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Like it or not, is the world’s largest Internet auction site for firearms and accessories. The company’s presser reveals that they’re on a steep upwards trajectory, throughput-wise. GB hit $1b in sales 10 years after launch. Three years later, that number’s doubled to $2b. “We have made significant enhancements to the site over the past couple of years that are proving to be a catalyst for continued success,” proclaims CEO Steve Urvan.” Yes, well, a more likely cause for their success: a rising tide lifting all gats. GunBroker boasts that they’ve added 265k new users per year “during the last several years” to become America’s 646th largest website. Hotwise ranks GunBroker the third largest ‘Shopping and Classifieds – Auctions’ site behind eBay and eBay Motors. At some point, eBay will bite the bullet and buy GunBroker. Mr. Urvan will be cruising the Med in a mega-yacht, armed and fabulous.

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    • I like the single sling swivel attachment. Maybe its to make it one of those ten pound necklaces the rappers like to wear.

  1. You think flEabay will buy gunbroker? With how anti- they and Paypal are, it seems like that is one market they are content to ignore. If they didn’t have a policy against firearms, would they need to buy gunbroker? Or would just allowing sales pretty much take over the market share without spending any extra money?

  2. eBay has a very left leaning ownership and board, if they purchased GunBroker it would be for the purpose of shutting it down.

    A more likely scenario is Davidson’s GalleryofGuns purchases them. should purchase PistolPay and then they could have an eBay like model. Also, while $2B is sales may have gone through the site, they are not publicly traded so we have no idea about revenue and profit they have

  3. I’ve never been interested in gunbroker. Trust isn’t one of my finer qualities and buying a used gun without getting my mitts on it first turns me off to the idea. You’re trusting that that used 9mm isn’t from some joker that put several hundred rounds of +P+ through it and doesn’t tell.

    Davidson’s is a whole different story. The last four guns I’ve purchased have been through them. The whole process is easy as pie and if you register it with them you get a lifetime warranty through them in addition to whatever factory warranty you may get.

    • The two I’ve bought through Gun Broker (which used to have better prices than GunsAmerica, but not so much any more) were both NIB. Many of the dealers do have a three day inspection (nonfiring) return policy.

  4. The only deals you get on GB are either people or shops who mistakenly misname a firearm so almost no one sees their ad, or possibly from private sellers with little feedback.

    That second group is a PITA. IF you want to buy a firearm from a private seller you’re going to have to get an FFL to send them a copy of their license (which many aren’t going to do) and pay exorbitant shipping costs in the 60-70 range to send it to your FFL if it’s a handgun. UPS and Fed-Ex are not firearm friendly and make you send handguns overnight. Add in the transfer fee and you might as well go to your LGS and buy what you want.

    The other problem is dealing with people who don’t know ****. Recently I had dealings with a private seller who thought he was entitled to a copy of my chosen FFL dealer’s license even though he was using his chosen FFL dealer to do the transfer! Why? For his “records.” Uh, what? Copies of FFLs are not Pokemon that non-FFLs should be collecting for any old reason.

    There are so many gun laws and regulations that I have resigned myself to never dealing with a private seller out of state. In state? Yes. Out of state? Most definitely not, because of transfer fees, FFL dealer reluctance, shipping costs, and other hassles.

    I will buy from an out of state FFL dealer if they have somehow have a good deal on something I want but other than that, internet purchasing of firearms is often more hassle than it’s worth.


  5. I don’t care for gunbroker so I ignore it. However, it is interesting that they are #3 of the online auction sites. I doubt politically progressive EBay will buy them.

  6. I can’t log in to Gunbroker and haven’t been able to for several months. Apparently they flagged my account for fraud for whatever reason.

  7. I really like gunbroker. I am selling part of my WWII collection and the auctions bring the best prices. I used to use auction arms but was getting better prices ( both selling and buying) on gunbroker.

  8. NIB smith and Wesson m&p 9c for 430 and full size 9 NIBfor 360? I like gunbroker for that. LGA still have the full size for 500+


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