Gun Tweet of the Day: NRA-Bashing Dem Decrys Partisan Politics Edition


Mike Dickinson is a Democrat running for the nomination to take on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). To say Dickinson’s campaign’s taking the low road would be like saying Barack Obama likes to play golf. I don’t know how many of Virginia’s big city Dems are NRA members, but Mr. Dickinson better hope it’s statistically insignificant. As for the tone of his Tweet, this is the same man whose campaign website claims “Mike believes Congress needs to get back to finding solutions to our nation’s problems rather than being stuck in a loop of partisan bickering and crisis management.” Because not being partisan means never having to say you’re sorry. Or something like that.


  1. avatar Scott says:

    At least I’m pure….

  2. avatar Martin says:

    Is this what the “tolerant” left looks like ?

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      As someone who has been around the RKBA issue since the late 80’s, yes, this is what they look and sound like.

      The only difference now is that social media allows everyone to see these people. Make no mistake, they’ve been around forever.

    2. avatar Andrew says:

      God, he could at least have the decency to call us Nazi’s while he’s at it.

  3. avatar Notguiltfree says:

    Oh look , an older version of Jason Paul. Where’s the goofy sweater?

  4. avatar KingSarc48265 says:

    The anti-gun crowd must know they’re losing. The tantrums are just getting worse day by day. These are great times for popcorn.

  5. avatar blackspike2710 says:

    Why is Hustler Magazine tagged in that tweet?

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      In propaganda, as in marketing, “positioning” is everything.

      To sell stuff advertisers frequently use sexy women, hunky men, or allusions to enhanced sensuality obtained from their product(s).

      To sell politics propagandists will seek to tarnish their opponents by positioning them with pimps, whores and degenerates. Since it is highly unlikely that Larry Flynt is a Republican and as I recall from my youth he ranted against violence, and especially pictures of violence, as more pornographic than sexual pornography, his inclusion in this rant seem spurious, at best.

      This is especially true since pimps, whores, degenerates and pornographers all tend to lean FAR to the left politically. I think he has definitely lost Larry Flynt’s endorsement and contributions.

    2. avatar APBTFan says:

      Because guns are boobies are both so awesome.

  6. avatar LongBeach says:

    Hustler? This guy’s got his mind in the gutter in more ways than one.

  7. avatar Roscoe says:

    Better for all of us that congress can’t get anything done due to partison bickering.

    Let’s keep it that way.

    And as for “fear mongering”; no one needs the NRA for *that*, just watch the lefty nightly news to find all the fear mongering one needs.

    1. avatar WayneMHK says:

      To be honest, the House has passed a butt-load of legislation. The Senate, well, not so much. I wonder who’s in charge over there.

  8. avatar Rokurota says:

    Having grown up in the 7th District, I can tell you it does not encompass any “big cities.” Richmond City proper is in the 3rd. The 7th is suburban, mostly white and heavily conservative until you get up to Culpeper and DC bedroom communities. Henrico County has the largest, swankiest indoor range in the state. I don’t know what Dickinson’s strategy is, but political self-immolation would be my guess.

    1. avatar Jeff says:

      The problem is the eastern end of Henrico – it might as well be the city of Richmond. The east end is what made Henrico blue in the 2012 elections.

      1. avatar Rokurota says:

        I hate to say it, but a lot of comfy West Enders voted for Obama. Between the media deifying him and the fear of being “on the wrong side of history,” many without strong convictions one way or the other couldn’t pull the lever for the smug Mormon billionaire. As long as life marches on as normal, a watery, nominally conservative worldview can’t withstand a steady drumbeat of statist propaganda.

        1. avatar Jeff says:

          Maybe “a lot”, but not a majority. It was definitely the 3rd Congressional district (central and eastern Henrico) that carried Obama. The 7th (western Henrico) voted for Romney, just not in a large enough majority to negate the 3rd district:

          3rd District: 76.59% Obama 22.66% Romney
          7th District: 46.36% Obama 52.32% Romney



    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Good to know. Hopefully they throw RINO Cantor out at the Rep Primary.

      Note to self – send $ to Dave Brat

  9. avatar Kyle in CT says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  10. avatar mlopilato says:

    This guy also said that people who want an explanation for Benghazi are mentally unstable. I’m preeeety sure he just uses twitter to troll.

    1. avatar TheBear says:

      Hey, we’ve already had professional wrestlers running states. I guess professional trolls in congress are next.

  11. avatar sota says:

    I would rather pay Congress and the Senate their full salary and have them play golf all year long than get any “work” done. Every time they do something I feel more violated.

    1. avatar Jeff says:

      Sounds like a Ron Swanson winning strategy.

  12. avatar MichaelB says:

    *God-awful *fear-mongering

    Like I’d vote for an illiterate boob. I meant Bob. Or Mike. Dang autocorrect.

  13. avatar Cameron S. says:

    Its absurd the superiority these guys tout while stoopong lower than their proclaimed pig disgusting opposition.

    I see it daily. “Evil NRA scum Rep ublican bigot yadayada…” The ride never ends.

  14. avatar Taylor TX says:

    “would be like saying Barack Obama likes to play golf while important presidential matters sit unattended.”

    FIFY 🙂

  15. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

    The fact that he says such things does not bother me. There have always been assholes, and there always will be. What bothers me is that people vote for him.

  16. avatar David P says:

    I live in indiana and I am looking forward to the “pure trash” annual meeting that will be taking place the end of the month. I am even expecting to see some protestors as I walk in. I will respect the right of the protestor’s first amendment right, speaking out against my rights, for all 11 protestors that are there. Lol

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Is there a TTAG rally point at Indy NRA annual meeting?

      1. avatar peirsonb says:

        I vote we make it Shannon Watts’ house…

      2. avatar Mina says:

        There are a bunch of different pro2A groups holding a counter-rally to MDA’s protest at the NRAAM

        Information on Facebook:

        Safety and Self-Protection Showcase
        Sat April 26th
        Convention Center Plaza, Capitol Ave, Indianapolis IN

        Moms With Guns Demand Action(MWGDA), Gun Rights Across America (GRAA), 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control (1MMAGC), American Gun Rights (AGR) and Indiana Moms Against Gun Control (IMAGC) are hosting a Safety and Self-Protection Showcase in Indianapolis, IN on April 26, 2014.

        Armed Moms and Dads United to Protect: Our Children, Our Families, Ourselves, Our Country, and Our Liberty

        We will be meeting outside the front doors of the Indianapolis Convention Center across the street @ The Convention Center Plaza during the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits Event. We will have speakers sharing their stories about how being armed saved their lives and how not being armed put their lives in danger. We still have room for speakers!!! Email [email protected] ASAP if you’d like to share your story at this event.

        It has been said that “Moms will be the ones to bring Gun Sense to America.” We couldn’t agree more!!!! Armed Moms and Dads across this nation are sick and tired of the liberal gun grabbing lobby’s efforts to disarm our Nation and make everyone victims, dependent on the government for protection. We will stand united and stand strong in defense of the 2nd Amendment, Constitutional Carry Nation Wide, of children’s rights to attend school protected by trained armed guards, and the inalienable right to self-protection everywhere we go in this Nation (i.e. the END of Gun-Free Killing Zones.)

        Join us at this GREAT event and also take advantage of the amazing Exhibits and Events the NRA has to offer. See this link for NRA Registration and Event Information

        (LOCATION: The Convention Center Plaza is a Green Belt located directly above the Capital Commons Parking Garage. We will be setting up a table and hosting our speakers on the Green Belt.)


        1) SIGNS! We are allowed to carry signs. I encourage you to make signs calling for the End of Gun-Free Killing Zones, signs that say Guns Save Lives, signs that say End Violent Crime/Arm Law Abiding Citizens!, etc. We are NOT allowed to affix signs in any way to public property but we may hold our signs.

        2) PERSONAL STORY! Write a personal story of how being armed has protected you or your loved ones and/or how NOT being armed has put you or your loved ones lives in harms way. Gun Grabbers are going to be hosting speeches by “victims of gun violence” calling for invasive unconstitutional background checks, gun control laws, and gun confiscation measures. We know we have the answer to protecting American Citizens and it is NOT to punish law abiding gun owners. The answer is to ARM EVERYONE and make the criminals think twice before committing their crimes! Bring your speeches and be ready to speak! Make sure to email Kathy @ [email protected] if you plan to speak so I can put you on the speaking agenda. Make your speech between 2-5 minutes in length.

        3) WATER

        4) DRESS FOR THE WEATHER (Check local forecast)

        5) GUNS! Indiana Handgun License Notes
        1. Indiana recognizes handgun carry permits from every state and foreign country, but only as long as the person holding the permit is not a resident of Indiana.
        2. Anyone not residing in Indiana but has a place of business in Indiana is eligible to receive a license; the requirements are the same as they are for those who do reside in Indiana.

        3. When carrying within the state of Indiana on an out of state permit, the permittee must carry in accordance with the terms of the permit; for instance, if the permit says “concealed handgun permit,” then it must be concealed. If it simply says license to carry handgun, it can then be carried either openly or concealed.

        Message Kathy Perkins at [email protected]


  17. avatar James says:

    This is what totalitarianism looks like, which is tolerance the modern left. Agree with the approved party line or you’re evil.

    They have changed and we need to recognize that fact. Agree to disagree is antiquated history to the modern left. The quest for power is the evil that now fills their hearts and I suspect we’re inching closer to the point of no holds barred in their drive for total authority.

  18. avatar DisThunder says:

    Well, that’s one way to get out the vote, I suppose.

  19. avatar Chas says:

    I guess it’s safe to say that this moron doesn’t want the NRA vote. At least he saved them the trouble.

  20. avatar Don says:

    I found his opponent’s campaign donation page. I’m feeling charitable all the sudden.

    1. avatar Don says:

      I just sent him a message with the subject line “Campaign Contribution” and let know him that I’m a member of the ACLU and the NRA because I support individual rights and that the constitution holds the government subordinate to the people. That I found his statements to be offensive and false according to my first hand knowledge of NRA members. And also that I donated just Cantor $100.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Cantor is a RINO/progressive and needs to go. Has sold out the conservative base time after time. He apparently has a viable primary opponent this time around.

  21. avatar Andrew says:

    I just sent Dickinson an email via his webpage, committing to a contribution to Eric Cantor’s campaign, with a complete explanation as to why.

    What a buffoon.

  22. avatar Hal says:

    What a classy guy. Molon labe.

    1. avatar Tommycat says:

      That’s what I’m wondering… Is Hustler Mag pro-gun? If so, I may get a subscription just for that.

  23. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Hustler and NRA?

    In light of this newly discovered partnership, I would like to hereby change my monthly NRA mag subscription.

  24. avatar Shwiggie says:

    What is it with these polititards these days? In the words of Bill Murray, “I’m a voter…aren’t you supposed to lie to me and kiss my butt?” Talk about keyboard courage; he’d never say this at a campaign stop for fear of getting rochambeaued by some “pure trash”.

  25. avatar Nate says:

    This guy was on Hannity a while back and said every single thing said on Fox is a lie. He seems to be taking the Alan Grayson approach. My guess is the Democrats think they have no shot of winning this District and he’s just there to cause trouble. They’re hoping an NRA member/ conservative says something stupid that they can exploit.

  26. avatar Maineuh says:

    I think this really may be a genuine case of drunk Tweeting. It’s fun when you see one on the national stage. Holy crap, did this oaf torpedo his career. Even the anti-gun folks have got to be put off by his lumbering, hateful style.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      “Even the anti-gun folks have got to be put off by his lumbering, hateful style.”

      I wouldn’t bet on that.

      1. avatar Maineuh says:

        Yuh. They probably see him as brutally honest and applaud his gusto. Or some such shit.

  27. avatar Noishkel says:

    A democrat that doesn’t like a civil right? Since when did I teleport back to the 1960s?

    1. avatar Col. Angus says:

      Even back then it was really about control, not civil rights. They’re just more brazen about it now.

  28. avatar Byte Stryke says:

    When do we start hanging traitors…

  29. avatar WildWest says:

    My district. Kinda embarrassing that someone like this is even being put up. Fact of the matter is that Eric Cantor is in a great deal of trouble for his own seat amongst us conservatives. Pro Amnesty, RINO, no backbone, gave Obama and the libs a blank check. I don’t think he will do well if he wins the nomination. I intend to vote for Dave Brat. Should Cantor win I will not vote for him, I’ll vote 3rd party and I know thousands are with me on this. We will not vote for the lesser of two evils any longer. It only leads to misery. Thus this clown who trashes gun owners actually has a chance.

  30. avatar Ralph says:

    Mike Dickinson is merely parroting Barack Obama, albeit with more haste and less art.

  31. avatar Doug says:

    Michael Bloomberg and MAIG and his puppeteers Moms Demand(ing) Action are nothing but fear mongering hate and anti-freedom groups preying on the weak kneed and blind sheeple luring them in to an entrapment of anti-self-defensable death. So eat your own trash Mike Dick-politic-inson. You know sometimes you have to just stoop to the whale schit level that these people operate on just to know that life must really literally suck down there.

  32. avatar Col. Angus says:

    This genius must be Virgina’s answer to Allen Grayson….Insulting half of his constituents. You know, I expect politicians with different views to insult each other these days. But aggressively insulting the people you actually aspire to represent is just stupid in addition to being offensive.

  33. avatar Excedrine says:

    Yep. We’re looking at nothing less than more of that “love”, “tolerance”, and “understanding” that the Left keeps talking about!

  34. avatar 4th generation Texan says:

    Democrats don’t bash the NRA. The NRA cares nothing for gun rights. They care about getting republicans elected. Provide one piece of evidence or a quote from a nonpartisan source saying democrats talk trash about the NRA. Obama doesn’t want your guns. If Romney had gotten elected no one could afford guns! Obama’s had HOW much time to take away all the guns?? Whats he waiting for? This is just another lie by the GOP to trick white people into voting republican. I’m a gun owner and I am thankful for the right to have one.

  35. avatar Jeff says:

    His Twitter account (@VoteMike2014) has been suspended. You know it’s bad when you’re spewing too much hate event for Twitter!

  36. avatar AVermonter says:

    drop the last two sylables of his last name.

    there, that’s a more accurate description.

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