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Do you remember yours?

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  1. My dad took me dove hunting for the first time in a WMA in South Texas when I was 7, I don’t think I killed anything (maybe a few sparrows that were in the wrong place eat the wrong time), but I did manage to get knocked off the bucket I was sitting on a few times. Even my little 20 gauge was a bit big for me, but I had a lot of fun.

  2. My dad had an old .410 I used on my first dove hunt . I missed a lot ,but damn I had fun . I was 9 yrs old at the time . That was the first and last season I used that .410 . After that it was 12ga and still is to this day

  3. Good job, Hannah!
    Sorry I cannot relate about the first time dove hunting, since I’ve never been. =:^{>

    Now squirrel hunting, deer hunting – yeah.

    • You take the breast meat on a dove. Bag limits are high enough that you can get a decent meal if you’re a good enough shot.
      And a side note. The pigeons that are pest animals in the city are actually doves, rock doves.

  4. Thats my girl! My dad called this morning to tell me she was linked here on TTAG. So proud. She’s dying to shoot a deer, but just graduated from .22 to .410. Baby steps to the .243. This makes me want to make more videos of her. Thanks for all the positive comments!

  5. I remember my first dove hunt. Lots of mosquitos but we got enough to have several each with breakfast the next day. Very tasty.

    I will never forget when we were waking out to the field though. There were already some guys hunting and i had lead and bark dropping on my head and down my shirt from shot hitting the tree above my head. Scarry for a minute but the rest of the day was worth it.

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