Gun Tweet of the Day: Make Rifles Great Again [VIDEO]

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Jerone Davison is running in a five-way race for the Republican nomination for Arizona’s 4th Congressional District. The primary is August 2. He also appears to understand that more than 95% of all defensive gun uses happen without a trigger ever being pulled (not to mention the utility of standard capacity magazines).

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  1. Not an Arizona resident, but . . . I just sent a donation. Gentleman has his head firmly in reality, unlike Leftist/fascists such as MajorStupidity and dacian the stupid.

  2. And the point is?? THis statement goes againstb every statistiuic I’ve ever seenn byb the way, I may come from the other side of nthe pond but it would appear that I do more research that your avaerage US gun owner or more than those of these pages they are not that hard to access are they?? Statistics Like deaths from GUN CRIME in the USA almost DOUBLED between 2015 and 2022 for instance and are DIRECTLY related to the number of firearms [especially HAND GUNS AND assault SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES] available and in circulation both the known almost 400,million legally, and the unknown number of those illegally held.
    Meanwhile the rest of the civilised world still has to grasp the American fascination with firearms, It goes far, far beyond whatever the provisions of the American Constutution supposedly provide.
    In the UK and most of Europe it was not that long ago when firearms of all types were available practically without restrictions before WW1 but most people did NOT own one outside of hunting provision and certainly the self defence aspect was not to the fore. In the UK for instance Police except for the essentially Plain Clothes Special Branch [raised to combat terrorist and Anarchist activity, were unarmed and the Beat and Traffic Officers still are!

    • Let me guess, you would have been one of Cromwell’s goons, right? You, sir, are an idiot.

    • You’re jealous, aren’t you Albert?

      Too bad, go grovel at the feet of your betters.

      Now sod off with you…

    • Making up stats again? The only increase in crime in the US has happened since the plandemic, not 2015. It has occurred because commie DA’s, and AG’s are not prosecuting criminals and are letting them out before the arresting officers even have the paperwork done.
      In the highest crime areas they aren’t even demanding bail.

    • You need to stay the hell on your side of the pond Albert Loonie Jerk Hall. Your statistics are 100% BS, as are your views on American gun ownership. American gun ownership is what defeated the UK on colonial soil.
      Now…go kiss the Queens feet and STFU.

    • “…againstb every statistiuic I’ve ever seenn byb…”
      are you really james mushmouth mush from the cosby kids junkyard gang?
      and in regards to [every statistiuic you’ve ever seenn], this is the truth about guns. the only statistics you should believe are the factual ones that are cited here with sources.

    • Albert the idiot:
      Since you supposedly do all kinds of “research,” you surely know that Americans had to save your sorry asses during WWII by sending all kinds of firearms that we possessed because stupid countries like yours did not have enough to defend yourselves with. You are currently speaking (some sort of) English rather than German because of us.

      Maybe next time we’ll just tell UK to sod off, or kiss it💋

      • Please dont forget that in addition to vast amounts of materiel, 516,000 Americans took a one way trip to faraway exotic lands in WW1 and WW2, never to return.

        • ^^^THIS^^^

          You need to stop bleating off about our guns and thank the American men that died to save your sorry ass country where you remain a subject Hall!

    • Albert the serf says, “THis statement goes againstb every statistiuic I’ve ever seenn byb the way, ”

      Of course this goes against every statistic you’ve ever seen. You only read the statistics that support your own agenda. That is known as an ‘echo chamber’, where like minded people get together, and echo all their talking points to one another.

      I don’t think any individual, or any group, has done more research into firearms use that John Lott.

      When you’ve exhausted all the material on Lott’s site, come back with more intelligent comments than the drivel you usually post here.

      On the other side, almost, but not all, of the studies gun control advocates have done are fatally flawed, for one reason or another. Worse, gun control advocates (such as Joe Biden) make stuff up that is unsupported by any studies, then all the left wing echoes Joe’s idiotic blurb, then cite each others idiocy as some kind of ‘authoritative’ source.

      Read John Lott, learn, and come back for discussion. Anything less than that proves you’re an idiot and a shill.

    • Albert the (LYING) subject,

      How do I say this nicely? Oh, screw it . . . Albert, you are a sanguinary perpetrator of terminological inexactitudes (isn’t that how Winston said it?? Not that you’d know about Winston, he was the last Brit (except Maggie Thatcher) that had a scrote).

      THERE IS NO “increase” in US crime, gun deaths, or anything else, OTHER THAN (i) gun ownership has increased dramatically (thank you, Barry Soetoro and two years of Antifa/BurnLootMurder riots), and there has been an uptick in crime IN BLUE CITIES over the last two years (since our benevolent government gave carte blanche to the Antifa/BurnLoot/Murder thugs in 2020), but LESS THAN the increase in the number of guns. So, once again, you are blowing lies and propaganda out of your constipated Limey arse.,%20%2011.37%25%20%2025%20more%20rows%20

      Sod off, swampy.

    • Hey Prince among kings Albert, how are the knife and rape crime statistics over on your side of the pond?

      CRIME is CRIME. The tool or method is irrelevant.

  3. Prince Albert, I didn’t read your comment. Do you know why I, and others never do? Because you don’t matter. You just offer yourself up for ridicule. Sometimes, when we Colonials, are a bit bored. We go ahead with destroying you. Kinda like we did King George.

  4. I grew up in Macon GA in the 50s. When I was about 10 or 12 years old the Klan came through our neighborhood distributing flyers comparing blacks to gorillas. Our maid was a black woman who was scared shitless. She ran and hid in my Mom’s bedroom. I will never forget the look on her face. I can still remember the flyer. I tore it up and threw it in the trash.

    • I’ll point out that the Klan was all but dead, in the 1990s. They had a big recruiting drive all across the south, and they were laughed out of most bars and other places they would come into. Seriously, I watched it happen. No one wanted anything to do with them.

      Today, after the DNC has pushed identity politics all across the nation, the Klan is making a comeback. Antifa and BLM spreading their brands of belligerence makes people seek protection. The Democrats have resurrected the Klan. \

      Of course, I suppose that is only fitting. Democrats created the Klan in the first place.

  5. “95% of all defensive gun uses happen without a trigger ever being pulled”

    Which why such DGU goes under reported, but DGU it is and its stopped many a criminal.

  6. Well, if you wish to feed the monster then that’s on you.

    Twitter is worthless to me.

  7. Dude has my vote. Oops, I’m from a different state and am not a democrat so I won’t be able to vote for him. but if he was from ol’ Kaintuck, he’d have my vote.

  8. In 2018, the per capita rate of blacks committing violent crimes against whites was over 35 times higher than the rate of whites attacking blacks.
    This “black victim” BS fantasy needs to stop.

    • It was Libertarians Liberals Leftists, atheists, the S0ci@list pr0gressives, fem!n!sts, and h0m0sexu@ls. All who disagreed with a Christians when they said a father is necessary in the home. To provide love, discipline, and guidance to his children. Unfortunately these gun grabbers had the father replaced with a welfare check. And the father’s guns were replaced by The Guns of a big city police department.

      And crime has been going up ever since.

  9. It is an historical fact that the Democrat Party used the Klu Klux Klan to disarm Law abiding black people.

  10. It seems Joy Behar of the View was correct. When black people get AR-15s with 30 round magazines, there are white people who will disagree, and come to take their Rifles away. And I thought I saw her painted fingernails, underneath that Ku Klux Klan uniform???

  11. Make rifles great again.
    Yeah, wood stocks, 24inch barrels, blued steel, no plastic.
    If the blacks dont vote Democrat by majority I’ll be very surprised. Perhaps theBiden has opened there eyes, I doubt it, we can always hope.
    Oh there it is again, Vote and voting, ehhh the democrats will do that for us, right.

  12. “Make Rifles Great Again”

    If that slogan was “Make Arms Great Again” – people with the MAGA shirts and hats would have a new use for them.

  13. sometimes
    on rainy days and mondays
    i stare out my front picture window
    and wonder
    if my rifle is thinking about me too…

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