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With all the instances of SWATties and regular beat cops shooting dogs seemingly at every opportunity, you have to figure the word’s starting to get around within the dog community. One pooch in western North Carolina certainly seems to have gotten word as to how dangerous it can be for an unsuspecting canine when peace officers are in the area. So when there was increased police activity in his neighborhood over the weekend, one local pit bull wasn’t taking any chances . . .

According to, cops in Shelby received a report of shots fired and stopped a driver in the area when he ran a stop sign. The responding officer approached the car and saw a revolver on the passenger seat right about the time the driver decided he had better things to do elsewhere.

Shortly after the officer questioned Marik Abdul Lipscomb, the driver, as to why he hadn’t stopped at a stop sign, Lipscomb threw the car in reverse and started backing away from police, according to the report.

But by the time they pulled Lipscomb over again, the gun was gone. Figuring he’d tossed the it during his abortive get-away, they began a hard target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in the neighborhood.

Police canvassed the area, looking along the roadways and between houses but instead of the weapon, saw a brown pit bull on a long chain, the report stated.

Lipscomb refused to tell police where the gun was, according to the report, but as police were making arrangements to have the man’s car towed an officer yelled “Dan the dog has it in his mouth.”

“…the black handle of the gun (had) saliva and bite marks,” the report stated. “I observed five rounds of federal 38 special inside the cylinder of the weapon.”

It’s remarkable in and of itself that the police were able to recover the gun from an actual pit bull without feeling the need to shoot it first. But maybe the dog made a deal with them: he wouldn’t pull the trigger fire if the cops agreed to hold their fire, too. Lipscomb was taken in for resisting arrest and running a stop sign. There’s no word yet from the D.A. as to whether the pit bull will face a concealed weapons charge or not.

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  1. Nature will have her vengeance day against the human species. It’s called extinction and all it requires is time.

    • Yeah, a whole lot of time. Like geologic time. Like erosion time. Like waiting for a woman to finish up in the bathroom so we can get to the theater on time time.

      That’s the great thing about extinction.

      • Ralph,

        Speaking of time, it is fast-time closing in on celebrating July 4th our Independence Day. This is the perfect time for you to post your Cornbread Sage Stuffing recipe.

        • Aharon, there are two things that you will never receive — my emergency number and my stuffing recipe.

      • See, now I was going to post that it’s a beautiful dog, but the harness looks like something that belongs at the Blue Oyster Bar.

  2. Pits will chew on ANYTHING. I have an 85lb female blue-nose that loves to chew on rocks.

    It is amazing the cops didn’t shoot the pit straight away. Even border collies look like pits to one particular officer. I’m just waiting for the news report where they blow away a chihuahua or yorkie.

      • Although some may think it cruel to crop ears, it serves a purpose. I have owned several boxers. We would crop their ears. The last one we decided not to. Turns out that boxers can shake their heads so violently that they burst blood vessels in their ears requiring draining the blood which pools in a large bubble in the ear. And then having a quilting patterns of stiches in the ears to prevent similar injuries in the future. So since such dogs have been bred, it’s more humane to corp their ears. It’s also cheaper.

        • Similar story;

          In highschool, a friend of mine owned an English Mastiff and they decided not to dock her tail. Every now-and-then she’d get excited and wag her tail so violently that she’d hit it on a wall or piece of furniture (or someones leg) so violently that the thing would split open… and she’d keep wagging it. All this required not only frequent stiches for the dog but several hours of wiping doggy blood off the walls and furniture.

    • You know what they say about chihuahua’s… Death from the ankles down!
      I have two young German Shepherds. They might bark but I think the only thing they will do is lick you to death. 🙂
      He is a nice looking dog though! To make the picture complete all he needs is a riding crop in his mouth.. Blue Oyster here we come!

      • Definitely death from the ankles down. I had a chihuahua and they, more than any other breed, think they’re ten times bigger than they are. Thankfully they don’t weigh 80 pounds.

        My pit, Sweet Pea, is of the same cloth as your Shepards – she’d love you to death before anything. When I take her to the vet and anyone starts to love on her she shows that huge pit smile, wags her tail like crazy and usually pisses the floor.

  3. Those pit bulls are a dangerous breed and should be banned. Pulling a gun on a cop is just one more example.

  4. My dog doesn’t need a gun. If anyone threatens him he just fires a lethal fart in their general direction.

    Would that be considered a concealed weapon?


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