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Between press conferences, exhibitor meetings, and snapping dog pics, RF and I took some time out this week to talk over the two major gun rights pushes currently in Congress —  concealed carry national reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act — with SHOT Show TV‘s David Lombardo.


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  1. 1st time I’ve seen you guys talking in the flesh. What a great interview….. now i know how to say farago.

  2. … what if they hammered in a national preemption clause in the HPA? Basically states HAVE to legalize them or your lose Federal funding.

    It’s kind of a crappy tactic… but the left already engaged it. And if you’re fighting to win you have to at least match them.

    • “… what if they hammered in a national preemption clause in the HPA? Basically states HAVE to legalize them or your lose Federal funding.”

      MeThinks the best we can probably hope for is some sort of standardized training.

      The absolute *least* I will accept is the ability to travel with my firearm without harassment. Period. Full stop…

  3. In addition to being a talking head, Lombardo is also a cop. You can read his articles in The Illinois Loser (The Illinois Shooter) the house rag and propaganda organ of ISRA (IL state rifle association.) ISRA is the NRA tumor in Illinois, basically run by “executive director” Richard Pearson. The good old boys love those self-important Freemason style titles downstate.

    Pearson can usually be found at any Gun Rights Policy Conference with a drink in his hand and hair slicked back with Bryl Cream, explaining to his members that “there is no Duty to Inform” in Illinois, because “it’s only if the officer asks” Pearson is a back-slapping insurance salesman from the washed out burg of Chatsworth, IL, population 500 plus a grain bin. His insurance office serves double duty as ISRA World Headquarters. When you call “ISRA” those are his secretaries answering the special Bat Phone in the desk drawer.

    Back in the Bad Old Days circa 1997, the ISRA board was naming their own successors without election, just like NRA used to do. During passage of Illinois’ shit concealed carry bill in 2013, ISRA struggled to shed it’s good old boy image and show some semblance of accountability. When you went to their website, they actually had pictures of their board members, but not any more. No pictures or contact info. for the ISRA board can now be seen as of January 2017. No doubt there were members who actually asked questions. Can’t have that in a secretive org based on Freemasonry. Better to keep ISRA members in the dark, for their own good of course.

    The standard party line of Pearson and ISRA is that they represent “law abiding” gun owners. That actually means “white gun owners who live in small towns or exurbia and think the police are their friends.” This language pops up in the affidavit of David Lombardo attached to the Writ of Certiorari appeal of Friedman v. Highland Park. Here’s the affidavit verbatim, using my Freemasonic secret decoder ring to translate the real meaning in parentheses:

    If sworn as a witness, I could competently testify
    to the following: (Hey Supreme Court, listen to me, I know stuff)
    1. I offer this Affidavit based on my expertise
    and experience in firearms training, safety and use. (I shoot guns a lot)
    2. I am the founder and President of Safer USA,
    an organization dedicated to providing knowledge
    and training on the safe and responsible use of firearms
    for self-defense and recreation by law-abiding
    citizens. (Law-abiding citizens is code for white people)

    I am also an Illinois Certified Firearms
    Instructor, an NRA Law Enforcement Instructor (I’m a cop) and an NRA Training Counselor on pistols, rifles, shotguns, home firearms safety, personal protection in the home and personal protection outside the home.

    1. Whether the Constitution allows the government to prohibit law-abiding (white), responsible citizens (good old boys) from protecting themselves, their families, (and their monster trucks) and their homes (trailers) with a class of constitutionally protected “Arms” that includes the most popular rifles in the Nation.” It couldn’t just read “citizens of the United States?” You get the idea.

    ISRA lost the Friedman case, and thereby set bad precedent in 2nd Amendment law for everyone else in America for the next fifty years. They were feeling their oats at the time after taking credit for passing state Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” concealed carry bill, although it’s one of the worst and most dangerous carry bills (for citizens, not cops) in America.

    Watching ISRA struggling to play politics with the Supreme Court is like watching a pack of retarded pygmies trying to play football with the Bears at Soldier Field. All they know how to do is lose.

    • Couldn’t get past the first couple sentences… for the sake of everybody’s time I suggest you repackage that wall of sadness into a simple “I don’t like X person/thing” bullet list.

    • Please, don’t hold back and tell us how you really feel about us in NRA and ISRA. Don’t skimp on badly hidden racism and feel free to repeat yourself as often as possible.
      Also, if you can, do tell us about your own grassroots pro-gun rights organization and your much better concealed carry bill.

      Or just shut up finally. Your call.

      • Who’s “us?” You and the guy who helps you pick up dog shit at your trailer park? I understand, you get a break on the rent.

        How’s that silencer bill coming along in the Illinois state senate? Did you clowns pull up to the Capitol in Springfield in a mini-car honking an ah-ooh-gah horn to get the attention of your legislators before you piled out with big red noses and floppy shoes? That’s right, the IGOLD March of the Hicks takes place in April now, maybe you can ride your bad-ass bike up to Springfield with your clown clothes and show me how tough you are.

        NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde has an FFL that allows him to sell silencers to law enforcement, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. You should put your trust in Todd, he cares about you. Above all don’t question him in any way, it’s important to be part of the group in your online Amish village. You could be shunned by the elders.

        If you care to research Vandermyde’s criminal background, be sure to use his real name Donald Todd Vandermyde. You may find other things you can be proud of. Then again, that would take effort. Best to conform to the group and let others do the thinking for you. I can smell your trailer park from here.

  4. Ahahahahahaha. Ahahahahha. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Silencers have never been an issue in New Zealand. You want one, you buy one. Your local friendly gun store will be happy to thread your barrel for you. No issues whatsoever. Well, apart from the fact that you can only buy them for your favorite rifle, as pistol ownership is VERY strictly limited and expensive to obtain… Still, love you Americans tying yourselves into knots trying to get we have had for years, if not decades.

    • Good for you! We can own as many pistols and revolvers as we please and carry them for defense. Still we don’t laugh at you Kiwis.

  5. We’re not going to get anything passed if Trump doesn’t quit fighting with everyone and alienating them. 5 minutes into his inaugural address I was wondering if he wasn’t making himself into a lame duck right then and there. Its going to be a VERY interesting 4 years.

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