Bond Arms Stinger derringer
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Bond Arms announced their new aluminum frame derringer, the Stinger, earlier this year. It’s Bond’s slimmest lightest gun, perfect for concealed carry and we had a chance to play with one at NRA on Saturday.

Bond Arms Stinger derringer

The Stinger is about half the width and just over half the weight of Bond’s popular standard size derringers.

Bond Arms Stinger derringer

The aluminum Stinger weighs 12 oz. while Bond’s steel Texas Defender is 20 oz.

Bond Arms Stinger derringer

It’s also considerably thinner. I slipped one in my pocket and it just disappeared.

Bond Arms Stinger derringer

The Stinger is available in 9mm or .380 ACP for $379 and is shipping now. Bond also plans a steel frame version that will be just as thin, but 4 oz. heavier, while costing only $279. The steel Stinger should hit stores in the fourth quarter.

Bond Arms Stinger derringer
The aluminum frame Stinger is about half he width and weight of Bond’s standard derringers.
Bond Arms Stinger derringer
The new steel frame Stinger will hit stores in the fourth quarter of this year.

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  1. I view these as range toys. Fun to play with but there are better choices to defend you and your loved ones.

      • There are 5 shot revolvers that weigh the same as these in 38 special that can shoot those same shot shells. For example the S&W 342PD. Even the Ruger LCR is about the same weight. Now some may say, “but those are a little more expensive”… ok how about Charter Arms Undercover Ultralight 38… it’s the same weight and price with 5 rounds. The only derringer that weighed dramatically less was the American Derringer Lightweight made of aluminum and was two rounds like here and weighed 7 ounces (almost half the weight of these). Unfortunately though I have been told by American Derringer that they no longer make those aluminum derringers. So yeah, bang for your buck, a charter arms 38 special undercover ultralight for about $320 is your best deal.

  2. Waiting for the review on some .30’s and how “practical” they are for their increased capacity…

    • I’m actually hoping the .30 works out. I hate the rim lock that can happen with the .32ACP. It may not be the best for every scenario but I do like options. And buying new guns.

      • I have a Keltec P32 (.32 cal) that I carried for a decade and put about 1,000 rounds through and never experienced rim lock.

  3. “Perfect for concealed carry”
    Lousy for deployment. I own a Bond Arms derringer. I’d use it for concealed carry if I had no other guns and my knife was broken.

  4. You can’t hit jack shit with them and they only have two shots. The Texas Defender weighs as much as a Glock 43x (or a little more).

  5. Make it even thinner and chambered in .22lr and/or .22wmr and you have a modern take on the little over-under Hi-Standard derringer…

    This video shows it with NFA tax stamp required wallet holster :

        • Easily fixed. There are several companies that make upgrades that cost around $100.
          Upgraded and PROPERLY tuned the AUG trigger is totally acceptable.

          That sweet 31″ length (with a 20″ barrel) makes it a great choice in CQ and vehicle use. The NATO spec accepts the Magpul 60rd drum. Tucks in close to the chin and shoulder.

          One of the few 20″ barrel 5.56 rifles that can comfortably be shot one handed. 😄

      • Rat Worx has a sear assembly available that reduces travel, overtravel and reset distances by over 50%, it also removes around 80% of mush/creep when pulling the trigger through the wall. Group sizes are reduced by around 50%.
        The sear is called the 20/20, and costs $100.
        Fitting is required, gunsmith install is recommended, but detailed directions come with the 20/20.

      • “NFA stamp required? Please explain?”

        The BATF ruled the wallet hides the outline of a pistol, so it became an AOW (Any Other Weapon) in the government’s view.

        File the paperwork, pay the 5 dollars transfer tax stamp, and the wallet can be used with that pistol, that’s why…

    • Concerning the video: the barrels are stacked; the top barrel shoots to a different point than the bottom barrel.

    • There is no reason for them to be this heavy. American Derringer made a lightweight 38 special two shot model that weighed just 7 ounces. I think these companies are scared of getting sued, don’t want to spend much money doing research and development, so they just make it way overkill thick rather than testing various thicknesses in order to try to reduce overall size and weight.

      • One of the unique features of the Bond Arms is the interchangeable barrels. So the outside dimensions of all barrels are the same. Clearly a 45/410 barrel will have a significantly larger bore than a 22.
        Bond Arms are definitely niche guns. They’re a lot of fun to carry and to shoot.

  6. Ands the point is? OK for a gun freak collector but useless for all practical, purposes I’d opine.
    I’d rather [and do] save my collerctors bug for some decent watches. [Buy GOLD Watches at reasonable prices if you can and it’s doubtful you will lose money as long as you know what you are doing. Watches can’t kill either.
    IWC, GIRARD-PEREGAUX and some OMEGA models can be had at very reasonably prices in the USA. Buy cheap if they need service and always make sure you can afford a service at some point. A new service can add hundreds to the price.
    Follow the pro’s and the most handgun anybody really needs is a decent 9mm Parabellum. Though really good ones are increasingly rare the ‘Good Ole’ Browning Hi-Power is overall tough to beat in my own opinion. In the UK Services, as an ARMOURER and SWMALLARMS Instructor I carried handguns for years and the Browing was the handgun of choice for the UK Special Forces.

  7. it seems to me that the purpose of carrying a concealed handgun is to pull it out if being mugged, point it, and watch the young male democrat go away quickly.

    it does not mean firing the gun. is this derringer scary enough?

    if, however, actual shooting is required, this won’t mut the custard, will it? inaccurate, limited to two shots…just one step up from bluffing.

    on the other hand, nothing is more concealed. it may provide a calming effect in a land of barbarians, but a French Tickler may prove as comforting.

    • ‘……..and watch the young male democrat go away quickly…..’

      Wow, what a POS comment.

      No color, creed, political affiliation, geographic region, gender………………has the market cornered on evil.

      Troll harder troll. 🙄

      • I’m the troll?

        from a common virtue-signaling dingbat that’s good: my comments aren’t allowed, eh, Mr. America?

        I call BS on you: looters, muggers, car jackers, home invaders, violent rapists, gang shooters, street defecators, etc…

        are all democrats. and it’s been true my entire life that criminals favor soft-on crime democrats. why wouldn’t they?

        so you blurt an emotion, state incorrect common wisdom, and insult me.

        go play in the yard.

        • Not every single demonkraut in the country is a hoplophobic snowflake, Peter. I remember meeting one once who actually owned and shot a nice collection of firearms. Of course that was back in the early 60s, so no telling what his religion is these days.

        • I’ll reply to Joe Lefty below, because he doesn’t like replies, evidently:

          Joe, when I say most criminals are democrats, which is true, I did not say that all democrats are criminals.


  8. Some people love these Bond Arms derringers, and find them ideal for carrying in a pocket, or a car console, or whatever. Don’t look for answers, they take their chances, don’t ask me why.

  9. ‘……..and watch the young male democrat go away quickly…..’

    Wow, what a POS comment.

    No color, creed, political affiliation, geographic region, gender………………has the market cornered on evil.

    • TTAG is getting some quirks. I didn’t post the above comment a 2nd time, and in this location.
      Also getting comments removed for calling someone a ‘pu**y’. 🤔
      I’ve seen posted rants dropping f bombs these last few days, but ‘pu**y’ gets a comment deleted?
      How about some continuity/parity. 🤔

      • how about you calling me a troll because your little mind says anything unconventional is a challenge to your very existence.

        it is obviously true that democrats are traitors, liars, child damagers, power-mad criminals, etc. everyone knows this whose brain isn’t bent. so take your virtue signaling and shove it, you tiny brain phony.

  10. Just me and I don’t care what others think.
    My NAA mini-mag always resides in my pocket.
    Out of town/state up goes the size and caliber.

    • I wish NAA would make a 5 shot 32 S&W short revolver in a very compact, lightweight design like they did with the .22 caliber.

  11. No thanks. Considering the dearth of compacts available on the market, most with 4 to 5 times the capacity, this is more of a novelty than a serious side arm.

  12. Buyer caveat: This 9mm high-caliber weapon may blow the lungs out of a body; unlike a .223 that will lodge in a lung for safe removal by the doctor.


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