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Mexican mass murder 2010 (courtesy

“Mexican federal and state police have rescued 73 kidnapped migrants being held in a house on the border with Texas,” the AP reports. Let’s think about that. How do you hold 73 people hostage? With guns. How do you rescue 73 people being held by people with guns? With guns. How do you prevent someone from kidnapping 73 people? With guns. As in a person with a gun isn’t as easy to kidnap (not to mention rape and torture) as someone who’s been disarmed by their own governments. “The agency says some of Central American migrants had been held for more than three months after being kidnapped at the Reynosa bus station. Abductions of migrants are common in northeastern Mexico, an area controlled by the Zetas and the Gulf drug cartels. In 2010, the Zetas were blamed for the mass slaying of 72 migrants in the north [relatively tame image above].” Oh, and the official investigating that crime was also kidnapped and murdered.

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  1. Do we really want armed illegal immigrants coming into America?

    Granted, it would’ve been better for everyone had they killed their captors but c’mon.

    • I got the message as “arm yourself and teach your loved ones so you and they are not easy targets for rape, kidnapping, and murder”. Learn from their example because Mexico will likely never change. Illegals also can get their hands on guns relatively easily in the US, some even try their hand at gun smuggling back to Mexico.

    • Disarmed Mexicans cant fight a corrupt government or violent thugs so their only option is escape. Yes, I want ALL good guys armed regardless of their nationality. Let other nations follow our example instead of fleeing here just to repeat the same mistakes.

      • “Fleeing here” wouldn’t be so bad if they realized what they were fleeing FROM. Too many people come into the US hating the conditions they left, then proceed to try and implement the same broken ideas.

      • I wouldn’t mind either except the fact they hate Americans, are drug runners, rapists, murders, thieves, ect… Good riddance.

        • We only hate racist, xenophobic Americans like you. Opinions of the US are actually pretty high here. Especially among people who went to the US, were treated well and came back. Most migrants are running AWAY from the drug runners, rapists, murderers, thieves, etc.

    • They would say something about banning law abiding gun ownership makes it harder for the criminal organizations to get guns and therefor it wouldn’t happen. Nevermind that most cartel guns are stamped something to the effect of “Mexican government property”

    • The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was and still is a huge media and movie topic in America – what, eight people, all gangsters, shot down in a Chicago garage?

      How come, you Brown Stream Media guys, this is the first I’ve seen of seventy or more innocents massacred in northern Mexico? These cartels make Capone and all the others look like choirboys. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the clamoring to pass laws saying that members of cartels can’t own guns? Where are the editorials demanding that more laws be passed making it a crime to shoot unarmed women and children? Oh, wait…even in Mexico those things are ALREADY illegal.

  2. Time to NUKE the cartels,Precision bombing ought to do the trick,and since we probably have some left over, last years ordinance, Somalia is not that far away,is it?

  3. If you want to see proof of cognitive dissonance in action, try this thought experiment the next time you get into a verbal debate (online debates don’t work, read the comments here some time 🙂 ) with a gun grabber:

    Simply say: “If all guns are good for is murdering people, then why do police need them?”

    Sit back, and watch the psychological magic….

    • Or hear them come back with, “well, that’s different.”

      I despise liberal hypocrisy and double standards, but I come across them all the time.


  4. I think this is more of a drug cartel, corrupt politicians (redundant), and organized crime issue than a gun issue…

    I don’t think all the guns in the world, or lack there of, can help Mexico or the Mexican people.

    On a side note: this is California in about 20 yrs, because they have all other aforementioned problems with crime and politicians and are trying “fix” the “gun problem”.

      • I read recently that a town in Mexico who had no LE whatsoever and who were tired of the rapes, kidnappings, and extortion mugged a few cartel members visiting and took over security for their town. The cartels stay away; even the Army won’t go in there, because the townsfolk shoot first and ask questions later.

        It does work if you have the right tools and are protecting home and kin.

        • IIRC, the vigilantes dispensing justice were comprised of former communist separatists.

          The world’s a strange place.

    • Gun control is the fascists’ friend. Arming civilians is the only way to establish a [relatively] peaceful and well-ordered society. Period.

    • “I don’t think all the guns in the world, or lack there of, can help Mexico or the Mexican people.”

      Maybe, maybe not. Go watch “The Magnificent Seven”. At any rate, I think it certainly could not HURT the Mexican people. They are being oppressed by a corrupt government and murdered by drug cartels anyway. They should at least have the chance to shoot back before they die. Is it any wonder so many of them are willing to risk everything to get out of those hell holes? No personal liberty, constant fear of death at the hands of the government or the cartels, no hope of a better economic future? Wouldn’t you do everything you could to get out?

      • I think any sane person would want to leave…

        But, the only way stop cancer is to cut it off and not let if spread then treat it after it spreads.

        Mexico is too far down the rabbit hole for any one thing to help bring it back.

  5. Why is shooting at shooting border crossers not illegal?

    A good proportion probably have cartel ties anyway, the,rest are still breaking the law.

    Note: I have nothing against Mexicans, it’s ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that have me angry, that and the cartels.

    We have drones to spy on Gun Owners, but the Cartels are untouchable, how?

  6. I can’t remember … the numbers 72 and 73 are significant… virgins in paradise perhaps? Maybe someone else is behind these terrible crimes.

  7. I feel like replying to most of these comments, but I know it’s pointless. The comment section in TTAG is the reason why people have such a skewed view of gun owners.

    • Yo también siento responder a ellos. Ellos no entienden que si las condiciones en su país fueran igual que los de México, ellos también pondrían todo su esfuerzo por cruzar la frontera. Lo harían «por los niños».

      • Tantos años de usar el internet me ha causado a ser un cabrón cínico; estas siendo sarcastico? Porque la mayoría de los inmigrantes van por eso mismo, para apoyar a sus familias. No para causar desmadre, que es lo que piensa muchos americanos.

    • Wow, you did an awesome job of explaining yourself, and offered reasonable solutions based on factual and historical data. Not.

      • One quick glance at the comments will tell you all you need to know. One guy even suggests nuking my country. Anyway, what’s the point? Most gun owners know better than most that providing facts doesn’t necessarily sway people’s opinions.

  8. Guess some of you have missed the articles in the press the past few months on Mexican communities forming their own militias to protect their communities. They started off with bats and old shotguns or rifles and slowly started beating ARs and AKs out of the cartel’s foot soldiers.

    They can and do own firearms in Mexico….

    Everyone and their Mum is packing in Texas and yet there’s still rapes and murders there…..uh ohs.

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  10. In fact, this is a very complex topic that deserves the attention it deserves. I think everyone is aware that over the past 20 years, Mexico has been a major exporter of migrants trying to get to the US border, which has greatly affected the relationship between the two countries. A very interesting article which I highly recommend everyone to read. Since Trump came to power, his administration has set a daily limit for asylum seekers and set up temporary camps for them along the US-Mexico border. I think this is the right decision, but what can you say about this?


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