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(courtesy twitter)
TTAG reader TT writes:

WTF? Maybe I’m stupid but I’m not following the logic here. Does he think that the 90 million gun owners are going to change our minds about gun ownership if blacks start owning guns?? Or maybe he thinks the NRA, with millions of new members along with the funding and political power that would come from these additional members, is just going to change their minds and close up shop? Let’s start with the first brilliant idea . . .

Black criminals, along with white, Hispanic, Asian and whatever other criminals there are out there, already have guns.  Lots of them. The rest of America’s gun owners believe — truly believe — we would be better off if more minorities owned guns. High crime areas generally have high minority populations. They are the most in need of the protection of firearms. Has he never heard of Otis McDonald?

The second less than brilliant idea is that the NRA is going to be less powerful with millions of new dues-paying members. This is Debbie Wasserman Shultz-level stupidity. I’m not sure there are any other words to descibe how stupid this would be. He cannot possibly believe this would be the result of his suggestion.

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  1. If every black man and woman 18-35 applied for CCWs and joined the NRA the country would suddenly be moving in the right direction again.

  2. By all means, he should strongly encourage all law abiding black males 18-35 to join the NRA and apply for carry permits.

      • Many uninformed people on the internet think it’s “conceal and carry” because they’ve never seen it written down by an informed person and they lack basic critical thinking skills.

      • I tried just concealing my gun once, buried it in my front yard and walked away . It worked out great until a squirrel dug it up and had a ND.

  3. So? Do it. Run the experiment and see what happens.

    I can tell you the response from our household, at least, would be “Yay!”

  4. Wow, racist much Wendell Pierce?

    Am I to somehow fear black males legally having guns, having gotten the training, and passed whatever state-level background check is imposed for whichever state they are getting their CCW in?

    Quite the opposite, Wendell. Bring it. Legal gun owners start to get a bit itchy when government says they are going to restrict or take them away. I posit that this would have exactly opposite the effect you believe it will.

    • I took what he wrote is that the political class would push through the gun control, despite what their constituents said or did, and if I understand him correctly then I couldn’t disagree with him.

    • Yeah that’s what I came here to say. TT seems confused.

      His racist as hell insinuation is that white people (y’know them fat old racists NRA types) would freak out and pass gun control laws if all them scary black people started getting guns.

      It just shows how little he understands you and I.

    • Wendell is asserting that the NRA and all the gun owners in the country are racist bigots, and if huge numbers of black people began to buy guns, racist bigots would find plenty of exceptions to the second amendment.

      Wendell is a leftist/liberal. Liberalism is a mental disorder (where did I read that?). Wendell does not know, or ignores that racists and bigots were the source of all gun control legislation.

  5. Wow…the stupidity drips right off that twit(ter).

    I guess he’d never heard of the Armed Citizen Project,

    started by, run and at least partly funded by white folks. I can say “at least partly funded” with certainty, because I have donated to them.

    Or, maybe he has not seen any of the myriad of blog posts and comments on the subject. That’s understandable, though, what with his head in what should be an anatomically unattainable position.

    It’s just more projection, though. Wendell himself must be such a racist a-hole that the seriously believes all of us are, too.

    So here it is, Wendell: I myself, and many, many like me (that also post here) would welcome ANY and ALL brothers and sisters to join our gun-owning and NRA belonging ranks, regardless of race.

    But, you’ll never allow that will you, Wendell, for the simple reason that when people tool up via CCW’s and NRA membership, they take pride and responsibility for their own lives and have less reliance on the likes of you try to tell them what to think.

    • Tell me more about the ACP. I see on the website that they have a Houston program. Do you have to live in the city and meet any other qualifications (income, lack of guns, etc.)?

      I can think of at least one household that would turn down a second shotgun. Heck, we could even be happy with an 18.5″ barrel to swap onto the 870.

      • I believe the ACP targets specific high-crime neighborhoods for their work, so if you don’t live in one of the areas they’re focusing on, you’re not very likely to get a free gun. Also, their application asks for income information and whether you already have any guns, so I suspect those are criteria they look at for deciding who to accept into their program.

        The idea is to increase legal firearms ownership in defined areas and see if that correlates to lower crime rates in the future. So they have to be pretty selective about where their limited supply of guns gets distributed.

        • That makes a lot of sense. I just thought I might have won the free gun lottery for a moment. We don’t get buybacks here, so I don’t have opportunities for cheap guns.

      • Katy, read this review on the Pardner:

        “To prevent barrels from being interchanged between the Remington 870 express and the NEF PP the notches in the barrel that plug into the receiver are different lengths and the barrel ring that fits over the magazine tube and is then locked down by the end cap is placed differently. WE HAVE FOUND A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO MAKE BARREL INTERCHANGE POSSIBLE. However I will not say what this entails online over the internet but rest assured it does work, is safe and is fairly simple to accomplish.”

    • Before the 2008 elections, I asked a black female who she was voting for. She said John Edwards. I asked her why not Barack Obama. She said “Oh Lord no! If he becomes President, they gonna kill him.”
      Black people really don’t know shit about white Conservatives.

      • I’m not black and I expected the same. It was the reason I decided to vote against Obama before hearing a single word from his mouth – I didn’t want to take any chances that Biden could become president.

        At this point there is so much gridlock, I wouldn’t worry if Obama resigned and we had Biden for the remainder.

  6. If every black male 18 – 35 applied for a concealed & carry permit, then joined the NRA in one day; Wendell Pierce would be out of a job and irrelevant.

      • I suspect you mean “superfluous” but then again, it really would be the best (a superlative) if this dingbat did lose his job.

        • He’s never been successful enough as an actor to even be considered “washed up”. I’ve seen him un a host of guest roles for more than a decade.

          His last regular gig (that I can recall) was on the short lived Denis Leary show “The Job” which was back in 2001. Before 9-11..

          At this point, anything he can do to call attention to his pathetic self, and therefore his resume’, can only improve his lot as underemplyed actor.

          Oh, and I’m always happy when any law abiding black man (or woman) applies for a CFL, and gets it.

  7. He recognizes the fact that virtually all gun control from the 1860s forward, except the NFA and the Hughes Amendment, is aimed at disarming black citizens.

    And perhaps he believes that headlines proclaiming massive numbers of blacks were arming themselves and joining the terrorist organization called NRA would cause a new surge of gun bans from the racist white shits in Congress. That’s where he and I part ways.

    • This is the racist crap I got from the Bird Brain’s Tweet – he apparently believes that if this move by black men to become legally armed and NRA members were to occur a huge number of currently unconcerned or at least ambivalent gun muggles would freak out and demand that Congress pass anti Second Amendment gun control legislation to solve the problem.

    • In denying that the NRA was founded to protect the rights of blacks to arm themselves in self defense, this guy pointed out that most of the gun control laws originated in the south–failing to realize (or know) that at the time the south was run by (conservative) Democrats.

  8. Me thinks that would mean they finally have seen the error of their ways and no Democrat would ever be elected again, ever.
    Me also thinks our inner city crime problems would vanish.
    Oh what a wonderful world……

  9. It’s the default liberal argument of the past seven years – if you disagree with the Democrat party line, it must be because your’e racist. Therefore you must certainly oppose anything that involves minorities enjoying the same rights you enjoy, especially if those rights are frowned upon by the DNC.

    Never mind your actual opinion on the matter. You’ve been assigned your official Democrat-issued opinion, and that is what they will argue to no matter what you actually say.

  10. What a dummy. My #1 shooting buddy is… a black male. Hard core democrat too. But, we both enjoy shooting, guns, and getting more proficient.

    The other day at my range there was a Hispanic couple, my black buddy, a local college prof with a global warming sticker on his car, and, I kid you now, a Sikh guy all putting holes in paper. I joked with my wife it was like a commercial.

    • That warms my heart 🙂 I’ve had a similar experience at ranges here in Seattle. I’ve regularly seen an incredibly diverse array of humanity at ranges…White, Black, East and South Asian, young, old, male, female. Have not yet seen another Sikh (at least one who’s visibly obvious) which puzzles me considering Sikhism’s awesome military history. Thank you for the very cool anecdote though.

  11. If every black man and woman, age 18-35, were to move to a constitutional carry state, they wouldn’t need to even bother waiting for the LTC to clear before carrying.

    If they made it clear that was why they were moving, I suspect that CA, MD, and others like them would quickly amend their laws to be more accommodating.

  12. Actually, he might be right, in a good landing, wrong airport kind of way.

    If that actually happened it would signal among blacks a radical shift from victimhood and toward empowerment, from entitlement and toward responsibility, from de facto wards of the state and toward individual private citizens. If that were to happen, the Democrat party would be finished.

    The Dems cannot survive without blowout percentage support of minorities, achievable only through perpetual belittling and grievance group politics. If the Dems were on the brink of electoral extinction, they would pull out every stop, pull every stunt, play every dirty trick, and blackmail anyone with so much as a chip of a stapes in their closet to snatch the firearm freedom.

    As LBJ said, the Dem party strategy and success rests on keeping the [racist, offensive reference for blacks, in the original] voting Democrat for the next hundred years.

  13. Oh I can just see all the blood in the streets. You would have to swim. What with all the libtard heads exploding and all.

  14. Wendell is wrong — but I’m certainly willing to give his program a try. So sign up, black men and women. I’m a certified instructor in MA and I’ll provide the MA training for free if you join the NRA.

  15. I believe this is because they think laws would be enacted because more black people did have gun, again they think we are racist because we own a gun.

    • Of course he thinks we are all racists, but that is not the real point of his Tweet. What he is implying is that even non gun-owning whites are closet racists and the thought of that many blacks with legal guns would trigger enough fear that they would demand an end to gun freedoms and the imposition of draconian gun laws for no other reason than to keep black men from carrying guns legally.

      My response – Recruit the black women too!

    • The irony is that gun laws came about primarily to keep minorities vulnerable to a racist majority, which was politically Democratic.

      If blacks are in their current condition largely because generations of racist liberals put them there, then why would conservatives and libertarians oppose expansion of black freedom through exercise of 2A rights? After all, the GOP is the party of Lincoln and Ike. The Democrats are the party of rabid racist party leaders such as Wilson, Wallace, Faubus, LBJ, and Byrd.

      Oooohhhhh, I get it. He’s playing the old “I know you are but what am I?” card. That’s the one where racist liberals try to flip the script and make conservatives out to be the racists. That’s cute.

  16. Minor quibbles:

    1) In most states you have to be 21 to get a carry permit.

    2) A distressingly large percentage of black males will have made themselves ineligible for a carry permit by the time they reach 21.

    For those that remain qualified, and want the responsibility of carrying a firearm in public, I welcome them.

  17. I’ve always said what is”wrong” with this country would be fixed by having responsible minorities of all types actively supporting our RTBA (“ours” because we all have this right). Seems so simple to me…

  18. Have people forgotten that when the Panthers began open carrying rifles and shotguns in California, the state very quickly outlawed open carry? Gov. Reagan signed the bill into law.

    • The Back Panthers were a violent, militant group. Not only their pronouncements of violent overthrow of the “white power structure” bear this out, but also actual shootouts with police. Banning OC in that climate woud be akin to banning it today for ISIS supporters.

      Sure, more targeted, individual-oriented measures other than a blanket OC ban would have been preferable. Let’s keep it in the context of the times, though. There were insurgents running around California committing violence. Let’s not pretend all was lovey dovey and that big ‘ol meanie Reagan took away OC for no good reason.

    • Ummm, no, it didn’t outlaw open carry, at least not at that time. What it outlawed was LOADED open carry, and yes, it was as a result of a Black Panther protest at the State Capitol. The total ban on open carry of handguns occurred in 2013 when open carry advocates began doing just that–openly carrying unloaded handguns, much to the chagrin of soccer moms everywhere and the Democratic majority in the urban centers. The mere threat of open carrying of unloaded long guns resulted in a total ban effective a year later.

  19. I guess we’re all supposed to be racists or something. I’m not sure what he’s driving at or why he thinks gun control would suddenly start magically working.

  20. Even as a hypothetical Wendell’s idea is brain dead. As a factual matter there are so many African American males 18-35 with criminal records that at the very least a significant plurality of them are prohibited persons and incapable of legal firearms ownership, much less concealed weapons permits.

    And you can thank unconstitutional weapons laws enacted by Democrats, as well as the utterly failed war on drugs and our cradle to grave welfare system for that sad state of affairs.

    • “…there are so many African American males 18-35 with criminal records that at the very least a significant plurality of them are prohibited persons and incapable of legal firearms ownership, much less concealed weapons permits.”

      You touched on the truth with your closing statement – unconstitutional laws.

      “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      There is NOTHING in those 27 words that authorizes the government to designate anyone a “prohibited person” or require government mandated permits for the exercise of our Second Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms. Every such “keep and bear” prohibition and/or regulation is unconstitutional and the only authority I can see devolving to the government is to criminalize certain specific acts committed with arms that violate other people’s rights. And those should be severely limited. A crime should be a crime and be prosecuted as such regardless of any weapon or no weapon involved in the commission of the crime. Murder or robbery do not become more serious offenses just because the guy used a gun.

  21. Gee homie have you seen Colion Noir? My 2 sons are considered black…maybe you’re just mad about that name. “Well it ain’t Wendall Wilkie!”

  22. Aside from the ammunition shortage that so many new shooters would cause I welcome the approximately ten million new shooters.

  23. I’m black and this would make me very happy. Owning a firearm opens up your mind towards all sorts of things. When you realize you can take care of your personal safety you start to think about what else can you achieve by yourself. We should start a campaign.

    • I’m white and I think more guns in the hands of law abiding people of any color, religion, etc. can only be a good thing.
      I’ve often thought that neighborhoods experiencing drive-by shootings and other violent acts should establish a local militia to actively patrol. One or two attempted drive-by’s ending with the attacking vehicle smouldering with a bunch of extra holes and such activity would soon evaporate.

  24. I would encourage any person of any gender and proportion of melanocytes between the ages of 18-35 get a concealed carry permit and join the NRA.

  25. Wendell isn’t insane, he is just a plain old race hustlin’ racist. I’ve never heard of him, but apparently he is a Hollywood success of some sort with a platform. How about you take on the plight of all the young black males that are killed and wounded daily in every major city in America instead of picking on law abiding gun owners?

  26. Am I the only one who read it as

    Gun control is a racist and if all of a sudden bunch of blacks started owning guns the government would finally make gun control happen ?

  27. i’m in the same boat. that tweet makes no sense to me. the only thing i can think of is this guy ACTUALLY thinks that all gun owners and gun businesses are inherently racist in every way. which is preposterous.

  28. A freaking “actor” – a phony usurping the personality of another or creating a fake personality. A pretend person. As Ted Danson, Jane Fonda, Woody Harrelson and thousands of other useless oxygen thieves.

  29. If every black male between 18 and 35 who wasn’t a prohibited person applied for a concealed carry permit, the Bloods, Crips and other gangbangers would be quaking in terror.

  30. Wendall is a fantastic actor.

    He cares deeply for the underprivileged.

    He is missled on this issue.

    Type “the wire mother” into YouTube.

  31. Really, how many law-abiding black males between the ages of 18 and 35 can there be? Now, if all black males of whatever age want to send money to the NRA, more power to them.


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