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We hear that the Brady Campaign – you remember them, right? – is planning a protest at a suburban Chicago gun store this Saturday. Because guns! But thanks to John Boch and Guns Save Life, they won’t be there un-opposed. GSL’s head honcho has channeled his inner George H.W. Bush and proclaimed that this will not stand and he’s rallying the troops for a counter-protest to support the right to keep and bear arms. Even in Illinois . . .

Here’s your chance to see first-hand what a bunch of desperate gun grabbers look like in person this Saturday at Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale, IL. A call to action has been issued for GSL family members and like-minded patriots to show up at Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale this Saturday morning to meet the left-over remnants of the national gun grabber group “The Brady Campaign” on our home turf. The Brady Campaign, the national group formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc. and before that the Coalition to Ban Handguns, will be in Riverdale Saturday, complete with a busload or three of supposed do-gooders, probably there for free pizza and a t-shirt. Can you spell A-s-t-r-o-t-u-r-f? . . .

The Bradys’ goal: to force closure of Chuck’s Guns and other gun stores by advocating additional freedom-killing legal restrictions that will leave the law-abiding defenseless against violent criminals. Festivities officially begin around 10am and will conclude about the time the news cameras and media people leave (figure before noon).

These are hard times for the Brady Bunch. Their money stream has withered to a trickle and they’re desperately trying to remain viable and relevant in today’s political scene, especially given Michael Bloomberg’s $50-some million dollars in anti-gun cash. Now, the Bradys have made a profound error in their protest area selection process and we’re going to be there to shine the light of truth on their shenanigans.

It will be fun. If you’ve never been to one of these before, it’s exciting. There’s a bit of an adrenaline rush the first time you do something like this to exercise your free speech rights. This goes double when you’re countering the lies and demagoguery of the gun-haters who would strip your family of your right to protect and defend yourself against violent attack.

You’ll surely be treated to lies and half-truths about gun ownership, and portrayals of guns – not the vicious criminals who victimize innocents – as the scourge of humanity. That’s okay. Our presence will make them nervous and even a little scared. Yes, they might even piddle themselves.

Here’s the most important thing you can bring besides yourself:

In case you missed it:

Bring yourself and bring your flags. Lots of them.

Bring your teenage kids and let them experience freedom as it’s seldom taught in today’s schools.

Bring your bullhorns if you’ve got them. We’ll see if they can take it as good as they try to give it.

Bring your home-made, pro-gun signs, too!

We suggest slogans like:


(that one really chafes their nether regions, as do other pithy, truthful statements)

Here’s some more that will frost them to their core:





DON’T DIAL 9-1-1







See you there!

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      • Come to think of it, this Sunday I will most likely drive my Isuzu out to the park to watch the Hispanic guys play soccer, and I’ll probably have a gordita or two while I’m out there. ( I used to play too, but I got a bit too old and slow…even for a goalie). Modern times….

      • The greatness of America is demonstrated in the fact that you can have a burrito for breakfast, a hot dog for lunch, and pad Thai for dinner, while catching a soccer game with the first, a baseball game with the second, and a football game with the third.


        • You probably only say that because you haven’t dined on a Nick Tahou’s Garbage Plate. An original one from Main Street in Rochester, NY. Man, I could really go for one.

  1. Personally speaking, the whole “God” part of the protest should probably be left at home, lest everybody just instantly be labeled white / christian / dumb republican like the media likes to do. Focus on guns.

    • Yeah. I found that a bit off-putting too. It would be nice to stick to the issue that brings us together, without couching it in something divisive. Save that for another time.

      • You mean divisive like guns? When it comes to the gun haters, God is just one more thing to piss them off. I’m all for that.

        • …except that also pisses off potential allies. If I saw a gun rally as more of a religious rally, I wouldn’t go.

        • Really? I’m an Army veteran, a patriot, a constitutionalist, and an atheist. God has nothing to do with 2A, and they made that distinction in the Declaration of Independence that your rights come from whoever you see as THEIR creator, not OUR. As well as tossing in Laws of Nature and Natures God.

          “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

        • But then in the Constitution, they are much less sanguine about religion. “God” doesn’t appear at all, and religion is only mentioned in prohibitory contexts, such as no religious tests for any office, or the First Amendment. Considering the Declaration has no force of law and the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, I think the greater weight should be given to the latter.

        • You know, I recollect that there was a phrase at the end of the oath I swore lo these many years ago: “SO HELP ME GOD.”

          Deal with it.

        • “The use of the phrase implies a greater degree of seriousness and obligation than is usually assigned to common conversation.”

          God has nothing to do with the oath I took. Cry about it.

        • People in this sub-thread who don’t understand that the founding fathers were almost universally men of great faith (but not necessarily Christian) need to do more reading on the matter. It’s a good chance you spent too much time in college liberal arts courses. Those were definitely the courses you should have attended drunk.

        • As mentioned elsewhere Madison was a Deist and he was by no means alone. Jefferson edited the Bible to remove all references to the supernatural.

          The Founders were a varied lot, and that extended to piety as well. There were some who were very devout and some who would be considered at least agnostics today.

    • Without God, there is no second amendment. Life is sacred because it comes from God, in who’s image we are created, and by whom we are endowed with the right to life, from which is derived the right of self-defense.

      • Except not everybody shares the same beliefs as you. If you want to promote your beliefs, do so at an appropriate place. A gun rally is not one of them.

      • +1 Chip! As I stated GOD plays pretty well in the overwhelmingly black population of Riverdale Illinois. The local media will be there-especially WGN which seems to have a left tilt lately. Unfortunately a lot of guns from Chuck’s DO end up in the wrong hands-but it’s NOT Chuck’s fault.

      • Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. At some point in time you need to realize that there is an actual strategy being played, and you are playing right into the hands of the Anti’s with what you believe. We’re not here to convert people to religion. We’re here to keep our gun rights, and we have to do that by whatever means possible. We can start by being intelligent and not playing the same old game the Anti’s want us to play..

        Or we can continue falling into their repeated traps and enjoy whatever Muskets they allow us to own at the end of the day, with the 10 rounds of ammo we’re allowed to have every year.

        • We’re not here to convert people to religion. We’re here to keep our gun rights, and we have to do that by whatever means possible. We can start be being intelligent and not playing the same old game the Anti’s want us to play

          Or, you can start by not being so hostile toward any and all mention of God, and by not assuming that every reference to God is an attempt to proselytize.

          When it comes to my firearms, I am a concealed carrier. When it comes to my beliefs, I am an open carrier. It is because I understand the genesis of the rights for which I’m fighting that I cannot and must not bury my beliefs under the fear that I might offend someone’s sensibilities.

          You don’t have to like it. I don’t even ask that you do. I certainly don’t ask you to share my beliefs. But it is more than a bit disingenuous for you to protest for second-amendment rights while attempting to subvert others’ first-amendment rights.

          The only one playing into the hands of the anti-gun crowd – and in fact, playing straight out of their playbook – is the one acting intolerant toward the exercise of rights with which one does not agree. I’m not asking you to convert to Christianity, nor am I asking you not to express your beliefs. If you want to stand next to me with an “Atheists for Gun Rights” sign, I’d welcome you.

        • “Or, you can start by not being so hostile toward any and all mention of God, and by not assuming that every reference to God is an attempt to proselytize.”

          Except, when you have signs that say ‘REAL AMERICANS LOVE GOD’, that’s exactly what you’re doing. People can believe in God whether they want to or not, it’s not the issue. What is the issue is people trying to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. The declaration reads “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”. The key words are ‘their Creator’. With that they’re saying that your rights whatever you believe, not whatever we believe. And if you really believe that only TRUE Americans love God, then you’re ignorant, or just an asshole.

      • So they say. Oh, wait, that’s right, isn’t it? So. THEY (human beings). Say. There is no god in that stream of logic. Just men. If that is god’s will, why should we do anything, isn’t it all decided? Let’s just stick to facts. Or, since you seem unable to take a hint, explain why an all-powerful god needs our help to maintain our right to self defense? If he gave it to us, and you insist that is so, why is it under attack, and when can we expect the lightning bolts to begin. Silliness.

        • I’m not going to engage in sophistic religious philosophy debates; but neither am I going to give up my first amendment rights just because some people who don’t believe in God get their panties in a twist at the mere mention of God.

          Don’t take pot-shots at Obama, and other domestic or international policy issues that have no bearing on gun rights? Absolutely. Focus on the issue at hand: the right to keep and bear arms. But whether you like it or not, for most people, that issue only exists in the context of rights being inherent/natural because they are God-given.

        • Ah, someone else who favors the use of Bloomberg/Alinsky tactics when it comes to religious intolerance.

          So who is it, exactly, who’s falling into a “trap”, and causing counter-productive in-fighting?

        • I am not intolerant of religion which is why I asked about the specific deity being discussed. I am open to the discussion of many. You seem to be intolerant of questions among other things.

          Who is falling into a trap and causing infighting? So far my best guess would be you. Pretty aggressive, unfriendly and easily upset. Have a nice night.

        • I am not intolerant of religion which is why I asked about the specific deity being discussed. I am open to the discussion of many. You seem to be intolerant of questions among other things.

          The entire line of discussion was started by someone clearly intolerant of religion and religious expression. My sole point in the discussion has been to defend the right to interject a belief in God in a discussion about second-amendment rights, as well as its relevance.

          Having a debate about religion, and varying religious beliefs, is non sequitur, and only serves as a distraction. I don’t care what beliefs others hold; I’m not the one trying to prevent others from expressing their beliefs, whatever they may be.

          Who is falling into a trap and causing infighting? So far my best guess would be you. Pretty aggressive, unfriendly and easily upset. Have a nice night.

          Aggressive? That label would be best applied to those trying to prevent others from exercising their rights, and from expressing their beliefs. It upsets me to see first-amendment rights infringed, just as much as seeing second-amendment rights infringed.

        • He’s being tolerant, as long as it’s his god on signs.

          Straw Man FTW! You’re welcome to demolish straw men if you wish; just please avoid projecting your own intolerance on me while doing so. I don’t care what your beliefs are. I don’t care what God you believe in. I don’t care if you don’t believe in God at all.

          I’m merely defending the right to proclaim your beliefs – whatever they may be – rather than being forced into silence, as the top-level commenter is advocating. The only intolerance and hostility here is coming from those trying to force those who believe in God to keep their beliefs to themselves.

      • I’m gonna tell you right and point blank that you are completely wrong if you seriously think I am hostile towards religion. I spent quite alot of time helping out a monastery in my old home town do alot of things so they can be closer to their beliefs. I just simply dont have any single religion because I don’t believe in any book written by man could truly be accurate to whatever our “god” says.

        I just happen to understand how this whole culture war thing works out on a much grander scale than you appear to be able to understand it, and I am simply saying that God and the implication that God is a requirement of being an American or a 2A supporter needs to be left at home. If you can’t understand the simple reality that a small change like that makes on the mind of impressionable people, then I truly do not know what to tell you, other than that you should probably open your mind quite a substantial amount and take a look at the reality we live in.

    • When you’re carrying a sign, you’re speaking for yourself. I don’t see a problem with a Christian displaying his faith. I don’t see a problem with Jews or Muslims doing it either. And if all three (or more) were present at the same rally, it would be all the more powerful.

      GSL is rooted in central Illinois. Their members are predominantly Christian, so I doubt it would surprise anyone to see God mentioned on some of the individual signs.

      • I can agree with that–as long as the sign-holder is indeed speaking for himself. I guess the “suggestion” that moved me to agree with emfourty was the “real Americans love God” one. I think you can be an agnostic or an atheist and still be a “real American”, and certainly so in the 2A context.

    • I’d also suggest dropping the anti-Obama, anti-immigration slogan as well.
      Hispanics (the target of that slogan) are generally family oriented and immigrate here from countries with severe gun-control and rampant crime (both by private sector and public sector actors). They would make much better allies than enemies.

    • James Madison was the principal author of 2A. He was a deist, and not a very religious one at that. And contrary to some comments, Madison joined with Jefferson and broke from the Federalists to create the Democratic-Republican Party.

      If he was to be transported forward into time, Madison wouldn’t be surprised by the discussion of “God-given rights,” but he wouldn’t be all that happy about it either.

      • You do know that deist is derived from deus which is Latin for God right? In the big scheme of the faith continuum with atheism at 0% and the pope at 100% I’d estimate that a deist is about two steps away from kissing the pope’s ring.

        • Well, your guess would be wrong, because Deism is essentially the belief that God created the world, then left it alone forever. No divine intervention, no miracles, no prayers answered, no prophets, no angels, none of that. God created the world, the laws of nature, and moved on. Religion is pointless because it’s impossible to interact with God in any way. The only meaningful thing a human can do in relation to God is use the reasoning capacity given by Him to understand His creation.

          If you believe that’s “two steps away from kissing the Pope’s ring”, then you’re woefully ignorant of both Deism and Catholicism.

        • Well Carlos your regurgitated your Leftist ideology in fine form. I’m betting that you’re deeply wrong. So God created the world and then doesn’t give a damn how we live? That’s just F’ing nuts. You need to ask for a refund.

    • Murdoc/Carlos? He’s right there in Article VII.

      “…done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independance of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names”

      So much for the “God’s not mentioned in the Constitution” and the “Framers meant anyone’s god of choice, not OUR God” myths….

  2. “Even in Illinois . . .”

    Be careful not to paint us with too broad a brush.

    We are a diverse state – sparsely populated rural/agricultural/small town, but outnumbered in the legislature by hoplophobic urban liberals.

    One day’s notice is tough for me to attend an event two hours away. But I’m confident GSL will have the Brady’s outnumbered by quite a margin.

    • Up-shots (would look like you are lying on the ground looking up towards the crowd) so the actual signs are out of frame. Then inset a picture of someone carrying a sign with whichever message you want to promote. The visual effect is one of everyone carrying similar signs.

      Or up-shots with a blended fade or blended blur so the actual signs are not readable.

      Oblique angle shots that put the anti-group in focus and the pro-group out of focus so the visual impression is everyone is with the anti-group.

      Not trying to give them any ideas, just sharing some of the tricks our in-house PR Team uses when they want to show stuff that is off-message while still controlling the message.

      Knowing some of the camera tricks used makes it easier to call them out when they use the camera tricks.

      • Well, hey, thanks! If the event is covered here, I will be certain to look for those tricks! I would love to see this kind of coordination more often, so long as we can remain civil. The other side really does look like fools, we need to not join them there.

  3. I bought my 1st gun at Chuck’s Gun Shop. Ironically enough they were by far the most anal retentive of any shop I’ve been in. Very strict about everything. Yeah Chuck’s is in a crappy neighborhood-so I’d leave the Obama bashing at home. GOD plays pretty well. I’ll try and swing by & support Chuck’s. Chuck’s is also a favorite target of Jesse sr. & fadda’ Pfleger. I guess they just HATE armed black folks

  4. Know the language: When people counter-demonstrate against Brady or MDA, they are “gun bullies.” When people demonstrate against guns and threaten Kroger’s, they are “courageous.”

    I got that info from the New York Times Official Writers Guidelines.

  5. I hope that we don’t see OC of long guns and there is very little camo and bib overalls for the media to focus on and that they provide escorts through the pack (is 3 a pack) of antis. You know, like at Planned Parenthood……

  6. Ya, I’d be wary of exclusive picket signs as opposed to inclusive ones. I’m an atheist that fully supports the Entire constitution, very much so the Second. Just ask my 686

  7. Maybe have a few people sneak over to the other side with some nice spoiler signs? Wear something completely stupid-looking, and rant loudly. It’s always good for some confusion:

    No guns for dogs!

    All gun owners are racist!

    Not the best off the top of my head, but really extreme or completely insane.

    • Shoot, I just like the concept of intermixing! Just with normal sign such as was suggested. Guns save Life, or whatever. Right up tight against them so that fancy camera work doesn’t do the trick, it is obvious that their opinion is not unopposed.

  8. While I can appreciate the humor of the “Obama…undocumented” one above, I think we should leave this and other issues at home. Such a sign is great fodder for antis, as it perpetuates a perception of xenophobia and perhaps racism (or more specifically, will be spun to that effect by MDA and co.).

    As a movement (or perhaps an establishment?) we need to focus on continually bringing people into our community. This means that we need to be approachable, and present ourselves as such. We need to work to dispell the stereotype that gun owners and 2A enthusiasts are OFWGs with avidly conservative political leanings, and show people on the fence that we are a nuanced and accepting culture.

    Every community has bad eggs (a la IGOTD recipients and the like) and every community has members who keep to other views that not all members hold. We need put our best foot forward and do whatever we can to enhance visibility of the best parts of our culture. MDA and the like will readily show our worst; we need to diminish their opportunities to do so…

    • I couldn’t agree more. This rally is taking place in a predominantly black, somewhat economically-depressed area. Like it or not, taking swipes at Obama, immigration, and similar targets isn’t going to win any fence-sitters in that neighborhood.

      Remember how we all laughed and mocked when the Occupy movement couldn’t get its shit together and seemed to be protesting every issue under the sun? Yeah, let’s not be like that. Stick to the issue of gun rights with a laser-like focus, and know your audience.

      My suggestion for a sign slogan:


    • This. Inclusiveness is what is going to win the battle on this. Gun rights organizations have been getting better, but the OFWG image is still there, and the antis would like nothing more than to keep it that way.

  9. Somebody needs to bring a big sign that says REAL LIBERALS OWN GUNS or something to that effect. The more of them, the better. Smash their stereotypes.

  10. God, pun intended.

    There are a lot of you wrapped around the damn axle about some suggested slogans. Seems almost as if decades of political correctness have taken its toll on brainwashing the psyche.

    Shame on you peeps.

    • It’s not about the slogans, it’s about the image we project. If the antis can keep up the myth that only old white rednecks are gun owners, then it makes it easier to ignore us and take away our rights. Showing that “gun owner” is a no more exclusive group than “car owner” or “American” goes a long way to busting that stereotype.

      Showing up to a gun rights rally with a sign about immigration policy just reinforces the stereotype, and doesn’t help. Heck, your sign about immigration may even raise a good point, but it doesn’t advance the cause of gun rights, it just muddles your message.

  11. Any feedback or news from the pro-2A side?
    Early results of Google Search show only the “community organizer viewpoint” from the Chicago Sun-Times.
    and a short report by Mike Krauser, field producer CBS Chicago Channel 2, here-
    (note video/radio report no workee even with adblock and ghostery off…sigh)

  12. A quote from Rev Pfleger-
    “I just want to say this to the NRA and all my brothers and sisters sitting over here: You can hate on me, you can threaten me, you can write emails, you can even be so lowdown that you can connect me with ISIS, but I’m the one trying to make the city streets safe,” Rev. Pfleger said.

    typical Progtard strawman arguments and projection… whats new?

  13. More on the ISIS reference by Rev Fleger.

    Apparently he has already been quoted as threatening to “snuff out the gun shop owner and any legislators” who go against the Reverends position on gun control. And is trying to blame it, today, on emails circulating citing the threat made by the Reverend on May 30, at a previous protest at the gun shop.


    Here’s a thought experiment- a conservative pastor, threatens to “snuff out” Democratic legislators. How much press would that have generated? Yet, not a word, nor even a mention of the same threat, in reporting on todays protest, by the same Reverend Fleger, darling of the left, and Obama fan and fellow traveler with race con Jesse Jackson.


  14. A suggestion for pro 2A protesters and news creators- take a page from the progtards playbook, and get real-time streaming video of the event. There are a number of smart-phone apps available to do so.

    That counters the carefully staged “narrative” by the StateRunMedia, that shows up to crop photos to hide the scarcity of REAL moms, the absurdity of color coordinated t-shirts and signs,

    and fails to provide pictures or fair time to the 2A protesters. I have no idea how this went, but if you rely only on what has been published so far, its all about the Progtards carefully staged event, and Bradys Bad Apple Campaign…

    just sayin’… does no good to organize people to show up if you dont have coverage- and the message and lesson learned in Rise of the Anti-Media, is you cant count on the MainStreamMedia, to cover the story- so you have to go around them, just as conservatives learned to do with emails, blogosphere, talk radio, and now the rise of more 2A devoted “places” to spread the word- in a horizontally integrated, grass roots up fashion, that beats the top-down propaganda by Bloomberg, Brady, and the Community Organizer in Chief, every time, thanks to the innertubz…

    Speaking of exposing the hypocrisy of the Top Down Progtard Agitprop of Bloombergs Funded Sock Puppet Campaign to Grab Guns, AKA Moms Demand Action, and Everytown… hat tip to Bog Owens, here:

    Spread the meme…


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