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The unopposed Parkland, Florida spree killer claimed 17 lives and wounded 14. This he accomplished in about six minutes. We’ve chronicled the dozens of missed opportunities to intercept the mass murderer, failures that also apply to other school shootings (e.g., Newtown). The basic modus operandi is also similar . . .

a lone wolf attacker mowing down undefended innocents. But there’s no guarantee the next school shooting will follow this pattern.

Lest we forget, the Columbine spree killing was perpetuated by not one but two murderers. Twelve students and one teacher died in the massacre — a bomb plot gone wrong. If the bombs planted in the school cafeteria had exploded, if the killers had been able to shoot students and teachers fleeing the carnage as they planned, hundreds of people may have lost their lives.

If we’re looking for an idea of what the next school shooting might look like, we need to contemplate even greater horror: Russia’s Belsan school siege. After three days, Russian troops attempted to rescue some 1,100 hostages from 34 Chechen terrorists. In the resulting firefight, 334 people died, including 186 children. 

Again, the Russian school was held by 34 terrorists. Could an American school face an invading army of murderous zealots? Surely the “authorities” would foil any such large scale plot, especially in the wake of the 911 atrocity, planned and perpetuated by 26 in-country al-Qaeda terrorists.

The FBI and Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s recent failure to intercept a clearly mentally disturbed killer — identified at multiple points in multiple ways — raises worrying questions about the interception abilities of our “homeland security.” As does the Boston Marathon bombing, executed by two immigrants interviewed by the FBI before the attack.

In short, anyone who thinks that American schools will never face a coordinated and determined group of attackers is dangerously naive.

Imagine the anti-gun rights hysteria that will follow a school slaughter on an even greater scale. A school attack that plays out live on TV over a matter of minutes, hours, perhaps days. Because chances are that’s exactly what we’re going to face at some point in the future. Because evil exists and our kids are a target.

What can we do to prevent this attack? Keep working to identify and eliminate threats, harden the target (according to the guidelines established by the NRA’s National School Shield report), repeal the Gun Free School Zones Act, train and equip school staff and law enforcement, plan for the worst and, if you’re so inclined, pray.

We must do all of this to lower the odds of an even more deadly school shooting. I suspect we won’t until it happens. And maybe not even then.

My worst fear: a large scale attack on a school — or schools — will lead to the complete degradation if not attempted elimination of our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

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    • Forstchen’s book, ‘Day of Wrath’, is an ugly read.

      It’s also a necessary read, as it lays out a multi-person Islamist terror attack on an elementary school.

      Read it.

      As for the next attack, my sympathies are *zero* if it happens in a Leftist-controlled area that sacrifices children to maintain the fantasy of a ‘gun-free-zone’.

      They asked for it, and they got it…

      • If you really want an ugly read go check out the reports on some of the attacks like this around the world, particularly in Africa. Those actually happened and they are, in a word, fucked.

        It’s an ugly world and the bad guys are getting smarter. Partly that’s due to something JWT has pointed out: we kill the dumb ones pretty quick.

        Grey Cell used to post a kind of detailed after action on this shit. They don’t any more. Sofrep might have some of it these days. Other than that BB&C does a good job writing this sort of stuff up from time to time.

        • I’ve read some of what you described.

          Knowing what happened in the Beslan school massacre in Russia was bad enough…

        • i spent some time in Nigeria and some of the surrounding countries. It firmly cemented my belief that I am responsible for my safety and the safety of my family. I am better off when my neighbors want to work with me, but I am prepared to go it alone than give up.

    • That’s one of the few books that I own that I think I will never read a second time.

      It’s not bad – it’s just horribly ugly, disturbing and depressing.

      • Just read that book. Opens your eyes. I will pass book along and don’t want to read it again, but definitely not forget it. Gun free zone my ass!

  1. The argument needs to be turned outward. Instead of taking guns away, let’s get them into hands of people that are competent and willing so they can use those arms to secure and protect these kids. Why can’t we just try it? If we do nothing at all, and the status quo remains unchanged, then something similar may happen in the future. If we enact stricter rules, the same outcome. Why can’t we just try it our way one time. If we’re wrong (which is probably not even close to happening), we have to admit it, and move to change again.

  2. Gun owners and the NRA are getting a lot of blame for this. Several companies have decided to cut ties with NRA. A lady I know in the Midwest sent me an e-mail this morning concerning that.

    “I read this morning that Enterprise (including National and Alamo) have severed with the NRA. As has Bank of Omaha with the NRA Visa credit card. I spent over an hour on hold between Enterprise and Bank of Omaha (their lines were that jammed) to say that I am discontinuing all business with them until they recant and renew support for the constitution by once again supporting the NRA. I also told them that I upgraded to a life membership in NRA and will be buying an AR-15 to demonstrate my support for the 2nd Amendment.
    I also thanked them for their previous patriotism before they caved to political correctness.”

    She is not kidding either. She asked me what was the best AR-15 she could buy for around $700. I told her to look at S&W, Armalite and Colt. She told me she has no use for an AR but wants to buy one just to piss the liberals off.

    • As bad as things seem as portrayed by the mainstream media, I think the antis have gone way too far this time with the rhetoric and it’s having the exact opposite effect they’d hoped for. I have a friend who is a teacher. 5 years ago, he would have been appalled at the idea of guns being allowed on school property. Now, he wants to carry a concealed firearm while at work. He told me flat out “the guns aren’t the problem”.

    • Same with Me I am not an AR fan but i am going to buy one with my tax return. i will also be getting a Bump-stock specifically for the same reason. i am also going to stock up on 30 round and higher capacity magazines i will let Senator Feinstein know when i do and i will attribute it to her

  3. Yeah it could be worse. Glad my grandkids are homeschooled. Oh and this may be covered but several companies are distancing thenselves from the NRA. LIKE Alamo car rental. Nothing like dissing millions of folks who VOTE…

  4. I remember reading that in a Larry Bond book back in the late 90’s. I think it was The Enemy Within. There was also a similar scene in “The Siege” with Denzel. Not to mention extremist websites encouraging their minions to kill American kids like what happened in Russia. This will keep happening but instead of hardening the schools, certain political groups will use more needless deaths to push their agenda because dead kids help their dogmatic causes.

  5. I’ve been saying for quite a while that it’s only a matter of time until you get a group of nutbars with some basic coordination to attack a school or a mall or something Teeth of the Tiger style (that was malls in half a dozen or so cities each attacked by half a dozen or so Hajis that got smuggled across the border by narcos).

    They don’t have to be super proficient. Basically untrained groups of morons have done this in Africa to great effect.

    Half a dozen of these guys, prepared to die for a cause or just prepared to die are a fucking nightmare. One that, over a long enough timeline, will happen.

  6. Well, when FOUR deputies sit around on their asses outside while a maniac is on the loose, things are only going to get worse. This sounds less and less like incompetence and more and more like a deliberate setup.

    Warning to FBI? Ignored.
    Warnings to local sheriff? Ignored.
    Report to SRO about psycho? Buried.
    Then we find out that four deputies just sand on their asses outside while the shooting was still going on.

    Somebody needs to go up against the wall for this.

  7. So long as liberal schools, with liberal administrators, and liberal teachers, indoctrinating students to be liberal political operatives, collude with liberal law enforcement, and liberal local government, to enact liberal non-enforcement policies intended to allow troubled students to go unnoticed, and do little to nothing to physically protect the students before or during the inevitable outcome, the next shooting can be far worse.

    There’s no ‘conspiracy’ here, just a series of liberal actions with a single conclusion

  8. “The FBI and Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s recent failure to intercept a clearly mentally disturbed killer. . . ”

    Don’t let an anti-Trump, anti-2A Sheriff with a broke-(D)1<K squad run the CNN post-Op analysis and commentary WHEN CORAL SPRINGS DID A BETTER PART OF THE EARLY HEAVY LIFTING.

    Don't let offspring of anti-Trump, anti-2A POS (D) FBI MFrs star in CNN post-Op and commentary Soros anti-gun "townhalls".

    AND WAKE THE FV<K UP TO THE FACT THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT CAN'T PROTECT YOU, and that asking for someone to protect your kids in a school environment IS YOUR IGNORANT FAILURE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    • Amen to all this ^.
      Also, the Broward Co. Sheriff (aka the dickless wonder) repeatedly said he “had no words” in press conferences and interviews, but he sure had plenty to say to Dana Loesch on CNN’s scripted 2-minutes of hate “town hall” agitpropalooza. He needs to be fired and then publicly shamed every time public discussions about school shootings happen. F*c|< that guy.

  9. Here is my question: a repeat of the Beslan school massacre in the U.S. would be a certain suicide mission for perpetrators. What would motivate a team of attackers to engage on such a mission?

    I can envision one or two people doing such a thing. Several people? I am having trouble seeing a sufficient motive.

    • How many were involved in flying the planes into the World Trade Center?

      How do you know there’s not 30 people in the final stages of planning a really big move right now?

    • ‘What would motivate a team of attackers to engage on such a mission?’

      Kind of like a Browns game, except instead of the national anthem it all starts with ‘Alahu Akhbar’.

    • I can envision one or two people doing such a thing. Several people? I am having trouble seeing a sufficient motive.
      Several people looking for the Aloha Snackbar?

      • The people at Beslan were willing to die for their cause. Several other incidents here and around the world tells us there are too many people likewise ready to die for their cause.
        What in the world makes you think we are immune to such fanaticism when we’ve already experienced it?

    • Islam. And… Communism. Seriously. I could see a small organized group of Antifa willing to die to remove gun rights once and for all with an attack like this.

      • That concerns me as well. Or a dedicated AntiFa learns they have terminal cancer and pulls one of those knowing other AntiFa will financially take care of their families for them with a ‘GoFundMe’…

    • They are fanatics who don’t care about dying as long as they succeed in running up a high body count. What they do care about is failure. Therefore, the best deterrent is to maximize the likelihood of their dying as failures.

  10. Guns are tools. Arm schools now, and it spirals, movie theaters, church’s, malls, airports, concerts, sports, it’s endless. Instead, the fix is to identify the people wanting to use guns, bombs, knives, cars, chains, rocks, ropes, hands, pressure cookers, an endless number of tools, to hurt the innocent. It’s not rocket surgery!

    • How could not interfering with the constitutional rights of American citizens be considered a “spiral”… The way I see it, I have a constitutional right to carry any weapon I can afford in any manner I choose into any place I am legally allowed to be. Where’s the problem?

    • You can id those that need to be stopped. We can all carry for those that slip through the cracks. Every system has cracks. Florida proved that if nothing else.

      • It’s hard to call them “cracks” given the level of incompetence displayed at every step of the process. How many coincidental bouts of incompetence have to happen before we start suspecting a setup?

  11. ‘Surely the “authorities” would foil any such large scale plot…’

    Methinks your trust in government may be misplaced.

  12. They say this murderer had 6 minutes to fire these shots. I’m just real surprised the death count was only 17. That’s only 2.83 persons per minute! Had there been defensive firearms in this school (not counting the deputies) This idiot could have been taken out with very few injuries. Yea, one teacher armed by themselves may have had a difficulty taken out this creep, but 10 or more could have done it. There is strength in numbers.

  13. We now have a long sordid history of government and police failures to either anticipate spree killings or respond to them when they occur. Yes, there are stalwart cops who would have gone in to save lives but, as with the latest murderous spree by a deranged, mentally challenged kid, those cops weren’t there. Instead, the cops who were there were the ones who thought the primary focus of their job was “to go home every night”.

    What we’re seeing in these cases, however, is not so much a failure of individuals (and there’s plenty of that to go around) but rather a failure of bureaucracy. At all levels of our government from federal to local we lack the kind of bureaucratic organization that we, as citizens, can or should trust to defend us in a crisis. With this in mind, the stupidity of our elected officials, anti-gun activists, establishment media (i.e., all of national media) who now demand that we enact even more laws, policies, and concentrate even more power in our bureaucracy shows just how naive and removed from reality these people are.

    Government isn’t going to come save us because government can’t come save us. We’re on our own.

  14. Of course it will be worse. And it will keep getting worse.

    Unlike the Left, others can evolve, learn, and adapt for a more favorable outcome.

  15. If we’re looking for an idea of what the next school shooting might look like, we need to contemplate even greater horror: Russia’s Belsan school siege. After three days, Russian troops attempted to rescue some 1,100 hostages from 34 Chechen terrorists. In the resulting firefight, 334 people died, including 186 children.
    Sooo….did the Russian politicians propose banning AR-15s, banning bump stocks and closing the gun show loophole? Oh, wait, Russia has all sorts of gun control. Really worked swell, didn’t it?

    • i have just watched a YouTube documentary on the Beslan school siege incident;
      some significant evidence that it may well have been a government-organised “false flag”;
      in particular: the way that the Russian authorities tried to cover every-thing up after-wards and the strange behaviour of Mr Putin;
      interesting tit-bit, though: apparently, the local came out ‘in force’ and armed-to-the-teeth with automatic weapons like AK47s an RPDs ;
      i guess that ‘gun laws’ ain’t taken that seriously in Russia….
      interesting question: were the Russian gun laws ‘toughened’ after the Beslan incident?
      and how did the terrorists equip them-selves with such heavy weaponry as they had?
      i also recall the Mumbai incident where terrorists simply landed on the Indian coast by rubber dinghys already fully equipped with automatic weapons, explosives and grenades;
      India’s strict gun laws were, quite obviously, no deterrent to them what-so-ever [!]

  16. Broward County would be better off with Barney Fife and Ensign Parker to defend the schools. Keystone Cops could be the SWAT team.

  17. I’m also pretty tired of these snowflakes crying about how their school needs to “look and feel” a certain way. To hell with that. It should be surrounded by tank traps, ditches, razor wire, towers with 240s, and T barriers. No I’m not joking. Schools should be goddamn fortesses able to resist a full blown siege.

    • And then the perpetrator of evil will subvert all of the defenses by coming from within…eventually, a massive school shooting will be planned and perpetrated by a small group of 12-year-olds.

  18. No. The zealots will not hold hostage any school in my immediate school district. The school districts around here are redneck, pickium up truck, take your girl to the prom in a combine, hayseeds. We all ain’t to worried bout no zealots, it’s the zealots needin to worry bout us.

  19. again, i must repeat: legislation is urgently required which will stymie the media and gun-control groups from exploiting such incidents to attack Constitutional rights;

  20. The 500 lbs. gorilla in the room is right. We have yet to see Muslims using terrorism as a tactic target children in the interior of America – yet. Down dudes with guns vs. the Maginot Line. The only response that works against jihadis is a well armed man that is ready to send said jihadi into the afterlife.

  21. Does anyone remember and have a link to the “what if” story where two perps took over a school in the Midwest? One was inside. One picked off the cops from the roof. A trained vet marksman was eventuality allowed by chief cop to use his skills. The police response time was long because of the distances involved.

    It would be great to reread and share right now!


  22. Get your children OUT of these government indoctrination camps!

    The rest of the story behind the coward “cop.” And other criminals involved.
    What I stumbled upon was a Broward County law enforcement system in a state of conflict. The Broward County School Board and District Superintendent, entered into a political agreement with Broward County Law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes.
    5. The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to “improve their statistics” and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein.
    6. So police officials, the very highest officials of law enforcement (Sheriff and Police Chiefs), entered into a plan.

  23. I don’t intend to read the links, but I do have something to say in opposition to the notion that an Islamic attack on a school with many casualties would cause an assault on the Second Amendment.

    Quite to the contrary, such an attack by those identified as terrorists would make the liberals take a second breath and ask what they had wrought. In the Russian attack the citizenry almost immediately armed themselves to the teeth. Same would happen here.

  24. I think a huge part of the armed teacher dystopia is that they seem to think they are all going to be forced to be Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Clearing rooms and hunting down the bad guy. I’m pretty sure the reality would be quite the oppposite- Lock your door, get the children below the window line and behind you and wait. Any one comes though the door with out a passphrase after an all Clear alert gets shot.

    Ok dont want that responsibility. Cool. How about a camera above the door, The equivalent of a claymore in the door frame ( modified for back blast ) and a centralized activation center.

    You hear the alert, You lock the door which arms the system, and you take cover to rear with the kids. The central activation monitor sees the bad guy in front of the door and activates ” the device”.

    of course if he starts in your class , you’re in a public area, or that whole pesky technology failure rate -all bets are off but its a start.

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