. TTAG is on the case, however, and we’ll have details tomorrow. I can tell you that this gun will be to firearms what Certs is to candy. (“It’s a BREATH mint.” “No! It’s a CANDY mint.” “It’s two…two…TWO mints in one!”)

One note…I’m not actually certain, but we may have a scoop on our hands. I had a press badge and clearly presented myself as a member of the fourth estate. Nobody said “BOO” about me shooting pics of the pics, so I think it’s a fair cop. If not, Taurus might want to do what some of the other guys at the show did, and cover their super-secret, tell-nobody-under-penalty-of-death stuff, so wandering electronic-ink-stained wretches like Your Humble Correspondent don’t let the dual-caliber cat out of the tradeshow bag, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Here’s one more pic, just to add insult to injury:


  1. Revolving rifles are uncommon but they have been done before. A few of examples are the Colt Model 1855 Carbine (a Civil War standout), the Russian-built MTs-255, the North & Savage .45 revolving rifle, S&W Model 320 (fewer than 1000 made).

    The problem with these guns has been that the explosive blast of gas that escapes between the fore face of the cylinder and the rear of the barrel burns the arm of the shooter. If Taurus is going to give this a go they will need to have addressed this.

  2. avatar Gene Pingle says:

    Bought one after seeing a review on television. What a piece of garbage. The trigger let-up spring broke after the 1st cylinder, the gunsmith at the range fixed it for me but I was unable to test fire the gun that day. Went to the range about a week later and something is wrong with the cylinder? Only fires every other round unless I put only 2 shells in non touching holes. Bang, click, Bang. If the shells are in every hole then Bang, click, click, click, click. What happened to the great asset of the revolver of going bang everytime you pull the trigger? Gun is back to Taurus now I can only hope the repair/replacement is in better shape. I would strongly not recommend buying this gun based on my experience. I own a Judge and have never had a problem with it.

  3. avatar James says:

    I have one for boar and I love it and the night sight on it . Great for SC pigs

  4. avatar James says:

    Have a circuit juge for boar is great

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