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By Eddie Devir

Arming warlords? Aiding transnational organized crime? Support for murderous war criminals? As the literally dozens of viewers who tune into Martin Bashir’s anti-gun afternoon antics can attest, no outrage is beneath the NRA. The gun rights org’s latest transgression against polite society: opposition to the UN’s arms trade treaty. As Marty points out, 150 countries are on board, so what’s not to like? Assembling a panel representing the full spectrum of political views from left all the way to far-left, Bashy, Grumpy and Epstein wring their hands over the gun industry-supporting NRA that’s now nothing more than a “direct mail Internet scam operation” . . .

As Jonathan Alter ultimately proclaims,

Why should (the NRA) have a stranglehold over issues of war and peace in the world? It is time to confront them and defeat them and remove them from their dominance in our politics.

To which the feelings of the chorus are expressed, as enunciated by Bashir:

I think all of us would say ‘hear, hear’ to that.

Somehow, though, the nuances of the NRA’s position on the UN treaty weren’t really explored by Marty and the crew. From

“What we really object to is the inclusion of civilian firearms within the scope of the ATT,” said Tom Mason, the group’s executive secretary and a lawyer who has represented the NRA at U.N. meetings for nearly two decades. “This is a treaty that really needs to address the transfer of large numbers of military weapons that leads to human rights abuses. We have submitted language that you can define what a civilian firearm is.”

The fact that the NRA’s opposition to the treaty as currently written is based on its weasel-wording and the possibility (likelihood?) that it would be used to further disarm civilians both abroad and, potentially, in the US never made it into the conversation. If these three stooges were really concerned about the “2000 civilians a day” who are murdered by war criminals, you’d think the option of giving them the ability to defend themselves would be raised. But that’s just kooky talk.

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  1. First off, we the people dont friggin need 150 cointries diciding my bill of rights! Are you a MORAN?? The UN is one of the most corrupt organisation formed right now. Its bin proven that most of those contries vote yes to everything! Its set up so only lawyers can understand the actuel meaning in the data they put up for vote. THIS IS UN AMERICAN AS HELL!! You need to do a little research on the past, and the bill of rights, you might learn that even the liberals back then supported the 2nd adminment, because they realized to be FREE and an equal, every man should be able to keep and bare arms! They knew the only threat to this great nation would inturn, COME FROM WITH IN!! This keeps our government in check, and prevents TYRANNY. Those who dont learn from the past, are destined to repeat it! BOSTON TEA PARTY, remember that???

    • You need to work on your grammar and spelling. It is atrocious. Those red squiggly lines beneath the words that you type means it’s misspelled. Also, just because it may be spelled correctly, doesn’t meen it is the correct word.

    • For claiming such a noble cause as “reducing gun violence”, they sure are a violent bunch. Makes one wonder what their real intentions are…

  2. You don’t hear these weasels talk about other NGOs that way. I want to hear this from MSNBC during the next Washington budget impasse :
    “Why should AARP have a stranglehold over issues of our economic future? “

  3. I love how in the same day liberals can blame the NRA for single-handily blocking the AWB and then turn around and claim it’s a scam coercing me out of my hard earned money and doing nothing to represent my interests.

    Does anybody want to connect the dots for them?

  4. These folks are not giving me cause to dismiss Alex Jones’ rants about globalists as paranoid delusion and “sensationalism entertainment”…

  5. “As Marty points out, 150 countries are on board, so what’s not to like?”

    Because the more people who agree with it, the better it is…

    And excuse me if I don’t trust the UN, or any of the countries that are tripping over themselves to sign onto whatever new treaty they have cooked up.

    • To paraphrase Robert Heinlein (since I can’t find the quote online) “History has never recorded any instance in which the majority was necessarily right.”

    • If 150 nations are on board, it’s easy to deduce that 75 of them are de facto dictatorships. No small wonder they want some UN paper to sanctify their blockade of civilian arms. As for the military arms, these guys know the document is just a toothless piece of paper. The UN’s a great organization, though I’ve determined all its legitimate purposes could be filled within a budget of 50K and some Starbucks gift cards.

  6. Im sure, we the people are the NRA!! We are getting attacked, there trying to make law abbiding gun owners feel like criminals! This countries freedoms are under attack! Call your senators, even the DEMOCRATS and your Governer.I do every day, sometimes 4 or 5 times. If enough of us complain, they will lisen. Remember the squeeky wheel gets oil.

  7. The NRA get brought up a lot like some bad guy. I know it’s easy to target them because “American Gun Owners” is kind of nebulous and difficult to pin down.

    However, I don’t give two figs about the NRA. It’s what the American people want and what our Constitution says. The NRA just happens to represent part of that population. It’s not the NRA saying “No”, it’s the American gun owners. This is just the anti-gunners finding a convenient bad guy so they don’t have to outright admit they are trying to infringe on our rights.

  8. “Why should [the UN] have a stranglehold over issues of war and peace in the world? It is time to confront them and defeat them and remove them from their dominance in our politics.”

    There, F.I.F.Y., Messrs. Alter and Bashir.

  9. Gotta love the “but xxx number of countries are on board, isn’t that enough” logic? Let’s roll with that, shall we?

    “But xxx number of countries require women to wear a veil over their face…isn’t that enough??? Why do you hate Muslims?”

    “But many countries in Europe ban quite a few books, isn’t that enough? Why aren’t you on board? Anyone who doesn’t want to ban Hitler’s writings is a Nazi! Why are you a Nazi?”

  10. Just paid 5-years membership to NRA. After reading this, I think I will sign up for lifetime membership…worth every cent.

  11. MSNBC “won” the dstinction of being named most biased and least news (vs opinion in last 2 Pew surveys).

    Alter wrote a book apologizing for Obamas performance that only proved he had his head so far up his rear his heart beat his brains out.

    Judging by viewer stats and ad sales I am not alone in viewing “Bash’em” and “Madcow” as simple “useful idiots”* and objects of scorn.

    * V.I. Lenin

    • The problem with most antigun media, isnt that there antigun, thats there choice to make. Just like its ours to enjoy the shooting sports, and the need for deffense. My problems with the un educated research or their lack of. There facts dont add up or they have used some bullshit phone poll from 1996. They add in a bunch of there personal crap, propaganda 101. I called channel 9 news to complain about a 20 min segment on gun control, and a 15 second clip with the CEO of the NRA. They gave him only a corner of the screen and it was silent with the anchor talking over him! Bullshit news!! When I spoke with there manager and told him of there bios unprofessional reporting, he replied ” where did you get your info, hed like to see it, and we split the coverage 50/50. I told him, isnt that your job to research the most compete and recent data, configure the story only reporting the facts??? He then got rude and I hung up on his lieing libral ass!

  12. Look around on line. right now they are running a special so you can get a life membership for only $300.

  13. If 50% of American gun owners were NRA members instead of 5%, the shooting sports would be on broadcast TV. The ability to demonize gun owners and their associations would not exist.

  14. I love watching the lunatic leftists foam at the mouth when they talk about the NRA. They hate it and fear it because the NRA is doing its job — and damn well.

  15. A bunch of people agree with the UN treaty, eh?

    Not to long ago, a bunch of people also agreed that blacks were second class citizens and were to be treated as such.

    See, I can do that too. These people really are getting desperate aren’t they?

  16. BUT can the UN prevent Korea sending nucs to Iran? Russia anything to anyone? Obumer from sending weapons to islamist radicals?

  17. I’d love to see who Alter and Bashir think they could “confront” -Alter has the perfect head for flashlight therapy and that stinkin’ piece of shit Bashir could use some vise grips on his nose-just a twist mind you old chap-Epstein might offer a blow job.

  18. The NRA is demonized by the media because the media is just parroting what their legislator “champions” spit out in anger as an excuse for their failure to enact laws to control us. The last thing they want to admit is that they can’t get away with it because we will vote them out of office.

    D.F. did just that – the clowns on the boob tube are just parsing it down the line, no original intellectual thoughts there. Now D.F. is retiring? She is damaged goods, that’s why.

    I’d love to see an NRA channel on cable. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it got better ratings than MSNBC?

    • D.F. is as un american as it gets!! Heres a great idea, get Bloomberg, Dianne F, and a few others together. Ill pay for their 3rd class tickets to a 3rd world country! That way they can live in a place with NO freedoms, and no gun violence. lol like those places have no gun violence. New York city, Chigcago and many other gun free areas, are not safe at all!!!! Look at sandy brook, GUN FREE ZONE!! My ASS! There just trying to say stupid shit, just to make us upset. I can do this all day, however its like watching young kids fight for the TV controller, very sad to see adults ack like children!

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