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Obama Tweet (courtesy

This bit of aggravating agitprop tweeted by @BarakObama is all kinds of awesome. When the Civilian Disarmament Proponent in Chief relies on facts to win support for gun control he’s on a hiding to nowhere. The facts simply don’t support the gun grabbers’ position. For example, the lowest estimate I can find for successful defensive gun uses [via David Hemenway]: 55k per year. Over 45 years, that’s 2,475,000 DGUs. The Prez’ stat includes suicides; roughly half of “gun violence” victims. Final tally 2,475,000 lives saved to 900k lives lost. If we removed gang bangers from the stats . . . to paraphrase Simon and Garfunkel, anyway you look at this they lose. As long as you don’t look at with a bloody shirt waving in your face. Flower petals and false facts? Bring it!

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  1. TO: All
    RE: I Agree!

    It’s time to do something effective about gun violence in the US.

    Considering that the vast majority of gun violence is perpetrated by so-called ‘liberals’….

    ….all liberals should be stripped of their 2d Amendment Rights. 😉


    [The Truth will out…’liberals’ are violent when they don’t get their way….]

    • > It’s time to do something effective about gun violence in the US.

      More racial profiling by police? Because blacks are a violent group — more violent than gun owners.

      “Gun Control: Legitimizing The Hate-Speech Of Racist Fucks”

    • Checking Wikipedia, the 1.2 million American war deaths seems to be pretty accurate. Truth, however, ends there.

      • What, like only American casualties count? Enemy deaths are still human beings that are caused by our hands – as a human being I can’t just dismiss them.

        • This. Plus, it likely, and conveniently, leaves out war related deaths of civilians, war crimes and atrocities. Anyone remember those dang redskins that used to occupy our fair country? All 50 million of them?

  2. I want someone to tweet how many lives governments in history have taken due to totalitarian rule and a disarmed civilization.

    • That would be a staggering number. Let’s just do the 20th century and just parts of it. At least 6 million because of Hitler, at least 30 million from Stalin. Want to throw the Chinese into the mix?

      • I read a recent study that estimated the actual death toll of the Holocaust may be as many as ten times the 6 million previously supposed. FWIW.

    • OK, Hitler and the Nazi war machine account for about 12 million stiffs. Remember, they killed a lot more people that just those they turned into fly ash and air pollution in the death camps.

      But for sheer numbers, no one comes close to touching the record of international communism. The “Black Book of Communism” (published originally in France in French) put the number of dead between 85 and 100 million. 25 million of those were in Russian under Stalin, millions here and there due to the small-time communist thugs like Pol Pot, and a huge number (60+ million) under Mao. Under Mao, people were starving due to epic incompetence as well as government brutality. The famine that was started during “The Great Leap Forward” in China took about 30 million lives. Five million of Stalin’s pile of stiffs was the result of deliberate famine imposed during the Holodomor, the planned political starvation of the Ukraine.

      The staggering numbers of dead due to communists (who are, after all, the less polished bunkmates of the “progressives”) was slow to come to light. People who are interested in how the west developed real numbers on this issue should read the works of Robert Conquest, starting with “The Great Terror: Stalin’s Purge of the Thirties” and then working through the dreary accounting of the huge piles of dead until you get to “The Harvest of Sorrow…” which deals with the Holomodor I referenced above.

      After western scholars were granted access to Soviet-era files following the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Conquest joked that he should re-release his first book (The Great Terror) with a new title of “I Told You So, You F&cking Fools.”

      BTW, Conquest at one time had been a member of the CPGB and a true believer in socialism, like so many other “intellectuals” and academics of the 1930’s and 40’s. After word started to leak out of the USSR of Stalin’s true nature following his death, a very few intellectuals, Conquest chief among them, started counting skulls… and were aghast at the numbers.

      The deliberate avoidance by intellectuals in the west to admit the true cost of totalitarian governments and the overwhelming preponderance of deaths on the socialist utopian side of the ledger is a damning indictment against American academia.

  3. Let’s play their game: At 1.5 million a year, nearly 68 million violent crimes were stopped by law-abiding citizens with guns since 1968.

  4. The Democrats have an agenda, and they’re not going to give up. Not now. Not ever. So throw the bums out or suffer the consequences.

  5. I love stats & metrics. So I’ll play along with 2013 Chicago statistics.

    So far this year, there’s been 70 people murdered – 60 males and 10 females. Throwing out most of the females because they’re generally murdered for non-gang reasons or simply too young, we’re left with 62 (2 females were known drug mules). I’ll also throw out 3 males who were innocent robbery victims – wrong place, wrong time. What’s left is 59, nearly all male, almost exclusively black or Hispanic, in other words, gang bangers.

    That equals 84% of murder victims in Chicago are gang bangers who were killed by other gang bangers.

    I also believe those 59 represent more people killed in Chicago than troop deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq combined this year. Go tweet that BO.

    Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

  6. I await the satirizing of this graphic, it will be ever so sweet. Maybe after dinner I’ll open Photoshop and start my own.

  7. 45 years back to 1968. That’s interesting since that was a year for some major gun control measures. I’d surmise from this that gun control doesn’t work. But what’s facts and logic got to do with tyranny???? Really.

    Sorry, imrambi your post wasn’t up when I began typing.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who got a chuckle out of using 1968 as a starting point- doesn’t that pretty much show that the entire modern gun control legislation effort, obviously starting with the original GCA, has been a massive failure?
    If the numbers were accurate to begin with, anyway. Can’t blame them, though, the “:” is just diagonal of the “?” that I’m sure they intended for “FACT?”

  9. We have not seen the last of this bill. I commented earlier that Obama’s administration said this is not over and they will find the votes necessary (probably not in a legal way either). He found a way to shove Obamacare into law, don’t put it past this tyrant to find a way to force this into law. This can be read in the Washington Compost:

  10. SO Obama sends digital toilet paper? I can only laugh at the fact gun banners been working since 1968 to ban guns seems here plan does not work.

  11. Go to the Gun Policy center. I would guess the the
    number came from them or a similar group.

    Average out the number of deaths at 30,000 annually
    since 1968 and you get approx. 1.3 million.
    The citation of the number states that accidental
    and self-inflicted are included (surprise, surprise).
    Using the source, if you factor out accidents and
    suicides, the number is reduced by almost 2/3
    or approx. 430,000. This number coincides with
    FBI stats for homicide via firearm.

    I’m sure everyone here is shocked that the numbers
    are being inflated to push the anti-civil rights agenda.

  12. The choice of 1968 as their starting point for this utterly fatuous statistic tells us everything we need to know about their target audience: Solipsist baby boomers.

    Why not pick 1776? Or since the invention of gunpowder? Why 1968?

    Because that was the summer of political activism and boomer nostalgia.

    • No, that was the year that elected officials decided to revive Nazi Germany’s gun control in the US to head off urban insurrection.

      “Political activism and boomer nostalgia” was a corporate mass media creation (“the Sixties”). Most Americans were not humping in the mud at Woodstock or toking doob at Haight Ashbury; we were fighting for our communities, our jobs, and our/our kids’ lives.

      • That’s true.

        But the Boomers in the halls of power and especially the media see their adult lives as beginning with the shooting of RFK. His campaign and presidency was to be the start of a liberal political paradise… and that’s why GCA of ’68 went through as well, yet nothing was done after JFK was shot.

        When I talk to politically active liberal Boomers about why they believe the codswallop they believe, it invariably comes back to a) the shootings of RFK, then MLK, then JFK and b) Vietnam. They’re utterly obsessed with the 60’s. To them, every military engagement of the US in the future will be a re-hash of SEA, and the reason for gun control comes back to RFK, MLK and JFK, in that order.

  13. If the US had bothered to declare war in any recent conflict this “fact” would be very different. Other things that aren’t taken into account, lives saved by guns, suicides inflate that figure.

    Of course, facts stop counting when you’re wrong, right Mr. Obama?

  14. I guess domestic violence without the use of guns is of no importance. Only violence with guns matters.

  15. Since 1933, the number of American killed by drunk driver is more than xxx,xxx,xxx. I’d like to see the correct answer to that and then someone rant that we need to hold Ford, Chevy, Dodge, the UAW and anyone else connected to the auto industry responsible for those deaths. This notion that Bushmaster, Colt, Barrett, etc are complicit in murder and should be the subject of civil suits is bullshit. I’d like see M.A.D.D. launch a campaign to shut down Ford Motor Company because some drunk plowed into a bus stop full of kids with his Mustang. Ain’t gonna happen.

  16. If we’re going to restrict rights according to what the negative outcome MIGHT be then shouldn’t we do something about Freedom of Speech?

    Some crazed madman MIGHT yell “FIRE!” in a movie house.

    Come to think of it, shouldn’t we place restrictions on #2 pencils too? Couldn’t they also be misused for some nefarious purpose? And shouldn’t all roadways place impassable barriers between every lane of traffic? A driver could get the idea in his head to crash into other cars…..or people!

    Don’t even get me started on the types of things that COULD be used as a blunt object.

  17. Number of traffic fatalities in the United States during this same time period?

    2.2 million. (Shouldn’t we ban cars first?)

  18. The ugly truth of the Obama gun-grabbing campaign is simple enough: As the former state senator for South Side Chicago, Obama couldn’t do anything to slow the ghetto murder rate. He and his like-minded political associates can’t impose on their voters to stop shooting each other. They are unwilling to declare an emergency in those neighborhoods to temporarily suspend 4th Amendment protections long enough to clean out the revolvers and cheap pistols. That would be the obvious solution to urban black America’s murder problem. So they dream of curtailing our 2nd Amendment rights permanently, hoping (it’s nothing more) that the gang bangers will eventually run out of guns. Condensed version: O and his care more about not offending their voters than about the US Constitution. Obvious. Pathetic.

    • “O and his care more about not offending their voters than about the US Constitution. Obvious. Pathetic.”

      Yeah, that’s the other edge of the sword when testing isn’t required to vote… anyone who voted for this guy and claims fighting for freedoms in the same thought is just out there… unique…

  19. Libtards. Who the hell cares about gang banging liberals and people who ‘off’ themselves?
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  20. I concur with the above numbers. My additional comment is that their dishonesty includes, including firearm related suicide as “Gun Violence”, since the perception of the majority of people is that “Gun Violence” occurs in the act of committing a crime, robbery, etc., not a suicide. They are such weasels, but as always, the end justify the means, I guess.

  21. The loss of life by gunfire is saddening, but more crushing is the number of deaths caused by automiobiles! Why do the “car people” at “The Truth About Cars” never show concern for this? And why does the government financially support the industry that promotes these deadly machines?

  22. Things labeled FACT: usually have citations, unless you’re using that word to prop up an insupportable rhetorical point.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, Matt. AND fact is: Pickles taste delicious and everyone should eat five a day.

  23. Robert, You’re sleight-of-hand post was completely acceptable to your sycophantic Armed Intelligentsia. I’ll point out the trick because most of your followers take whatever you dish out and don’t even think for themselves.

    The figure quoted in the Fact sheet was Americans KILLED by guns. It did not include all those wounded, raped and robbed. It did not include all the illegal brandishings and other minor gun crimes. So comparing only the number KILLED to DGUs is patently dishonest, since a good DGU can be used to stop any type of gun crime, not just a killing.

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