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Shannon, Shannon, Shannon. When you tell so many lies about guns and gun owners (90% want universal background checks!, ‘gun bullies’ intimidated us!) it gets hard to recognize the truth. But there’s no reason to tell a fib just because you’re embarrassed.

Our man Alan Brooks saw the Moms Demand Action doyenne leaving Saturday’s SXSW civilian disarmament seminar and asked if she had a second for a quick photo. Figuring everyone must be a devoted fan, she said, “Sure!”

After the pic, Alan then shook her hand and thanked her. And that’s the whole story behind the photo that’s provoking so much conversation (follow the subsequent tweet war here). And no small amount of creativity. Check this out . . .

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    • Wow… just wow.

      I am actually surprised that who ever is running the social media campaigns for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence would allow such a childish tit-for-tat to even happen. After reading the CSGV’s tweets all of our “gun-nut” paranoia is seemingly confirmed with such gems as this one:

      CSGV ‏@CSGV 2h
      @sithschnauzer The police have a responsibility to protect the public. Gun nuts have “Stand Your Ground” laws. Big difference.

      Its good to know that we’re all f*cking crazy, we’re going to shoot anything and everything that moves, and we are surely plotting against women, minorities, the state of Israel, the state of Palestine, people who walk on the correct side of the sidewalk, dogs, and trees.

      Its these sort of histrionics that make the CSGV’s arguments fall flat on their face. Why would I take anything you say seriously if you cant have an adult discussion about what firearms mean to our country, and the individuals who make up said country?

      • It is hard to have an adult conversion on just about any topic with someone who disagrees with your viewpoint.

      • The level of hate, invective, ad-hominem attacks with not one ounce of reason, logic, or discussion of the just breath taking.

        It truly is like I’m looking into the minds of immature 12 year olds. More like children having a tantrum. Let alone mothers with children.

      • I’m surprised whoever is running CSGV’s Twitter account would let them falsely accuse Alan of a felonious criminal act not once but twice.

        There’s a LOT of civil liability that attaches when you accuse someone knowingly and willfully of committing a felony while knowing such accusation is false and defamatory.

        How much you want to bet that whoever sent those Tweets out is now looking for another job?

        • Was wondering that myself… that went from “NGO representative” to “librul with a chip on the shoulder” real quick…

        • “I’m surprised whoever is running CSGV’s Twitter account would let them falsely accuse Alan of a felonious criminal act not once but twice.”

          It gets worse! Accusing him of a felonious criminal act, WHILE DENYING IT HAPPENED!!

          Even if you can fix stupid, you certainly can’t fix THIS stupid.

      • just goes to show how insecure and childish these people REALLY are there Andrew. and that’s ALL they can do is sling mud (as evident by Shannon’s initial tweet that started the whole thing because she’s embarrassed, much like folks like Sheila Jackson Lee, the Senator who asked if the Mars rover could see the American flag left by the astronauts. and called the local Texas paper that printed the quote racist for putting it in an article from her interview) about a responsible gun owner (who’s following the law as law abiding citizen who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon like a firearm by the state of Texas, or as a reciprocated licensee from another state). But they have absolutely NO problem displaying their violent natures about Gun rights advocates time and again, but yet they attempt to maintain this arrogance by using words like “fetishism” (oh yeah “creepy” at that, pffft pul-eeze) to make them look good to the public eye.

    • I thought they supported the second amendment and legally owned guns? (sarcasm) I mean if he was carrying on his ankle it probably fits the bill of guns they “like” right?

  1. Oh the pathos! These ‘victimized moms’ are terrible with rhetoric. But that is a glorious picture, no doubt about it!

    • Something JUST occurred to me… good a “mom” can she be. Running a national non-profit anti-constitution group can’t possibly leave much time for actual parenting…..

      • hahaha I thought this before as well, just like having a traveling business man or policians for a parent, very little face time to actually do that parenting stuff 🙂

      • With such absentee parenting, what kind of morals will her child grow up with? Poor thing could grow up believing that guns aren’t evil or even touch one if “mom” isn’t around… She may even grow up believing people should have the freedom to exercise all their Constitutional rights!

      • Sorry PeirsonB, are you a Dad? Do you have a full time job? Then I guess based upon your assessment of SW, you’re not much of a Father. I highly disagree with SW and MMAG/MDA but to charterize her as a bad mother just because she has a full time job is sexist, unless you consider full time working fathers the same.

        • Sorry PeirsonB, are you a Dad? Do you have a full time job?

          Yes, and yes.

          but to charterize her as a bad mother just because she has a full time job is sexist

          I did no such thing. In fact, if we are to believe that MDA is truly a non-profit, grassroots organization then Shannon does not have a full time job. She’s a volunteer. As a volunteer head of such an organization of MDA it is not unusual to spend 90-100 per week running the organization. Add to that insane amounts of travel that said people do.

          So, she is spending inordinate amounts of time away from her family for what is, ostensibly, a volunteer’s pay.

        • Uh, as a Dad and full time employee, I put my child on the bus, meet my child getting off the bus, do the snack after school, do farm chores with him, do quality time with him, etc. Why do you suggest there’s mutual exclusivity with that? I believe the poi t is the difficulty is actuall spending time with you children while simultaneously flying all over the country pulling PR stunts.


        • Okay peirsonb,

          So you claim you did not call her a bad mother for having a job, then outlined reasons why you called her a bad mother for being a volunteer.

          I think you missed the point there, just a little bit…

        • Sorry, sir (Duke), but I think it is you that is missing the point.

          What he’s saying, in my read of what he said, is that it’s a question of priorities.

          Her family does not depend on what she’s doing (despite her delusions that she’s somehow protecting them). His job kind of does provide for the needs of his family in very direct and acute ways.

          To make it simple: she’s pursuing a political hobby and pretty much nothing more. To equate that with a man fulfilling his obligations to his family is, quite frankly, reprehensible.

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    • Shannon sez – “He claimed to be a Huge Fan!!!!!”

      Shannon, dear, we at TTAG *are* huge fans! We love every word you say. They make our jobs in presenting 2A so much easier, not to mention you are making us happy.

      Happy! Happy! Happy!

      I started out blue Monday, then got better because I read TTAG & Twitter.

      • Even if he did say he’s a huge fan, who cares? It’s hilarious.

        This back and forth schoolyard stuff is just lame.

        I’m still trying to figure out how anyone can be “held accountable” for doing nothing illegal too…

  2. It’s not lying if they don’t ask (or in MDA’s case, if you actually believe what you are saying) And if he said that he was lawfully carrying before asking for that picture that tweet would read as the following: “Responsible gun owner from @guntruth threatens mom w/ loaded gun”

  3. Not for nothing – but we all had to know this was going to blow up, right? And – even though it’s not biggie – it does kinda seem a little childish… doesn’t it? A little?

    • So far this tweet seems to win the childish award for the day “Shannon ‏@shannonrwatts 4h
      .@GunTruth came to #SXSW panel, lied & said he was “huge fan”, gets off on taking pic w/loaded gun. @CSGV #MomsDemand”

    • No. It’s funny. And the aftermath is pathetic…on their part.

      What’s childish is all the name calling (misogynistic, women haters, etc) from JUST A PHOTO!

      Come on. Alan did not hurt her in any way, shape or form. He asked to get a photo taken. Both parties are smiling.

      And, he proved two very important points:

      (1) Their fear of guns is completely irrational.
      (2) They will lie and mischaracterize the facts of what happened to fit their narrative.

      In this particular part of the culture war that Shannon Watts started with her idiotically named activist group, what Alan did was fight back.

      And, he won. He’s showing them to be frightened little mice that cannot even stand to have their picture taken next to a (gasp!) man…who they only LATER learned was carrying a gun.

      • she’ll be limiting her contact w/the unwashed public to waving from her popemobile from now on to avoid this type of embarrassing incident 🙂

      • Having involuntarily followed Shannon Watt’s (Shannon Troughton as she was known when she was working as a Public Relations/Communications Pro) a few things come to mind.

        1. She is a Public Relations Propagandist, she avails herself of the tools and opportunities that present themselves. In this case it appears that she is using the “victim card” to claim some sort of harm, within the ranks of “true believers” in her movement it will be good for some “righteous outrage” and bonding against the enemy (us), and probably more revenue generation.

        2. She appears to be really naive. She really doesn’t get it that regular gun owners are just normal people. Demonizing them is really turning against her. Also it appears that she is now a paid organizer and that runs counter to her message that she is “just a Mom” and the “Mom” Branding.

        3. Going from a “behind the scenes” Public Relations “Perception Manager” to front line “celebrity” has had some peculiar flubs, like her using her home address for the corporation, and her surprise that the public would actually talk to her and question her.

        4. She is likely a “true believer” and I can imagine that she would do “anything” to further her objectives.

    • Not that I’ve done anything to support the cause today, and yes, this is total Monday Morning Quarterbacking but . . . :

      More hay could probably have been made by playing this not as “gotcha” but: “See, we pro gun rights people are so pleasant and normal that even our enemies cannot identify us. Also, an anti gunner was actually in the presence of a gun and did not die. As for deceit, neither of the persons pictured asked the other what he/she had in his/her pockets or on his/her person. It didn’t matter to Alan what objects Shannon had on her possession; why would it matter to Shannon what objects Alan had on his person?”

    • I would say this is the opposite of childish. The anti’s show up at our favorite events in droves waving signs and spouting hate speech at random passers by, wearing their cloak feral blindness to protect them from any opinion or fact that isn’t their own.

      When we show up at their events we are courteous and respectful. We listen even though we don’t agree and we mingle, smiling politely and shaking hands with everyone we meet even though the whole point of their event is a disgrace to our country and it’s people.

      I know which one sounds more childish to me.

      • and … to take a comparison to horse training. When training a horse we don’t expect the horse to understand human language so we learn to speak to it in language it will understand. Then we can expect it to respond to our cues.

        Same with the Liberals. We have to use language they understand. This photo with the captions included and all detail are the very same tactics they use against us. They do that because that is all they understand.

        We like to take the high road, to show our higher value by being nicer, accomodating and friendly. How they interpret that is: Weak, doormat, accepts defeat and all of our accusations. Win!

        The solutions is: We have to stop trying to be the bigger person and lead the Lib by example. They will never follow because they do not understand. In contrast, when we use the language and actions that the Lib will understand and that is how we beat them. We can still be the better person and use facts, data, rational debate but how we deliver it – that is the key. See: Ben Shapiro How to Debate Liberals on YouTube

        • +1

          This in spades.

          I’ve been saying for a long time now that one of the biggest drawbacks of gun rights activists and conservatives in general is a larger rural population. Larger rural population = less people with tech skills or finger to the pulse of pop culture.

          Culture wars now are not won by sit ins or anything like that. They’re won through memes, blogs, and animated shorts.

          It’s a new era, and unfortunately the NRA still has a lot of OFWG dead weight and needs to catch up.

  4. When I grow up, I want to be just like Alan Brooks. And if Shannon is “freaked” out by armed men, how does she explain being around Bloomy? Those men in suits with dark sunglasses are not cops and they are not part of the cool crowd in NYC. Them is armed dudes.

    • “Whadda you want us to use man, harsh language?” Yea, thats one of those if I can willfully ignore it will go away thoughts the antis have.

  5. So wait, the way I read her bad grammar is that the mom was packing? English Shannon, there are rules to sentence structure. Perhaps you need a background check and license before using english?!

    • She was probably 3 glasses into that bottle of cheap California wine when she wrote. She has a face with alcoholic stuper written all over it.

        • coffee through the nose! And the rest of the cubicle farm looking nervously at the man snorting with laughter!

      • Cheap Sherry, I bet. And while I wouldn’t want to disparage cheap Sherry, I did date her a couple times. She was a cheap tease, and didn’t put out.

        • Would that a,biguous pronoun reference be for someone named “Cheap Sherry” or “Shannon Watts”? I get so confused.

    • I think that was her attempt at sarcasm, but I don’t see how anyone could think he acted irresponsibly. Then again she thinks all citizens with guns are bullies/stalkers/fetishists/misogynists/racists/mass-murders, so why do we take her seriously?

  6. Responsible gun owner from @guntruth lies to take pic w/ mom w/ loaded gun

    Wait, Shannon was carrying too? Maybe she’s coming around, good for her 🙂

  7. Haha, what a PR FAIL! And no matter what she does to try and control the damage, the illusion has been shattered.

    Newsflash, gun control proponents… the pro-2A community is filled with regular, sensible folks.

  8. Okay, so Shannon is the PR “expert” hired to put the right face on the civilian disarmament movement. She is, we may assume, the best money could buy for this battle front.

    And, she has been soundly beaten by a simple act of social politeness.

    For all her cries of misogyny and women-hating in those tweet threads, and all the ire and anger…she sure does not look frightened in that photo.

    She’s a PR phony and here’s the proof. SOME of her followers will see this. Here’s to hoping that every Google search for the mums hits on these ttag pages and reveals the truth of who they are.

    MAIG tried to engineer a repeat of the MADD successes. And they have FAILED.

    I look for SW to be replaced at Moms soon…by end of summer is my guess. Staples, Facebook, this…she’s just not doing the job.

    • IF she was a COMPETENT PR PRO would she be working this small time puissant project? Not in this day of unlimited libtard “messaging” campaign $ flowing in DC

      • maybe it is compensation review time and Bloomy wants to make sure some of her metrics are met. . . ?

    • She’s an ex-PR hack for MONSANTO. That should tell you everything you need to know about her idea of “truth”…

    • Every time i see a MAIG, CSGV, or MDA tweet, fb post, meme, or ‘news story’ i am reminded of the boy who cried wolf too many times and of chicken little crying ‘the sky is falling!’ their over the top antics have basically become nothing more than a three-ring circus largely ignored by the masses and anyone with even an average IQ coupled with common sense.

  9. You guys should be ashamed, ashamed I say, for exploiting that wonderfull sweetheart. Next up, the bloomberg is really a wonderfull guy post.

  10. I spose this is the reason for the new policy, if they are willing to outright lie about what happens, imagine if they saw some of the “jokes” on here, sure everyone knows its a joke, but for those who “need to believe”

    • Never underestimate the liberal capacity to play stupid in the face of sarcasm or humor – if it allows them to feign outrage.

      • I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to vocalize that thought…consider it stolen.

  11. I didn’t really pay attention to the whole bloggers considered journalists thing, but assuming bloggers have the same protections as journalists, isn’t bringing up stalking irrelevant if said journalist is reporting on your event, whether you like them or not?

  12. I am twitter challenged, I don’t know the significance of the hash tag, or the forward slashes.. Is she bragging about the photo op?, or is she back peddling because she was duped?

    • I couldn’t help but notice there is an awful lot of misandry over there. I’m curious what the reaction would’ve been if it was Emily Miller.

      • Yeah, calling him a stalker is the pinnacle of delusion.

        Let her keep digging that hole. A lot of would-be MDA followers / prospective members will see the true colors. Not all females that have children are as easily duped as SW thinks.

        After all, with all the effort they’ve put into their publicity campaigns and emotional appeals, they only have 18K twitter followers. And some of those are gun rights folks keeping tabs…

      • Be sure to get your stop-watch out and let us know. I think 30-seconds is about the quickest I’ve seen.

    • Your dimwits apparently are at war with the NRA and ALEC.

      What is ALEC? I think I may need to join. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      • ALEC is the american legislative exec council. . . . or something like that. It is basically a chance for state legislators to meet and “harmonize” state laws to keep them from being too radically different. It was criticized a few years back b/c of some left wing propaganda

    • We must be winning, even with them. The photo caption from 3:23 on Saturday says, “When a child is shot, an adult is to blame.”


  13. Now you’ll have to take the Sigfried Oath before you’re allowed to take a picture with her….

  14. Typical that they would spin this in a negative manner. They’re probably busy deleting all the posts on their website/twitter/FB that support gunowners and expose MDAs closemindedness.

  15. He lied?

    Did she ask him, “Do you have a concealed handgun?”

    And did he answer, “No.”

    So what was the lie?

    Did she mean to write, “Irresponsible”?

    I am totally confused.

    • I think she’s insinuating it’s a “lie of omission” (this is a woman thing, don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it). However, in this case would it not be illegal for him to tell her he was carrying concealed? I believe it is in Texas.

      • Is it a lie of omission for a woman to stand next to a man and not tell him it is her time of the month? Or, perhaps that she does / does not use a particular form of birth control?

        Who believes it is right or required to divulge all personal information in an informal social setting like this?

  16. So. Much. Win!

    I wanted to thank you guys for giving us the material for our most popular meme ever. As of right now it’s got 2650 likes, it’s been shared 2.255 times and 372,000 people have viewed it.

  17. He lied by saying “Hey can I take a picture with you?” /facepalm

    In all seriousness, It seems like twitter is a lot of “Two kids arguing by trying to yell over eachother.”

    That being said I did make an account for that damn walther 22 contest and I added ze guntruth anyway.

  18. Too funny. What a vapid, lame response from Watts et al. over a non-event.

    Comment moderated.

  19. With all her supposed marketing experience, you would think she would know when to shut up — her tweet will be an epic fail and only help reinforce gun owners resolve. Sometime it is better to shut up

    • Yep. These people are more often than not their own worst enemies. If the mainstream liberal press wasn’t always coming to their rescue and puffing up their cause, they’d be out’a here.

      She’s worse than a half-wit; she’s a no-wit.

    • What she is doing and what we should all be jumping on, is exposing her own lies about her goals with the MDA.

        • The goal is to bank as much money as she can before the well runs dry. She’s just doing self-directed inward PR. And the Mighty Midget is being conned big time, but is too vain to admit it.

  20. So she’s out to take my rights away and she’s the victim? This woe-is-me victim charade is low.

    She’s the self-proclaimed common-sense reasonable person, yet all of her ideas weaken the law abiding against criminals? The gall of these victim-card-playing know-nothings who wake up one day and think “I have a new idea to solve problem X!” and then proceed to push for the same incredibly stupid miss-the-mark policies that have failed X over and over again. I get it Shannon, you are passionate, but passion doesn’t make you knowledgeable on the issue and successfully leveraging your expertise to manipulate other know-nothings to get behind your “new ideas” doesn’t make them good ones. Truth isn’t democratic and can’t be established with a PR campaign.

    If you want to reduce gun violence and have the moral and legal high ground then go out on the street and catch some violent criminals in the act and take their guns, because in a free country a person is not a criminal until they demonstrate themselves to be through their actions and the state proves it with evidence. If you want to take guns from the law abiding then be prepared to commit a humanitarian atrocity under the auspices of guilty-until-proven-innocent to do so, because that’s what you are going to have to do to us to get your way.

    In the meantime go watch the movie Deacon’s for Defense, 2003, starring Forest Whitaker, and familiarize yourself with the far more subtle and local threat of tyranny that the 2A is there to allow us to defend against, and why even though there are many mechanisms for liberty the 2A is important too. If you don’t understand after that I suggest you go buy yourself a bow-tie.


    • She doesn’t want to understand because she just doesn’t give a rat’s ass, as much as she simply pretends that she does.

      No, What she wants is for more dumb rubes to sacrifice themselves and their children, whom she will use as shields and soapboxes, on the Altar To Stupidity to get rid of something that she simply doesn’t like.

      That’s all there is to it.


      – Bring back the assault weapons ban
      – Register all assault weapons
      – Confiscate any unregistered assault weapons (huh? how do you find them?)
      – Universal background checks
      – After a year of universal background checks, we need full registration because it turns out (surprise) UBCs are un-enforcable without full registration
      – No high-capacity clipazines over ten, seven, or maybe five rounds
      – Ban high-powered military caliber ammunition bullets
      – Make concealed carry permits unobtainable or nearly worthless by making all public places “gun free zones”


  21. So has there been an increase in coexisting, compassionate, and tolerant lefties since Shannon decided to play the lied to victim card? Based on her tweet and the CSGV’s tweet, they are seeing red and not the most emotionally stable.

    • Amygdala hijack.

      And the good news is if we’re careful we can keep it going until her whole brain explodes.

  22. Definition of irony: Hypothetically, If someone had shown up to that event and threatened anyone in that room, you can bet Alan would’ve stepped in to protect them.

    • In one of the twitter threads, one of Watts’ followers said “they don’t want {gun owner’s} protection.”

      Not sure if that person would be singing that same tune in a real active shooter scenario, but it has been said…

    • If that is true then he is a better person than I.

      That is the America they want, let them have a taste.

  23. They’ve taken to as hominem attacks now. Let it be known that Alan is a Marine and former LEO, now special ed teacher.

    • Which totally breaks down their crap even further.

      “He’s a bad, bad man, woman hater and stalker!” Only…you are standing there SMILING next to him, obviously not threatened by his demeanor at all.

      “Guns make you evil…you can’t help it!” Good thing that friendly looking, smiling gentleman in the photo was able to resist, then.

      “Only cops and military should have guns!” Okay, Alan was a cop and military.

      Alan…I repeat: You win. This was brilliant. You beat her at her own game.

      I’m guessing Bloomberg is blowing a gasket today – not over the photo, but over SW’s total failure in handling it today.

      She could have gone for the PR win (killed with kindness and maybe a bit of self deprecation) but instead opted for the defensive two-year-old approach. Not flattering at ALL.

      Hers is a PR war, and she is losing …

    • I’m looking forward to an expose on the ad-hominem nature of these official organization’s arguments. 😉 Good job Robert 😉

      • i was also amazed at the “low brow” comments on a page with such an enlightened liberal view point.

  24. CSGV twitter is exploding with all of this “intimidation” and “gun fetishism” and “misogyny” stuff.

    I hadn’t realized that their position is that gun owners are savage low-intelligence sub-humans who all have dangerous predilections toward violent outbursts with a measure of oversexualization. I’ve learned about this form of prejudiced code-language in an African American Studies course I took in college. I’m surprised the people at CSGV haven’t immediately noticed this serious problem in their ranks.


    • What serious problem in their ranks? They encourage thinking like that if it forwards their agendas.

      • The problem is that it is the very language and style of a kind of virulent prejudice which even in recent history has lead to oppression and violence.

        • Which is, in its way, exactly what they want.

          Gun grabbers are all about oppression. If they can use violence (even that committed by others) to achieve their goal, they will.

          It is no accident that they use those rhetorical styles you describe.

        • ew. this is more typical of racist and nationalist movements, not for civil societies who know better and have the lens of history.

        • Did you think they simply want us to lay down our arms to hold hands and sing kumbaya with them? They either don’t care or want us to be oppressed.

        • “not for civil societies who know better and have the lens of history.”

          No offense, man, but I think you are DRASTICALLY misreading the anti-gun crowd.

          The only lens of history they care about is that you cannot control an armed population.

        • It’s ok, I understand. If it quacks like tyranny and looks like a mom, it’s still likely tyranny. I think others don’t understand how identical their tactics are to other oppressive movements, hence my comment, somewhat feigning ignorance.

    • I hadn’t realized that their position is that gun owners are savage low-intelligence sub-humans who all have dangerous predilections toward violent outbursts with a measure of oversexualization.

      FWIW: That’s also their stance on MEN.

      • That is correct. Gun control is a facet of the emasculation of men.

        It’s not really the guns they are afraid of it is the person who is not afraid of the guns, who understands the nature of the gun, the utility of the gun they are afraid of.

        Generally that means men.

        One reason why I have so much fun debating with them; they have zero idea how to fling their poo at a women (protected class, remember??) who is gun friendly.

        • Heh. As a female gun owner also, I have great fun with the “guns are penis extenders!” crowd. The concept of a woman (and a mom!) who likes to shoot just blows their minds.

      • note that proliferating these exact notions is identical in form and goal as the social engineering used to oppress free blacks in the south.

  25. Wait, who said it was loaded? It couldn’t have been. We all know that a LOADED GUN would have killed any child within 1,000 feet of that place.

  26. How are we supposed to have civil discussion on the topic if they can’t even stand next to a legally-armed American citizen?

    It makes sense she would be upset that we poked fun at her not knowing a gun (!) was so close to her, so she responded and then went through the standard procedure to make her the victim. If she wasn’t a victim that would mean she tolerates guns in at least one way and that would be a bad message to send to her followers. Complete intolerance of anything gun-related is the only response possible. Because of that, though, she may have been forced to respond in that way where she otherwise would not have cared.

    It’s always sad to see the policy make a puppet of what used to be a person. Shannon is now under the control of the message of total gun intolerance. She has no freedom to think or act for herself now, she is MDA (a wholly-owned subsidy of Bloomberg Anti-RIghts Advocacy INC. Bloomberg: We Know Better).

    • “How are we supposed to have civil discussion on the topic if they can’t even stand next to a legally-armed American citizen? ”

      Excellent point. +100.

      Even more fail on SW’s part in how she has responded to this.

    • She’s never been in control of anything. She was a corporate spinmeister for Monsanto, WellPoint and a host of other despicable corporations. She’s simply selling herself to the next one after her art gallery crashed & burned like an Iraqi fighter jock.

      It’s what she does and she does it well. She’s earned her millions turning vile corporate practices into positive sounding sound bites for consumption by people who do not know any better… just like she is doing at MDA.

      • “It’s what she does and she does it well.”

        Well, I’ve got to say I disagree with the ‘does it well’ part.

        Her track record as the face of the moms groups is a disaster. Low turn-out to publicity events, utter failure to do ANYTHING and worse…to even spin it positively in a believable way, etc.

        She may have had some success in the corporate world, but there was no real “opponent.” Here, in this job, I think she’s just making a fool of herself.

        She’s not really convincing anybody, even fence sitters. This latest just proves (in my mind) that she does not really know how to do this kind of PR…she’s totally melting down and trying tactics that are only earning ridicule.

      • I must disagree. Logic dictates that if she was any good at her trade she would still be “a corporate spinmeister for Monsanto, WellPoint and a host of other despicable corporations.”

  27. While I hate being sexist at all, perhaps getting a woman, or better yet a mom to get a pic with her next time would be a good idea? That would take away their only (fake) response, have a voice recorder as well to prove you didn’t lie. I imagine finding a woman ccw-er would probably make her melt down.

    • I already asked on Twitter – “how would this situation be different had it been me getting a photo with Shannon and not Alan?”

      ~ crickets ~

      … because I am in fact a real woman, about Shannon’s size (i.e not too tall, size-2 petite, probably considered attractive for a middle-aged lady) and I have three kids. I also dress pretty much like Alan – casual, jeans, kind of outdoorsy.

    • It wouId be great to have a female gun owner posing next to a beaming Shannon. “O hai Shannon, I’m a mom just like you! Can I get a pic with you! Thanks ever so!”

      • Maybe now she’ll be reluctant to have a photo taken with ANYONE, fearing that the person might be a female gun owner!

  28. Can I get a copy of that picture? Poster size? I want it on my wall. I need it on my wall. And I’d love to have it autographed.

  29. I laughed, I cried, I bought the entire series.

    Oh the humanity!

    Pretty funny stuff. I thought her misogyny accusation was a classy touch.

    Let me translate her FemiNazi/Commie speak:

    Misogyny: when men don’t white knight for her, or run like puppies to agree with every dumb thought that ejects itself from her mouth. An accusation of such is usually used by a feminist woman, who often likes to loudly proclaim that she doesn’t need a man, to get a man to do something she needs doing. Like agree with her, or punch other men who disagree with her. See psychological game called “Let’s you and him fight”

    Creepy: when a man that she does not find attractive does something outrageous like deigns to exist in her general vicinity. Note for readers – when a man that a feminist does find attractive does that same something, it’s not considered creepy by her. Catch-all insult that immature and vapid women and girls use to insult men. Example: “Brian from chem class asked me for my phone number.” “Ewww…creepy.”

    Fetishism – likely refers to the typical suburban housewife’s penchant for mommy-porn like “50 Shades”, et. al. I sense projection here.

    Stalking: see creepy translation.

    These moms suffer from boredom, and a condition called:


    1.Philosophy. the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.
    2.extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.

    That is all.

  30. I wonder if Shannon likes fireworks? In my experience, people who like fireworks also like shooting. I like the concussion of mortars and watching big colorful star bursts. Shooting is simular, especially if shooting water filled bottles, balloons, cans, and targets other than boring paper. I enjoy introducing kids and moms to shooting. I love history and discussing how the antique/service rifles I allow they to try helped to shape events (Muzzleloader/1861 Colt repro/SMLE/Garand/Mosin/1919a4/1911a1). BTW: paper can be fun for kids. Draw a tick-tac-toe board and see who wins with 1 person shooting .50 cal muzzle loader and 1 doing .22 or .30; draw a mouthless face and see if shooter can add a smile; try to use their ideas. I wonded if Shannon would thank me for giving her the experience and say something like what I often hear after intoducing others to shooting: “that was so much fun!” If so, we could explore why sailing in light winds and fishing without catching anything can still be awesome. However, I doubt you can convert a motorboat person into a sailer. It is probably intrinsic, like being a morning person or not.

  31. Ahem, “fetishism” & “stalk”… don’t flatter yourself.

    Isn’t this the same group that just stalked staples employees and was ejected from their HQ? #irony

    • Such accusations!! What next Shannon?! “RAPE!! RAPE!! Well, I FELT like I was VIOLATED”. Who is abusing the abused, Shannon? Do a mirror check.

  32. I wonder how many people I “stalk” at Walmart, every week with my concealed Kel-Tec…….

  33. “Stalking”?! Pretty strong words there, CSGV. Please, take your ‘evidence’ to the police. I’d love to watch them try to file a false police report.

    • wonder if we need a lawyer to inform Ms. Watts and company the meaning of “Slander” and “Libel” for making such claims. File a police report or apologize

  34. Wow CSGV went on a three year old style rant this morning hahahaa.
    Now that is full of win!!!!

  35. If I was an anti-gun leader and this happened to me, I would just laugh it up as a harmless joke that it is, brush it off, and forget about it. I would not however, tweet about it and make myself look like an butt hurt, opportunistic, immature half-adult.

    • ^^^This.

      There are 100 ways she could have handled this with some professionalism and dignity.

      Instead she went “school children.” Hope Bloomberg feels he’s getting his money’s worth. Looking incompetent, immature and constantly defensive may have been part of the overall strategy from the beginning for all I know.

  36. She sounds an awful lot like our current president. She got caught in an embarrassing situation for her. Instead of letting it go, or telling the truth of what happened, she makes up a lie and tries to attack her opposition. Pathetic, really.

  37. Tell ya what, it only takes a few short moments of visiting that website of hers to get a truly creeped out feeling. The responses to this picture on her website are also scary, she does have a dozen or two hitlerish followers for sure.

    • Just waiting for the calls for his head on a stick. They have pretty much lost it over this. The more they spew the more it points out how hysterical they are. I am sure there has to be some sort of medication for their problem.

  38. I wonder how well they pay the person responsible for deleting opposing comments on their Facebook page. I’ve seen it go on into the wee, wee hours. They are committed to censorship, you gotta give them that.

  39. How’s Alan doing with all this? Is he hee heeing or pasting on a fake mustache and heading for a Motel 8 in Nome?

  40. Just noticed that CSGV accused you of a felonious act. Might want to speak to a civil attorney that is 2A friendly and wants to twist Laddie’s panties into a knot.

    Stalking is defined in the TX State Penal Codes as follows:

    Sec. 42.072. STALKING. (a) A person commits an offense if the person, on more than one occasion and pursuant to the same scheme or course of conduct that is directed specifically at another person, knowingly engages in conduct that:

    (1) constitutes an offense under Section 42.07, or that the actor knows or reasonably should know the other person will regard as threatening:

    (A) bodily injury or death for the other person;

    (B) bodily injury or death for a member of the other person’s family or household or for an individual with whom the other person has a dating relationship; or

    (C) that an offense will be committed against the other person’s property;

    (2) causes the other person, a member of the other person’s family or household, or an individual with whom the other person has a dating relationship to be placed in fear of bodily injury or death or in fear that an offense will be committed against the other person’s property, or to feel harassed, annoyed, alarmed, abused, tormented, embarrassed, or offended; and

    (3) would cause a reasonable person to:

    (A) fear bodily injury or death for himself or herself;

    (B) fear bodily injury or death for a member of the person’s family or household or for an individual with whom the person has a dating relationship;

    (C) fear that an offense will be committed against the person’s property; or

    (D) feel harassed, annoyed, alarmed, abused, tormented, embarrassed, or offended.

    (b) An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree, except that the offense is a felony of the second degree if the actor has previously been convicted of an offense under this section or of an offense under any of the following laws that contains elements that are substantially similar to the elements of an offense under this section:

    (1) the laws of another state;

    (2) the laws of a federally recognized Indian tribe;

    (3) the laws of a territory of the United States; or

    (4) federal law.

    (c) For purposes of this section, a trier of fact may find that different types of conduct described by Subsection (a), if engaged in on more than one occasion, constitute conduct that is engaged in pursuant to the same scheme or course of conduct.

    (d) In this section:

    (1) “Dating relationship,” “family,” “household,” and “member of a household” have the meanings assigned by Chapter 71, Family Code.

    (2) “Property” includes a pet, companion animal, or assistance animal, as defined by Section 121.002, Human Resources Code.

    • thank you for that – saves me from pulling up TX law. . . . . Now, can someone from TTAG tweet that either Shannon publicly apologizes or file a police report??

    • You know, from reading that Alan is the one that’s being stalked. I think at this point there’s more than libel/slander in play.

    • This is actually a “thing” and we call it “Black Knighting”

      Here’s a recent case: Some armed guards in their uniforms were sent to some historic place in Italy to secure it. They were met by hordes of young pretty women/girls who proceeded to hand out flowers to the guards and their photos were taken and published in the local papers as a sign of “goodness of love and peace”

      Meanwhile the armed guard in question who had his photo published of a young woman lovingly kissing the front bottom lip of his helmet visor (her eyes closed) told the interviewer he was going to be filing Sexual Harrassment charges against her and fully expected her to be fined, tried and punished!!

      Funnily enough as a follow up said pretty girl turns out to be a foul-mouthed feminist who proclaimed that she’d have as soon shit on his face and kiss his helmet that day …

      so there you go. Black Knighting. Do it.

  41. He would only have lied if she had asked him, “Are you carrying a gun?” and he had responded, “No, I am not.” But apparently she never did this. She just assumed he was a gun control fan.

    • So what? He’s not under oath. He has no obligation to answer any question she asks. She doesn’t need to know what personal property he owns. It’d be as appropriate as asking her how how much gold jewelry show owns or how much money she’s carrying.

      • Your argument is that he would have had every right to lie even if she had asked him, which I agree with. But my point is that he did not lie to her.

        • Understood. I was trying to expand upon it to suggest that truthfullness was irrelevant.

          Besides, she lied to him in making him think he’d be welcomed as anyone else in the general public to that event.

  42. Don’t you just love it when those stupid gun grabbers get punked and don’t even realize it? She probably would have FAINTED had she known he was carrying.

    • she would have fainted if he shook her hands afterwards and said “Hi, I am Dirk. Let’s got have a drink.”

  43. I screwed the pooch. Couldn’t help myself, The twitter comments posted above were to much, so I went and had a looksee. Oh. My. God. And then my fingers began typing a little note to them apparently attempting to add some context to their safe, no guns ever needed world. Sorry guys.

  44. Well…since it was a Rossi it at least couldn’t have had one in the pipe. Not that any of them would know what that means. Imagine explaining that one…then delivering a coup-de-gras of “BUT…it has 6 pipes!” Or 5…forgot what model it was.

  45. MDA’s mentality is eerily similar to that of 1920s prohibitionists – i.e. they speak of “responsible” gun owners, but when it comes down to business, they accuse all of us of being gun bullies and irresponsible. Sort of like how the prohibitionists would immediately label anyone sipping a single drop of alcohol as a drunkard and immoral sinner. Additionally, these attacks are aimed primarily at men. The zeal, accusations, and name-calling are exactly the same.

  46. In reply to @sithschnauzer and their statement “The police have a responsibility to protect the public.” this is a false sense of security that you have there. Years ago the high courts ruled that the police have NO responsibility to defend the public and it is up to us to defend ourselves!