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The assault media has a new bit of anti-gun rights terminology: the “terror gap.” I guess the term “terrorist loophole” was somehow too vague. Or not vague enough. Or something. Anyway, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the man who helped usher in the raft of unconstitutional gun laws in the Empire State known as the SAFE Act, marked the anniversary of the Newtown massacre yesterday by calling for a ban for Americans on the “terrorist watch list” in his state. As for due process . . .

“We can can come up with a way to protect individual rights and come up with a process,” Cuomo assures, right before admitting that there will be “mistakes on the list . . . you show me a list that doesn’t have a mistake.” And conflating “terrorists” and “suspected terrorists.” How great is that? What is great: Cuomo says “I’m not sure why else I can do.” Hint: repeal the legislation that disarms law abiding citizens. As if. If only.

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    • Let’s just go and CONVICT him now WITHOUT his right to due process.
      I mean if HE is willing to suspend the due process for those on the Terrorist Watch List then he obviously is willing to renounce his right to due process.

      • Yea – just add him to a list. Convict him on charges first and then well come up with a process he can take to work his way off the list. It doesn’t matter if it was a mistake or not. Show me a list that doesn’t have a mistake on it.

        • Let’s just put him on the POTENTIAL CORRUPT POLITICIAN list and ban him from, I don’t know, holding public office or collecting pay? Let’s also not tell him he’s on it until he show’s up to work one day and let’s also not tell him how he can get off of it.

  1. And there are people that criticize Donald Trump for “banning Muslims”. This guy just banned Americans (like me, ’cause I was on the “watch list”) and he is a hero. Go figure.

  2. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara successfully prosecuted two of the “Gang of Three” that ran Albany, namely Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos. Cuomo is the third.

    Under a lot of pressure because of obvious Albany corruption, Cuomo created an anti-crime investigation called the Moreland Commission. When the Commission got too close to the Gang of Three, Cuomo disbanded it. That’s when Bharara took over and convicted two of the Gang. Bharara has already stated that he is not finished.

    We can only hope that Cuomo will be joining his two bros in the joint, where he belongs. He’s a lowlife and a criminal.

    • Has anyone yet noticed how many Democrats in political office are going to prison for serious felonies? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a lot of love for Republicans, either. Nevertheless, Republican politicians do NOT seem to be going to prison in droves. Oh, and Republicans are more reliable than Democrats when it comes to upholding the 2nd Amendment (kind of, sort of, sometimes … hence my choice of words “more reliable than”).

      • They need to wait until after the presidential election to prosecute these criminals,odumbo will pardon all of them before he leaves the white house.

        • I’m not a lawyer and so I’m not certain that these offenses fall under the sorts of things POTUS can pardon, being offenses against a particular state?

          Even so, if BHO grants pardon and even demands the record be expunged, the Internet is forever – “You can’t stop the signal!”

    • +1

      Google “Michael Blutrich” (Cuomo’s former law partner) and it gives you a taste of the kind of scum Cuomo is.

  3. Imagine how effective a list you could have if you were to say, include all of the big city gang intelligence info, like suspected gang members, and their baby mamas, and their cuzzins..

    The democrats seem to think that they’ll always be in power. Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano thought that returning veterans, tea party members, constitutionalists, etc, were deserving of inclusion in these lists, what if a Republican DHS secretary thinks that Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Party, and a whole host of leftist social justice warriors are the real domestic terrorists??

    • Indeed. One day they will wake up and realize they spent the last 8 years “triggering” conservatives with their barely disguised socialist revival. What happens when the OFWGs get back into power, and decide it’s their pinko nonsense that is in fact “problematic?” If they think the micro-aggression they get on disqus and facebook is bad, imagine what these precious little non-aborted fetuses will think about the “safe-spacer watch list.”

      • Back in November of 2013, Harry Reid and company triggered the “nuclear option” for judicial and cabinet appointees. Then they lost the majority in the Senate. Now they have to live with the rules that they changed , while now being in the minority.

        That fickle pendulum of politics…

  4. Some of these so-called “journalists” should be asking if these various Dems also want to subject the folks on the “terrorist watch list” and the “no-fly list” to random warrantless searches in and out of their homes. But they won’t.

  5. And the first to be added to “the list” will be the licensed firearm owners of New York state?

    You have to own a firearm before you can be denied one, in the Dem’s drug induced haze.

  6. Its just amazing that they don’t even seem to consider that they are taking on the people with the guns and that when we are done with the one’s they send to take away our guns, we will be going after them next. The one thing that should be made mandatory is voting. And keep very good records, because if you don’t vote you should be sent to the “Group W bench”, and told to STFU. They are not our leaders. They work for us.

  7. I no longer live in NY State but did live there for 39 years. NY City and Albany run the state. Cuomo is corrupt, he was corrupt when he was in charge of HUD, as they all are.

    His SAFE Act made NYers register their “assault weapons”.. After a lawsuit, the State Police did not want to but had to make public the number of people who registered AR’s. They stated that just over 40,000 people registered.

    If there are 7.5 million AR’s in the country and 8 million people outside of NY City are average Americans, with 320,000,000 people in the country, they should have registered over 187,500 AR’s. Just like Connecticut. This is known as Civil Disobedience, when a law abiding citizen decides a law is illegal and they won’t follow it.

    As this goes on, more citizens will make the call to ignore any law idiots like Cuomo push through.

    Then some fools start reading the Constitution, they will rebel as they realize our government at all levels is for sale, to anyone with $.

    Outside the Democratic cities in NY State, in the real state, people get CHP’s easy and there is open carry in rural counties, especially on ones own property, with no one, including State Troopers challenging them. The local judges will throw any charges out.

  8. Are the federal prosecutors cheating? It would appear they are just using a list of recipients of Shannon’s Sugar Daddy’s largess to find corrupt politicians. Who would be most likely to accept money/bribes to adopt anti civil rights policies? Criminals in office?

  9. No Fly List

    1. A few birds.
    2. A few bugs.
    3. Everything else except bats.
    4. All pants until Levi 501’s.

  10. That’ll totally work. Because no terrorist has ever obtained a gun illegally or had someone else buy one for them. Which is also illegal.

  11. Democrat logic: denial of 2nd Amendment rights without due process is not a civil rights violation.

    Examining the social media posts of a visa applicant is.

    What in God’s name is wrong with these people?

  12. I can say the same thing about ccw permits and the permission slips some state require before buying a handgun. What other protected rights do you have to pay a tax and get permission to excercise?

  13. These idiot politicians are falling right in line with the insurgent/terrorist playbook. When you start to “toughen up” and deny people their civil rights, you eventually alienate the general public and make the insurgent/ terrorist’s job easier. If you look at every instance in history where these tactics have been used against a portion of the populace, it has backfired to the benefit of those it was meant to thwart.

  14. How about this: make the No Fly List subject to due process.

    I know, I know. I’m asking for too much.

  15. It is now “DO process” as in they DO process you until you can afford to fight back. Good luck with that.

  16. This man is all the reason anyone could ever need for an argument in favor of freeing upstate NY from the repugnant thuggery of downstate politicians. He lost almost every county up here in the last election, and is largely hated. I don’t expect NY politics to change after he’s indicted, but it will give me a great deal of moral satisfaction to know that he’ll be added to the long list of disgraced excrement from Albany.

    Just think, after he’s convicted, he’ll be a felon and won’t be able to legally own a firearm.

  17. He said “”to allow people who you believe have terrorist connections , to buy guns, is irresponsible””
    So is stripping people of their rights to defend themselves without due process of law. Now all it takes is mere suspicion to deny US citizens the right to defend themselves from tyrannical egomaniacs Like Cumo.
    The 911 Hijackers did not use guns , nor were they American citizens, Nor would any of Andys disillusioned solutions prevented the worst terrorist attacks in history from happening, Nor would it have prevented Sandy Hook school shooting from happening . Heres a tip Mr Cumo, if sombebody is suspected of having Terrorist ties , ARREST THEM! WTF? If you don’t have enough evidence to arrest, then you don’t have enough evidence to strip them of their rights as Americans . People who are not American are already banned from buying weapons

  18. Correction ANON
    you stated “” that just over 40,000 people registered.””
    which is not correct, 40,000 weapons were registered . Most of those registering had more than 1 A lot of those who registered were small time dealers who had a lot of money tied up in those weapons and were forced to do so or lose their investment. the real numbers of people who registered was probably only a fraction of the 40 ,000 weapons

  19. Andy Cuomo is Lieing on his face! he stated on the record that 2000 known terrorists attempted to buy a gun and 90% of them were allowed!! which would mean 1800 terrorists bought guns and did nothing with them?? Or have they all been arrested? Were they all Americans? Because you cant sell them to foreigner’s or terrorists at Gander Mountain Mr Cumo. Why is this man not arrested on mere suspicion of undermining the constitution of the United States? WTF??

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