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Up in Montana, Dan and I got the rundown on CVA’s new long-range muzzleloader, the Paramount HTR. This bad boy fires a 225 grain, .40 caliber PowerBelt ELR at a whopping 2,740 FPS and holds MOA or better accuracy out to a good 400 yards. That’s amazing!

Furthermore, the Paramount HTR is the first bolt-action muzzleloader that’s legally treated just like any standard muzzleloader, meaning it is not a firearm. Buy online and it ships straight to your door.

Check out the video above for the full Paramount HTR product overview and a bit of shooting.


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  1. Looks like a great muzzleloader. However Knight has had bolt action muzzleloaders for a long time. This isn’t the first.

  2. Not a firearm until Biden’s lapdogs at BATFE arbitrarily say it is…

    Sounds interesting and fun to shoot.

    How much $$?

  3. What was the powder load?
    Funny, I once had an internet argument with a guy who claimed you couldn’t shoot a muzzle loader past 100 yards when hunting deer, and magnum loads were de rigeuer. I could not convince him that the rifled muskets used in the Civil War were firing a 500 grain Minie ball over 70 grains of powder out to 300 yards.

    • Do you regularly associate with the guy?
      Might want to give him a book about Jack Hinson.

    • Shit even in the Revolutionary War, American soldiers made 300 yard shots with Kentucky and Pennsylvania long rifles.

    • We used to plug those Mingo “warriors” a far piece out, and that was with a flintlock. That feller was a mite confused.

  4. Yeah, I have a problem here, concerning the truth about guns. If the rifle is “bolt action”, precisely what is loaded through the muzzle? This sounds pretty nonsensical. Are we certain this is not simply a bolt action black powder rifle? Because, I submit, if nothing is loaded through the muzzle, then it is not a muzzle loader, regardless of requirements created by stupid and unconstitutional laws.

    • It’s shown in the video, but powder and bullet go through the muzzle, cap (primer in this case) goes on the breach through the bolt action.

      • If a “muzzleloader” why is it necessary to use Black powder? Why not load unobtainium (smokeless powder in appropriate firearm). Is that an ATF/Fed thing?

        • As far as ATF goes, they regulate guns that fire modern, fixed cartridges. They don’t consider pinfire and other obsolete non-commercially available technologies. However, states define what can be used during bow/muzzleloader season and what has to wait for rifle season. Most states call for black powder or substitute (Pyrodex). Some states consider linear ignition and shotgun primers to be rifle season only. Competitions have similar ruled. So, while a smokeless muzzleloader would be possible, it would have little market since muzzleloading hunters and re-enactors wouldn’t buy it.

  5. Illinois requires a BP to be sent to a FFL. Can’t mail order to the house anymore.

  6. I’m commenting to cast a strong negative vote on TTAG’s publishing video gun reviews without captioning (closed or open) and not even a transcript, which would help somewhat. I like the concept of video reviews but they don’t work well for those with impaired hearing.

  7. It’s got a really cool sound. I’m very impressed with the velocity. Do not like the muzzlem brake or magnetic primer loader.

    • “Do not like the muzzlem brake…”

      I’m with you on that. I generally prefer black powder, and I want the smoke to be pushing out and away, rather than swirling around back into my face.

      • The substitutes, such as the one they were using, have more oomph and less cleaning hassles. Less smoke too, it would seem, and I assume less of an aroma. I can see why you’d miss that.

        • The newfangled powders give Killdeer indigestion. I have some of them for the Knight, even some Golden concoction, bought the first canister of Pyrodex to be sold at my LGS way back when, even got some purple pellets once too. Nope, Killdeer likes plain old black powder, and nobody disputes the results, least of all me.

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