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Caracal has introduced some interesting firearms over the last couple years, from a handgun Robert loves to a pistol caliber carbine which would look at home on the Battlestar Galactica. Coming out this year from Caracal is something decidedly less revolutionary but no less interesting: AR-15 pattern firearms.

First up is a gas piston powered CAR816 A2 rifle. This 16 inch gun sports a full length Picatinny rail along the top of the handguard and quick attach fittings along the sides. It is kept in place and from rotating by an interlocking section that slots into the upper receiver rail area. The stock is a Magpul STR while the grip is an injection molded Caracal branded part, and the trigger was a crisp single stage affair.

Another variant on display was their CAR814 A2 direct gas impingement version. With a slightly lower grade Magpul stock and an MOE handguard instead of a free floating rail this is clearly intended as the more “entry level” version.

The guns are made in Caracal’s new factory in Newington, New Hampshire (right near SIG SAUER and Q, among others) which removes the need to maintain 922(r) compliance for imported firearms.

Testing out both of these rifles on the range I was happy with the accuracy. I was nailing a 3 inch plate with the gas piston version at 100 yards and a silhouette at 200 yards with the direct impingement version.

MSRP on these puppies is $1,300 for the direct impingement and $1,800 for the gas piston version. Availability is to be announced.

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    • I agree for what the DI variant is its not worth anything close to that MSRP price point. Savage Arms and Springfield Armory has offerings for the now flooded DI AR-15 market now and even their price points are realistic and closer to what most consider entry level.

    • That’s right! And when you can build your own AR (right now, no waiting around or searching for a bargain to come along) with a short stroke piston (Adams Arms from MidwayUSA) and assorted parts for about $700 (entry level) to ~$1100 (intermediate level) complete rifle prices.

      … Unless you’re a fan of this brand.

  1. Coincidentally, I reorganized my safe today.

    I found three AR pattern carbines in 5.56, one in 7.62×39, one in .50 Beo, one AR pistol in 5.56, and a bullpup each in 5.56 and 7.62 NATO.

    If I add to the collection, it’s not going to be an effective duplicate of any of these, least of all from a manufacturer whose name is already under a cloud.

    • Heh, I love that you comments makes it seem like you were surprised to find those items in there. 😉

      I will admit to once ‘finding’ a derringer in my safe that I didn’t know was in there. I stored a bunch of stuff for a friend on deployment (which would now be illegal to do under Nevada’s Question 1 legislation) and when we unloaded his stuff that little item was forgotten until I did a big reorganization at a later point.

  2. Uh, the rifle that was literally at home on the Battlestar Balatica was the Beretta CX4. It doesn’t just look like it belongs there, its the gun they used for the props.

        • The barrels are vastly different between some of those manufacturers. FN uses a hammer forged crome lined barrel. In some cases double crome. Some of those manufacturers may just use phosphate others a QPQ process. The bolts themselfs also maybe different. With 9130 steel used for the bolt instead of mil spec steel. Some of the bolts may or may not be HP/MPI. Some QPQ others phosphate and crome. Some of the carriers maybe semi cut or auto cut.

        • Jay, not disagreeing with you about build materials or quality… I don’t think that’s why skoon was asking about the other MFR’s.

          Caracal isn’t necessarily the first name in quality or availability of product either.

  3. Is the piston a long or short stroke? Does it use the same receiver extension and buffer setup? Or is the spring contained in the upper? If it’s in the upper you could use a folding stock adapter. If it’s just another short stroke with AR buffer system boring.

    • Sadly, I think we all know the answer…wish I was wrong.

      I don’t mind different, and I don’t hate Caracal…I love the Steyr, carry one often, but these guys were born under a bad sign, or something.

      • …”born under a bad sign, or something.”

        Yes they were, it’s called the crescent moon. I’m sure there’s somebody in the UAE, especially in Abu Dhabi that doesn’t somehow funnel profits to Wahabbist terrorists, but I’m really not sure who they are. Maybe the TCN’s working under slave conditions…

        It’s bad enough we sell these known sponsors of terrorism weapons, it’s worse to be buying guns from them. Didn’t we learn anything from not simply taking their damned oil and just giving them some extra young boys and goats to screw?

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