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February 23rd is known as .223 Day ’round the TTAG offices. Which seemed like the perfect time to announce that Freedom Munitions is officially our new ammunition provider, and that coupon code “TTAG” is live and good for five percent off site-wide. Including on ammo from the ∼22 other brands that FM now carries. Why have we switched to Freedom? Glad you asked . . .

The ammo quality from TTAG’s previous gun food provider was top-notch, without a doubt. However, caliber selection was extremely limited. We look to put 500+ rounds through every single review gun that passes through our hands, and those guns come in far more flavors than 9mm and 5.56.

Freedom Munitions definitely has our backs on caliber selection. They manufacture their own brand of ammo in at least 32 calibers and, when you include the other brands they sell, FM offers 82 rifle, pistol, and shotgun calibers / gauges in all. I think we’re covered.

We were surprised to learn just how big Freedom Munitions’ parent company, HMT Group, is, and the volume of components and loaded ammo they make . . .

•  Founded in 2011
•  HMT Group (Howell Munitions & Technology) consists of Freedom Munitions (loaded ammunition), X-Treme Bullets (brass, projectiles, primers), and Ammo Load Worldwide (commercial-grade ammunition loading machines).
•  Located in Lewiston, ID
•  Currently producing about one million rounds of loaded ammunition every day (seven days a week)
•  One of the top five largest ammo manufacturers in the U.S. for the past several years
•  Member of SAAMI
•  450 employees

This is much larger than the perception most folks have of Freedom Munitions! They’re making incredible volumes of brass and bullets — including white labeling for some other manufacturers — as well as loaded ammunition.

In the video above, Guns America made a visit to FM HQ and did a full factory tour. From making brass cases and bullets from scratch to loading, inspecting, and testing, it provides a great look behind the scenes at where your Freedom Munitions brand ammo and components come from.

Keep an eye out for Freedom Munitions ammo being used in our upcoming Gun Reviews. Both their own brand and the other brands they carry. Including Freedom Munitions’ inexpensive reloaded ammo. We’ll keep you apprised of our experience with the various offerings and will typically let you know what was used in a given gun review.

We’re excited to have Freedom Munitions as our new ammo provider! They offer a massive range of calibers and some of the most consistently affordable pricing anywhere.

And now you’ll enjoy 5% off those already-great prices with coupon code “TTAG”. (TTAG receives zero kick-back from use of that coupon code)

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  1. All my range ammo comes from Freedom. They are a good company to deal with and their products seem to be top notch.

    • I use LAX Ammo, don’t have to pay tax on their stuff since they don’t have an office in Texas.

      • So you’re supporting California instead of Texas? (before you get offended, know that I’m half joking)

        …hopefully the 5% discount helps even the odds…

    • Well, they stopped manufacturing ammo due mostly to the super slim margins on it. I guess it no longer made sense for their business. We also had the same issue with caliber availability limitations.

  2. Cool. I wish they had some Hornady 300 BLK Sub-X. I’ve been waiting a while to see that, especially in a case quantity price.

  3. i was always curious about their kaboom policy, it seems all over the place even with the new manufacture ammo

      • I had a batch with multiple duds, and that sucks, because I was hoping to use their SD rounds for carry. Not after that.

        I would still use them for plinking, though.

        Their response was lackluster, as well: “Huh. Interesting. Well, here’s a code for free shipping so you can buy some more of our ammo.

        Still haven’t used that code, and it has probably expired.

    • I got some .40 around 2014, and it was the worst factory ammo I’ve ever shot. The primers flat out suck, and it failed to fire despite deep primer indentations. I tried the ammo through Glock 23s, 27s, and a 4006. It sucked.

      I guess it works out well for others, but it sure sucked for me.

      My practice ammo is Federal American Eagle in .223, 5.56, 9mm, .40, and .45.

      • Maybe it was a bum batch. I was shooting thousands of rounds of FM around that time and never had a dud. They’ve switched primers since then, though, FWIW.

    • Well there’s a .38 Super in the queue right now, a .300 WM, a couple .380s, a 10mm, a .458 SOCOM soon enough, .224 Valkyrie soon. Nothing too weird, but those calibers weren’t available via our previous couple ammo suppliers so this will be nice.

  4. I have been a Freedom Munitions customer for several years. Started with 9mm and has expanded to 308, 357, .223/5.56 and recently some .22WMR. I have shot thousands of rounds and have had one squib and realized immediately what had happened. Don’t remember any other failures. Plus they have all kinds of specials on delivery cost and I take advantage of that regularly. Glad you have them on board

  5. Funny, the only ammo I’ve ever had multiple issues with is freedom yet I’ve been reading all over the place how good it is. Perhaps it’s time to try another batch….

    • Bitter – out of about 2000 rounds of reloads in 380, I had a couple fail-to-feed. Out of about 500 rounds of new ammo, I’ve had no problems. When chambered, all went bang as expected. Accuracy of the reloads was on par with PPU, PMC and Fiocchi.

    • Until California’s new ammo law went into effect, which effectively banned internet sales, I was a regular customer. I loved having ammo shipped to my door at extremely reasonable prices. I still have a few thousand rounds stocked up. To date, I haven’t had a single squib or overload.

    • Same here. I bought 1500 rounds of their reman 9mm, can’t remember if it was 115gr or 124gr. It’s the only ammo I’ve had any issues with. About 10% of the rounds seemed to be woefully underpowered…wouldn’t lock back the slide on empty on my pistols and multiple failures in Sig MPX due to bolt not being sent back far enough to pick up the next round.

      Haven’t had any issues with their new 45 230gr fmj

      Why do I STILL have to re-enter my screen name and email each time????

      • Because TTAG went with the lowest priced IT service, is my guess.
        I still don’t get any emails of replies to my comments, the auto-fill is hit-n-miss, and I was told it was because I used Firefox (which, I was told, almost no one uses(!)). Switched to Chrome, same results.
        I don’t get it. Other blogs manage to get their comments to work right, but TTAG seems to keep having problems.

        • I must be part of almost nobody too, because I have the same problems and I use Firefox. Of course I also have the same problems with Microsoft edge too which I use only to verify problems with Firefox. I refuse to even load a Google product. This comment system sucks even when it is working right.

        • @Big Bill — the lack of response is due to, I believe, TTAG/us not having information to provide you. The comment system works for 99.5% of users and it’s an established WordPress system, not some cheap unknown junk or whatever. When they’ve looked into it everything checks out fine and it always points to something on the end user’s side like a cookies issue. For me I notice that it’ll only let me be logged in on one system, so when I switch from computer to phone it requires me to login and doing so kicks me out of the other one. But the username and PW are saved in both cases so it’s quick and easy enough, and once logged in I stay logged in indefinitely unless I go and comment from the other device.

          At least we don’t use a comment system that requires and uses FB login and profile. Lots of news sites and blogs do that, and I absolutely hate it. Plus a lot of our readers don’t have FB and/or want to comment more anonymously. Many other comment systems make anonymous posting a lot more difficult.

  6. I’ve been buying from FM for about five years now or so, usually online, but they have a retail shop nearby my house, too.

    I’ve never had a problem with any of their remanufactured ammo in .223, 9mm, or .45acp. I’ve never used their new or hollow points in anything. Their .22lr and shotshells always seem expensive, though, so I buy elsewhere for those.

  7. I’ve been buying my range ammo from Freedom Munitions for three years, and with their recent increase of selling other manufacturers ammo, I’ve been buying a lot of my EDC ammo through them as well. Have never had a single issue with any of their new or remanufactured ammo. Great company. Being in NC, it can sometimes take 3-4 weeks to receive purchased ammo, but I keep a good cache, so I never need it right away. Other manufacturers ammo comes much faster as it doesn’t necessarily come from their plant in Idaho. Good prices, good caliber selection, lots of sales, and plenty of free shipping deals if you buy anywhere from $99 to $150 worth of ammo at a time. Not hard to do.

  8. Wow, 223 day r night. Didn’t know about that, stepping off my back porch Rickey tick and burning forty.What will the neighbors say? I

  9. Shipped empty brass to Houston facility and was delivered on 05-14-18 Their site now says they will accept no brass if shipped after 05-22-18. 2 weeks and I still don’t have a credit in my account. Now I see the Houston facility is “permanently” closed. Reviews not good for Houston facility. If anyone can give me more info on my brass that’s lost in space, I would appreciate it. Their Idaho customer service person was super nice – said the girl in Houston was on vacation. Seems like a permanent one if they shut down.

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