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Just to be clear: there is nothing sexual about this video whatsoever. Anyone who thought that – even for a moment – should seek immediate professional help. Of one sort or another. Anyway, occasional trick shot artist Kirsten Joy Weiss is spot on, again, with her advice to newbies looking for the tightest possible group. (So to speak.) Take your dirty stinking paws off the barrel! As a new shooter looking to grasp the fundamentals (so to speak), you no more want to interfere with the barrel’s “harmonics” than you want to watch a video with a bazillion jump cuts. JK KJW. Love ya!

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    • I use the Costa grip with my pistols. Of course, since the barrel doesn’t go out that far I have make a circle using my thumb and index finger and pretend the barrel is there. Takes a couple tries to get it right, but eventually you run out of fingers and the problem fixes itself.

  1. Quickly run a few magazines worth of ammo through a defense shotgun and it’ll cure you of that barrel-grabbing habit real quick like!

  2. I wish Kristen would do a video on the tuner on her Annie and give some demonstrations of what it does to her group sizes at 50 yards (eg).

    Harmonics is the correct term. Some gunsmiths in the past have gotten so invested in tuning a barrel that they’d pick a bullet, pick a load, stick to only that bullet/load/velocity, and then they’d start shooting a group, then trimming the muzzle end of the barrel down by about 1/8th (0.125″), then put the rifle back together, shoot for another group. When they’d start to see the group tighten up, they’d start trimming by 1/16th (0.0625″) and so on, until they thought they’d trimmed the barrel into the tightest group they could get with that load. When you’d put a different weight bullet down the barrel, your group would typically fly apart.

    • So the harmonics is why a gun ‘likes’ one load over another.

      (I’m assuming the harmonic is the natural resonance (ring) of that particular chunk of metal.)

      More to learn.


  3. Who Does this? and what kind of sub zero bullets are they shooting? barrels get hot enough to fry bacon, so I try not to touch

  4. I’ve seen some high-speed video of guns firing that clearly show the barrel vibration. Including something like that in this vid would have helped drive home the point.

    • That’s pretty hard to do — $$$ equipment — but shooting a few groups while holding the barrel and/or putting it on a sandbag and comparing them to a few groups with nothing touching the barrel would be easily done and demonstrative.

      …as for the jump cuts, it’s hard to talk in front of a camera. I can [mostly] talk like a normal person in normal life, but after making [marginal-at-best] YouTube videos for a couple years now I still struggle to get thoughts out in front of the camera smoothly without screwing up haha. I try to start over and get a decent string of words in a row without the need for a cut, though, so it doesn’t look and sound like a pieced-together ransom note 😉

      • You can get a (relatively) high speed camera (1000 FPS) for $150. You can software hack that to 10K FPS.

        Regardless, vids of barrel flex/whip/harmonics are only a YT search away. I left a couple of links above.

  5. Crap man! When you said there was nothing sexual about this video, I was hoping you were kidding.
    Not even yoga pants. Booo!
    The editing was horrible. At least wait for the sentence to end before the jump cut.
    If you’re going to edit like that then use clips of liberals explaining gun skills. A better video would be Joe Biden or Kanye West saying the same thing KJW just said.

    • She wears yoga pants in some of her earlier videos and demonstrates her remarkable flexibility… 🙂

      As for the jumps, she may be learning how to do do her own editing.

      Perhaps some of the digital editing wizards here can offer her a few tips.

  6. Who the hell grabs an unshrouded barrel? Someone who doesn’t like the skin on their hand? I couldn’t even hold the non-wood portions of my Mosin sans gloves last weekend after it as in the afternoon sun for 10 minutes, even without firing a shot.

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