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The first annual Texas International Firearms Festival – November 8 & 9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports – is just weeks away! You need to buy your day pass today – it’s your chance to sample (and buy) firearms from over two dozen major gun makers. Click here for the full list. Click here to buy a $59 one-day pass or a $95 weekend pass. Ammo included! Slide Fire will be there. You’ve always wanted to shoot a full-auto gun. But renting one is expensive and buying one is, well, astronomical. Not to worry. Full-auto-style  fun is easy to come by with a Slide Fire bump fire stock. It’s affordable, ATF-legal and about as much fun as you can have at a gun range. Come and shoot it!

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  1. Slidefire better figure out a way to respond to the $100 Bumpfire Systems product that seemingly does everything that Slidefire’s $300 product does. Relying on unknowing customers is not a winning product plan.

        • Bumpfire in prone bipod….veeerrrry interesting

          Don’t know why he had his offhand on the sliding stock in the beginning of the video which certainly hampered the bumpfire. But then at end it looks like he finally realized he was doing things wrong and out came the goodness.

        • Wow, that is incredibly recent and most definitely a response haha. The two are fairly similiar, so I can see where their beef originates. Since Slidefire is the first big name in bumpfire stocks, I imagine they would like to keep it that way.

          In regards to the AK, Ive been a perspective AK owner for the past 3 years or more (LOVE my AR and Im so very interested in an AK but grad school loans eliminated that until I get a job that pays a little better than finishing my thesis and working part time) and the Bumpski stock looks like a VAST improvement from the other bumpfire stocks, but the price is MUCH higher ~450, I assume its because it was made from aluminum and looks to be very solid.

          The hickok45 bumpski video:

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