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Yes, even Roseanne Barr’s right once in a while. On certain subjects. And apparently one of them is women protecting themselves via the good ol’ RKBA. But following her tweet, according to, she came in for a ration of blowback from her fellow lefties who were otherwise unaccustomed to one of their own advocating 2A rights. And why wouldn’t they be taken aback? If they’re cut from the same cloth as Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar, the idea of a bunch of hysterical women running around campuses with heaters at the ready, shooting at people every time they “feel like (they’re) going to be raped” is mighty chilling . . .

These are, after all, only women — they clearly “just don’t know who (they’re) gonna be shooting at.” Seriously, chicks can’t be trusted to make life-or-death decisions — not where their own safety is concerned. You know, they’re skittish. Flighty. The obvious danger if we allow them to carry pack heat is if they think they’re “in trouble when (they) may actually not be, that (they’ll) pop out that gun and (they’ll) pop … pop a round at somebody.”

Women . . . can’t live with ’em, can’t dodge their ill-considered bullets. Right, Joe?

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  1. Some of Roseanne’s twitter comments regarding RKBA sound slightly tongue-in-cheek. On the whole, however, I do get the impression that she’s serious.

  2. Ah geez. How do people like Joe Salazar get elected? Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a shortage of people with his views on gun prohibition running the country. I wonder what the mainstream media would be saying about his remarks regarding women if he was a republican. Just sayin.’

    • Accuse liberal idiots like to elected any one even Hitler if he ran as a Democrat. Ban idiots from voting theirs a first step!!

    • Feminism, as a movement, has shown over and over again that its entire position is based on government forcing its utopia upon the world. Legalizing abortion is fine and lovely, and something I can agree with. Forcing people to pay for it, especially those that disagree with it, is utter nonsense.

      Feminists want to be told what to do, so long as those doing the telling are working for social service agencies.

      • By that rationale, I should be able to mandate that any woman in my utopian household must cook, clean, and hand over their paycheck to me since I should be a governing authority. I kind of like this interpretation – or direction – for feminism. 🙂

  3. Another of her tweets downrange makes it more clear where she’s coming from:

    ” Roseanne Barr ✔ @TheRealRoseanne

    imagine a world where men were AFRAID to be violent because women would blow their asses away immediately! #MESSIANICTIMES #getridofrapists
    3:15 PM – 19 Feb 13″

    • In other words JAS, an armed society is a polite society. I encourage women to be armed. I’m 6’1″ and my wife is 5 even. My wife has nothing to fear from me, but I can’t be with her 24/7. A Smith and Wesson could if the pols who claim to care about women’s rights actually did.

  4. Roseanne Barr actually said something worth listening to…wonders will never cease. She may be abrasive and off-putting, but at least she gets the necessity for self-defense.

    And wow, that Salazar is a real piece of work. If a Republican had said anything like that, he’d be out of a job already. A quick Google news search shows that he’s catching some heat for it, though…

  5. Hey, good on ya, Roseanne!
    I still watch her sitcom reruns once in a while. Dan Connor remains one of the only TV dads I’d ever actually want to hang out with.
    And she has my support 1000% on rapists getting what they deserve….now, if we can get a bit of that back in support for ALL of our 2nd Amendment rights, I could be persuaded to listen to her at least one more time a day.

  6. I think Roseanne is more of a hardcore feminist than she is a statist. She’s for anything that empowers women, and nothing is more empowering than a gun. For her, that (thankfully) seems to trump any notion of political collectivism.

  7. How come it’s often the most physically gross womyn such as RB that are the most obsessed with rappe? America does not have a rappe culture. It has a false rappe allegation epidemic.

    Community of the Wrongly Accused

    Sunday, February 17, 2013
    Marine survey: men singled out fear of false sexual assault claims; women did not single out fear of sexual assault

    “A survey of Marines showed that male and female Marines had differing concerns over sexual integration of combat forces.
    Among other things, men said they feared false allegations of sexual harassment or assault.
    Female respondents specifically mentioned concerns relating to personal hygiene, acceptance, and physical abilities, the survey found. They were not single out fear of sexual assault.”

  8. Maybe if the schools where these hypothetical young women attend would install sufficient lighting and make some common sense adjustments to the landscaping and pathways between buildings, there would be less chance of one of those young women getting scared and shooting the wrong person (or even prevent actual rapes, for that matter).

    But no, our high and mighty universities much prefer to allow rape to happen than to compromise on their precious pseudo-liberal ideology, or to spend a little of that fat endowment on the students rather than the board’s paychecks.

  9. I know she has had extensive plastic surgery but I just don’t think she has to worry about rape. Even if the esthetics didn’t prevent any thought of copulation the sound coming out of the beasts cake hole would surely cause permanent erectile dysfunction.

    • +1

      I haven’t laughed that hard in a long while. Well maybe not so long ago… I love checking out the people of W@lm@rt when I need a good laugh or feel better about myself.

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