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The incoming president of Harvard’s FedSoc chapter decided to spice up the Criminal Procedure: Adjudications Zoom lecture with a firearm, presumably to “own the libs” because that’s the only motivation for anything anymore. And of course he’s not been able to play with his metallic dick during class before since Harvard bans guns on campus. Because of the whole “mass shooting concern” thing.

Just to pre-empt the response here, no, it’s not fine to bring guns to class just because you’re not physically in the room. For clarification, other things you should not brandish during a Zoom class: a dildo, a bloody knife, a dead hooker. Also, please refrain from wearing your swastika pins during class and all the other things we apparently HAVE TO SAY OUT LOUD NOW. Yes, no one is going to get shot when a student whips out a gun in their house to answer the question absolutely no one asked, but that’s not the only reason we don’t consider weaponry an essential study aid.

That it’s disruptive to the learning experience when ersatz Elmer Fudd here pulls out his heater is the very least of the reasons why this is inappropriate. It’s also pretty menacing and can induce anxiety in people who’ve had traumatic, violent experiences in the past. And while it should be enough to appeal to basic decency, it should also give any professional pause. We don’t carry rifles into government buildings — well, actually these dumbasses do — but we shouldn’t. Young people mature — sometimes — but consider the message this level of judgment sends to a character and fitness review or future employer.

– Joe Patrice in Harvard Law School FedSoc President Brings Gun To Class

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  1. “For clarification, other things you should not brandish during a Zoom class: a dildo, a bloody knife, a dead hooker.”

    You make that sound like having a dead hooker is a bad thing! 😉

      • One pile which is yours. And another pile which could be yours. And what you have to realize is we’re gonna do this thing one way… or the other. Whether it’s you who holds the axe or a Mexican maid or some bum we yank off the street.

      • YES!!! Four rooms is an all time top ten AWESOME movie! I bought a CD copy so I can watch it over & over. Especially the last part, when Tarentino does His sixty second rant! Thanks for reminding Me. I’m going to go watch it right now.

    • Just about had coffee out my nose on that one.
      Reminds me of that old joke about the difference between a dead hooker and a pool table.

      Maybe it’s just me and the early morning hour, but I had a hard time understanding that article.

      • What was that old saying about the only way to sink a politician is to have him caught with a dead hooker or a live boy…

        • Well they caught former Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum with a live boy… I wonder how his fortune will turn out? He’s of the correct party to be met with adulation after “counseling and rehab” by the press and party.

        • OK, good. It wasn’t just me then.
          I’m going to re-read it since I’ve had my second cup of coffee and the sun is up.

    • The Libs own themselves. Only the left would get upset that they saw a gun on a computer screen for a split second while the student was putting it away after cleaning. What an eruption of outrage from such deeply offended people. The fact that he owned a gun? Outrage. The fact that he let others see it on camera after he was cleaning it and they saw it for a second as he put it away. Outrage. Time for insults! This “Elmer fudd” with his “metallic dick” doesn’t have “basic decency.” Let’s shame him while virtue signaling to help reach our goal of perceived ideological utopia.

      • Harvard is now a 3rd world sh*thole school. How any of these elitist “clubs” can be so sanctimonious after Becky-gate is beyond me, he or she who pays, gets to play.

      • Outrage. I’ll bet every single one of the outraged idiots have paid good money to sit in a theater to watch an action flick, which may or may not have any kind of a plot. Speaking of Elmer Fudd, WHAT A MAROON!! Every single one of the offended are maroons.

    • The only thing worse than being stuck with a dead hooker is being stuck with a live hooker who doesn’t want to leave. At least till the blow is gone.

  2. Was (Harvard FedSoc) President-to-be displaying a firearm in, shall we say, good taste? That depends on the context of the online class where he displayed the firearm as well as how and why he displayed the firearm.

    If the online class was discussing how federalism affects the price of corn nationwide and the President-to-be suddenly holds up a rifle and yells out, “Hey, look at me!”, that would be in very poor taste.

    If the online class was discussing federalism, whether that should or should not override state laws that ban firearms, someone advocated for banning military style rifles, and the President-to-be held up a Browning semi-automatic “hunting” rifle chambered in .308 Winchester to show that there was no functional difference and only cosmetic difference, then that was probably a fairly classy move and wholly appropriate.

    • As per a less hysterical take on the incident:


      “Today I was working on cleaning one of my handguns so that I could go shoot vermin in my Grandmother’s yard after classes,” Fletcher explained. “I wasn’t quite done cleaning my gun before my Criminal Procedure class began, so I went ahead and logged into the Zoom class. I never intended for my cleaning of a firearm to be a disruption. It seems the armadillos will have to wait until tomorrow.”


      Fellow student Douglas Colby told the Caller that the firearm was only visible very a very short time, and that Fletcher did not appear to be intentionally showing it off in a threatening fashion.

      “I am in the class with Chance and am a friend of his. I believe he was cleaning his firearm before class and for a few minutes once the class session commenced on Zoom,” Colby said. “However, he did not wave it menacingly or anything of that nature, and for what it’s worth, the firearm was only visible on Zoom briefly. Like Chance, I grew up around firearms, so I was not offended to see someone cleaning a firearm on the computer screen.”

      • That sounds like a completely different story. I followed the abovethelaw link to get the full story, but there was zero context. His take made it sound like the guy was waving a gun around on camera or talking about it.

        • The owner of the AboveTheLaw blog is a highly excitable person – and not just about guns.

      • Armadillos carry plague, do they not? Plus, by their very nature they are “armed” and have body “arm-or”, clearly a threat if entering your property.

        • Armadillos in the SW US can spread plague. In fact, that actually killed on of my neighbors in high school when combined with a trip to NYC. They can also spread leprosy, as Paul notes.

          Like most pests that are disease vectors, what they may/may not have (and be able to give you) varies by location. Mosquitos exist in Africa and Canada but it’s only in Africa that you worry about malaria because the parasite isn’t found in Canada.

  3. Other things who shouldn’t bring to class @HAAAAVIID. An Open Mind. Knowledge of the Constitution. Respect for ALL Opinions. Even the ones you Disagree with. And most of all Enough sense to know. For what you’re paying. Oops… What Mummy and Father are paying. You’ll be left with a head full of bullshit and a debt for the rest of your life.

  4. Oh noes… a bunch of pansy self-entitled progtards saw a gun on their computer screen. How would they ever get over that?! The horror! Scarred for life they are!! EGADS!!1!!!

    Jeeze. 😐

    I guess they also fill their undies whenever the shows or movies they watch also show a gun, so they must have sent harshly worded emails to Hollywood to stop, right?. RMESHISMB

    • Nobody tell these snowflakes about the John Wick movies. I’m sure they’d be traumatized by so many digital images of guns that are absolutely zero risk to their personal well being.

      Gotta protect the bubble.

  5. Sounds like they would have had the same reaction if they only saw a can of Rem Oil on screen.

    If you own a gun they don’t want you.

    If you cross dress and diddle kids though you’re brave and stronk. Now if you cross dress, diddle kids AND own a gun, well, they just pretend you don’t exist.

  6. This story is why I say a homeschooled child knows more about Second Amendment history and the law than any adult ivy league graduate. I don’t remember which law text book is was. But back in the 1970’s the Bill of Rights law textbooks had only two or four sentences about the 2A. And that was all. Most law books don’t talk about the 2A, period.

        • ” Chris T in KY commented on Harvard Law Student Displays a Gun During Online Class.
          in response to Huntmaster:
          That’s cause it’s only one sentence and twenty-seven words. It’s pretty much self explanatory.”

          Chris T in KY commented:
          “You sir are stupid on purpose.”

          Now, that’s gonna need some ‘splainin’.

        • The low IQ bigot is still here, I see.
          Get a real life Chris T, and stop lying about having kids, or homeschooling. Your IQ brings the collective average down at least 10 points.

        • FYI to anyone

          If your wanting to discuss the second amendment. You should read up on firearms history, gun culture, and firearms laws in america. Also reading similar material about the other nations gun laws and culture helps. If you can’t explain the second amendment to someone. Why we have it? And why others don’t? Then you’re not helping in the fight of Liberty. Perhaps you are just lazy. Or as I say you are just stupid on purpose. You made a choice to be uneducated.

          “Firearm Education: Teaching the Second Amendment in Kentucky school system grades K through 12”

          What was it, what caused the founders to that produced all those words in the secondment amendment?

          The law schools in this country don’t care to teach about it. But homeschooled children learn a great deal about it. And there are lawyers who have discovered they were cheated by their law professors. And are taking classes taught by homeschool parents teaching them, what they didn’t learn in a very expensive law school. What homeschool kids already know about 2A history and 2A law.

          And the proof in how good a teacher these homeschool parents are, is their kids are being accepted into universities. After having NEVER set foot in a public school building. There hasn’t been a public school kid win the national spelling B in I Think 25 or 35 years.
          I wonder why???

    • Andrew Branca says law schools spend no more than a few minutes of one lecture on self defense law. Anybody who has been through his Level 1 class knows more about the subject than the majority of practicing lawyers.

      • I have heard about his classes. I’m looking into taking them. As he says. Be hard to kill. And be hard to convict.

    • When I was in law school, the only federal case discussing the issue was Miller. Not much to talk about–so no, it was not covered. But being that that was along time ago, I might simply have forgotten…but I don’t think so.

      • I know they discuss race discrimination laws. But they don’t ever talk about race discrimination and gun laws. I wonder why????

  7. Looks like at this moment abovethelaw(dot)com, Daily Caller, and TTAG are the only sources running this story. I work at a public organization that considers guns taboo, 2 zoom meetings ago I loaded my new 3 pack of 10/22 BX-10s during the meeting, I just made sure they weren’t visible on camera. It sounds like a non-story, that unfortunately may end up with an expulsion because it hurt someones feels. Time for a puppy and a time out in a cry room.

  8. This guy is a law professor and yet basic rights terrify him? Talk about being in the wrong line of work. Yeah those no gun signs work so well at stopping shooters too. What a moron and they wonder why fewer are going to college these days.

      • Meant to write in the legal profession, this moron was, until 2012 according to his bio: Joe left legal practice in 2012 to pursue writing, contributing to numerous publications, including ATL, before joining the full-time staff.

        Really don’t care to read anymore about this idiot.

  9. “Harvard bans guns on campus. Because of the whole “mass shooting concern” thing.”

    Evidently Harvard’s ban has for the moment been successful at preventing a “mass shooting”, for the moment.

    • Yes, because we all know that having a gun just makes everyone want to go do a mass shooting, or something. Guns speak to you like the one ring in Lord of the Rings and compel you to do bad things. Or they are just hunks of metal that are inanimate and have no agency on their own.

      • “… But, once behind the wheel, a strange phenomenon takes place. Mr. Walker is charged with an overwhelming sense of power; his whole personality changes. Abruptly, he becomes an uncontrollable monster, a demon driver! Mr. Walker is now Mr. Wheeler…”

        This is how we are viewed.


  10. Is this the same Harvard law school where students were first lobbying to get automatic A grades for all classes this term? And then stepped up their demands to demanding automatic 4.0 GPAs for their Harvard matriculation? And then, again, doubled down on that by demanding that they should be admitted to the Bar without even taking a test?

    Screw ’em. All Harvard turns out is more politicians anyway – and judging by their demands, we sure don’t need more entitled wanna be tyrants in office.

    • We are talking about Ivy league lawyers in training, I’d say that zoom is mostly bloodsucking hookers.

  11. 1) this is so obvious it’s kinda funny. Is there anyone that is actually surprised? This is Harvard.

    2) unless your video/virtual class is about firearms, there is no reason to have any gun within view of the camera…especially since ‘it’s Harvard’.

    3) if the sight of a firearm sends you into THAT big of a tizzy, YOU are the problem. Particularly at this time.

  12. A word of advice. The moment you used the term “metallic dick” you lost what small bit of credibility you might have had. The moment you have to resort to belittling someone or insulting them, it becomes apparent you have nothing intelligent to say.

  13. Non-sequitur, check. False equivalency, check. Hyperbole, check. Vulgarity, hell yeah! Joe Patrice is a real gem of an attorney and commentator.

  14. Not surprised. A typical snowflake rant by some libtard constipated elitest at Hardturd University. This is what happens when you’re packed with shit all day.

  15. Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    While the kid was obviously ‘within his rights’ and didn’t represent a danger to anyone in the class, this is still grade-A stupid.

    • Did you see the video? I haven’t seen it and have little idea of what happened, so it would be unreasonable of me to critique what the kid did. Tell us about what happened.

  16. All this said by a guy who is certain sure that he will never have to defend himself or his family or community because he will always be in a position to hire others (who are mostly those icky people from flyover country) to do that for him and he will also be one of the louder voices to prevent anyone not of his “class” to be able to defend themselves.

    He’s quite outraged by the display of a firearm. As if it’s of no significance because it’s being done far away from all the other observers.

    But as we see from others who’ve graduated or been indoctrinated by the same stories and theories as he has they can’t allow the GUN to be a common sight in polite society. Otherwise people might not have fear strike them when they do see one. And that’s the objective.

    Sure the Left will continue it’s constant attack against the 2A and gun owners but they’re aiming for a long term solutions whereas our children and their children no longer view their rights of self defense as being more important than others of lesser nerve and strength who are afraid of everything and hope and desire for the government to suppress anything and anyone they’re afraid of so they don’t have to be afraid. Doesn’t matter if this breeds citizens who no longer are citizens but monetary transfer units who are used to reinforce the popularity contests that government periodically runs to give itself the shine and patina of legitimacy so that those in power remain in power.

    It’s not the gun that’s the threat. It’s the citizen who is self reliant, intelligent and confident of their decisions and their value system that they use to make judgements of things going on around them and the people involved and the people that pay them.

    Nothing is more fearful to an ivy league graduate than that some person who makes less a day than they make an hour might have an equal say in the Nation’s future and what the actions our Nation does too get there.

    • I know of some leftists whose hate for legal firearm owners has them suggesting a “Final Solution” to their perceived problem.

  17. If only there were a way to mark such people so as to proclaim them anathema to the world; disassociate such people from all the other gun owners. Refuse to acknowledge kinship of any kind. And this includes the two idiots who pulled guns at each other over a grocery basket of toilet paper.

  18. Joe Patrice is afraid to have his ignorance challenged. No comment section, not contact info.
    Just a platform where he and the other liberal malcontents can spew their ignorance and never have to defend their views.

  19. Carried a side arm through all four years of law school (nights DCL class of ’78). Never a comment from or problem with classmates or staff. Just don’t understand snowflakes of today. Apparently they don’t have a grasp of either con law or crim law were fiearms are a daily fact of life. Good luck when you hit the real world.
    Senior Gun Owner 1950

  20. What’s wrong with a bloody knife? Oh, right, we’re afraid of knowing that the hamburger you grab from McDonald’s after class involved some butchering.

    And a dildo? There is 100% chance that some progressive intersectional feminist has brought a dildo into class for a presentation.

    A dead hooker? Maybe not in law school but probably in the medical school.

  21. For Geoff,

    There once was a hermit named Dave
    Who kept a dead whore in his cave
    She was missing a tit
    And smelled like shit
    But think of the money he saved!


  22. Oh, and in all seriousness: I’m helping out with some stuff for distance learning right now and have to consciously make sure that I don’t accidentally end up on camera while visibly strapped, lest some sensitive young student realize that people in everyday life have guns.

  23. They got it all wrong.

    It was a little competitive challenge that the video brandisher was trying to promote. You are supposed to respond by brandishing a larger caliber gun.

    It’s like rock-paper-scissors.

  24. I would hope the armed government officials and armed military members feel unwelcome by this article since they may be forced to grab their firearms at any moment while taking online courses

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