Texas School Shooting Father's Anguish
A police officer talks to people asking for information outside the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, May 24, 2022. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, File)
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I’m a big fan of the LASR App and SIRT dry-fire training pistols, and regularly get e-mails from them with useful training information. They recently shared a great resource that gives us some important information in the wake of the Uvalde shooting. They didn’t provide a lot of commentary, but they did give us a link to a report by the U.S. Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center.

The topic? Preventing mass killings in schools. You can download the report directly here (PDF).

The key takeaway can quickly be found in the Director’s Message and Executive Summary sections of the report: The key findings of the study are clear and consistent: “Individuals contemplating violence often exhibit observable behaviors, and when community members report these behaviors, the next tragedy can be averted.

This finding is one among many commonalities exhibited by people who engage in mass violence at schools. A history of problems with the school’s administrators and/or law enforcement, being the target of bullying or displaying signs of mental health problems, the intention to commit suicide, drug and/or alcohol use, and adverse childhood experiences were the biggest common factors.

Obviously, we can’t assume that every kid with some or all of these problems is the next mass shooter, but it does give us a good indication of who we need to be looking out for in the community because they need our help. Getting kids with these indicators on a better path early keeps them from even considering escalating to violence.

How Do We Do That?

The report didn’t stop at identifying indicators to look out for. It went on to give evidence-based ideas on how to actually help. You should read the whole report, but I will cover a few of the findings that stood out.

The most important thing is that this kind of violence is preventable without turning our whole society into an authoritarian hellhole. By targeting our attention toward people who are in need of help and being extra careful with kids who are talking about violence, we can interrupt the path toward violence without needing to worry about what will or won’t pass in Congress or what might survive court challenges.

Another thing is that other kids are the people best situated to let us know that something is seriously wrong with one of their classmates. As adults, we’re too disconnected and excluded from their social circles and trust circles to always see things that are happening. We need to encourage kids to let us know about possible indicators of violence early, and be sure they know the goal is to help their friend, not put them into the school-to-prison pipeline.

Finally, families play a central role in solving these problems (and, in many cases, play a central role in creating them). Strong families are the best way to prevent these kinds of tragedies, and we need to be more supportive of in-tact families in society. This probably seems obvious to readers, but it’s something that’s easy to forget and difficult to accomplish.

As I said, there’s a lot more in the report, and I recommend checking it out.

An Important Alternative To Gun Control

Taking care of our kids and the families they come from should be a top priority in any serious attempt to prevent mass killings in the future, and all of us have to put in the work here. For example, when we see a single parent struggling, extended family, friends, and the community at large needs to step up and help make sure the kids get the support they need to grow into healthy adults.

We also need to be cautious to not let politics get in the way of taking care of the most vulnerable kids. I won’t go too deeply into that here, but it’s important to support all families in the community instead of judging them and looking for ways to make some of their lives harder, which is something that government policies frequently do. Doing anything but offering honest love and support for our friends neighbors can only make this problem worse.

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  1. Hell make them fill out some job applications before they start shooting. That would probably run off most of them.

    • Well here is an anti-union president I am proud of.

      Even today this puppet is working to protect us from weapons. He may not know what he is talking about, and literately got everything wrong but;

      “Joe Biden on Monday suggested he wants to ban “high caliber” 9mm handguns in remarks to reporters on the South Lawn.

      “And they showed me an x-ray – he said, ‘a 22-caliber bullet will lodge in a lung and we can probably get it out.. and maybe save a life. A 9mm bullet, blows the lung out of the body,’” Biden said of his trip to Uvalde, Texas.

      “So the idea that these high caliber weapons — There’s simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection, hunting – and remember, the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment was never absolute” said Biden.”


      That is a man I can stand behind!

      • 9mm might blow the lung out of the body of a squirrel or possum….no way is it going to do that to a human.

        • Didn’t you know? Minor MINER49er like his buddy dacian the Dunderhead are both “gun experts.”

      • Upon re-election in 2024, Trump may retain Ole Joey as a top advisor. Trump plans to listen intently to every input Ole Joey can muster. Once, Trump fully understands Ole Joey’s position on every issue, Trump will decide in favor of 180 degrees opposite from Ole Joey’s recommendations. Ole Joey has been totally wrong on every issue for the 50 years he has been sucking off We The Little Peeps’ teat. Ole Joey, the contrarian political weather vane.

      • the ONLY reason I carry a Nine is because I can more easily carry up to thirty rounds, and in some increasingly common scenaria these days that might be more effective than carrying a more powerful weapon that cannot caarry as many rounds.
        The Nine is marginal as far as power and range. But since most such shootings happen at relativly close range, that’s not much of an issue. For long range I have a revolver that can place six rounds in a four inch circle at two hundred yards. The nine’s rounds would likely be in the dirt at tht range.

        The venerable Nine is NOIT a “high powered” handgun, Unka Joe bonehead is flat wrong there, just as he was when he advocated stepping outsie the door and firing two rounds of 12 bore shotgun into the air when someone is threatening to break in to my house. Eedjit Joe is clueless.

        I often see the AR pattern rifles listed as “high powered”, too. what a sick joke. There are only one or possibly two states that will allow their use for hunting deer. WHY you ask? Simple.. they do not have sufficient power to assure a clean kill at normla deer hunting ranges of two to four hundred yards. Too UNDERPOWERED for deer, they are certainly too weak for humans. They are effective at close ranges, but so is the venerable .30/06 or 7.62 x 59 round, the one that was used to beat back enemies on two fronts in the early 1940’s. You have a job for a “high powered” rifle, that’s what you want. I’ve seen them hit pretty close at over a mile.
        High powered? Dopey Joey is just venting gas from the wrong end.

    • how about just LOCKING THE DAMN DOOR!…for openers…just think if they would have done that on 911…

  2. By the last few incidents it would seem friends, family and faculty reporting suspicious behavior is done in heapfulls. What is t done is follow through.

    What good is my report if the feebs are just going to ignore it? Worse yet, what good is my report if the feebs are the ones in the chatroom goading the kid to action?

    • Yea, entrapment is a real thing and it happens all over law enforcement from the lowest level to the feds. The fact is, unless you are going full Minority Report and precog, you can’t do much. Which is a good thing, because I think I’ve joked about presidential assassination’s for pretty much every single one of these idiots since I was old enough to vote… just sayin… It’s all fun and games until a group of anarchists piss off local conservatives and they try to blame them for plotting to kidnap a tyrant… I mean, government official – even though the conservatives ranted and raved about how it should have been done the entire time… This is why HOA’s suck. Never trust a neighbor. Are you listening now gubberment? Who’s shift is is? Carl? Is that you?

  3. “Individuals contemplating violence often exhibit observable behaviors, and when community members report these behaviors, the next tragedy can be averted.”

    What does the Secret Service know? Don’t they use guns? Why, yes — yes they do.

    We all know it’s the guns, stupid. (Says every leftist on this forum.)

    Is a /sarc tag really necessary?

  4. Everyone, including government agencies, always suggests acting in advance before someone does anything. And if they ever get that power, it will be abused.

    With a constitution that protects individual liberties, we CAN’T just arrest people until AFTER they actually do something. We can’t arrest people for thinking or daydreaming. Otherwise we’d be no better than Hitler’s SS.

    • “Otherwise we’d be no better than Hitler’s SS.”

      Like say… having the FBI raid someone’s residence in order to retrieve a diary that mentions inappropriate behavior by the Puppet in Chief? Don’t look now, but we’re already there.

    • and the RedFlag laws do precisely that, and toss in the denial of other basic Constitutinal rights such s trial by jury innocent till proven guilty, ability to confront witnesses and examine them.. NONE of that happens when the red flag drops. Sad.. no, disgusting.

  5. This particular pendejo had a history of violence, including assaulting his girlfriend, who was terrified.
    Can there be any more obvious warning sign?

    • if you keep going down this road you are unwittingly advocating for enhanced background checks for anyone seeking to buy this type of weapon…and that would probably be as much as a month while they check you out…not quite NFA…but definitely more than you usually experience buying something more conventional….

    • such an assault IS a felony and, even if only charged but not yet convicted, it WILL trigger a Deny code on the NICS check. The issue is precisely what we saw at the Parkland School massacre, where the dirtbag killer was KNOWN to have committed at least FOUR felony level crimes, but was never charged. Had he been, he could not have bought that rifle the way he did. He’d have had to go underground. The school district wantd the $54Mn prize for reducing their ARREST rates. Never mind the CRIME rates that relly matter. As usual, its all about the Benjamins. Seventeen people died BECAUSE they failed to charge him with even one of those four felonies. We HAVE the laws in place, WHY don’t they use them properly instead of working to take OUR guns away when we FOLLOW the laws? Even the useless stupid ones?

  6. Somehow I missed the part in the report that says it would be advantageous for someone to be present with a gun to be able to stop said offender, preferably with a properly aimed head shot since they are now showing up in armor. Oh, yeah, and ACTUALLY take a shot.

    • My guess is the author of the report failed to include that because it was too obvious?

      Seriously though, this report came from the Secret Service. They could care less about the law. They’re protecting the Bidens — literally a family of pedophiles who they should have arrested on sight.

    • …. sounds like a perfect use of the new 9mm HighCaliber, it’ll probably take their head clean off !!

      • I’ve always avoided 9’s because they’re too puny but it sounds like this here new 9mm HighCaliber ought to flatten out a no good ape sized varmint in his tracks so I might need to buy one….

      • have to wonder who feeds him this stuff….or is it just the silly prattle of an old man…

        • I think you missed the Sarc font there.

          If the Nine is so dang high powered, and that’s the round the coppers have, what’s the problem?
          Oh wait,maybe they should legislate that mass killers can ONLY use the .22WRF…. give the coppers a bit of an edge right out of the gate. (they’d still probably cower in the corner and pee their britches…… like the Coward of Broward did.

    • A high-power cartridge fired to center mass can still neutralize an active shooter threat, even against body armor. Even if it doesn’t penetrate, the impact alone can take the wind out of the target and knock them to the ground.

      • this kid wasn’t wearing any…just an ammo vest…yet the cops still refused to take him on….

    • Hmmmm. OK, so a perp might show up in body armor. Now, we can’t rule that out. What level?
      – Level II
      – Level IIIA
      – Level III
      – Level IV

      Level II will stop .357 1430 ft/s
      Level IIIA will stop .44 magnum 1430 ft/s
      Level III will stop 7.62 mm 2780 ft/s
      Level IV will stop .30 2880 ft/s

      As for me, I’m trying to get in touch with my kinder, gentler, feminine side. I carry a .32. A Ruger LCRx chambered in .327 Federal. As much as 1600 ft/s. Live just 2 miles from the NJ line so I carry Lehigh Defense bullets, not hollow-points.

      I wonder if our RSOs and teachers might present a more tender, loving kindness calibre of kit if they carried .327 Federal. That would seem to raise the barrier-to-entry to hard-armor Level III. Fewer mass-murderers would be likely to opt for that level. Head-shot accuracy wouldn’t be required for Level IIIA or Level II.

      Could the geek squad here on TTAG look into the ballistics of some of the alternative handgun cartridges and opine as to the potential for such a tactical kit?

      • Older kevlar probably will not stop that (nij .04 or earlier) for 3a .06 kevlar it will matter who made it and probably not going through the uhmwpe as that has stopped 5.7 at higher speeds reliably. With that said would not want to be relying on any level 2 vest against your loading. Also if you can get a chrono reading out of the lcr I am very curious how barrel length influences velocity in the 327 fed mag as there is a dearth of information there

        • Good points. The LCR is a pretty snubbie barrel. I have a Charter Arms with a longer barrel.

          If the barrel length is an issue that can be solved. Just manufacture guns with longer barrels for this application. (I.e., SRO and concealed carriers in soft-target venues). What we are looking for is something like a rifle cartridge that fires from a handgun. That’s kind of what the .327 Federal seems to me; but I’m not knowledgeable.

          For that matter, if this issue of arming defenders in soft targets is a problem worth solving, then we ought to be able to create a cartridge to suit and build the gun around that cartridge. If Federal could get 45,000 psi of chamber pressure, why couldn’t we get 55,000 or 65,000 psi and build a cylinder to handle that pressure? And, with a longer barrel, capture that pressure and put it behind the bullet longer.

          So, maybe this idea is worth looking into more?

        • Mark from backyard experimentation using old (expired as hell but still good condition) kevlar panels newer uhmwpe test panels (donated UARM product) and some leftover ballistic fiberglass (70-80s era) we found that higher speed, solid, harder was the way to go and Walter is half right below. 357 sig with the lighter extreme defender (68 gr +p handload) did the best for all three but didn’t get through the uhmwpe (did have a nasty bump into the sandbag but need to get clay) 10mm in an equivalent loading did almost as well and need to find some 9×25 Dillon and 460 Rowland options for next time. The 9mm also got through the kevlar but not the others and 40/45 would not penetrate any (need +p testing to be sure). This was all copper solids from underwood so still need to check liberty civil defense and a few others. But looking to get a chronograph and a clay backer option before any more backyard testing. (And new test panels especially if nij .07 ever gets adopted)

        • Sigh and right on cue NY is discussing restricting body armor again… And making a permit system for semi auto rifles. Well on to seeing how far these go in committee.

      • MarkPA, you stick with your baby cartridges. I’ll continue to carry my .40S&W GLOCK.

        • Out of a pistol absolutely, once barrel lengths start exceeding 8ish inches you may find 40 getting dusted in muzzle energy. With that said 40 is way more practical for pretty much any relevant situation as a mares leg or bigger is where I could see the 327 magnum being interesting especially for soft armor issues.

        • SAFEupstateFML, He’s talking about a pistol. I’m talking about a pistol.

        • Armor as well walt and 40 in the end is 2a while 327 is potentially a 2 threat

        • That is why if I have to shoot, I shoot two center of mass and one to the head. it’s called the Mozambique. It’s how I train.

        • Well yes Walt that has been standard for any agency, military, police, or private training for the last 30 odd years. And not what I think anyone was talking about….. although I realized a mares leg is considered a pistol so longer barrel length or not it does fit.

        • SAFEupstateFML Not many people carry a Mares Leg and they come in a number of different calibers not to mention a .410 Ga.

        • Sometimes exploring ideas is more meant to be fun and informative than utterly ruthlessly practical. As to mares leg yes utterly impractical and few carry (know of more shockwaves being cc’ed) but when one is exploring what may go through a vest the headshot shortcut is not always the answer even if it will overwhelmingly be the best option in real life. And as a joke up your game bud nobody is carrying that sissy .40 cal anymore gotta upgrade to 45 super at least if not 400 corbon

        • Would absolutely go through kevlar and uhmwpe (possibly through lower end lv 3 poly only plate) but illegal at federal level for pistol ammo. Was actually how they tried to ban m855 with ar15 pistols existing.

      • what round the coppers carry is irrelevant. If they”d just grab their sorry cowardly selves by the scriff and GET IN THERE AND FIRE the dirtbag would soil his knickers and collapse into a puddle of fear on the floor. A few holes somewhere to drive the point home that bullets are painful might not hurt.

  7. Any “solution” that doesn’t include not leaving your children to be shot up like fish in a barrel is no solution. Flee the communist indoctrination centers and home school your children. They’ll be safer and get a real education. Anyone can do it if you have the will. Home schools can be armed to the teeth without having to ask the .gov for permission.

    • Boss Hogg over at the Uvalde police department stated on Saturday that they’re thankful that no officers received life threatening injuries.

    • You have the right of it there. If your kids are not even IN the schools they never can get SHOT in the schools,
      I know many families who homeschool, they were homescholed and are now doing it with their own kids. Probably a couple hundred such families. I also know that nearly all of them include, as part of their children’s training, the development of proper skills at arms. And most such households have arms readily available to the older ones.. by which I mean about ten and older. I know one kid who got his very own CMP M1 Garand at 11 years old. At sixteen he was the best shot on the local gun club’s competition team, beating out adults with decades of experience. They are glad, though.. happy to see a young’un eevelopingsuch skills and attitudes.

  8. “when community members report these behaviors, the next tragedy can be averted.”

    Bvllshit. Complaints will be ignored, multiple run-ins with the law will be forgotten, and nothing will happen.

    The so-called law enforcement authorities — from federal down to local — are not much more than lazy, inbred welfare queens who will often find a way to be somewhere else when the balloon goes up, and they’ll call it “procedure.”

    Meanwhile, the same brave authorities have no problem targeting parents who voice concern over the curriculum crammed down their children’s throats in school.

    It’s a sick joke, and the joke is on us.

    • “Bvllshit. Complaints will be ignored, multiple run-ins with the law will be forgotten, and nothing will happen.”

      Yep, again and again. Parkland was a prime example of this too and even the school administration did nothing yet they have not been held accountable.

      I am not hearing anything postive about hardening schools including having deadly force available in quick order to confront these pure evil people. Everyone thinks it won’t happen at their public school until it does and then come the cries of taking away firearms from law abiding citizens, brilliant.

      • Hardening schools does no good if the staff props open doors that are supposed to be locked.

        • That is why part of the process is the need to hold people accountable for their actions with severe consequences for not following procedure and independant audits being done with public access to reports of. Without knowing more about the situation you mention it more than likely was do to laziness in that someone needed access to a secured door but the person who is supposed to verify need and open it was on a break or did not want to be bothered by a buzzer.

        • What are the odds that the person propping the door open was a gun banning leftwing democrat?

      • Look into the FASTER Saves Lives programme initiated in Ohio after Sandy Hook. Volunteer teachers received a full week of very intensive training, carry the same gun they have been carrying everywhere else for years or decades, but now carry also at school. Cost to taxpayers? Nothing. Volunteers and industry sponsorships made it happen. AND, in the entire state since this programme was started there has not been ONE gun related incident in any district where SOME teachers may or may not be armed at any given moment. It WORKS. No one inows who is armed at any given moment. But the bare fact that even ONE of themCOULD be armed at any given time has served as a 100% deterrent to ANY gun related action.

        Dopey joey Buy Din is flat out wrong. But then he knows on which side of his bread the butter is spread. I’ve no doubt whatever he is performing as dictated to him by his handlers, and will be rewarded handsomely in the near future. All he need do is continue to prattle what he is told to spew.

    • If “we” blacklist ALL 50% of young males that some female prog educrate thinks is an “Individuals contemplating violence often exhibit observable behaviors” in order restrict the .0001% who might actually act, what will be the NEGATIVE unintended lifelong consequences? Progtards are HUGE on creating problems by causing unintended consequences.

      • Yes that is true. I think most of have known people that are a little bit off, maybe many of them but I can’t remember one that actually did anything even close to this violent.

        A lot of us carry not because we expect to use deadly force but almost no one knows if or when they are gping to encounter pure evil and they are the target. The schools need to prepare for that beyond taping no gun zone signs to the entry doors rather than expecting others to somehow identify and contain such individuals

  9. So I have a kid in one of my classes who is a little socially awkward. I met him three years ago as a freshman when he came into my classroom instead of going to a pep rally. He came in visibly agitated and went into a corner and put his head down without talking to anyone. In the atmosphere of my class, it was a very awkward and obvious moment. Another student in my class, not one of my normal students, coughed into his hands the words “school shooter,” and got a couple of uncomfortable laughs. I pulled the kid who had “coughed” out of class and talked about what was socially appropriate and what wasn’t, and got a grudging acceptance that his behavior had been out of line. Afterwards, I approached the kids who’s entrance had caused a scene. He still had his head down but had a book next to him, a fantasy novel of some kind. I picked it up and asked him a few questions about it and after a while he opened up and we talked our favorite books for several minutes. Afterwards, I apologized that he’d been made fun of in my class and asked him if everything was okay. He said he’d just had a bad day, and that he didn’t always know how to best handle his emotions. I told him if he ever needed space or someone to talk to, he was more than welcome to drop by. Three years later, he’s a very successful student, very well-liked (even though he’s still slightly awkward socially) and he’s constantly sharing his own writing with me. He uses his writing to channel his frustrations and it’s very, very good. He admitted recently that things could have gone very differently if he hadn’t had someone to reach out to. I don’t think I did anything special, but I think it’s something teachers need to be more aware of. Plenty are. A lot more are too busy, or too uncomfortable in such situations to actually engage. Not sayin this would have solved every school shooting, or even that I did, just that the Secret Service are right when they say that kids see things that adults don’t pick up on all the time, and that if we pay attention to that, it can make a really big difference. Just my two cents.

    • When I look back at life I am really surprised and gladdened by the number of people who stepped in and gave me a little positive help at critical moments. My father, a deacon at church, teachers, and cop. Looking back someone was always there right when it matter most. I wish someone had been there for this kid.

      • Same! My life would have been very different it the right people hadn’t been there when it mattered.

    • remember the look of pure hate I got when I flunked a kid who was a total wack job…interestingly, I ran into him years later and still got the same look…but this time I was in uniform and packing a .45…so I gave it right back at him…think he got the message…

  10. By now the message should be plain as day for families who have a little monster under their roof. There are no doubt tantrum throwing, attitude warning signs of a potential disaster that need to be addressed. If families do not want their little monster to turn on them first then families need exercise some Tough Love.

    • We wish. in recent decades people have been told to be their children’s “best friend” and you NEVER touch them for disciplinary/behaviour reasons. Single moms in our extended family seem to have particualry hard time with some of their children. Common tactic is to ignore them as long as they are at home, even if it means isolated in their room with little to know monitoring because they need their privacy and their room is their “safe space”. In our home our children understood that “their room” was a room in OUR house where they slept and kept their stuff but their were rules and any time short notice inspections though we rarely had to resort to that.

      • There is a gene for aggression and lack of empathy. It is activated in childhood by being hit. I don’t know why you think it is OK to hit a kid but not another adult.

        • I never said hit anyone. Its a shame that is the first thing or maybe the only thing that comes to your mind when a discussion of disciplining a child comes up.

        • Horse pucky! My mother and father both used corporal punishment when appropriate due to my or my brothers’ behavior and we turned out just fine, Leftist.
          If an adult attacks me or my family be prepared…

    • The prog program would be a post birth abortion (or drugs or if white male lock him up).

    • maybe if the guidance counselors would offer some real…you know…actual guidance, instead of just trying to get as many kids as possible into college….

  11. Where’s the part about watching out for the gun lobby? Are you saying the Puppet’s handlers just made that part up?

  12. Well, How many community members (young and old) reported behavior that went completely ignored at that school in Uvalde?

  13. “As adults, we’re too disconnected and excluded from their social circles and trust circles to always see things that are happening.”

    Yeah, well that ain’t gonna happen. Actually talking to, or giving a fuck about, your offspring went out of fashion around 1980.

    How do you think the schools got as bad as they are? From people barely bothering to acknowledge the existance of their own children for decade after decade, obviously.

    • That makes for some interesting timing. Those that were 17-25-ish during the 1968/1969 free-love hippie era were all basicly in their late 20’s/early 30’s by 1980. Those that were in their 20’s in the 1970’s.

      There are some interesting thoughts out there based on the idea that we are dealing with all this just simply because the late 60’s happened. The way society ended up handling drugs, sex, religion, music, movies, tv, having children and a family, professional work life, and a general view of what it means to be American. But then it can be argued that the late 60’s happened because the 50’s happened. Can this whole mess be blamed on the selfishness, drug use, and the care-free attitudes of the baby boom generation? Personally, I think there really was something to all the negative response coming from the parents back in the 50’s and 60’s. All that rebellion comes with a cost. Make no mistake about it, THIS is where the Clintons, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the old guard in the Democrat party came from. These people are eatin up with that insanity and they honestly think they cannot be stopped.

      • but back then most of us had at least a little religious training…made us understand that we’re all in this thing together and should look out for each other…instead of being totally self-centered…a bit of military training didn’t hurt either…both seemingly missing these days…

  14. What a load of self justifying poppycock. What are we aslkking here? That kids become informany ts onn their peers that’s what we are asking. There is noway that the type of screeing suggestyed is in anyway posssible other than to acceptb that very soon informers therapists and psycholigists involveed in thbis will very soon create, because such is in the nature of things, a whole new occupation that to be effective would very sooon ounumber the neumber of teachers employed in the education sysyem> Absolute idioacy when the REAL politic is to apply very much stricter GUN CONTROL MEASURES. Why not start and limitint what firearnms and for what PROVEN purpose. If you can PROVE that a firearm is a vital nessessity for self defence then so beit but I vewry much doubt that it can. Even in the UK if you can prove a cause for Self Defence then it’s possible that you can eventually get a firearm for that purpose< In spite of the rhetoric gun ownership for civilians is NOT BANNED in the UK but conditions of LICENSE are Draconian and heve the full support of the electorate. I cannot think that it is at all possible for any government to be elected for supporting laxer gun contro0 legislation. I cannot even find that is ever been an element in any Political Parties electioin manifesto.
    We are not a gun owning, and certainly not a gun worshipping, society and for the most circumstance the POLICE remain UNARMED, but I can assuer you that we bloody well can if the occasion arises pick up arms and be absolutely ruthless in their application as many of our enemies have found to their cost.

    • once talked to (one of the few) survivors of the Bismarck…he tended to agree…just sailed away and left most of them to drown…

  15. “U.S. Secret Service”? I thought they are in charge of foreign hookers and bar surveillance.

  16. There’s an abundance of absolute trash heap parents who don’t think they’re trash heaps. Mandatory death penalty for parents whose kids commit atrocities. Or, if you’re squeamish, life without parole, with a life sentence for every person killed, injured, or held hostage by said kid, to be served consecutively.

    • In all seriousness…
      With every single one of these events, THAT is generally what stops the killing. Sometimes they do it to themselves and sometimes someone else does it for them. They might get cuffed, tried, and put behind bars and that isn’t what normally happens.

  17. I was never my kids best friend. I was their Dad. The guy who put a roof over their heads, provided food and enforced the rules. After they grew up and had been out on their own, every 1 of them has come back and thanked me for demanding their best efforts and making them follow the basic rules of civil behavior. For teaching them right from wrong and for correcting them when they crossed the line.
    I think I may have resorted to a swat on the backside 1 or 2 times with each child. Then a single pop to get their attention and let them know I was serious. And my kids did get away with things I never did. But, I also made sure to support them and be there for them at games, or when they needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend.
    All 8 of the kids we raised are now healthy, well adjusted, confident adults. Capable of dealing with whatever life throws at them. And they know as long as I am able I will be there for them in good or bad times.
    Much of what I see today are kids allowed to run wild, do as they will, disrespect adults, ignore basic rules of civil behavior, and show disrespect for themselves as well. You can’t respect others if you don’t respect yourself. If your own life is worthless or meaningless to you, so will be the lives of others.

  18. at this point
    its pretty useless to report anything to anybody
    including law enforcement
    – or the fbi –
    because it never makes it to any database
    that any background check would uncover anyway

    • maybe we need a different type of background check…anyone who’s applied for a security clearance knows what the real thing looks like…

  19. I’ve been telling people about this report since the first version of it came out after Columbine. Problem is, everything takes money. I support spending whatever money it takes, but political leaders on both sides are not interested in results. Both sides set of talking heads want votes. Solving problems to get votes is too hard. Much better to claim the answer is out there but the other side stands in the way.

    Mass shootings are a solvable problem. But there is no leadership, not from either big political party.

    That’s the real core of the issue. No leadership anywhere, just a shit ton of pandering to voters.

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