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You know that old joke about the guy who asks a woman if she’d sleep with him for a million dollars? She says yes. “Would you sleep with me for $200?” “Of course not,” she replies. “What kind of woman do you think I am?” “We’ve already established that,” he answers. “We’re just haggling over price.” Same deal with gun control advocates. “Would you eliminate Americans’ right to own the same ‘weapons of war’ carried by the police and military?” “Yes.” “Would you forcibly disarm Americans?” “Of course not! What kind of people do you think we are?” “We’ve already established that. We’re just haggling over the timeline.”

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  1. Paraphrasing here;
    I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death, for your right to say it….

    Of course organ breath wouldn’t understand that. He’s a subject, not a citizen.

  2. Yep, you pretty well summed it up, RF.

    That said, I’d rather talk about George Zimmerman than this pompous twit. He’s more relevant.

    Yes, I just said that.

  3. That jackass, Martin Bashir, and others like them seem to be forming a vanguard of police-state disease vectors scurrying out of The Land Formerly of Hope and Glory. In coming years, we may need to re-think that “special relationship.”

  4. None of the other amendments would apply to people he disagreed with too in Morganland with King Piers the Great as lord and master.

  5. Phil isn’t protected by the first, because the government wasn’t trying to violate his rights. Banning an AR-15 is done at the government level. That said, Phil is entitled to have his opinions based on his beliefs. Regardless, Phil also said he won’t disrespect someone because of their orientation…but the media with their constitutional protection fail to mention that part!

    • True. I’m not sure if morgan doesn’t understand the situation with Phil or if he doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment. Either way, he’s a twit.

    • Phil is indeed protected by the First, though not from A&E. Because of the First congress is not permitted to pass a law outlawing what Phil said. Piers plainly wishes Phil (and everyone else who is not Piers Morgan-approved) did not enjoy that protection.

      • Yeah, as I said, first sentence, 2nd part: not the government that was limiting his freedom of speech rights, it was his employer, so the 1A don’t cover him. Which sucks; it’d be nice if all the amendments extended to the workplace – that’s probably too large of a can of worms to crack open!

  6. Now I know why the Illegals in this country think they should be allowed to stay here, they contribute more to this country than Piers Morgan (here legally I assume) ever could.

    • +1. It’s silly to expect an Englishman to understand America, just like it’s silly to expect an American to understand England.

  7. Man I can’t stand that Piers moron. But he has the right to make a total ass of himself EVERY night! He’s a tool, and not even a useful one.

    • Ah, but he doesn’t have the right to a cable show. Let’s hope they eventually realize what an idiot he is… or perhaps hope that his ratings tank enough that even that network gets rid of him as dead weight.

      • Sadly, American TV networks and audiences loves bullshit and phonies. They thrive on it for ratings. So this idiot will be on for quite a while unfortunatly. Pathetic but that’s the way it is here.

    • Actually no he does not. He is not an American, he is the property of the Commonwealth of Great Britain and as such has no rights.

  8. that sack of s**t should be unemployable after what he pulled while at The Mirror. That CNN gave him his own show just proves how worthless CNN is.

    • I think Scotland Yard still would like to have a chat with him if he ever returns. Some of the wiretap transcripts they turned over to GCHQ prove rather “awkward,” him discussing phone mail and email hacking and such…

  9. If I remember correctly, the point of the first amendment is to protect popular speech, not unpopular speech.

    …or did I get that backwards…

  10. I would suggest he has no true idea what “freedom of speech” is as it is not a protected right in the UK, nor in most European nations, including the western ones. While he does not appreciate the right, he is nevertheless fully willing to push it to whatever extreme he chooses.

  11. Of course he considers the Robertsons vile bigots. He escaped from England to avoid getting involved in the BBC child molestation scandal. The one where major stars of the BBC were cultivating young [minor] children for their sophisticated sexual pleasure. Much more sophisticated than owning guns, chap. And the upper echelons of the BBC covered this up, while it was going on, for decades.

    Morgan refused to return to testify in person, although he did “testify” over a hookup from here.

    The current Chief Executive of the NYT was also embroiled in that piece of work. He denies any knowledge of what was common knowledge to everybody at his level of the BBC.

    To these people, even pederasty is considered acceptable, and has to be protected. Obviously, anybody who has any morals is a vile bigot.

    • Morgan was also caught falsifying photos of British soldiers desecrating Taliban bodies, from what I understand.

  12. Apparently, the gov’t should step in and strip people’s rights when Piers Morgan doesn’t agree with them.

  13. Yyeeaahh… and if the US hadn’t foolishly protected Britain back in the 1940’s we wouldn’t have this loud mouth waste of skin on our planet.

    • I’m pretty sure our protection of Britain in WW II had more to do with needing to use their island to invade Europe and their troops to back us up in the Pacific than it did with actually protecting Brits.

      • You mean the -Australian- troops right? I could be wrong but as far as I remember, England had nothing to do with the Pacific theater

        • Depends where you draw “Pacific”, but one of the worst defeats the Japanese were handed was at Imphal-Kohima in 1944; from there, Bill Slim and 14th Army pushed them back out of Burma.

          We also had Tiger Force and the British Pacific Fleet active in support after VE-day, though two buckets of instant sunshine shortened the war and saved a few million lives…

          (oh, and Piers Morgan is a mendacious self-publicist with no redeeming features apparent, we’re so glad you’re willing to host him…)

    • England had cancelled the threat of German invasion before the US got into the war. Hitler helped make England safer when he turned his attention to Russia. Had America not entered the European war the iron curtain would have been at the English channel.

      The only real question is would Stalin have stopped at the channel?

      • That water obstacle conveniently located southeast of Dover does help quite a lot, when defended by an adequately determined Navy.

        As St Vincent once said, and still true in the 1940s, “I do not say, my Lords, that the French will not come. I say only they will not come by sea.”

  14. The protection of free speech isn’t about protecting speech everyone is happy with, Mr. Morgan. It’s about protecting the speech that is controversial.

    You really don’t get this “freedom” thing we push for here in the states, do ya?

  15. He’s entirely wrong. I don’t agree with Phil Robertson’s statements, but his right to make them are protected by the First Amendment.

    Liberty doesn’t mean that I have to agree with everything that everyone else says or does.

  16. Let me figure this out…You could not say what you just said without the First Amendment so go back to the UK where you belong.

    • They asked us to keep him several times so far. They can’t stand him either.

      Hmmm – maybe Russia? They did take Snowden, after all.

  17. He is still calling the AR-15 an “assault rifle”?

    He hates the 2nd Amendment. He hates the 1st. When people begin to think like this, they are only a few steps from invalidating the 4th, 5th and heck, even the 3rd.

  18. I thought this British fool promised to go back to Londonistan if America wouldn’t change its gun laws? I’m sure I recall him saying that! Well, we didn’t change our laws….so…….?

  19. Piers doesn’t even understand the error he has made with that statement.

    Pier’s statements are bigoted. He feels he is right and we are wrong and he is intolerant of gun owners and gun rights. Then goes and says that the 1st amendment shouldn’t protect the statements that he himself made. What foolishness and irony.

  20. Seriously, do they still let him use Twitter unsupervised? CNN needs to look at their parental controls.

  21. That idiot needs to be tarred and feathered and sent back to ” jolly ole England ” where he can the face charges that caused him to leave that “gun free zone”.

  22. i cannot stand that lobsterback. Tar,feather and send back to Blighty, though I doubt they’d have him back.

  23. First of all, Piers Morgan came to America, not the other way around. Second, why does anybody give two shits about what a guy that got famous judging Brits singing competitions? Third, I’ll be damned if I let a monarchist decide my rights. That guy should pack his effin’ redcoat bags. One right protects the rest, and heres proof of the agenda.

  24. One has to wonder about someone criticizing someone for saying something controversial from a pulpit they gained and maintain by saying controversial things. I’d say the pot calls the kettle black but that’s not being fair to Phil who was most likely simply stating his mind while Piers is, I believe, hoping to latch onto a more popular and famous persons coattails in a desperate bid for relevance and exposure.

  25. Hey Piers. I’ll give up my 2nd amendment rights if you give up your 1st. After all. The 1st amendment is outdated too. It was written at a time when the only means of reporting was lights in a tower.

  26. Pierced Organ is a vile bigot, and the best part is he CAN be silenced because he has no rights in America. His hate filled spew has no protections under America’s Constitution or laws, he is not an American. Time for him to be extradited to England for trial on whatever crimes he fled here to escape.

  27. Typical reaction of the anti-constitution bed wetters. Freedom is AWESOME until you exercise it in a manner of which I don’t approve.

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