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By Mateja Lane at

Kinessa Johnson is a former US Army soldier who fought in Afghanistan. She then joined Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) to help African animals with anti-poaching efforts. VETPAW employs former Army veterans to help train park rangers and surrounding communities to protect local wildlife from poachers. They also provide poacher rehabilitation that enables poachers to make a life through alternate employment such as conservation education and agricultural classes. VETPAW not only helps by employing veterans, but also ensures they are making a difference . . .

Kinessa Johnson’s photo has been circulating the Internet, bringing attention to this amazing program. She’s sponsored by and is also a model for TracerX Photo, Lanxang Tactical and Skallywag Tactical.


This picture is on the verge of breaking the Internet, because what she stands for aligns with all sides. Although the former soldiers don’t set out with the intent to kill anyone, she is technically hunting poachers. And that statement has gotten everyone riled up. Not to mention many marriage proposals being sent Kinessa’s way.

She opened a Reddit feed and has gotten 4,217 questions or comments in one day. Her thread is titled “A Poacher Hunter.”

The hype of a hot girl with a big gun who hunts poachers may have initially gotten the buzz started. But hopefully this will bring attention to the bigger picture; that African animals like elephants and rhinos are being pushed to the edge of extinction by poaching, and organizations like VETPAW are attempting to right this wrong.


The hype was exactly what Kinessa was going for. She is using social media to bring attention to VETPAW by posting pictures on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, and she now has more than 44,000 followers. I think it is safe to say she succeeded in getting people’s attention.

VETPAW is a non-profit, so they rely on outside monetary support. If you would like to donate, visit the VETPAW website.

Courtesy Adam Bettcher


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  1. Sweet f*cking rifle in the top two pics…

    Full on Crocodile Dundee status….

    “That’s not a rifle… This is a rifle.”

    • Couldn’t agree with you more…I see a tatted up dude with boobs. 😉 I think guys who are attracted to girls like this must have latent gay tendencies. LOL 😉 Hats off to her service and cause however. I’d love to watch her bag some poacher scum.

        • Yo TheBear (which I assume means big, hairy, fat guy), I don’t need a woman to look/act like an alpha male to try and compensate for what you claim to be my insecurities or lack of manliness. My wife is extremely strong and yet very feminine. That girl, although I respect her, is not at all feminine. Nothing wrong with me having an opinion about it (since others were stressing theirs). Lots of people have opinions that differ on what’s attractive. As I said, to each their own. Several here have stressed a similar opinion to mine. Why you seem insistent on singling me out must mean that I struck a chord with you…perhaps it’s because you like to eat full sized sausages without chewing?

        • “Feminine” is just a gender stereotype. Very culture- and time-specific, too (ask some people from other countries what they mean by “feminine”, you might be surprised at the answers).

        • @Moto – int19h is right. Cultural standards of femininity differ greatly.

          Everyone has an opinion. I personally don’t find muscular women very attractive either. However, your constant shaming on other men for doing so, plus your projection of homosexual sexual acts tell me that you’re either very insecure or a bully.

          I’m just calling it like I see it. I personally don’t care what other men are attracted to and I definitely wouldn’t get online to give my unsolicited opinion. Nor would I imply that men who are attracted to women other than what I like are stupid/gay/poor etc etc et al.

          If you honestly cannot see how that type of behavior would reflect poorly on your character then I cannot help you. In fact, you have at least twice now implied that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is gay. There is a good deal of evidence pointing to the fact that men who engage in the most homosexual pejoratives/projection are more likely to actually be closeted gays and finally accept this in their middle age. It’s not looking good right now for your (supposed) wife.

        • You’re trying waaay too hard. This lame back and forth has completely taken away from the true nature of the article…not what I intended. Oh well…In reality, I don’t GAD what other men are attracted to either but it’s the internet where people throw out their (often harsh) opinions. I find it laughable that some self-righteous chowderhead calling himself “TheBear” is calling out my character on a right-wing gun blog. Thanks for the “help” and I’m totally going to lose sleep over it (while I mull over my lack of character). Good thing I don’t GAF what you or anyone else thinks of me because of my opinion. If you can’t understand why many men would be turned off by an aggro, muscled-up, butch-lesbian looking woman with tats all over then that’s your problem. I’m man enough for my wife…I don’t need her to compensate for me with her own overly-masculine qualities. I sense that some men who are attracted to that kind of woman are the ones seeking some sort of compensation. Newsflash! That opinion doesn’t make me a latent gay either. LOL. Nice try. Buh, bye and carry on.

        • Well said, sir! Your calling out of MotoJB was spot-on.

          Myself, I had the esteemed privilege of dating a hot, bad-ass US Army Lieutenant, complete with tats: three tours in Afghanistan, took gunner every time she could. We could shoot together, hunt together . . . and even in one bar fight outside of JBLM, kick serious ass and get arrested together.

          A woman that will put it on the line for you is a wonderful thing.

          Then again, I’ve never had too much patience for weak people of whatever gender–so she was a good fit for me (since we’re both clearly counterphobic personalities).

        • Ok, so she let you off gently by transferring elsewhere ;)…hey, you were the one that found it necessary to resurrect this thread, chime in and basically call me out. All good. 🙂

          Again, If some of you guys are attracted to girls like that – right on, all good and to each their own. (Yes, it perhaps never should have gone there but I simply followed others who started down that topic…and heck, we’re guys. Come on. Her being “hawt or not” was bound to come up).

          I’ll grant that it was harsh to say guys who like masculine girls are compensating in some way…and although I do believe that is true in some cases (because I’ve personally known a couple of “dudes” like that), I know that statement/angle doesn’t cover everyone. But alas, welcome to the internet. Relax. Let it slide off your back.

          IMO there are too many righteous, character-correcting guys here getting their panties in a wad over someone’s jokingly harsh internet opinion. If I had gotten upset every time someone had a harsh opinion for me over the years…

        • @Moto Sorry bro you prety lost the battle, go back to your fragile “feminine” wife.

      • Well, MotoJB. It’s called transference. What I have seen is that when a person accuses another of latent tendencies, ie “I think guys who are attracted to girls like this must have latent gay tendencies.” It’s because they are admitting to their own latent tendencies.

        • +1

          It’s the same as the projection of violent tendencies that the anti gunners engage in all the time.

        • LOL, ahhh, nice try Thomas. I see what you tried to do there, very clever! A guy being attracted to a girl that attempts to look/act like a guy is what’s strange to me. As I said, like what you want.

        • How is she looking or acting like a guy? I don’t see a penis anywhere. You probably would have hated some viking women so much you’d have to talk about gay stuff for weeks.

        • Lots of assumption and projection. I will do it too:

          Once you get an education and grow up a bit, you might be mature enough to understand what everyone is trying to tell you.

    • I wonder how many tattoo parlors she’s a “model” for. To each his own, but no gal who sports more ink than the fabled Wild Man of Borneo is gonna be “hot” to me.

        • Just my own experience, the people I meet personally who are all inked up like that make me think of mental diseases.

    • What makes you think she gives a shit whether or not you think she’s attractive or that’s what she’s trying to do. Those pictures looks like she’s modeling gear. Would you rather have some skinny waif who couldn’t ruck half a mile with a bag full of pillows or someone like her who could probably do that and more modeling gear designed for serious use?

      • Agreed. For all the “Booth/gun bunnies” that are out there, with poor trigger safety and the basic inability to tell you the difference between a Mag and a Clip, ALL men who enjoy firearms should be championing this woman.

  2. I don’t much have a taste for mixing sex (appeal) with firearms or politics. I am very happy that this girl/woman has found work that involves her passions (which it appears she has) though. Too many of us never do.
    Oh, and I am not sure that you can often retrain somebody after using that first rifle on them;-)

      • I never deployed. Was in a round out arctic infantry brigade during Desert Storm and resigned my commission just before 9/11. I was speaking of everyone (not just veterans) when I said “many of us”.

    • I’ll bet that rifle stops a lot of trouble before it even starts. See it in the hands of someone wearing that skull bandana coming your way and a lot of folks would be in the mood to talk or un-ass before fighting.

    • Not questioning her qualifications or her motivations, but she also serves their marketing needs VERY well.

    • “I don’t much have a taste for mixing sex (appeal) with firearms or politics.”

      That seems a little naive, or you must be in constant distaste. The US military has been using sex appeal in recruiting posters at least since WWI, if not longer. However, it was more often hunky, shirtless guys loading artillery pieces. And outside of the military, we have GI Joe and nearly every military action/adventure film made in the last 25 years. Maybe what makes you nervous is that it is now a female showing off what she’s got instead of a guy. I say that if she brings attention to a good cause, that’s good.

      I was an officer who never saw combat either. I give a lot of respect and leeway to soldiers who have.

      • That the chick caucus in Congress has caused a horde of gals to serve (honorably) in SW Asia does NOT equal she/they being “combat vet” or “fought”.

        Even if she/they heard mortar/arty fire, had incoming rifle/MG fire in their direction, or even had an IED blow up under their vehicle does NOT = “fought”. Victim perhaps, bystander, observer. They day will not come where chicks are Infantrymen who “fight/fought. More Libtard progressive religious nonsense.

        And those trashy tattoos and weightlifter arms are pathetic and hideous only a boy with mama issues could like.

        • Seriously dude? Threatened much?

          Also, I guess your criteria for fighting disqualifies most of the men who went there too.

        • Man, I almost thought – even hoped – that you were going to touch on how lowering standards and measuring training commands on their “pass rates” was actually a disservice to all military personnel and to women-at-large… Then you lost me in all the *hateful crazy*.

        • This post by neiowa might be one of the dumbest things I have read all week… and that is saying something.

        • Neiowa, your statement has no basis in fact. Just zero. Female service members do engage in combat, in actual fighting. As in, people shoot at them and they shoot back. One of the best gunners I ever worked with was a beautiful 22 year old woman. She handled the M2 about as good as anyone, male or female. We called her combat barbie, since if she wasn’t in uniform she refused to go outdoors without makeup and heels. But on the gun, she was competent, accurate, and aggresive. There are few women that can keep up physically with a fit 19 old year male, but they are out there and performing well and honorably by any standard.

    • Yeah, she can keep the tats, but I respect what she must have done to get that body/those muscles, and I would LOVE to get down and dirty with her at the range, if she will bring that pretty gun (which I may not be able to lift!) and a few BBs for me to shoot. WTF is that, a .338? I would lust after it, but like a .50, I suspect I could not feed it, and it would starve.

    • Mental, yes. Physical, meh, not so much.

      I likes my womens thick, I don’t want to be jealous of my woman’s cuts and shoulder caps.

      But, that’s just me,YMMV.

  3. I can see how the marriage proposals are rolling in…wow! She is seriously hot! Guns, ink, physically fit, and has great values!

    • To ink a declaration posturing oneself at best is disingenuous and at worst a broad brushstroke to discredit one who stands in the arena. Further, it displays contempt for ones achievement which I’m comfortable saying you will never measure as much.

      • You almost got that “college speak” down. Keep practicing, but don’t be afraid to work in some punctuation, subject-verb agreement, and some other grammar-ish shit. :p

    • That is untrue. My wife’s cousin looks a lot like this, she’s a Marine, 100% natural, and can probably out solider most men.

      Everyone thinks anyone in better shape than them is on gear. I’m in above average shape (have a swimmers physic

      • 20 years ago there was a stripper here in Austin who was just outstanding, clearly a bodybuilder for a lot of years, it was so interesting to be able to see her work without embarrassment, I took my Mom along once (for lunch) and she appreciated it as well! It may be more difficult, but women can bulk up. I’d guess that with the same effort, a man would be bigger.

    • Not true. Genes > Roids. Some women, and men for that matter, just have an easier time being physically fit.

      • 100% agree.

        Take steroids have sh*t genetics, have a sloppy diet, and half ass workout…. what do you get?


        Natural, great genes, perfect diet, workout like a crazy person… What do you get?

        F*cking Beast!

    • That is untrue. My wife’s cousin looks a lot like this- she’s a Marine, 100% natural, and can probably out solider most men.

      Everyone thinks anyone in better shape than them is on automatic on gear. It’s the “if I can’t, no one can” mentality.

      I’m in above average shape, but not freakish big or bulky (swimmer’s body), and I frequently get asked if I’m on juice. Hell, I don’t even take supplements.

      Good muscle tone does not automatically equate to steroids, even for women.

  4. My guess is the rifle is a 300 win mag? I would have guessed Noreen Bad News but doesn’t appear to line with their products images. Anyone know?

    Very impressive young lady.

      • Thanks. I just found my next object of lust. The rifle that is. I am going to make an honest woman of one. Hopefully I can assemble the goodies to build her myself.

      • Noreen Bad New and Alexander Arms Ulf-something. Both are pricey, but you already knew that. I don’t have personal experience with either. The .50 Beowolf Advanced 16″ upper is pretty sweet, though.

        • Thanks, It also turns out Nemo will make a one off of their .300WM to .338WM. I will call them tomorrow. The .50 Beaowulf is a fine caliber, but nothing close to the .338WM, which generates as much energy at 1,300 yards as the .45ACP does at the muzzle. If you are a reloader, and I am, it is a very versitle round. JWT

        • I got .338 Win Mag confused with .338 Lapua mag. Looks like you found your manufacturer. Incidentally I think the Briwning BAR is also and interesting “low cost” 300 / 338 Mag semi auto option.

  5. I had no idea that group existed, and I’m glad I do now.

    What a great cause. Poachers are a scourge.

    I especially like that they give the poachers an alternative way to earn a living instead of just leaving them hanging in the wind with no (perceived) options but to take up poaching again.

    Quite the noble operation and she seems like a great ambassador for it.

  6. While you and I may not enjoy or appreciate her tattoos they are her individual type of artwork she has chosen to decorate her self with. I would call them nasty it just her style. I will give her props for the incredible shape she has obtained. The crimes she is trying to stop are however nasty and I wish her well in her endeavors great guns both types LOL

  7. I recall a thread on Reddit a few years ago where (IIRC) a former Marine joined up with a South African wildlife protection unit. He didn’t have as many “fancy” toys, just a G3 or FAL, I don’t really recall. Of course, he wasn’t nearly as aesthetically appealing so he didn’t get hyped as much.

  8. I wonder what country this is in (Africa is a giant place) I am guessing it is in a country where hunting Elephants and Rhinos is illegal. Animals that are protected and have no “value” alive are easy targets for poachers. That’s how Americans end up over there trying to protect them……

  9. 1st disappointment: The poachers aren’t actually being hunted. Dang!
    2nd disappointment: Over-tatted by half….and then some.

    A woman who is serious about her firearms? Yes…all day long, yes!

  10. Wait she is hot? Did you see the man body on her? She is obviously a lesbian! If you are attracted to a woman with muscles like this than you are obviously a closet homosexual!

    • This is the second person I’ve see both threatened by this chick’s look and possibly projecting homosexual tendencies in the comments.

      I know some of the people posting are not very introspective or very well educated. As a result, I am going to help some of you out.

      I am straight. When I see a woman like this, I am not very attracted to her but I see a woman. If you see a woman like this and instantly think, “She’s like a guy, guys who like her must be gay!” … you probably hold some deep seated attraction to men and are overcompensating with how adverse you feel you should be to it. It’s ok to be gay. Just accept who you are and stop trying to convince everyone else of your straightness and masculinity in such silly (and disingenuous) ways.

      The more you know.

  11. Never see any comments about men and their tattoos or the questioning of their sexuality because of their physical condition or tattoos. I would also wager that she doesn’t give a rats ass what some folks on this blog, who can only be described as idiots, think of her.

    • She’d be very intimidating for the keyboard commandos who can’t do pull-ups or bench press their own body weight. I think she’s beautiful, and I respect her efforts.

    • OK, tit for tat. I think guys who sport more ink than the fabled Wild Man of Borneo look ridiculous too. And I don’t think you have to be a hopeless sexist to appreciate the physical differences between males and females, which generally run somewhat beyond the size of the boobs and whether the pumbing is interior or exterior. One more thing–I actually don’t find much occasion to make comments on a guy’s physique at all, since I’m not particularly interested in that.

  12. Spreading awareness about transexualism and poaching all in one fell swoop is quite the accomplishment.

  13. So, here’s the skinny on rhino poaching in Southern Africa. The biggest problem right now is that selling rhino horn is illegal and the Asian demand is sky high. This makes rhino horn about 10x as profitable as producing and selling meth. These rhinos aren’t being poached by some loan bushmen with a gun and saw. These are professional operations with helicopters and pilots who can fly over the savannah totally blacked out. These poachers are running multi-million dollar operations with highly skilled talent on staff. Just a single geocoded photo or tweet is enough for these operations to zero in on a rhino and swoop in for the kill. A friend’s game ranch lost 8 rhinos last year. Many ranches have taken to darting their rhinos and then cutting down the horn to make them a less profitable kill, but, they’re still being targeted.

    If the world body wanted to cut down on poaching, and take out the profit, it would do two things. Number one, allow ranch owners to sell cut down horn. This would flood the market with rhino horn and it would drive down prices while keeping the rhinos alive. Number two, flood the Asian with fake rhino horn. As the fakes were discovered, this will turn people away from rhino horn as it would most likely be fake and not be a supposed cure for some ill.

    The current model of harsh jail terms for poachers is not working. Most poaching operations are easily able to pay off the dirty cops of South African Police Services, a detective with SAPS earns about $13,000/yr, and avoid arrest. The poachers can also pay off the game rangers who have equally low pay, and there have been dozens of cases of poachers getting caught on the take for disclosing the numbers and location of the rhinos they protect. Keeping the rhino horn trade illegal is harming the rhinos far more than it’s helping them

      • Vietnam is the major marketplace and the Vietnamese diplomatic service cooperates in aiding smuggling of the horn from Zimbabwe/Mozambique to Vietnam.

        • Yep, you nailed it. The Vietnam embassy has been a problem for South Africa. How many of its diplomats have been caught using or have been suspected of using their diplomatic privilege to either smuggle or aid in the smuggling of rhino horn. The Vietnam embassy should be expelled from South Africa.

    • “Number one, allow ranch owners to sell cut down horn. This would flood the market with rhino horn and it would drive down prices while keeping the rhinos alive. Number two, flood the Asian with fake rhino horn. As the fakes were discovered, this will turn people away from rhino horn as it would most likely be fake and not be a supposed cure for some ill.”

      Brilliant ideas! Like drugs in Mexico, the money is simply to big to expect low-paid cops to not accept pay-offs. The smugglers know this, the politicians know this, the cops know this. And the Rhinos continue to get slaughtered.

  14. My first thought was “She has bigger arms than me.” At least VETPAW is working on a solution and not just hashtagging while in line at Starbucks. I wish them good fortune to help the natives construct a sustainable future for themselves and the wildlife there.

  15. that African animals like elephants and rhinos are being pushed to the edge of extinction by poaching, I can see endangered animals going extinct in Africa and so those species will have to be relocated on preserves to other countries such as the USA. I have read that rhinos were actually indigenous to the American Mid West. Most certainly RINOs are indigenous to Indiana and Ohio.

  16. I appreciate her but find her way too tatted up. And the 3 women I’ve been in love with all were strong,.beautiful and had musclesincluding the wife(don’t tell my wife)…oh yeah the losers who think anyone who has any size/strength/muscularity. I got accused and was clean. Took it as a compliment-and I made fun of the loser boys. But after working out for 45 years I know there ARE plenty of idiots on the juice(like the old guys living on growth hormone & testosterone…no free lunch.

  17. UnPC rant here goes:

    She is buff for a chick but there is no scale . If you put her next to a high school linebacker she would not look so big & buff.

    She is good looking and strong is sexy. Her tats are both a turn-on and a turn-off.

    She is like most chicks: she gets way more credit than she should for just showing up. There are loads of other dudes, both foreign and indigenous, who are fighting poachers but hey . . . that Y-chromosome kinda gets in the way of their accomplishments.

    She was in the U.S. Army and is tatted up. The perception is she is either homo or has boned half the dudes in said Army either way a turn-off. Hey if I had to sit through lectures on how appearances matter when it came to dressing for school or a job then darn it applies here too.

    If you are hunting teenagers w/ AK’s on the dark continent then I want an ugly SOB w/ a strange accent to have my back.

    If you are looking for wife/lover/life-companion then there are a myriad of other choices as this chick screams mercenary-when-it-comes-to-dudes a.k.a. not loyal . . . she will quickly jump to the next available boner (which there will be) if you somehow displease her.

    If you need images to FAP to then yeah maybe this works.

    Oh and habit loss is a greater threat to all fauna including megafauna.

    There rant complete 🙂

    • Hey, she’s just looking for the larger caliber gun. Personally I would never trust my life to an odd ball AR caliber in the wilds of africa.

  18. I applaud and support this gal for her efforts towards this cause. If this was a hunting poachers sort of deal, I’d be all over it.

    I like ladies with ink, but this is overkill. Neck tats? No thanks hon. I don’t find the rest of her at all attractive either. And I’d bet good money she can’t shoot for shit, or that’s far too much gun for her.

    But still, rock on dude(ette?). Good on ya.

  19. Cute,hot,whatever the sad part is she’ll have a bullseye “Tattooed” on her head by the locals. Stand by for the “Henious Death in Africa” story. The people she’s up against are bad news, not some rednecks off the Discovery Channel.

  20. She looks like a supreme d****bag and then some! I don’t know why some men on here find her sexy. She’s definitely bad to the bone, but she her male secondary sexual traits are off the charts! She could easily get anyone on here pregnant, male or female.

  21. While I’m all about giving credit where credit is due and while she was in Afghanistan, but she didn’t “fight”, she’s wasn’t Infantry then, and she’s not Infantry now…

    I admire what she has done, and what she is doing now, but don’t stoop to false advertising…

    • Didn’t know you had to be infantry to see combat. Guess we’ll just round up all those tankers, truck drivers, medics, MPs, etc and ask them to turn in their CABs that they obviously couldn’t have earned.

  22. The comments on this one, Jesus! Just because she was in the Army doesn’t mean she rode half the guys she served with, just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she didn’t see combat when deployed, and just because she has muscles doesn’t mean she is a lesbian or subjugates men she has a relationship with.

    After seeing the comments here from regular posters I really have to question whether or not you guys actually understand what “equality” means.

    As a side note, all the guys saying shit like “Only homos would find her attractive” or use the term “beta”, you’re homosexual. Congratulations, just because you hate yourself doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to everyone else.

  23. Looks like she was a 91B, wheeled vehicle mechanic. 4.5 years at ft hood with a tour to AFG in 2010. Anyone can see combat over there, not saying she did or didn’t, but looks mostly to me she is mostly an effective marketer and body builder, tatted and talks Big and tough and could no doubt hold her own physically. Too each their own. I’m not going to Africa anytime soon.

  24. Anyone else have issues with “hunting poachers”?
    An immediate death sentence for poaching? Judge, jury & executioner with tats?
    Now if you attempt to capture poachers and they indicate that they won’t go without a fight by all means, defend yourself. But hunting people for the crime of illegal hunting? Our moral meters should be pegging near maximum disdane….

  25. Yay – the Motor-T gal with tats is coming to save the animals. What bugs me is the whole, “She’s hunting the poachers” angle this and other news articles are protraying. “Deploying” to Tanzania and advising the locals is not “hunting poachers”. I am not sure what a 91B mechanic knows about counter-poaching tactics, or as she puts it “We’re going over there to do some anti-poaching, kill some bad guys, and do some good.”

    I call BS. I guess if the effort is to draw attention to the problem of poaching, she’ll be successful as any hyped up spokesperson would be but I don’t think the government of Tanzania will be allowing her or anyone else from her employer to get behind a rifle.

    Good news is – “She has already noticed a decrease in poaching activity in her team’s immediate area because their presence is known. Which is easy to understand, who would want to fight it out with a battle proven warrior like Johnson?” – Proven warrior? Puhleeese. Talk about conjecture and hype.

    I am sure the poachers are quaking in their sandals. To me, the whole thing seems disingenuous. I am glad they are employing vets but this borders on showmanship. I feel embarassed to be a vet when I see someone cashing in on their service record like this. Did she even see combat? We don’t know but they certainly imply it. Carring a big, bad ass rifle, wearing a bunch of gear, dressing up like a mall ninja wrapping a tacticool shemagh scarf around your head and taking lots of HD photos does not automatically make you a “warrior”. I saw a lot of NGO, not-for-profit types in Africa that were there on some very good premises, but when it came down to it, they were really just taking advantage of the issues in order to collect donations, get sponsors and pay their salaries. How much good they were actualy doing was debateable.

  26. Wow! I am amazed that 80%+ of the comments are just back and forth about whether tats on women are attractive. Talk about missing the goddamn point!

    • And judging her because of her tats and that she is cut and strong. A lot of men are threatened or intimidated by women such as Ms. Johnson

  27. Hi There! I’m the photographer who did the outdoor images of Kinessa – while I really don’t mind them being used as it brings awareness to the great cause Kinessa Johnson​ works for – I do kindly request that a hotlink credit be given back to my page and @TracerXphoto on instagram. Thank you!

  28. Sorry to throw a grenade and run BUT. Most of the comments here is about whether or not this “chick” is hot. Are you serious? Here is an American veteran who who has chosen to spend her time hunting incredibly dangerous people (1,000 rangers have been killed in the last 10 years in Kenya alone) and your concern is does she gives you a chubby?

    How about that African wildlife? Elephants and rhinos are in the middle of an extinction event right now.

    But, none of that matters, because she is either too fit, or too tatted, or too . . . (we can’t win). How about check that male privilege (seriously guys you friggin’ REEK of it). And THINK for a change. Your behavior is appalling.

    • It is not indicative of male privilege to discuss what men do or do not find to be attractive qualities, anymore than it’s some nebulous sense of female privilege for women to discuss whether a given male athlete or actor or whatever is considered attractive, even if they don’t know anything about their body of work, background, charity work, etc.

      It’s fair to point out that a lot of the commentators are missing the boat on the point of the article, but that happens in every facet of life, and certainly isn’t exclusive to males. But then, anymore, if men are discussing women’s looks at all, it’s immediately labeled sexist and discriminatory. It’s boring, and diminishes real sexism and real misogyny.

      • You reduce the comments to whether or not she is attractive which is just wrong. She was referred to as a transvestite and a lesbian because of her appearance. First, whether she is a transvestite or a lesbian is nobodys business and second, her sexuality or other personal choices have nothing what-so-ever to do with what she is doing with her life. Saying the comments were merely about men finding her attractive is disingenuous at best. I defy anyone who visits this forum to point to one post where the subject is a heavily tattooed and cut man who gets taken to task about his appearance in the same way that was done to Ms. Johnson. Many people on this forum like to refer to themselves as the “armed intelligentsia” and comment about how “an armed society is a polite society.” Based on the comments in this post I would call all of that a lot of self serving horseshit.

        • “You reduce the comments to whether or not she is attractive which is just wrong.”

          I didn’t reduce anything. I’m responding specifically to the claim made by the previous poster, which was, verbatim:

          “Sorry to throw a grenade and run BUT. Most of the comments here is about whether or not this “chick” is hot. ”

          This is followed up by:

          “But, none of that matters, because she is either too fit, or too tatted, or too . . . (we can’t win). How about check that male privilege (seriously guys you friggin’ REEK of it). And THINK for a change. Your behavior is appalling.”

          Whether or not someone is calling her a tranny or a lesbian is tangential to what I was responding to.

          “Saying the comments were merely about men finding her attractive is disingenuous at best. ”

          Nor did I do that, which tells me you didn’t actually pay attention to what I was saying.

          “I defy anyone who visits this forum to point to one post where the subject is a heavily tattooed and cut man who gets taken to task about his appearance in the same way that was done to Ms. Johnson.”

          Whether you like it or not, people tend to construct concepts of normalcy. This ranges from the purely mundane, where hardly anyone would recognize, to the extraordinary, such that an individual, event or location stands out without even trying.

          Heavily muscled people already trend toward the extraordinary, but it is far more common to see it in men than it is women. As such, women like Kinessa Johnson stand out quite a bit. It’s people like you and Karen that ignore this to try and frame vapid arguments like “durr, men don’t have to deal with this” as a good/bad binary to use as a platform to preach about how terribly women are treated. And you’d be wrong in any case.

          Anyway, anyone petty enough to engage in name-calling is hardly worth responding to. She does what she does, she’s obviously proud of herself, she has every right to be, and so their input is irrelevant.

  29. This Woman is Beautiful because of what she is doing, Nothing to do with looks tats or other perverted comments. I’d help her in a heartbeat but I would have my sights on the capitalist buyers that cause all this misery and the extinction of our wildlife that will eventually destroy this planet we all rely on to live.

  30. I don’t care what anyone’s politics or feelings on guns are, I think the entire nation would agree this young woman and the organization she belongs to would be the better beneficiaries of a “gofundme” than some silly pizza joint in “Walkertucky” Indiana.

  31. I’m not the least bit surprised that she’s had millions of marriage proposals!The picture of her with the bandana and the rifles was top 3 of the sexiest things I’ve witnessed in my 26 years of life. thanks for existing Kinessa! Keep doing God’s work.

  32. Hopefully while she’s there she’ll shoot some of the fat morons that go to Africa to hunt canned lions. I’d be delighted.

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  51. thanks too what you and your team doing, some animals could lived freely from the humain insanity we so called our consciusness,,, bref merci pour ce que vous faites, in the name of a higher purpus, then just self-mirroring out on ours own, pushing the limite of what living for a cause can means and for the service into the cause of #lifesmather, we shald thank you<<<<1

    Gaiz Thumbs up 4 Vetpaw !! To every one being on the front line, and others behind that keep that dream possible!

    We <3 what you doing !

    and to keep fighting, even if those you fighting for shald never thank you back, Thruly means: heros

    Peace !


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  53. This amazing lady is just what the African animals need. Rock on! Get those assholes out there who have no heart or respect for Gods creatures.💗🙏

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