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Arapahoe High School, Centennial Colorado (courtesy

James Viser, the father of a student at Arapahoe High School in Centennial Colorado, posted the following comment underneath our article Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America: WE ARE ALL CLAIRE’S MOTHER:

My son is an Arapahoe HS student, and no parent should experience what we did. The parents of Claire Davis have it much worse than all of us. I was astounded by MDA’s response. They clearly have no idea of how Coloradans view gun rights and who is responsible for the tragedy. Our experience: The ONLY thing that stood between the gunman last Friday and my son (and others) was good guy Deputy Sheriff James Englert. I owe him a personal debt of gratitude. One that Claire’s parents acknowledged in their actual statement here . . .

“It is with unspeakable sadness that we write and say that Claire has passed away from the gunshot wound she received at Arapahoe High School on December 13, 2013. Although we have lost our precious daughter, we will always be grateful for the indelible journey she took us on over the last 17 years—we were truly blessed to be Claire’s parents. The grace, laughter and light she brought to this world will not be extinguished by her death; to the contrary, it will only get stronger.

“Last week was truly a paradox in that we lost our daughter, yet we witnessed the wonderful love that exists in the world through the tremendous outpouring of support we received. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the first responders, the school resource officer, security guard and vice principal at Arapahoe High School, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office, and the physicians, nurses and staff at Littleton Adventist Hospital. Each played a significant role in giving Claire a chance to live, and demonstrated extreme amounts of professionalism, courage and love. Please know that we will never forget the extraordinary work you did on Claire’s behalf.

“We ask that you give us time to grieve the death of our daughter by respecting our wishes for privacy.

“With much loving-kindness,

“The Davis Family”

The shooter passed a background check, paid the fee and purchased a pump-action shotgun (not AR). He broke no law until the last two minutes of his life, when he committed murder and then suicide.

We can pass laws covering 100 different scenarios, but the experience at Arapahoe HS proves there will always be a 101st. When the law fails, there must be a good guy with a gun to confront an active shooter in school and public places. The same can be said for Navy Yard and just about every other mass shooting we have witnessed.

We can do this people, if we unite. We can put armed law enforcement in schools and permit qualified conceal carry. Do it now.

Best regards,

James Viser

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  1. Amen!

    Laws do not prevent bad behavior, they only provide a mechanism by which offenders can be punished, always after the fact.

    Good people with guns kill bad people, and save many more lives in the process.

  2. The comment is good, but you need to go read his blog post linked above. I don’t have kids, so I do the only thing I can when I read something like that, and hug my dog. She came over from her crate and set her chin on my knee while I was reading.

    • Oh, and as I said under the original comment…

      Thanks for your thoughts. I know there’s a lot going on, but it’d be really awesome if the parents that think as you do could publicly address MDA’s appropriation of your pain/anguish/fright/etc. for their own uses.

      If you could arrange for Claire’s actual mom to throat-punch Shannon Watts for her disgusting behavior that’d be awesome, but I realize that may be asking a lot.

  3. Let’s see how it takes for them to say that his opinion on gun policy isn’t relevant but the other parents’ opinions are.

    • Shannon is not listening.. . . only 2 shopping days left until Christmas and she is out spending Big Daddy’s (ie, Bloomy’s) money . . . . but we can make her listen:

      1) Letter writing jihad – everyone needs to find their local MAIG mayor member and write to the local paper. Attach/link to MDA’s heartless comments. Ask why mayor x is a member of MAIG and associated with this worthless organization – even better if mayor x is up for re-election. Also ask why mothers are members of MDA if this is the type of venom they spew and not honoring the family’s wishes and keeping them out of this debate.

      2) write your local city council – ask why mayor x is a member of MAIG and spending (potentially) city resources to be part of such an organization. Question whether citycouncilmember y now endorses MDA’s heartless comments by being silent and not challening mayor x on his/her membership in MAIG.

      3) write mayor x and ask why he/she is a member of MAIG if this is the crap they throw on the wall for a greiving family to experience. question why mayor x is spending city resources being associate with rich billionaire bloomy and if mayor x has forgotten about the little people she/he claims to represent. also indicate that since it appears MAIG has strayed mightly from its focus on “illegal” guns and now appears to endorse a complete denial of the 2nd amendment for you, a law abiding citizen, you wonder why mayor x is/remains a member of MAIG, including having his/her name appear on MAIG’s roll of honor, unless mayor x actually endorses the political position of MAIG.

      4) post on MAIG’s and MDA’s facebook pages and express “concern” that the family is not being allowed to grieve in private and as a parent, you don’t understand why this is being politicized.

      5) brew some coffee, have a cigar, and wait for Shannon to leave MDA for “other opportunities”.

  4. Farago, please stick to publishing articles like this and avoid ones like that “Fags & Guns” tripe you wrote. God bless this grieving family. God bless the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. If MDA doesn’t understand then f*<k the idiots!

  5. Karl Pierson (the shooter) shot a random shot down the hallway when he entered the school. If security or trained personnel was present at the facility at that time they could have very quickly responded to that shot.

    But no, we don’t’ want this – instead we want to advertise his actions on every news channel as long as possible giving him all the attention he sought for and witnessed on prior school shootings. Congratulations news media – your advertising paid off and he decided to go on an attention grabbing rampage. … and the MAIG, MDA, and progressive gov groups solution?… more ineffective gun control.

    No gun control whatsoever (shy of confiscation) would have prevented this legal adult from obtaining a pump action shotgun (hunting shotgun) from the local sporting goods store. Even if the confiscation was put in place he still likely could obtain a firearm (illegally) or used many other methods to wreak havoc and kill targets.

    • “Karl Pierson (the shooter) shot a random shot down the hallway when he entered the school. If security or trained personnel was present at the facility at that time they could have very quickly responded to that shot.”

      Isn’t that exactly what happened? He started shooting, the SRO deputy came running, and the worthless little shit killed himself when he realized he was going to be stopped.

    • “No gun control whatsoever (shy of confiscation) would have prevented this legal adult from obtaining a pump action shotgun…” Nope. All he would have needed is a wad of cash and a little more time. Confiscation would have made no difference, just raised the asking price.

  6. I admire James Viser for speaking up. I doubt it is easy to highlight the fact that the “good guy with a gun” is the best answer, just when the local community has suffered such a sad loss, the life of Claire, and as the Moms Demand Assets leader swoops in with her mercenary heart and Bloomy credit card to monetize human pain, suffering for which she has no solution.

    Forced to choose one, would Shannon Watts rather make Bloomberg happy this month, or relieve the pain of Claire’s parents? The answer is obvious.

  7. As I suggested in my comment on the passing of Claire Davis earlier, it is time for Parents of School age children (Pre-School/Kindergarten through High School Senior) to form a grass-roots agit-group to actively campaign for taking effective measures to insure the safety of American school children. We know what works and can develop improved measures and means, but must immediately take action to implement what we have at hand to secure their lives and well-being.
    This must be done on a National Level and should be aimed at repealing or re-defining “Gun Free School Zones” and placing trained, armed guards on all campuses in all towns both public and private that want the security (I am not advocating imposing anything on anyone who doesn’t want it. Parents have a right to leave their children unprotected just as much as they have a right to insure their children are in a secure School.)
    We can be sure something like the Arapahoe H.S. incident will happen again. We know what kept it from becoming another Newtown CT. Beyond that I am concerned that at some point those who are our foreign and domestic avowed enemies will attack an unprotected School and make Newtown pale in comparison.
    I know the NRA has tried to launch a Campaign to do this, but, face it, the NRA has some image problems and their campaign seems to have gotten low traction. I believe a grass-roots, parent-sponsored, dedicated to this one set of goals, organization is needed to accomplish this.
    Maybe there is such an organization that I am not aware of. but I think actual parents with children in actual schools should be the organizers and chief spokespersons for such an effort. [I am not a parent, but I would surely support and help out, If I can.]
    The clock is counting-down to the next serious incident. I do not want to see any more grieving families, but if it must be, let it be those who were too craven to demand effective security for their children, and let them deal with the loss and the knowledge it was their failing as parents in a vicious world that caused the loss. Harsh? Yes, but Reality is harsh and an unforgiving teacher.

    • “(I am not advocating imposing anything on anyone who doesn’t want it. Parents have a right to leave their children unprotected just as much as they have a right to insure their children are in a secure School.)” — DerryM

      While that is an admirable sentiment, it is impossible to achieve. Forcing a school to be unsecured imposes on the parents who want their children to attend a secured school.

      • I agree. The issue of the extent of implementation across all Schools would have to be carefully thought-out. There are several alternatives, so I am sure there is a better one overall than my suggestion you commented on. I am open to other ideas. My initial general comment is an attempt to get some momentum going. I am not a Parent and firmly believe Parents should decide what is eventually advocated to the public at large.

    • “This must be done on a National Level and should be aimed at repealing or re-defining “Gun Free School Zones” and placing trained, armed guards on all campuses in all towns both public and private that want the security.”
      If done in defiance of the Gun Free Schools Act, this would be called Nullification.

      The states are already beginning to stir restlessly…

      • Agreed. We just need to push that restless stirring along. A “National” effort would work to organize State chapters or affiliates since Schools are largely administered at the State and Local levels.

  8. Our Very Sincere Condolences to the Davis Family.No parents should Ever have to go what they are going through,EVER!
    Our schools throughout our country need to be protected by well trained armed,on property,first responders.
    We cannot listen to these idiotic MAIG/MDA clueless clowns as they know not what they speak of.
    If someone wants to carry out an act of violence,they will get a gun by hook or by crook,there is no stopping that action,( as is prevalent in England ,Australia,Canada,New York,California and lets not forget the number one murder capital in the World; Chicago!)
    If these Eggheads that want to wave the bloody shirt when these events happen,then they need also to grow up and acknowledge that armed response prevents and saves as it did here.If not,then no one can take them seriously.they are just”JibJab”

  9. We lost my brother three years ago, he was home on leave from Iraq. He was shot by a man because he was seen by this guy with my cousin. My cousin argued with and called this guy names until the guy left the bar. This guy was so mad he went home, got a shotgun with buckshot, and waited to ambush my cousin. When my cousin didn’t come by and my brother did he instead shot him. My brother fought for five hours but the damage was too much. The doctor pulled twelve 00 pellets out of my brother, he said that they just couldn’t get his heart to keep going.

    My brother had been through two tours of duty without a scratch only to be murdered in our hometown. The man who murdered my brother wasn’t legally able to have a firearm because a violent background, but he got one anyway. Not one person in my family said that guns should be outlawed. Nobody in my family took all their firearms and sold them. Instead we talked about getting everyone concealed carry licenses.

    In 2011 my other brother was killed by a guy that ran him and his motorcycle off of the road. The weapon the guy used was a Corvette. We still don’t know who killed him, we wouldn’t even know what kind of car if not for a witness. He has never been caught. This has hurt our family further. Two terrible acts of violence, two very different weapons used.

    We think about them every single day, the loss hurts as bad today as the day my brothers were murdered. I feel so bad for the Davis family, I know the hurt they feel. I don’t think we’ll ever recover from the loss. The man who shot my brother got 26 years. The other has never been apprehended. I guess that we got some justice, it still doesn’t make any of us feel better though. The Davis family will never get that much. Nothing you can say will ease their pain, myself and my family haven’t found anything that does. I can only say that I wish someone had been there to stop the man that shot my brother or the guy that ran my brother off the road. Someone being there to stop this guy and the filth like him is a blessing. I’m glad that your son and the other kids in his school are okay.

    I feel that a school resource officer should be at every entrance, our young ones deserve that much. We can find money for School Superintendents to make $250.000 a year or more but we don’t have enough money to hire people to protect the young in our schools. We won’t change the laws that ban a teacher from carrying either. Yeah, I guess that would make sense to a moron. Just like banning guns will stop murders. How about cars, without them one of my brothers would be alive today.

    I’m tired of the ignorant subhumans who spew dog crap like “we are all Claire’s mother”. YOU… ARE… NOT! Unless you have lost a child or family member to a violent lowlife you haven’t an inkling of the hurt and loss that is felt. To say or act like you do is a slap in the face of those that have. We should all “demand” the “action” of them shutting their mouths.

    Tell the ones you love how much you care about them. I’ve always wished I told my brothers I loved them more often. Don’t let machismo or “being a man” stop you. Tell your kids, siblings, parents, and the rest of your family how much you love them. You’ll never be sorry that you did.

    • I suppose you’ve discovered that the pain never goes away, but that remembering the good times is a balm to the wounds. Life. The PR flacks with ulterior motives demean it as their plays for sympathy start to leak money and cynicism from the hole where their heart is supposed to be.

    • I am a squeaky clean citizen who has had a concealed permit for 20+ years. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. The only reason I’m not a cop is I make too much money doing what I do. I would GLADLY go through the police academy and then volunteer to be the resource officer in my childrens school. I don’t want money, I want safe munchkins who will never have to deal with that violence. There are many more like me. We have programs for everything else, I mean, I can go get free needles to shoot up drugs or condoms paid for by the taxpayers. Where’s a program that will vett me and allow me the chance to stop a monster?? I’ve got a masters in teaching, and I’ve got plenty of time to spend walkingthe hallways…

  10. Bravo Mr. Viser. Thanks to that school resource officer and his sidearm, you and the rest of the parents at Arapahoe High School were spared from having to be “Clair’s Mother” as well. Nothing can eliminate danger entirely, but proper precautions can minimize the amount of carnage that can result. This tragedy underscored that a good guy with a gun is a prudent precaution.

  11. Thoughts on deterrence vs. denial..

    The thing about Shannon Watts and her kind, and indeed many people in education is that they are simply in complete denial of reality to the point of utter delusion. Simply put, they believe that legally proscribing firearms among adults in school zones will magically prevent troubled students from carrying out acts of violence. Then, upon realizing their foolishness, they proceed to compound said denial of reality with another act of delusion, that of more gun control everywhere else. Then FURTHER still, when the idea of repealing GFSZ is advanced, they cry “but you want to MAKE all teachers carry guns,” as if there were no other edicts whatsoever.

    I’ve debunked this several times before – no one is demanding any such thing. As for myself, all I want is for the GFSZ to be repealed and for any adult not disqualified from obtaining a concealed carry permit to be able to carry a sidearm in a lawful manner without fear of political and legal retribution from spiteful individuals. That’s all. The fact is that only a small percentage; varying from perhaps 1 to 10 percent of those eligible, will do so. But that, in the big picture, should be enough to provide a reasonable measure of deterrence should a potential school shooter even CONSIDER shooting up a school. And, as has been observed; virtually EVERY tine a perpetrator is confronted with armed resistance, the attack is broken off, usually by the perp comitting suicide.

    Over time, the overall deterrent effect provided by this and whatever presence of armed peace officers there happens to be should prevent most all such shooting sprees.

    It’s also worth noting that nothing any of us do is a complete guarantee of safety – that would be deluded indeed. But in the end I’d rather have the possibility of someone looking out for our schoolchildren than some meaningless sign on a door.

    And it goes without saying that parents need to steo up and take control of the business of raising their offspring as well. Needless to say all too many parents, most of whom are in the same camp of denial of reality, fail to do this.


    • You don’t even have to pay for SROs… I’d do it for free. It seems unfathomable to me that in every school there wouldn’t be a sufficient number of parents who could donate a half or whole day every week or every month to be a trained SRO in their kid’s school(s), and would be willing to take whatever training would be required to do such, so that the school has at least one SRO on site every school day. In reality you’d probably have more than one a lot of the time, since the best training is mentoring and you’d want the knowledge/observations of the current and past SROs passed on to the next crop.

      Give parents the ability to protect their (and your!) kid(s), and I’m willing to bet mine and mine’s lives on there being enough who will step up.

      • But they aren’t PROFESSIONALS, you see.

        Modern school districts are obsessed with the idea of specific qualification/certification/professional experience. Their insurers agree.

        If you’re not a current police officer, none of them are going to see you as qualified.

        • Yes, what you point-out, Jeff, is a problem, particularly the Insurance Companies. Additionally, there is the problem that many School Districts are controlled by people who are committed to keeping schools undefended owing to their anti-Second Amendment prejudices and backed by the Teacher’s Unions, who share their views. Parents of School Age Children need to work on resolving these issues, whether by recalling School Boards, electing Pro Safe School Officials, or just plain making a pain in the butt out of themselves until effective Security is implemented in the School Systems. The next parents grieving for their murdered children have only themselves to blame.

        • There is a way around the insurance carriers – self-insure under the state. After a few schools started cancelling policies and explained why, the carriers would consult with their acturaries and STFU.

    • The delusion that some folks have is stunning. They seem to believe that a rectangular piece of metal with some paint on it that is attached to a stick and jammed into dirt has magical powers that will stop people from bringing weapons into a building.

  12. I agree but it does nothing to post it here. It is preaching to the choir. Post this everywhere especially if have not been banned on FB or twitter.

  13. JayD,

    Thanks for your comment. I too have lost a loved one through an act of violence perpetuated by a criminal who possessed a handgun. It will soon be a year to the day and I don’t believe it will never get easier. I take solace in the thought that she is in a better place.


  14. My children never attended a school without armed security. I would rather spend my tax dollars on that than give it to governments that hate us.

    Well said. I continue to hold your community in my prayers.

  15. How are retired military and police oh so elevated that they enjoy special carve-outs from 2A infringement laws like NY’s (un)SAFE Act, yet they aren’t sufficiently qualified to walk the halls of our schools with a sidearm and/or rifle to protect our kids on even a voluntary basis?

    Heck, we have no problem with moms and dads and whomever else transporting their kids and other students in personal vehicles to and from off-campus, school-sponsored events. Where’s the public school industry’s demand that every parent be a professional driver? Where’s Shannon Watts and her “Moms Demand Commercial Driver’s Licenses” group?

    Likewise, in countless schools, reception halls, and homes across the country, there are banquets, booster events, and team meetings of all sorts where moms and dads and whomever get together to feed the kids on a potluck basis. Where’s the public school industry’s demand that every home display a valid Health Dept. inspection and Fire Dept. occupancy permit? Where’s Mayor Bloomie and his “Mayors Against Illegal Caterers” group?

    There’s absolutely no argument the liberals can make except that they don’t want people demonstrating self-reliance or even to come together in community support. In their mind, it doesn’t take a village. It takes a unionized, government-subsidized, heavily-politicized education monopoly to run the schools. Well. That approach doesn’t cut it. We used to measure the public schools’ failures in terms of their abysmal graduation and skills proficiency rates. Now it’s coming down to student survival rates? My God.

    • “How are retired military and police oh so elevated that they enjoy special carve-outs from 2A infringement laws like NY’s (un)SAFE Act…?”
      Because the elected Quislings and their ilk are scared to death that one of the “special people” will inconveniently endow them with some of the violence that they have experienced.

  16. I was really hoping for some strong push back from a parent from that school.

    Excellent timing and perfect wording.

    Just what was needed.

    Let the Libs stew in that for a bit, I am sure their little pea brains are absolutely seizing and twitching with the shock waves from that one.

  17. This is how stupid lDemocrats are. In Illinois they have a D.A.R.E. Officer in every High School, but not to protect kids. It is another manufactured job created by democrats and a complete waist of tax payers money. I know this for a fact (as if Facts mattered yo a Democrat), my good friend is a DARE officer. And she makes lite of it all the time about her $125,000.00 per year salary plus pention and full free insurance, Including life insurance. She laughs at how she is getting over on the tax payers. She doesnt even work a full day. It makes me sick.

    But why not an armed guard that could actually save a life? Because Democrats are full of crap that’s why…


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