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Wait, aren’t there supposed to be fewer gun owners these days? Isn’t it the approved narrative of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex that there are only 37 old fat white guys left in the country who are buying up the millions of guns America’s firearm makers are cranking out? Maybe there are a couple of women sprinkled into that group after all. Why else would Oliver Willis of the lefty agitprop aggregator Media Matters for America feel the need to explain the existence of female firearms fans? . . .

So when in doubt – and you’re pretty much out of any other plausible argument – blame it on latent racism! That’s right, as Oliver sees it, the few deluded women who actually do support the RKBA are unwitting victims. Helpless dupes who’ve fallen victim to the deceptively convincing marketing in the dead tree gun mags telling them to tool up because there’s a darkie out there ready to ravage them when they least expect it. Oh, dear! Where’s a fainting couch when you need one?

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Don’t think this kind of trenchant analysis an aberration for Mr. Willis, either. He played that little gem immediately after positing the novel theory that dudes are into guns because of their own inadequacy south of the equator, if you know what we mean. With original thinking like that, it’s hard to see why he’s wasting his time, mired in a dead-end gig writing for a third rate loony-left propaganda generator. Surely he can find more fulfilling employment working for, say, Michael Bloomberg, Dan Gross or Mark Kelly.

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    • And that is because if they did use a black person, there would be hell to pay.

      This is not isolated to the gun industry, ads / commercials for things like insurance, or alarm systems, always use white people to portray the criminals.

        • Then so is DHS. Try to find a Bad Guy “person of color” in ANY of their video training materials.

      • Explains why everytime I see “badguy” targets its always a scruffy caucasian dude. If it was anyone other than a caucasian it’d be “OMG RASCIST END OF THE WORLD”

        • If anything, they tend to make me bigoted towards dudes with mullets. Nowadays, I can’t watch even watch an episode of macgyver after 7 without expecting to wake up in a cold sweat.

        • @defensor fortisimo

          Then you should try watcing Trailer Park Boys – it’s Canadian TV at its finest. Just beware the mullets.

  1. Actually, since for many gun owners (CC especially), we want the barrel to be as SMALL as possible, how does that work? Is this some kind of “reverse compensation”, because we don’t want something ELSE too large to be stuck in our pants?
    (Did I just say that out loud?)

  2. I’m sure our founding fathers were also compensating with those really long rifle barrels during the revolution. Why couldn’t they just be real men and fight without guns? Or they could have just talked out their problems like grown ups!


    • How ironic. Fistfights are brutal, violent, and painful. Knife fights? A Marine friend told me once, “Nobody wins in a knife fight”. But nah, you’re a “pussy”, you are “overcompensating”, if you are both male and into guns. Thankfully enough I get less flak because I am female, but I still get the odd look.
      End all be all, if I have to defend myself (and I did) I’d much rather it end quickly with a gun where the threat will either stop immediately and leave me alone, die immediately, or kill me immediately, from most to least probable. Pretending to have a big dick doesn’t matter a whole lot when you’re dead, but go tell that to one of those people. I don’t envy the position of the macho man whose arguments are his “guns”. I much prefer mine, with my non-figurative, real steel guns.

  3. 1st – So, women are too stupid to make decisions for themselves and get swayed by ads in magazines almost no one reads?

    2nd – Actually, it’s the Left that’s always yammering on about magazine capacity. Gun owners just want to be left the hell alone.

  4. When the truth can’t be avoided, turn the truth into a caricature or stereotype to ridicule it.
    Women do get raped, no avoiding that reality. Armed women are much less likely to be victims of rape. Since this truth is painful to the anti-gunners, play the race card. Any thinking person understands that women of all races get raped, by men of all races. Also, generally speaking, men are stronger than women, and rapists have the ability to choose victims they can see are physically inferior to them That isn’t relevant, but apparently race is.
    If “over-compensation” is their claim, that must explain their fear of guns. Insecurity. If they were secure in their selves, they would chalk up such gun ownership in the same vein as sports cars and motorcycles. No need to outlaw them, let the men play.

    • ‘…some scary black guy about to rape them…”

      -35,000 black on white rapes reported per year
      – nine white on black rapes (averaging 95.89 per day)

      Last I read, 13% of the US population is black. That low a percentage with such a high number of rapes… statistically, yes there are some scarey blacks about to rape them.

      • Typo. Average should have been on this line:

        -35,000 black on white rapes reported per year (averaging 95.89 per day)

  5. This thread about women being scared that black men are going to rape them really got my attention. But I didn’t hit at the rape statement because it was late and I really couldn’t think of a great slammer.

    @JayCaruso i know what the nra does. lies about guns, opposes all gun laws, gets rubes worked up about it.

    mina smith ‏@minasmith64 14h
    @owillis @JayCaruso Lie, lie, lie, makes fun of people who live in flyover country. Remind me who the intolerant, lying bigots are again?

    mina smith ‏@minasmith64 13h
    @GRAAmerica @AlphaRomeo223 @owillis … and why do you get to call me a “rube”? Can I call you names, too? Equally offensive? hmmmm.

    • If in fact large guns and massive magazines as “compensation” were the real issue, how do you explain the fascination gang-bangers have with firearms and just spraying bullets randomly all over the place? I’m pretty certain that there are NOT a lot of OFWGs in those organizations.

    • Yea, I’m not sure why he’s so interested in my diminuitive twig and berries. Why does he feel threatened by it?

    • That’s always the question, isn’t it? The socially conditioned left seem to obsess with mans genitals and project their thought process into things like firearms, cars, homes, boats, ect.

  6. Its’ also the left claiming there’s an epidemic of rape and sexual assault in this country. They keep touting the thoroughly debunked 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted at college. They certainly are doing their part to scare women about all men.

    Which definitely trivializes the actual brutality of rape, including a brutal gang rape of a college student near a California campus where she didn’t even have a chance at obtaining a CCW.

    Saw a picture on the internet of a woman with a gun. Said something like…. “Yes I’m compensating for something, that I’m smaller and weaker than my likely attacker.”

    • An armed woman is an empowered woman.
      Truly empowered… not just the feel-good empowerment that the MDA types try to pass out.

      Beyond that, if a woman defends herself against an attacker, it’ll be easier for the police to identify him by the blood trail and sucking chest wounds. She may even save us the cost of a trial.
      And I’m entirely OK with that.

      • A man who respects his wife/girlfriend/etc isn’t afraid to take her out shopping for the perfect firearm, for HER to carry.
        Leaving her disarmed is abuse. There are bad guys in the world, and you can’t always be there.

  7. I’ll guess a bit of a twist on the ‘projection” element: Ol’ Oliver would really like to think he is the oversexed black dude all those women are scared of. There, I’ve played the “psych card” too…

  8. …And I’m certain he can produce just one single example of these supposed ads, right?

    Anyone else hear crickets?

  9. Democrats/liberal/progressives.

    The party of racism and the support of slavery; they continue the tradition of racism by supporting affirmative action and the promotion of slavery by general disarmament.

    They also continue this tradition in defending a gangster culture that glorifies being a criminal and hates on those that want to get a good education by telling them they are being “like whitey” or if they get a blue collar job they are being an Uncle Tom.

    So the end result is a poverty stricken underclass that looks to their “masters(democrats)” for protection and patronage.

  10. I’m Black and I don’t give two hoots about what color a rapist is. The only good rapist is a rapist with several dozen wound channels filled with expanding and/or fragmenting jacketed lead projectiles. Preferably inserted into his body by his intended victim.

  11. Gee Ollie, might it be that crime stats tell the ugly truth? That men and women of all hues can read and know the truth? That Heller and MacDonald (who is sadly on deaths door this very day) are black men? That two of the NRA s Presidents and most accomplished crusaders were women – Marion Hammer and Sandy Froman?

    Like they used to say on SNL…Ollie you ignorant slut…

  12. Am I “compensating”?
    – A bum knee so I currently cannot run.
    – Shoulder surgery/repair has left my upper body weak.
    – Prostate cancer survivor, but with a bit of hormonal imbalance remaining from treatment.
    – Being 62 figures into the equation.
    So, yeah – I am “compensating”. Deal with it.

  13. There was a double murder a half mile from my house last week, and all the folks involved were white for what that is worth. In my neck of the woods, I’m much more likely to be facing a white bad guy than a black or hispanic bad guy. This would be the second multiple murder in my area (within 2 miles) in less than a year, and I live out in the country next to corn and soybean fields. The previous one involved all white folks too. Race doesn’t enter my mind when it comes to watching for bad guys. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

  14. So…what is it supposed to mean when Oliver compares fuel economy and cargo capacity of his hatchback with other “enlightened” guys?

  15. This guy is clueless.

    I’ve introduced several women to shooting (seven, I think) and two have gone on to buy their own firearms.

    Neither are NRA types. Neither of them read any gun literature or magazines. They just wanted to learn to use a firearm and buy a handgun for their own personal security. I hope they both go on to become self-loading rifle owners, but even if they don’t, at least I’ve helped my friends make themselves a little safer.

  16. You use of the word ‘darkie’ made me giggle. I thought people only said that on tv.

    Also, down here in the RSA most rapists are black, if that makes you feel any better. Not necessarily because of race, they’re the majority. At the same time our media usually has the black guy as the criminal. But the victim is also black 99% of the time. You never know which way it’s gonna go.

    Although I’m pretty sure you don’t care what colour the guy is if he tries to rape you. They all bleed red. So, they’re the same.


    • If Oliver Willis knew just how popular “Darkie Toothpaste” is in Japan, he’d call for the rebombing of Hiroshima.

  17. So, when I carry my woman’s gun does that mean I have a small penis and she is afraid of being raped by black guys? Or does that mean she has a small penis and I’m afraid of being raped by black guys?

    Or does that means she a small black guy and I’m afraid of penises…

    Wait… Or maybe I’m the penis…

    This compensating thing very confusing.

    • All of that, plus factor in that I’d like to own an original duck’s foot gun, and it’s clear we’ve wandered down a very bad psychological path here.

  18. If Oliver Willis believes his own BS about guns as compensation for small male packages, and he knows the statistical truth that the highest per capita rate of mayhem and murder using guns is found, in the U.S., among minority urban neighborhoods, he needs to explain to America what the hell happened to cause the shrinkage of minority male packages. They must have become minuscule! Explain, Willis!

    Oliver Willis hasn’t convinced NBA players, I note, that buying a gun for home defense or carry means a guy has a small package. Wonder why they don’t believe it? Contrary evidence, perhaps?

    Defensive guns for self- or home-defense aren’t compensation for anything. Rather, they are technical solutions produced by engineering art to deal with the fact that there are many violent addicts, professional criminals, kids playing the knockout game, punks looking to make their bones with a gang, and poor guys unwilling to face the daily grind of legitimate work in order to make a living.

    It is extremely inefficient to confront criminals with mere fists. Absorbing a serious punch or clubbing to the head takes away IQ points permanently. That’s science, and was long known but ignored by the ruling classes who rarely club each others’ heads. They really don’t care if the hoi polloi lose even more brain power! What do those guys need it for? IQ points are very valuable in the real world of economic competition. “The bigger brain evolved because it produced more successful behavior in a creature not possessed of the physical prowess of a lion or bear.” Our society basically pays off people with low IQs or mild brain damage just to stay home and shut up, or to clean floors, or to vote left. Guns work work well against crime. Most aggressive punks run away when they see their intended prey is armed. The ones who ignore the fact often lay down with a thump. That is as it should be. “Don’t threaten my brain if you don’t want the same!” This argument admittedly may not convince Oliver Willis because he may not be able to follow it, judging by the thought absent from his tweets.

    • You will also notice I have asked this person to answer several simple questions as a follow up to his inflammatory post, and he is too much of a coward to answer any of them.

      So being afraid of a lady with a gun is one thing. Being afraid of a lady with questions about statements You Made is another.

      He’s an empty coward and probably his obsession with gun folks “compensation” is all projection (i.e. his package is lacking or it doesn’t work as advertised …)

  19. Oliver Willis? that pathetic troll is still out there? oh…media nutters. figures they have a ” token nitwit ” hire program in place.

    most in the blogosphere stopped paying attention about the same time charles johnson went off the rails at LGF…

  20. Compensating? I have an LCP, one of the smallest guns you can buy. My motorcycle is as quiet as can be and I have a Ford Ranger, which is relatively wee. If I’m compensating for size, I’m doing it wrong.

    • No, no, it’s ok, he’s talking about me. . .I carry a full size 1911 AND a 380 bodyguard. I’m the one he was talking about I’ll admit it. Now all the rest of you are off the hook Re compensation. Carry on.

  21. Damn, all my carry pistols have 2 inch barrels. But next time there’s a gunfight, I’ll grab my Cobra and Oliver “Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout” Willis can whip out his dick and we’ll see who makes it out alive.

  22. Oliver can whip out his “weapon” at his gunfight and I’ll whip out what I carry. Never bring a penis to a gunfight. I mean if I’m compensating for penis size, what advantage do the well-hung have…in a gun fight? What is he suggesting?

  23. Down here in Mississippi I got a lot of black friends who love to hunt and partake in the shooting sports , it appears that most of the crime that concerns blacks happens does happen in the more northern cities and states that have more gun control . As for equipment south of the equator I have no problem there . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry.

  24. It’s misogynist to mock a woman for wanting to defend herself from rape, and race has nothing to do with it. Does this sexist idiot think that women are ok with being raped as long as it’s not by a black guy?

    Men like this are my enemy forever. Anyone who wants to see women be made more vulnerable to attacks is my enemy.

    This bastard hates women, and I hate him right back.

  25. Depending on where you live you could be more likely to be raped by a black man. Also, most gun ads I’ve seen aimed at women had a picture of a woman holding a gun… and nothing else. If YOU assume she’s trying to defend herself against black people, maybe you have some soul-searching to do.

  26. “always going on about how much ammo they can hold + size of barrel’? Huh? This cat definitely knows shit all about a guns. Besides, me personally, I can say this. First, anyone who carries daily or hunts or likes to run the AR is always trying to shed weight. 16 inch pencil thin barrels, compacts, lightweights, etc,… Secondly, I basically TOOK my white wife away from her big black boyfriend when we met. I compensate for nothing.

    Mr. Willis, your argument is invalid and, given the state of your people in this country, you’d better tool up yourself. Safety first, brotha.

  27. The morally superior position is for those women to just take their raping like a man. A raped woman is worth less than the life of a rapist.


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