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From the Associated Press . . .

A grocery store cashier in the Atlanta area was killed and three other people were wounded Monday in a shooting that followed an argument over wearing face masks in the supermarket, authorities said.

DeKalb County Sheriff Melody Maddox said the shooting occurred inside the Big Bear Supermarket in Decatur while several people were inside the business. She said a female cashier was killed when a man opened fire.

“There was some confrontation, argument — I’m not sure exactly what — in reference to the wearing of masks, at which time the subject pulled out a weapon and shot the cashier,” Maddox said at a news conference. Maddox said she did not know the details of the argument.

The customer was identified as Victor Lee Tucker, Jr., 30, of Palmetto, Georgia, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The agency said preliminary information indicates that Tucker got into an argument with the cashier and left the store without making his purchase, but he immediately returned inside.

“Tucker walked directly back to the cashier, pulled out a handgun and shot her,” the Georgia Bureau of Investigation wrote in the news release.

A reserve deputy, who was employed parttime for security with the store, exchanged fire with the suspect and both were wounded, the sheriff said. DeKalb County Police Department officers arrested Tucker as he was attempting to crawl out the front door of the supermarket, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation wrote in the statement.

Maddox said the deputy was hit twice by gunfire but was wearing a bulletproof vest and was taken to a medical center where he was in stable condition. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Tucker is also in stable condition.

The agency said a second cashier was grazed by a bullet. She was treated for her injury at the scene.

The deputy is a retired deputy and member of a reserve unit. The unit consists of certified law enforcement officers not actively working for a law enforcement agency. Such deputies can work with a sheriff’s office on a volunteer basis and can work part time security jobs, the sheriff’s department said.

Maddox said the deputy’s response might have kept other people from being hurt.

“That is what he is trained to do,” Maddox said.

The supermarket is located near The Gallery at South DeKalb mall but is not a tenant of that complex, authorities said.

Decatur is a suburban community about 6 miles (10 kilometers) east of downtown Atlanta.


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      • The link won’t go directly to the page, unfortunately, but here’s the summary:
        Tucker, Victor Lee, Jr
        Race: Black
        Gender: Male
        Height: 6’0
        Arrests: 8
        Incarcerations: 7

        I don’t know about anyone else, but that doesn’t say “career criminal” to me at all. No, sir. MAGA man all the way!

    • So what say you about all the great hang bangers in Chicago? Lol.

      Not even a trump fan, or a party fan at all, but your assumptions are clearly misguided hatred and worse, most likely racist.

      Your head will explode when you see a picture of this outstanding citizen of Decatur.

      • Sorry, brother, but , self identifying as “Not a Trump fan” in 2021, is an admission of stupidity. Time to reassess and begin to support the MAGA movement.

    • reminds me of an incident I had…the (black) cashier was chatting endlessly with an unmasked black customer…when I stepped up to the counter I was told to stand back the appropriate distance…that’s when things got “interesting”…thankfully, no guns were involved but things got pretty heated for awhile…complaining to the management did seem to have the proper result…as I have not seen that cashier since then….I guess i’m just a little too old to stand for that crap….

    • more like BLM are killers. Antifa too. Add in Crips, Bloods and all the other trash too.
      You may wish to troll elsewhere.

    • “contemptible MAGA ‘man’

      not maga, that’s just rhetoric on your part. but there are those on the right who are hyper-individualist loners who can’t stand the presence of Other People and who become highly offended at anyone speaking to them without being spoken to first.

  1. Contemptible crime, that.

    Here in PA, even prior to the shot push, the big retailers were advising their staff NOT to challenge folk regarding masks, citing this type of risk.

  2. Surprised this even made “NEWS” since the shooter used a “handgun”… One and done? Move along, nothing to see here…

  3. Here in CA, where the nation’s first lockdown was implemented in March 2020, we are now “free” of state-level mask mandates as of today, June 15. However, in a bizarre twist nobody can seem to explain (not my employer’s HR, not an attorney who opined on it, not anyone I’ve consulted), Newsom put OSHA in control over masks in the workplace now, and OSHA has stated that a private company may remove the requirement *only* if all persons within the area are vaccinated. The question everyone is asking is…how in the world can anyone know who’s vaccinated, since it’s a violation of HIPAA law to force employees to share personal medical information?

    So in a super CYA posture, companies (including my employer) are continuing to require masks, claiming a lack of clarity from Sacramento.

    Meanwhile, Newsom is smiling pretty for the cameras stating that he has liberated the State’s unwashed masses from his shackles, when the reality is the opposite.

    • we are now “free” of state-level mask mandates…

      What is a “state-level mask mandate” People in FL want to know…

    • 1 Karen down; a few more million to go. I think life is going to be really pleasant once all of them get checked out this way or at least learn to mind their own business.

        • A shirt I saw said: Your compliance continues this nightmare. Sounds like the subject took it a little too far. Glad at least they had armed security.

        • I mean, it’s kinda true, but Karen’s will exist no matter how much idiots like this crave genocide.

      • I agree. But, be more specific. You don’t mean Karen, you mean ghetto garbage with a sense of “authority”. Possible one of the worst things in America.

  4. Sure seems like there are a lot more fu**ed up people runnin around loose these days! Almost like that’s the plan!!

  5. Don’t pick fights with people over stupid shit. This guy is a physco but the woman shouldn’t have decided to fight a guy over something as stupid as a mask. It’s just like picking a fight over a parking spot or gas pump. Dumb thing to die or kill over.

    • I recall people being so confrontational over masks, they got right in people’s personal space and fought with them, sometimes even wrestling them, sharing each other bodily fluids.


      • Right. That shit made me laugh. I did the mask thing before I figured out it was all about dominance not safety. The masks scientifically never prevented a damn thing. Then I stopped and only once did someone say something to me and I said “if you to put your hands on me and think you can make me put this one I’ll wear it”. They didn’t respond.

        • Wherever you go, your head is surrounded by a 12-foot-diameter cloud of what you just exhaled. Anyone who gets within 6 feet of you inhales the cloud. If you are at the contagious phase of COVID, they inhale your viruses. A mask slows the speed of what you exhale thereby making the cloud smaller. When someone with COVID wears a mask, he contaminates a smaller volume of the space surrounding him which means fewer people are in range to inhale his viruses. A mask is a poor substitute for staying far enough away from other people that you can’t catch anything from them. But, when that’s not possible, it helps.

        • Did you ever notice the steam cloud when you exhale in a freezing atmosphere? Try it this winter, with and without mask, and you’ll get a visual representation of the effectiveness of a mask in reducing your Ambient vapor cloud.

    • FAR stupider than “parking spot or gas pump”. Those both have utility. That N2 “mask”/face diaper was doing NOTHING even if “properly worn”. Prog feelgoodism.

    • FYI no mask can stop a virus. It’s total bullshit, forced onto America by “Dr. Fauxi”. I haven’t worn a mask since this BS started went everywhere, store? You name it I went there. No mask worn. Never caught a damn thing. Anyone who weras the mask thinking they’re protecting themselves is a idiot. It just isn’t so. Only type of mask that *possibly* could, would be a full on military type gas mask with proper canister filter. And that’s IF they make one.

      • A properly fitted true n95 that is discarded after one use works well, but that isn’t what 99.9% of people are wearing or wearing properly. The mask hysteria has been a big fat joke from the beginning.

        Medical pros have reported using those around infected patients without catching it. Of course, I didn’t distance from my daughter with Covid, in a house around Christmas for a week and I didn’t catch it.

      • I think the idea is to prevent you from infecting others…it was never meant to protect you…just others…..

        • That wasn’t the narrative pushed frank. From the beginning, most people believed those cheap, ill-fitting, reused Chinese masks were actually protecting them. Right after Joe was elected, the CDC changed their guidelines to say that it was a protective device for the user. Like I said. A joke. A joke which was Joe’s handlers’ brilliant idea to save us from the Trump virus.

    • Ran around NW Indiana yesterday. Even my favorite pawnshop(which has a mask required thing) didn’t care about a mask. Neither does my large IN church. Or the gunshop I bought some ammo from…anyone have experience with a Sig pistol light? Rail mounted not tinybut pretty small with 450 lumens? On sale father’s day sale. Anyone? I don’t do online much.

  6. If President Obama had a bastard son, he would look like Victor Lee Ticker.

    I don’t think that he is a MAGA patriot. He is in fact a convicted domestic abuser who is prohibited from possessing firearms.

    • Pretty sure Barry has no Y to pass along to crate a son. MICHAEL on the otherhand. What “pronoun” would be appropriate there?

    • In other words a criminal who didn’t obey gun control lwas. Now who the hell would have thought he’d break a gun control law? ROFL.

    • Of course no American media is going to share this… And TTAG is RACISS for sharing it.

    • and the cashier photo – one more BonB shooting on B cop. Whitey nowhere around.

      Sheriff “Melody” certainly is an towering figure of authority.

  7. The Big Bear owner said, “After Monday’s triple shooting, he said he may not allow customers to carry any guns inside the store anymore.
    How come they carry all the guns in a public place like that?” he asked, calling the practice “bad.””

    Guess he thinks a “sign” on the door would have prevented this…………

    • Should inform the store owner there is a difference between this and legit carry… Lol, who am I kidding…

      • Should inform the store owner there is a difference between this and legit carry…

        Okay, you ain’t no Richard Pryor but you might give Eddie Murphy a run….

  8. I wouldn’t feel right asking register jockeys to confront randos to enforce a bullshit whim.
    I can just imagine all the high school kids at Walmarts and Targets that had to walk up to some 6′ 4″, 250lb guy with face tattoos and offer up a squeaky “Excuse me , sir. You need to wear a mask” over the last year.

    Make the manager do the enforcing.

    • It’s no different than them trying to check receipts. They have no constitutional right, no legal right, to check people’s receipts. It becomes your property when you paid for it. Places like Costco that require membership put that in the terms of agreement that you agree to letting people check your receipt. When you go into a Walmart, and you buy stuff, they have no right to ask you to show proof that you bought it. There is no probable cause that you stole anything. So when these idiots say “it’s a company policy” their company is in violation of our rights.

      Just like when people would ask us to wear a mask on the way in, just say “no thank you.” And keep walking.

      We did this ourselves through compliance. Know your rights. Especially state level. You chose to live where you are. Don’t like your state laws? Move somewhere that represents you better. You won’t change California by staying there, lol. People want change, but the effort ends in the mailbox and a strongly worded letter.

      • “It becomes your property when you paid for it.”

        That’s been my exact argument for refusing to show my receipt at any store on the way out. This is now the “normal” at Walmart, with more stores joining the chorus:

        1) You are video surveilled at the entrance using facial recognition to see if you’re a person of interest their Corporate offices have determined is prohibited from entering any of their locations. Many large retailers have reluctantly admitted that they do indeed use facial recognition on you while you’re on their premises. Once the masks go away, the practice will be back in force.

        2) In CA, due to our stupid law stating that theft of anything less than $950 in value is only a misdemeanor and not likely to even be prosecuted, everything is locked up behind cabinets. And I mean everything. Glue and adhesives, sandpaper, many hand tools, cosmetics, toiletry items, paints, alcohol, etc. You have to press a button to call an employee over to unlock the cabinet, and then he/she places the item in a portable anti-theft box that will be unlocked by the cashier. For some higher value items, you aren’t even allowed to have them in your cart; the employee takes the item (in the anti-theft box) up to the front of the store where you must request it.

        3) If you pay cash (as I typically do), each bill $10 or greater is individually inspected to ensure it’s real and not counterfeit. Everyone within a 20 foot radius can see the clerk holding up your money to the overhead lights.

        4) Upon exit, you are asked to present your receipt and your cart (or bag in hand) is given a visual inspection. I always walk past the line of shoppers waiting to be “allowed” to leave, and they look at me like I’m breaking a rule.

        So at Walmart, you’re assumed to be guilty of something when you enter, when you shop, when you pay, and when you exit. And more companies such as Target, Kroger, Albertsons, Walgreens, CVS, Home Depot, Lowes, et al, have already been using facial recognition for years now, too.

        The new normal, ladies and gentlemen. And possums…

        • Good grief. Haven’t seen that done anywhere else…but if that authoritarian trial balloon floats in the Californian dystopia, it’s probably on its way north to OR and WA already.

        • no real need to go into walmart anymore…anything you need can be picked up curbside or ordered over the internet…not sure about ammo, though….

        • “Many large retailers have reluctantly admitted that they do indeed use facial recognition on you while you’re on their premises. Once the masks go away, the practice will be back in force.“

          So isn’t it obvious, a prudent person would continue wearing a mask for ‘safety’…

        • Why don’t they just make their stores theft free zones? Instead of going to all that trouble, why not just put up a couple of signs??

        • “If you pay cash (as I typically do), each bill $10 or greater is individually inspected to ensure it’s real and not counterfeit”

          what I do in response is to hold up the item to the light and look at it too.

      • It’s far more than just Wal-Mart.

        But yes, I have not been in a Wal-Mart for a long time. I used to buy oil there, small things, now I just pay extra at Napa.

        The wormhole is long and deep, especially in regards to privacy rights in public. Essentially, you have none.

      • “Places like Costco that require membership put that in the terms of agreement that you agree to letting people check your receipt.”
        A lot of people say that and I don’t have a problem with it at Costco but I have the agreement I signed over a decade ago. It doesn’t have any wording that states that, Sams Club did. The newer contracts have it at Costco.

        Also FYI Costco is rabidly anti gun. This came up when they changed to Citi so I asked my Costco what THEIR policy was and they said no guns in the store.
        The problem is no signage, no where did I sign a contract so I carry all the time in Costco. I talked with employees that I know and twice someone was printing so badly that they were asked to put their handgun in their car. No PD, actually no big deal so selectively enforced.

        As for Walmart they are using old lady’s to check carts and in most states depending on that states ” shopkeepers privilege” laws. You can walk right past them, Walmart’s corporate policy is no hands on a shoplifting subject.

        In many states “theft prevention” cannot detain or touch you if you are out their sight for a second including video surveillance. They can harass at the front of the store but they are just waiting for the PD to show, they followed you outside to write down your license plate. Only a very stupid security guard would actually put hands on you, that’s why around the holidays places like Best Buy will hire off duty cops who wearing a badge with a shirt that says POLICE at the exit. Their powers of arrest are much stronger then what would basically be a “citizens” arrest.

        Here’s an interesting video of a San Francisco Walmart shoplifter, make note of how the security guard make no attempt to put his hands on the guy who is obviously shoplifting. He does try and grab the bag of merchandise.

        As for my knowledge of the subject, I have a friend who works at Walmart corporate in Bentonville, AK. They lose money to shoplifters but a career shoplifter knows the laws as well or better then theft prevention. Depending on the state unlawful restraint can escalate into forcible detention quickly. The theft prevention person who is doing either one of these felonies will be charged and then the “shoplifter” will sue the store.
        The “store” will cite “shopkeeper’s privilege” but the second someone puts hands on you then it becomes a violent crime against you. If the PD shows and you didn’t steal anything, the store is screwed, there are plenty of attorneys who love these cases.

        The basic rues involving “legal” detainment:

        Witness the shoplifter select, and conceal or carry away the merchandise.
        Maintain continuous observation of the shoplifter.
        (In many sates this means you cannot be out of visual sight for ONE second)
        Witness the shoplifter’s failure to pay for the merchandise. These three steps create “probable cause”, reasonable suspicion that shoplifting had taken place.
        Apprehend the shoplifter inside or near the store.
        (This is tricky because “near” is subjective)
        Usage of reasonable, non-deadly force if any force is necessary. For example, if suspect attempts to flee or resist detainment.
        (Also tricky if someone is fighting force can get unreasonable quickly)
        Detainment lasts only as long as it takes to make a reasonable investigation.
        (Detainment can quickly turn into unlawful resistant, false imprisonment or even kidnapping, you can use any amount of force to prevent being kidnapped including killing your kidnapper)
        Suspects should not be kept in confined areas. This can lead to false imprisonment claims.

        Basically if you haven’t done anything, just keep walking. If someone puts their hands on you, tell them you are armed and to get their hands off of you. You have established that you are trying to retreat and they are stopping said retreat.
        If they don’t back off and start getting “rough”, shoot them.

        Then sue the store for PTSD and whatever your attorney comes up with.

        This likely will not happen because once you inform them you are armed they will usually back off and wait for the PD.

        If the PD does not find the “stolen object” your attorney will come up all sorts of things to sue the store over.

        A person with any common sense will know that an object isn’t worth their life.

        • That “off duty cop hired as “security guard”” BS chaps my ass. If not “ON THE CLOCK” there status is the same as everyone else. Or the Fireman they wish they could be.

        • It also chaps my ass because there are a couple of places that have them working traffic for a company and letting people out of a parking lot during rush hour. They pay the town like $70 an hour and it covers liability insurance, vehicle, fuel and officer’s overtime.

          The problem is I pay taxes to that town so WTF? They are using my towns cops, cars and letting 100 cars out in front of me while they are standing there with their hand heiling Stop!

          As for Best Buy they have their sidearms, badges on the chain but are wearing T-shirts that have say the towns name and POLICE on them.
          These are the ones sitting at the exit. I have never had an issue at Best Buy but from Black Friday to New Years there is always a cop at the door.

          “In general, courts support the idea that a police officer is always on duty. Police officers carry police powers with them 24 hours a day. They have the authority to carry guns, pull you over, use force, and can legally place you under arrest within the boundaries of their jurisdiction. This is true regardless of whether or not the police officer is on duty.”
          The ones that sit at the exit of Best Buy are always from that town so they are in the boundaries of their jurisdiction.
          A law enforcement officer is generally considered to have full police powers at all times while in their jurisdiction (which can mean the entire state).
          Then there’s this:

          I’m pretty sure the cop in the 3rd picture has a gun.

          As for “loss prevention personnel or asset protection” you can pretty much ignore them, most corporate policies are hands off but they will and try you to get to hang around until the PD gets there which isn’t high on the PDs list of priorities.

          “Under no circumstances are loss prevention team members instructed or expected to physically engage or pursue a suspected shop lifter.”

          You can some security guards who think they are cops and there are some really stupid security guards out there. They usually get fired pretty quickly.
          That video link of the San Francisco Walgreens shows you a smart security guard who is following corporate policy. His $12 an hour job isn’t worth getting sued for everything he owns. He could of shoved the guy down on the bike BUT I’m sure the guy would have sued the crap out of him and Walgreens so he just shot video on his phone.

          My FFL is a retired fireman who does transfers all the time.

  9. People who are moaning at strangers in public about masks are asking for trouble. I’m not saying anyone should be shot for being a Karen, but you can certainly save yourself a lot of trouble by just walking away from people not wearing masks if that is a worry to you.

  10. There was a similar incident in Chicago a year ago. A store there paid a security guard to stand at the entrance enforcing its mask policy. A woman he turned away went home and complained to a couple of her male relatives. They returned to the store and shot the guard in the back of the head.

    This isn’t a gun problem. It’s a cultural problem. Calling out bad behavior is considered disrespectful and justification for violent retaliation. It won’t change until the community ceases to tolerate it or the people who do it. Unfortunately, when the murderer is sentenced, there won’t be a crowd outside the courthouse waving signs and chanting, “Hang him!”

    • “Calling out bad behavior is considered disrespectful”

      that’s what they’ll tell you, but in reality it’s nothing more than sociopathic self-centeredness. there’s no room in their world for anything but them, and anything that intrudes is seen as an existential threat.

    • Bingo. It has nothing to do with guns or masks. It’s these animals that think everything is “dissing” them, and they only understand violence.

      When wild animals are rabid and violent, we put them down, they can’t be saved. When human animals are rabid and violent, it’s “racism” to do anything about it.

  11. Aggress on enough people with your mask nazi BS, eventually the law of averages will catch up to you and you will piss off a genuinely crazy person who is just waiting for an excuse.

    Sad but inevitable. Must have been the last store and the last clerk in the state of Georgia still whining at people about face diapers.

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