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 Around forty years ago, a labor union targeted my father’s factory. My father felt betrayed both in general (he’d been a generous employer) and in specific (the organizer owed his citizenship to my father’s intercession). And then the Arab Oil Embargo began.

My father fell into a terrible depression. His faith in the supremacy and inviolability of the American dream, his belief that Jews were safe from their implacable enemies, was shaken to its core. He recovered his equilibrium with the birth of his first grandchild. But his unbridled enthusiasm for America’s political system was gone.

I like to think my father would see my passion for the Second Amendment as like-minded realism. But one thing I know for sure: I [continue to] share his opinion that the United States is the greatest nation on earth. I’m determined to do what I can to keep it that way. I will not have my children repeat history; to know what it’s like to live as a slave. Happy Independence Day.

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  1. That’s why I keep fighting. I want my kids and grandkids to know what it’s like to live in a free country.

    • Just be sure and let them know it takes time and hard work. There’s no instant gratification when it comes to liberty.

        • Ditto. I’m now fighting not only for me and my kids, but my 4 year old grand daughter who wants me to take her fishing and hunting in the worse way. She wants a bear like the one on the wall in my den. Geez, that just warms my heart to no end.

          Happy Independence day everybody!

        • Tom, my oldest grandchild is 7. She makes a supreme effort to shoulder my mosin nagant 91/30 to show me she’s ready to go shooting with Poppa. I’m proud as hell of her. By her next birthday I’ll bet they’ll be a Cricket wrapped up for her.

        • I hear you.
          My oldest son bought a BB gun for my oldest granddaughter, other is too young. I’ve also shown her the Marlin 60 she will one day possess, and have his permission to buy her a Cricket. Heck!, if I feel like it I’ll get her a Henry. About 3-4 weeks ago I took my daughter to the local indoor range. Just graduated from college two weeks prior. Before she came, she emailed me asking her if I would. Shot 22lr to 45LC. She especially liked the Winchester 67 I picked up at the LGS before we started. I have another son, w two grandsons. He’s not into guns, but there is a glimmer of hope as he’s shown a little interest, Slow going, and we’ll get there. Even if I only have two children that like to shoot, I’m at least going to try and have them support our right to do so. What more can I ask?

    • +1. My Dad didn’t fight through Muslims in Lebanon, emigrate to here and raise a family just to piss it all away. I’m going to fight one way or another.

  2. I have images of those men, woman and children tossed off the walls of Jerusalem. I can recall the images of those from the Holacost of the mounds of the slain. The unknown masses robbed of life.

    I also understand their causes and purposes that these things were to happen.

  3. The saying Freedom isn’t Free is true and the price is bought with blood and sacrifice and sold for power,greed and the plain lack of common sense.The original Sons of Liberty would be proud of your actions.

    • Oh ,I forgot that there is one more thing that will take a man’s freedom and that,s HATE,or is it fear.

  4. The difference between a slave and a free man is the desire and ability to rise against an oppressor and make their minions pay a cost so high that they themselves revolt

      • Yeah, why? At least us Jews unlike many other minoritys, when freed from our shackles and ghettos went and did something with ourselves.

        We are the .01%

        • Jews are the proof that being a hated minority through all of history can just make you stronger and more accomplished; or maybe they were and are so hated because they were and are so accomplished. Hmm.

          Either way, they show it’s not the the oppression or perceived oppression that keeps a people poor.

      • Unless there’s a backstory what does getting screwed by a business associate have to do with his father’s religion?

    • I actually really am curious why? It’s a Jewish guy writing on his blog about Independence Day, and part of his appreciation for this country stems from his Jewish heritage. I’m really confused how that equates to whining.

  5. Happy Independence Day to all the patriots here. And thank you to TTAG for your excellent work “preaching to the choir”and trying to educate the sheeple.

  6. Nothing to celebrate today. I’d take George III over this crap any day. I hate it and the sheeple in it. Problem is, I can’t find freedom in any other first world country either.

    • You go right ahead and move to great briton. We got the better part of 12 hours of hassle just transporting two unassembled bolt guns through their country. Gas is just under $11.00 a gallon. A cup of coffee was 4 bucks. A modest lunch for 4 was $117.00.
      Go on over and become a subject.

      • He said George III, not Elizabeth II. I believe the point is (and I suspect many of us agree) that the injustices Jefferson wrote about 237 years ago pale in comparison to the ones that have compounded over the past 12 years.

    • Well you could celebrate that you can post garbage like that on this website and not have to worry about a bunch of stormtroopers knocking down your door at 3AM Friday Morning and killing you or hauling you off to some dungeon to have your genitals electrocuted until you confess and recant your evil bitterness and hatred. So, start there Sunshine and see where that takes you. “Into every life a little rain must fall.” – John “The Duke” Wayne.

      • Darrym,

        You’re the head in sand, flag waving sheeple I’m talking about. It’s kind of like saying a North Korean living in Pyongyang can’t complain because he doesn’t reside in one of the many work camps.

        • I am deeply gratified to have caused you to irretrievably waste a few minutes of your life trying to insult me. Have a nasty day!

      • Don’t know much about American history do you Derry?

        The oppression of the Founding Fathers in many ways was less that what we are tolerating.

  7. Thank you for saying “Independence Day” instead of “Fourth of July”. Calling it “the fourth” glosses over the true meaning, which is rebellion against an oppressive regime, and allows the statists to turn it into a holy day for the church of the state.

  8. Hey, everybody! rsimpleton is back and he has a new trick. We thought he had bad breath but he’s actually talking out of his @ss.

  9. templeton rat. I’ll get deleted again, but who cares. You never go full retard and brother, you went way past full retard. You’re one of those bitter angry losers that actually believed that Chavez, Castro and Stalin had it right and the rest of the world was going to rise and make a workers paradise. It never happened cause it was all a bullsh!t con game to replace one set of bosses with another.

    It failed, move on.

  10. Don’t like capitalist swine…so tell me how’s that “working” for the government for food stamps and Section 8 housing working out for you? Huh?

    So you have a choice…work for a swine or big brother…I guess we know your choice.

    You obviously aren’t intelligent enough to create anything of worth to your fellow man or you too could be a capitalist swine like me. Oink!

  11. Mmmm, now that we have the flames, we just need graham crackers, marshmellows, and chocolate bars to make s’mores! Good times.

  12. @rtempleton Once again you demonstrate that all you are capable of is verbal feces throwing. Maybe you should consider moving to Belize. Seems like too happy a place and could use an infusion of curmudgeon. You’re eminently qualified to fulfill their apparent need for some soul darkening

    • Hs comments go way past just expressing a passing opinion. That was just plain vile.

    • You gotta use fire or acid on guys like him, or they just regenerate. Says so right in their Monster Manual entry.

  13. Hope you all had a Happy Independence Day and Celebrated the many good things we Americans still enjoy as the First of the First World Countries. Yeah, we’ve got issues, but the fight to fix them is a good fight. I take encouragement every day from reading the Posted Articles and Comments here on TTAG and Thank RF and Staff and everyone who speaks-out here for their efforts most sincerely!

  14. First off Happy Independence Day to all except rtempleton!Who are you,you FLAME DELETED? You must be an arrogant POS that thinks more of yourself than you are worth. Most people work for a living,either you work for yourself,if you can,or you work for someone else,as for unions,I was a union member in the Eighties,barely had work,but you had to pay those dues,or the big guys wouldn’t get their paycheck,most unions don’t give a damn about their members,just so the money keeps coming in,and yeah the union will screw over you too.Now as for the Jewish people,I was raised as a Christian,but was always taught that the Jews are Gods chosen people,it is even in the King James Version of the Bible.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  15. What is wrong with you rtempleton?!? You are sick, and I dearly hope you get help before you harm yourself or another.

  16. Sure, capitalist leaders declare war on other countries for resources all the time. While I don’t always support it, it has happened and will happen ’til the end of time because it’s what humans do. However, it takes a special kind of leftist nut job to kill of tens of millions of his own people in the name of some abstract ideal and so called “loyalty to the party”. You happily idolize people like Stalin and Mao without realizing they were both in the same totalitarian swimming pool as Hitler.

  17. Around forty years ago, a labor union targeted my father’s factory
    Oy vey, its another shoah! How dare the goyim demand fair wages, how dare they threaten the trust fund he left you.

    I will not have my children repeat history; to know what it’s like to live as a slave
    Of course, having to work a single day in your entire life is slavery, thank god you never had to.

  18. What do labor unions have to do with Independence Day? Aren’t you aware that trade and labor unions were banned by communist countries? I know plenty of employers who consider themselves “generous” who are as tight as two coats of paint. Regarding Jewish victimization, Jews are less than 1/2 of one percent of this country’s population, yet nearly 25% of the United States senate is of Jewish origin.
    That hardly sounds like persecution. African Americans comprise 16% of the country’s population and there are 2 African american senators–both of whom were appointed to fill a vacant seat.
    There are no Native Americans in the senate. That’s persecution. So quit your whining.

    • Here’s your “The emperor is naked!” moment.

      Because Indians and Blacks culture and lifestyle keeps them dumb, blind and stupid. Is that un-PC? Oh well, the truth can hurt.

  19. “a labor union targeted my father’s factory”

    So sad that the workers wanted to make a living wage.

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