The National Shooting Sports Federations chart tells the tale: it’s all about the handgun. Two engines are driving the trend: the increasing liberalization of concealed carry laws (Wisconsin sales set to surge) and the new crop of small handguns. Look for this trend to cool . . . never. The only potential brake on the action: when everyone who wants a new handgun has one. Or enough of ’em. In that sense, I’d be interested to see what percentage of these buyers are total newbies. The NSSF doesn’t track that data, but firearm sales were up 11 percent in May. What do we call this new booming market, as the Obama sales surge was a black rifle deal? The Big Mac effect, after the┬áSupreme Court’s McDonald decision?


  1. I was a total newbie five months ago until a friend of mine took me to the range and I found it extremely fun and relaxing. Three autos and one revolver of my own later I would say I have contributed to the stats. I would love to shoot rifles too but where to shoot would be a problem. I live in a major metropolitan area and have three indoor public pistol ranges 15-25 minutes from my house. The nearest rifle range is private and over an hour away. For people who like to shoot for fun I think this might also be a factor driving handgun popularity.

  2. ever wonder why the antis claim that gun ownership is droppin?
    well if a stranger calls you doing a poll and they ask if you have a gun(s) in your home
    you dont know this clown from adam are you gonna tell um yes?


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