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From Gunwerks . . .

Introducing the The TRAK, the latest edition of the Skunkwerks series of limited run rifle packages from Gunwerks.Β We built & assembled The TRAK in collaboration with several brand partners with the mission to provide the ultimate bike hunting kit to take you farther, get you there faster, and do it all quietly, ultimately saving you time and energy to focus your efforts on the hunt, not the approach.

For many hunters, mobility is the biggest challenge. Getting the truck to the trailhead and killing the animal are the easy parts. It’s getting into the mountains or to the spot they want to hunt, and carrying all their gear there where the majority of time, effort and planning are spent.

In applications where an Ebike is acceptable (some wilderness & regulatory restrictions), like areas in the midwest [quietly] getting to tree stands and portions of the west with single track and closed logging roads, an ebike allows quick access, quiet approaches, and easy exfil without expending all one’s energy.

Gunwerks Skunkwerks Trak rifle

An easy to pack folding rifle with pack and all the gear needed, makes getting that gear hauled around on the bike and also moving around once parked a big advantage, leaving more energy and time to focus on finding and killing your trophy animal.

We’ve included everything you need and done all the research and development to source and design the ideal components from the industry-leading QuietKat Apex eBike to the Gunwerks TRAK rifle with carbon fiber folding MDT Chassis for compact, easy carry. The Kifaru Hellbender pack with custom scabbard leave room for gear and carries your rifle securely with easy access.

What’s Included:

  • TRAK Rifle: Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor

    • Titanium GLR Action with 16″ carbon wrapped barrel & titanium directional muzzle brake
    • MDT HNT26 magnesium & carbon folding chassis
    • Vortex Razor LHT 4.5-22×50 FFP (XLR-2 MOA reticle) with ballistic package and custom turret
    • 100 rounds Hornady ammunition
  • QuietKat Apex eBike

    • 1000W motor
    • 768Wh lithium battery
    • Color: Evergreen
    • Medium frame (5’6-6’0″ rider height)
    • 2x waterproof pannier bags
    • Kinekt premium suspension seatpost
    • Front/Rear fenders
    • Explorer 2000 lumen handlebar light
    • Tannus Armour tire liners
  • Kifaru Hellbender Pack With Custom Rifle Carry Scabbard

    • Kifaru Hellbender pack
    • Kifaru Duplex Lite frame
    • Custom Kifaru Skunkwerks rifle carry scabbard
    • Trak Rifle ships with scabbard, pack redeemed via gift credit with kifaru to get your size & color preference dialed

Price: $16,895

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  1. I’ve never ridden an ebike. Does anybody still make solid tires for bikes? My biggest off road problem is flats.

    I like the look of that rifle. But for my hunting .243 works best. My maximum shot I will take is 300 yards. And I try to get closer when possible.

  2. $16,000 ooofff, not saying it wouldn’t be worth it but duuude that’s some money for a rifle and ebike. I would probably just take the ebike. Never thought about using one for hunting, now days they have up to 80miles of range and will do 50mph. It’s an electric dirt bike essentially.

    • $16000 is and absurdly.sill price.

      You can buy a perfectly good off road electric bike with 1000w from Rad Power Bikes for $2000. My dad has had one for years and put thousands of miles on it. I’ve ridden it. Ots great.

      Folding rifle, I don’t know maybe another $1000-2000. A folding rifle might not be totally necessary anyway. Maybe use an AR 10 and pop the upper and lower apart for transport.

      Other stuff like panniers and what not maybe $1000.

      This kit looks cool, but a perfectly acceptable alternative could be had for $4000-6000.

  3. That’s pretty neat.
    Eco friendly, good grass milage, 4 hoof drive, amphibious, and comes complete with emergency food supply.
    Saddle up buckaroo.

  4. Buddy of mine has a pair of ebikes and does off-roading with his kid. Lot easier to transport than a horse.

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