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Screen cap Gunfree Geo Marker (courtesy

“On Thursday morning, a handful of anti-gun-violence activists realized there is an app in the Google Play Store with their names on it—literally,” reports. “The app, Gunfree Geo Marker, features a map pinpointing the home and work addresses of politicians, gun control organization employees, and ‘random anti-gun trolls’ who ‘push the anti-gun agenda in any way, shape or form.’ Clicking on a person’s name in the menu reveals their address on a Google map, along with the app creator’s reasons for including that person in the app.” The practice – known as “doxing” – sounds an awful lot like harassment. But then . . .

The app is a response to another app called Gun Geo Marker, which allows people to mark on a map the locations of guns that they believe are unsafe: For example, the gun’s owner may have insufficient training or a history of frequent and unlawful discharge. Gun Geo Marker’s makers say it is intended to be a safety tool. But Gun Geo Marker has been compared to a New York newspaper’s decision a few years ago to publish the names and address of 33,614 gun permit holders, an ethically dubious decision that many gun owners said made them feel targeted and vulnerable.

Needless to say, the antis are up in [metaphorical] arms, petitioning Google to remove the ap from the Play Store (which they appear to have done). The creator told Fast Company je ne regrette rien.

Because what he posted in his app is publicly accessible, the author of Gunfree Geo Marker (who I reached via phone after exchanging emails with an address on his Google Play page) doesn’t feel like he’s doing anything wrong, and he says he’s not worried that his information will help bad people do bad things. “It’s all public information,” he told me (he declined to provide his name). “If there were nutjobs out there who would be doing this stuff with these people, because [the targets] have made themselves well-known in this debate, it would have already happened. [The nutjobs] would have already have this data.”


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    • The geo gun app is back up and running charging .99 cents for the privelige of encouraging violence and property damage against your neighbors. Google needs to face a class action lawsuit as at this point. It’s pulled Gun Free Geo Locator claiming its a threat to privacy and safety of the people it lists. Meanwhile it has shown it clearly supports this anti gun owner (the app is about passive aggressive threats against gun owners) app and is willfully putting law abiding gun owners in danger. The anti gun crowd is two clicks below pograms and purges and if they aren’t fought in court and defeated , they will take to violence as is the pattern of the genocidal left.

      • Anytime the idiot left anti American a-holes wants to get it started, let’s get it on….

        • If the Anti-gun folks ever start using violence against gun owners just because they don’t like us they should think about this…MY personal policy is…If someone visits violence upon me I will respond with EXTREME violence. Just so they know….

      • Typical libtard crying. They can and do out LEGAL gun owners and wish death on them and their children BUT when the shoe is on the other foot OH it is a crime. You simpering, whining, self involved academics are lower than cockroaches and less intelligent.

  1. Stooping to their level? What did mark twain say about arguing with an idiot? It appears they have already pulled us down to their level… Unless this is a false flag

    • She hires someone to carry gun for her. Many of the gun banners have ccw licenses. Ben Crump and Daryl Park are some examples. Their firm represented Martin’s family and Brown’s family.

      • I’m pretty sure those hypocritical turncoats schlepping Ms. Watts ballistic protection for her would be the very first to complain bitterly if their/her location was publicly advertised.

    • “Shannon’s “office” should be #1 on that map.”

      There happens to be a TTAGer who has that address…

  2. If this app was removed, then the other app outing gun owners should likewise be removed. Of course it won’t, because guns!

      • I see it on the Play Store right now, for $0.99, though there is also a comment from today saying “can’t find it”

      • In January of this year, he re-released the full functioning version of his app and made it a paid app for $.99. That is why I started upgrading my app. I wanted him to know what it was like to be marked on an app based only on his political views.

  3. Perhaps now that they feel targeted and vulnerable, they’ll do something to improve their security – like obtain a gun?

  4. I don’t get what they are so worried about… If someone wanted to attack them the police would show up and stop the attacker right?

    • Absolutely! Someone needs to ask Shannon why she thinks she can’t rely on the police to protect her, and why she expects everyone else to.

    • LOL, so true. Whenever I have time to waste and talk to anti-gunners I always use their trusty “It is the Police’s job to protect citizens” mantra against them. I ask “If it is the Police Department’s job to protect everyone, then won’t you agree they do a shitty job of it?” These pea-brained idiots fall into my trap every time. The talks always take this pattern:

      Them: “What do you mean they are doing a shitty job?”
      Me: Well, if it is their job to protect me and my belongings, then there should NOT be any rapes, attacks, murders, carjackings, liquor store robberies or thefts….. right?”
      Them: “That makes no sense, they can’t be everywhere.”
      Me: “You are correct, BUT you just told me it was their SOLE responsibility. If you are going to say that Police are there to “protect”, and someone dies as a result of another persons actions, then they FAILED to “protect” that person, plain and simple. Which one is it, are they responsible to “protect” us or not?”
      Them: “The Police are limited in the numbers of sworn officers.”
      Me: “So you agree that they cannot be everywhere at all times?”
      Them: “Yes.”
      Me: “So if they can’t be everywhere at all times, what do YOU and I do when presented with a life or death situation in which we need to defend ourselves?”
      Them: “Call the Police.”
      Me: “OK, what happens between the time we call the Police and they get dispatched to our life and death situation?”
      Them: “We wait.”
      Me: “Do we tell the attacker to wait until the officers arrive?”
      Them: “I guess so.”
      Me: “You’ve never been in a life or death situation, have you?”
      Them: “No, what does THAT have to do with anything?”
      Me: “If your home in your house and it catches fire, what would you do?”
      Them: “I’d grab a fire extinguisher and put the fire out?”
      Me: “So if someone was raping your wife in your house, you would call the Police, then tell the rapist to wait till the Police arrived? But WHY did you see fit to put the fire out by your own actions without calling the Fire Department?”
      Them: “The Fire will eventually burn down the whole house, so I’d want to extinguish the fire BEFORE it got too large.”
      Me: “But conversely if an attacker was beginning the process of raping your wife, you would call the Police rather than stopping the attack BEFORE it got too far? You honestly don’t see the parallel?”
      Them: “It’s not my job to take the law into my own hands.”
      Me: “But it is your job to take Fire Fighting into your own hands? Are you a trained Fire Fighter?”
      Them: “No.”
      Me: “You just might NOT have the skill to put the fire out, and it could spread to other houses in the neighborhood. Is that right?”
      Them: “I don’t know, you are confusing me……”

      About this time they get flustered and see the sheer jackassery of their anti-gun positions.

  5. Like the Gannett rag printing addresses of LICENSED gun owners in NY State?
    There shyould be a website for this.

    • THIS!!! I bet TTAG could help or have a dedicated page on their site without the map, just the particulars.

  6. As much as I enjoy the karma of them feeling violated by the same method they used to violate us I also feel no need for us to stoop to their level.

    • I’m actually kind of with you on this, despite my reply to Tex300blk. It’s kind of playing with fire, among other things.

  7. I used to live in Rockland County and personally know several of the people on the list the Journal News published. As you might expect, they felt violated.

    So when I hear the antis have just been force-fed their own medicine, I’m less than sympathetic.

  8. does anyone here actually have any doubt which side of this pro-gun/anti-gun thing google is on?

      • If you believe Google has no dog in the politics fight, you are simply not paying attention.

      • Do a search. The Google founders practically paid for the Obama victories and have weekly access to Obama. When anti-trust action was being made they were right there in the Oval Office seeing how to make it go away.

        Google is left leaning except when it impacts them.

  9. Anybody who wants to know where this debate is going (in the context of intruding on the daily lives of those on the internet that comment on such “hot button” issues) only have to look at GamerGate.

    Why? A mostly young, internet/social media savvy core group lobbing metaphorical artillery rounds back and forth in the forms of doxing, hashtag slacktavisim, cyberstalking, etc in an attempt to garner public support while forcing the opposition to close their social media accounts to stop the harassment. SJW’s kind of got their asses handed to them with GamerGate (even if the MSM has given them the outward appearance of victory), but I’m sure the few leaders of that silliness (the ones making money) have learned from some of their mistakes.

    The importance here, for anyone that doesn’t think it matters, is that everything you say and do on the internet in a public fashion (even under a pseudonym) can be used as a tool to target you personally if you get tangled up in the wrong fight. That can bleed over into your personal life if they track down where you live and work, what you drive, and what phone numbers you use (for you and your loved ones).

    For an even more nefarious version of this tactic, see ISIS using doxing against service members and their families:

    Until something happens, this is nothing more than a psychological attack, but you can bet ISIS is hoping for some lone wolf to follow through on marking off some names from their target list. It’s a brave new world.

  10. there is an Iphone/Ipad app I downloaded called, “gun free zones” It points out gun-free places as well as gun-friendly places. Suposed to be useful so you don’t accidently carry into somewhere you aren’t suposed to. Also helps you know where you want to do business. To me not very useful since it relies on user input, and most places are filled with ?.

    • Gun Free zones sounds like a great app for criminals and terrorists. I am sure all ISIS members have one.

  11. I want to know where ‘gun free zones’ are so I can make sure to avoid spending money there. I wouldn’t want to mistakenly violate the business owner’s desires concerning guns. This app is clearly a public service! Google should put it back.

  12. Found another app that seems to perform a similar function, “Can I Carry”. Very small userbase at the moment and mostly in Arizona. However, if it utilizes Google Maps, it can expand very easily.

  13. For a lot of antis, their attack on self-defense rights stems from “it won’t ever happen to me”. So when the chance of it actually happening to them increases or at least becomes more evident, they lose their sh!t.

    • It’s a lot like a huge herd of rabbits.

      As long as the predation upon them is random & well-distributed no one worries.

      • I really don’t know a whole lot about rabbits, but that strikes me as a very perceptive comment.

        • Read up on r/K Selection theory in biology and behold the glory of lefist/progressive thinking. (Hint: progessivism fits the r side of the model).

      • Or perhaps it is like the warren in “Watership Down” that had life so easy, being fed by the farmer who only snared a rabbit occasionally. None of the rabbits would admit what was happening.

  14. If there’s one thing the slimy Left hates, it’s the other side taking their corrupt tactics and using them against ’em.

    One standard for them, another, higher, standard for us.

  15. People who believe this electronic warfare is going to produce anything are nuts. If the app denoting gun possession is used unlawfully, chances are good it will be to assure that the spot about to be attacked is NOT on it, a “gun free” equivalent just makes the attack a bit easier. The answer, either way, is to be ready to meet the attack, even if you do not know it’s coming. All y’all home carry now, y’hear?

  16. I’d like to see a similar app that pinpoints

    1) ATF employees
    2) FBI employees
    3) Congress critters
    4) local and state PD

    Also the app should make the data dowmloadable so that you can always use it no matter the condition of the grid.

  17. Will someone contact the app developer and tell him it can be added to the amazon app store or he can list it on his own page for download? You don’t HAVE to download them from those pages…

      • He can submit it to amazon to go in their app store or host the app himself on a page. You just have to toggle the option in your android settings to allow side loading apps (loading 3rd party apps outside of the Google store).

  18. Why are they mad we are trying to deconflict the situation ? We are only trying to make them feel safer by acknowledging their preferences and avoiding placing them in a uncomfortable situation. So they want to be confronted by guns and 2A ? (blink…blink) I’m confused (blink…blink).

  19. I came across something alarming, or amusing, or symptomatic, or just plain stupid in the “New York Post”  Friday – Sunday, August 22-24, 2014.
    “Bill to make gun offenders public”

    “The NYPD’s in-house registry of of ex-cons convicted of of gun crimes would go public under a City Council bill introduced Thursday.
    Under the legislation, an offender’s name, photograph, street, crime and sentence would go on the Web and be available in a regular email alert for which the public could sign up.
    Supporters say the legislation, the Gun Offender Registry Act, would foster transparency and discourage firearm violence, but critics worry the law could fuel recidivism by further stigmatizing marginalized people. Councilman Costa Constantinides, of Queens, sponsored the legislation.
    A sunset clause excludes offenders after four years.”

    It seems as though the stupidity of the “gun free school zone” based on the reasonable “drug free school zone” is to be repeated.  We will have a “gun offenders” registry as we have a “sex offenders” registry.  After all, aren’t all gun owners — law-abiding or criminal — just as perverted (but perhaps not so incorrigible) as pedophiles or rapists?  

  20. Fairly hilarious. So in Indiana you avoid the whole state because there are no training mandates? Or just because…turnabout is fair play?

  21. If the point of the app was to force Google to remove the original, then well-played. Otherwise, I’m in the “two wrongs don’t make a right” camp.

    • The original point was to get the developer of that other app to see the error of his ways. When he re-released his app as fully functioning I upgraded my app. I figured that once he, and other anti-gun people knew what it was like to be targeted in such a way that they would back off of that type of tactic. I was wrong.

  22. This encapsulates my opinion on this question perfectly:

    “When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.”

  23. Seems to me we should all get it and mark every gun free zone in our individual areas as locations of increased risk of gun violence. Mark every school, Chipotle, Sonic, etc. Mark the locations of liberal media outlets. Mark the locations of liberal politicians homes. Hey, it’s anonymous. You could mark just about anything you despise.

  24. Voice your opinion by flagging the app as inappropriate. It only shows 10 downloads anyway so it’s not really catching on. Funny that the gunfree one was taken down while this crap stands..

  25. So Anti=American activist’s can post anything they want but when shoe is on other foot it. not right?! Private armies are hired for carrying out thuggery and Seditious acts putting the blame on us because they know what is best and think their rights are more important than ours! Unlimited big money resources back them! Subject is deeper than the shallowness of what they say, end game is the subjugation of freemen to Serfdom by BS Laws, it is the right off all Free men to alter that Subjugation by nullification any way you can! I

  26. You can still get it, free at:,505083.html

    From the description:
    Gunfree Geo Marker Description from Publisher:
    Read entire description before reviewing. Thank you.

    Hey gun owners, are you tired of being in fear of having your home, or work place marked on a map for the world to see just because you own a firearm? Are you tired of being treated worse than a child molester because you exercise your 2nd Amendment right? Are you tired of self-righteous college professors/lecturers, politicians, and “journalists” who are willing to put you, your family and even your community in danger because they fail to plan for the unintended consequences of mapping gun owner’s properties? Well here is an app for you. This interactive map allows you to map gun free locations to include work places, schools and private residences. You will be able to annotate such information such as if there are any valuable items located inside, alarm systems, cctv systems, etc. Plus you can add additional information like how many children live at the residence, the best avenue of approach without being seen and much more. Since these “helpful” people are willing to help criminals find firearms, you can help those criminals find easy, soft targets for numerous crimes all from the safety of your own home thus moving the criminals away from targeting you and your family.

    The app is in protest to another app. It doesn’t provide the functions described as I will not create irresponsible apps. If you do download and run this app, the text it contains explains my intentions in full.

    As long as that app remains, in any configuration, this will remain.

    • This is good to know. That is the original version, not the version that got Shannon Watts and her minions all up in arms. Maybe I will post the next update on that site.

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