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Today I got to wrap my hands around the new Taurus View on the SHOT Shot floor. Actually, I only got to wrap my thumb and middle finger around it because this is absolutely the smallest 5-shot .38 revolver I have ever handled . . .

The visible internals are pretty cool, kind of like that ‘Visible V8’ car engine model I built in fourth grade when cars still had V8 engines.

The View is blessed with one of the smoothest double-action revolver triggers I’ve ever fondled, but the almost nanoscopic grip may prove to be something of a problem for some shooters.

Dan’s smallish hands were a decent fit on the View, but my average mitts just smothered the poor thing. I have to remind myself that I’m not really the intended shooter for a gun like this.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

My thumb is approximately the same thickness as the View’s tiny grip. Maybe a tad longer. It will make it conceal like it’s not even there, but I couldn’t even manage a two-finger hold on it.

Street price should be around $300. It only weighs 8.5 ounces, but don’t worry: it’s not +P rated.

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      • When I get this thing (and it’s definitely going to be my next pocket gun), the first thing I’ll try is to load it with Buffalo Bore 180gr .38 Spl +P. I’ll report the experience here (assuming no broken fingers and strained wrists).

        • Try that Buffalo Bore .38 “Heavy+p” I actually got the same velocity from it as BB Heavy (158gr) .357 mag from my LCR. It seems the powder in the .38 heavy+p is geared more for short barrels. I got advertised velocities of over 1000 fps out of a 1.8″ barrel. I’m guessing it would be slightly less from the “view”.

  1. I can just imagine what will happen when this thing gets it internals loaded up with pocket lint!
    Ugly gun, looks like Superman got hold of it and squeezed too hard.

    • It’s not open, there’s a Lexan panel covering the guts. Lint shouldn’t be a problem (any more than for any other pocket gun).

      How long before some enterprising fellow comes out with replacement panels made of other materials?

  2. I just don’t get this piece. Are we now saying that 12-15 oz is too heavy to carry? To me this just a novelty gun and I would rather spend the $300k on ammo.

  3. This is incredibly stupid.
    1) it’s a Taurus

    2) small grip is bad with heavy perceived recoil

    3) the exposed portions will collect dirt and grime.

    Who conceived this? I’d rather have a Hipoint!

  4. Looks like a cartoon gun in that first photo. Ugly gun, barrel is too short and the grip too small. And 38spl it’s going to hurt to shoot. Low velocity, lots of muzzle flip, lots of recoil. Would be better served in a lesser caliber, with a smaller cylinder.

  5. I can’t get over that window, I think it’s just ugly.

    9oz won’t do much to tame that recoil, it’ll be even less fun to shoot than lightweight J-frames.

  6. I just don’t get the whole “View” thing. In photos it looks like the gun is missing a cover plate. Maybe IRL the shiny clear plastic makes it look more like it has a real cover rather than missing a part.

    I’m sure many, like me, have a passing interest in the internals of a revolver. But this is no 17 jewel mechanical time piece. A “View” for dealers to show interested buyers makes sense, but if I were to spend $300 on a revolver I won’t want a plastic cover.

  7. This can’t be a consumer product. This has got to be a widget for Taurus to show off some aspect of the internals they are proud of.

  8. 8.5 ounces for a 5-shot 38spl is actually pretty boss. I might get one if I can replace the grips with something a little more substantial.

    Even if it makes me look mad metro.

  9. I don’t care for the internal view but if the trigger is decent and shoots p.o.a then color me excited. The weight and size is intriguing to me. I bet standard pressure 38 would be mighty slow coming out of a 1″ barrel.

  10. This thing is absurd. I expect the lexan window was for the show only, to display the internals, noone is dumb enough to make sideplates of a carry gun out of plexiglas. Too light, too small in the grip, +P rated(?!!), that is insane. Is it old school to be man enough, or woman enough, to handle the weight of a real steel J-frame sized snubby? That’s 22 oz. for Christ’s sake!

  11. Did they say it was gonna be around $300?
    Its got a titanium cylinder, figured that alone would call a bit of a premium.
    As to those bashing Taurus because its a Taurus….meh
    Taurus has been flawless for me with the past 6 or 7 guns ive bought from them. (24/7 G2, Millenium G2, PT709, PT1911, Raging Judge Magnum, PT145)
    Great guns for the money IMO. I own many guns and enjoy higher end firearms but Taurus has been nothing but good for me over the years, and generally much cheaper than others

        • I dont see why there wouldnt be demand for this. Im not a fan of the window but this screams ankle carry as
          a BUG.
          With that said, i will be SHOCKED if this is $300. They wouldnt put a titanium cylinder on it.

      • Your right. The Taurus website lists the MSRP at $599. So, unfortunately its not looking like $300 will be the retail price point.

  12. I can do without the see thru side, but im probably gonna pick one up for a BUG for ankle carry. 9oz, ttitanium parts, teeny tiny grip to make ankle carry a breeze? Yes please!

  13. If they wanted a smaller revolver they should have chambered it for the shorter but more powerful 9mmP — or even the comparably powered .380acp. Then the cylinder could have been made significantly shorter.


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