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To understand the importance of gun rights in American society you need context. To promote civilian disarmament, you have to ignore any context. This New Yorkers Against Gun Violence yearbook is an excellent example of bloody shirt-waving for gun control devoid of context.

For example, the book makes no mention of the criminal activities which led to some if not most of the firearms-related homicides chronicled in its pages. More than that, where’s the yearbook of kids and teens killed in auto accidents, or by physicians?

The yearbook calls for more gun control laws, even though none of them would have saved these victims. Or most future victims. Go figure.

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  1. I thought this may be a good venue to ask TTAG to review the 7.5 FK field pistol . It is quite intriguing and I have noticed the topic getting a lot of attention in my circles and who in their right mind wouldn’t want to play around and review this jewel .
    Also , ever since you have change the web format , my ease of use has been great .
    Good job .

  2. Hmmm, I agree, if the year book had shown those killed because they had probably belonged to violent criminal gangs and that they were killed in the on going war to control drug territory, then it might serve a useful purpose.

  3. I’m about out of toilet paper, is that available in a print edition?


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