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Other than the introducing the term “assault rifle” into popular parlance, the term “gun violence” is the gun control industry’s greatest linguistic accomplishment. On the face of it, why not? Violence with a gun or guns. Gun violence. Although gun grabbers cleverly expanded that term to include suicide by firearm, I can live with a narrow definition. It is what it is. Or is it? The above Tweet by Hartford Connecticut Mayor Pedro Segarra (re-Tweeted an internet eternity later by the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence) makes it seem as if the murders were committed by guns for guns, rather than by people with guns. It’s kinda important to see “gun violence” as a human tragedy. So let’s look at Pedro’s experience of a firearms-related fatality, via . . .

Segarra was born in Puerto Rico, on April 28, 1959, in Maricao. His grandparents were among the founders of that town, having fled a rebellion against the Spanish in the 1860s to resettle on Indian lands, where they grew coffee.

When he was nine months old, his biological father was killed – shot by a man who mistook the 19-year-old for his brother, with whom the gunman had a quarrel. A number of Pedro’s relatives had emigrated to New York, and when he was eight, his mother took her family and followed them, to the South Bronx.

No matter what you make of this murder, whose details are as sketchy as a caricaturist’s pad, the fact is that someone shot someone with a gun. If that someone hadn’t shot that someone—Hizzoner’s bio Dad—Pedro’s old man would still be alive. Unless that someone had killed his genetic parent in some other way. Just sayin’.


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  1. We should start calling women abused by their husbands victims of “fist violence,” because at least the fist is to blame for the crime in that case.

    Edit: Dang I thought I was being original and I looked it up and its a pretty common term from gun nuts.

  2. Again, your considerations require logic, rationality, and common sense, all of which are entirely absent in a gun control advocate’s mind.

  3. Robert, I would like to respectfully call bullshit on that tired old argument you’re rehashing. When people say “gun violence” they know exactly what we’re talking about. When people say “crime guns,” same thing.

    This a tedious and nit picking semantic argument that I frankly think is beneath you.

  4. Let’s see. “His grandparents … resettle[d] on Indian lands.”

    And I’m betting that the grandparents stole the land from the Indians after they shot them all dead. Talk about gun violence. Way to go, Mayor Segarra!

  5. Hartford is a ghost town at night. There is no urban life there, like NYC. When the employees of the big insurance companies go home to the suburbs, the only people left in Hartford are people you don’t want to meet.

    But don’t fret, people. Given the tendency of the members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (such as Pedro) to get themselves arrested for criminal activity, I wouldn’t bet on Pedro annoying us with tweets for much longer.

    • Puerto Ricans are natural born United States Citizens same as anyone born on the mainland. Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory and perhaps even the 51st state someday. Educate yourself, bigot.

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