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  1. The AR-15 seems to make a pretty good self defense weapon. Beto Francis O’Cork never came to my house to get it.

    • “Beto Francis O’Cork never came to my house to get it.”

      You mis-spelled “Beto Francis O’Cuck”… 🙂

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  2. the ONE downfall of the first ammendment, morons who know nothing about the subject are allowed to pontificate!!

  3. And these are the same people who want the police defunded and disbanded???

  4. An AR is a pretty good defense weapon, and touted by numerous people as their #1 choice.

    However, POTG is a large tent, and anybody is welcome to choose whichever platform they wish. I’ve had master instructors tell me their go-to weapon is a shotgun, or an AR kitted a certain preferred way, or a full-size handgun with extended mag and WML, or such.

    I have an array from which to choose, and I’d rather have any of them than nothing at all. I *do* have my preferred gat I have at my side every night, but I also have an AR ready to rock as a backup if the balloon goes up and a mob of angry Antifatards with Molotovs finds its way to my street. A handgun or shottie will be very effective, but the wokesters somehow elevate the AR-15 to WMD status, so the sight of me in my doorway wearing a vest and having my AR at sling-arms ready would be a very recognizable message of “Get Off My Lawn”.

  5. Apparently the maybe one day to be chalk outlined woke marxist and sht grin brian do not know murderers, rapists, thieves, kidnappers, home invaders, perverts, child molesters and tyrants all agree no one needs an AR-15.

  6. @A Woke Citizen and Brian Krassenstein
    Both of you “twits” are ignorant hoplophobes. Your opinions have zero credibility.
    BTW, hoplophobia has been recognized as a mental illness by the AMA. Seek professional help.

  7. lol
    This is exactly the type of craziness that keeps me off of Twitter. At least with TTAG I can be subjected to it without having to install an app.

  8. Claiming yourself as ‘woke’. Ain’t that the same as declaring yourself not to be a racist?

    • I might could see that except that the ones that are actually woke have a tendency to be the biggest racists.

      • I could have worded that better. “I’m not a racist. Some of my best friends are black.” Is kinda what I was going for.

        The woke believe that minorities can only thrive with a benevelent white man at their head.

        • When blacks talk about DE&I and refer to white people as not understanding how racist they are, it’s actually blacks not understanding that it isn’t white people…It’s white liberals. But truthfully, it’s liberals in general. The thought that black people can be and often are themselves racist is something that gets flat out rejected under the idea that they can’t be because they don’t have the power.

          The whole thing is just a pile of BS. The left labels the right with things they themselves actually do.

  9. Brian Krassenstein, meet Zach Peters. I think he’ll disagree with you about your statement that “An AR-15 is a pretty bad self-defense weapon.”

    Zach Peters, a 23 year-old Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, man was jarred awake during the day on Monday, March 27, 2017; by the sound of what turned out to be three masked men breaking through a glass door of the home owned by his father. The man armed himself with an AR-15. He confronted a criminal trio dressed in black, wearing masks and gloves. He fired in self-defense. All three were killed. (courtesy Larry Keane, NSSF, via the Daily Caller.)

  10. Guess that depends on what you’re defending yourself against. If you’re being attacked by a pride of lions I’d want a little more gun, but probably not a bad choice for two legged critters.

  11. ‘No one needs a X’ has been a constant refrain by anti-gunners since before I was even born. And I’m riding the edge of the big 4-0.

    The thing is that these same troglodytes that are screech about ARs are the same that were rambling about being ‘allowed’ to own ANY guns in general. The only difference is that the AR-15 is the ‘current thing’ that’s getting all the attention.

  12. My AR15’s and AR10’s are my favorite rifles without a doubt. There’s nothing better to have deer hunting than a well zeroed AR10. My personal opinion is the .308 is the most perfect caliber ever invented. I’ve taken many Texas deer with my 30/30 over the years too.

    • Bolt action for me on the hunting, if my first shot ain’t good my second one is no better and if I do connect its usually blood shot meat where I dont want it or guts.
      My semi automatics are ‘weapons of war’ and there is nothing wrong with that.
      The Second Amendment is about the peoples ability to wage war.
      So they can take their weapons of war bans and shove it up their birds of paradise.

  13. I see this and all I can think is the blind leading the blind.

    AR15’s make great self defense weapons. There are better but then there are worse too. It’s all relative. They are legal because of the 2nd Amendment. So all I can do is laugh.

  14. If AR15’s suck so bad as a self defense weapon why are they issued to every Police department countrywide, the Security Service, Capitol Hill Police, IRS (Armed Division), DEA, DOE, NASA SWAT, BATFE etc, etc, etc.

  15. Not sure where Brian Krassenstein found his firearms knowledge but, his business dealing is definitely suspect.

    This little tid bit will provide some insight on Brian and his brother/business partner Ed as well as their “businessassociates”:
    “The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) raided the Krassenstein brothers’ homes and web site operations in 2017, pulling TalkGold and MoneyMakerGroup offline on or around August 22. In a civil asset forfeiture complaint, the DOJ accused the Krassensteins of obtaining property that was considered to be “traceable to proceeds of wire fraud.”

    “The Krassensteins settled their case with the federal government. They consented to asset forfeiture of about $450,000 from the sale of a rental property. On their own Independent Reporter web site, the Krassensteins wrote that the U.S. government had offered them a settlement that would have compelled them to testify against members of an “international organized crime syndicate”. They rejected that deal out of concerns for their own safety.”

    • Yeah pretty bad AZZ! What a pair of maroon’s 😆🙄 Are they relatives of Gersh KUNTsman?

  16. AR and mounted bayonet makes a compelling case to cease any hostility.

  17. The AR-15 is legal again. I was never not legal. See what I did lefties? Words and how they are used in the construction of logical and meaningful sentences, matter. Unless, you’re a lefty then go ahead and keep making assess of yourselves. And that is ASSess, not assess.

  18. The expired and useless Assault Weapons Ban the idiots want to reprise was a ban on cosmetics of semiautomatic rifles. The current crap they are pushing names particular models that can be changed by changing stamping dies. The rest of their ban is again nothing but cosmetic features.
    Strange how the idiots are demanding we ban the scary rifles etc. but can never come up with a definition or description of an Assault Weapon. Of course that is of a purpose. without a definite description and definition of an Assault Weapon, they can change the rules at any time without bothering with legislation or actual statutory law.
    The AR-15 is not my first choice of either defensive, nor combat weapons. As a close quarter defensive weapon, either the handgun that is either on my person or within arms length nearly all the time. It isn’t in the bath with me or when I have to go into federal offices etc.
    Defensive weapon number 2 would be the old pump shotgun in the bedroom or in the rack near the kitchen door. 1 in each location. locked up but easily accessed. Third, and getting into more offensive weapons, would be the AR-10 or M1A in the same rack behind the kitchen door. If I have time to get to the safe, it would be the FN FAL along with the other 7.62 NATO rifles. My AR-15 is my primary varmint and pest control rifle.
    Of course, I’m old and am old school as well. if it comes down to use of force for defensive purposes, bigger and more potent is better. If I have to drop the hammer on some miscreant, I want something that is going to anchor them and keep them down. If with nothing else but sheer weight of the lead sinker they swallowed.

  19. If I had to go into battle right now it would be with one of my Aero Precision M5E1 builds. Ditto for a hog hunt or self defense.

    • I’d take 1,218,556 chihuahuas tweaking on chrystal meth.
      Actually thinking of going into battle kinda makes me puke sick.
      I’m just here for the left overs.

  20. Assault Weapons bans are silly. But I’m preaching to the choir. Once you give government the authority to ban something a gun because it LOOKS scarier than other guns…. AND the ability to define what scary looking means….. they won’t stop until they’ve taken everything.

    ARs are great for home defense. Lots of ammo, easy to use, plenty of power.
    ARs are great for hunting. Hogs, coyotes, and other small to mid sized pests.
    ARs are great for shooting sports.
    ARs are easy to customize, relatively affordable, relatively reliable, have relatively low recoil, and are great for everyone beginner to advanced.

    Could I use a Ruger Mini 14 an SKS or an M1 Carbine for those things? Sure. But for how long? Ban “assault weapons” today and by tomorrow the anti gun politicians will be telling their sheep that they need to ban the other guns that are just as dangerous as ARs out there. Probably call it a “loophole” in the law.

  21. Does no one remember the Kenosha Kid? Self defense, perfectly displayed, with an AR-15

    • Well, $100 says these two idiots do remember our have protagonist thusly; a murdering murderer who murdered several Indigenous Black Colored People with a bazooka and a flamethrower, all while screaming “Heil Hitler! Go Trump Go! Vanilla Ice Cream and Milk!”

  22. Reliable, light-weight, low-recoil, easy to maintain, ubiquitous parts and ammunition availability. The AR-15 has stood the test of time – Eugene Stoner was a visionary and an engineering genius.

    The left-wing always calls the AR-15 a “terrible self-defense” weapon, but they never say why.

    • this gun was originally designed to be a superior infantry weapon….largely because of the weight factor…and was just powerful enough to do the job…but it has a lot of features that appeal to civilians, as well…

  23. How can a weapon simultaneously be so uber-deadly that no one should be allowed to own one and yet not be deadly enough to be useful for self defense. That’s like saying that my truck is too big to tow a skid loader but not big enough to tow a jet ski.

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