Gun Tattoo of the Day: Righteous Reader’s Response Edition

Buckmark tat

A regular reader saw our Gun Tattoo of the Day feature and emailed us this pic of her inked shoulder. As Sly and the Family Stone sang, it’s a family affair. “This is just the beginning of the firearms ink, my pops also has an M4 on the outside of his forearm, a ruger logo on his shoulder and the second amendment/flag/reticle sleeve on his other shoulder, Oh yeah and his matching Buckmark. We decided on the buck mark since it depicts a buck and a doe, and my first firearm was a BPS 20 ga I got for Christmas when I was 12.Β Me, I’m too busy shooting 3-Gun and working in the firearms industry to venture and get my next ink (the Colt Rampant). I guess you could call us Gun Nuts =]” In a good way? Shot of Dad’s arm after the jump . . .

Ruger Blackhawk tat


  1. avatar Ted says:

    Couldn’t she just wear a Browning decal?

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Love it!

  3. avatar Cliff H says:

    One fist of (shootin’) iron, the other of steel…

    1. avatar Marcus Aurelius says:

      If the first round don’t hit you, the second one will…

  4. avatar BLAMMO says:

    Next time, wait ’til the swelling goes down.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      I think I’ve seen more “slightly red” tattoos than ones like you’re talking about. Nothing wrong with it.

      I like hers, by the way. I’m not so keen on the forearm Vaquero.

      1. avatar Wood says:

        For shame Matt, that’s a Super Blackhawk. New model though, bah.

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:

          Whoops. Mea culpa. I don’t know from wheelguns, so I guessed.

  5. avatar Will says:

    I’ve never understood redneck’s infatuation with deer.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      Which redneck?

    2. avatar David PA/NJ says:

      Yeah what are you talking about?

    3. avatar AmericanSpirit says:

      I’d be a redneck if it weren’t for lack-of-trailer-park and Southern accent.
      I’d be a hippy if it weren’t for my love of guns and fast cars.

      Let’s generalize and denigrate individual POTG some more, yes, right away! /s

    4. avatar rip_vw32 says:

      Not that I am a typical redneck (college edumacated and all, and earning a generous salary to boot!) but deer tastes good, don’t you know?!!??

      Venison – it’s whats for dinner… as well as pheasant, elk, bison, etc… Stop hating on good eats…

  6. What is that thing on her shoulder? Some kind of weird fungus?

    1. avatar ropingdown says:

      The doe is depicted in outline by the empty space in the figure. The colorful surrounding drawing then appears as a buck that is, well…on the doe. And the matching hoof-prints echo the theme.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        I saw a decal on the back window of a truck the other day using the same design as the tattoo above, mirrored. One had antlers, one did not, and face to face they formed a heart. Ain’t redneck love sweet?

        1. avatar Dan Zimmerman says:

          That’s the Browning logo boys. Hence the mention of her BPS.

    2. avatar Pauls Third Chin says:

      Whats that thing under your Chin? 2 more Chins?

      1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:


      2. avatar BLAMMO says:


    3. I see it now….. at first I thought it was a two headed snake, but just went and looked at the Browning logo.

  7. avatar DV says:

    Gotta tattoo on my dick: Warning: will fire with no magazine inserted!

    1. avatar FoRealz? says:


    2. avatar jwm says:

      Of course it’ll fire without a mag. It’s a single shot smoothbore. With a ready ammo pouch with 2 spare balls in it.

    3. avatar Wood says:

      Most of the time it just says “Wad!”

    4. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      Mine says, “Loaded when up.”

      It’s California complaint.

      1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

        Mine says, “Loaded when up.”

        It’s California compliant.

        1. avatar Jus Bill says:

          You guys better not be in favor of microstamping…

        2. avatar ropingdown says:

          It’s got to be high-visibility red or orange.

      2. avatar AmericanSpirit says:

        Beer, mouth – see comment – beer, screen, keyboard.

        The alcohol abuse is all your fault!

    5. avatar Matt in FL says:

      There’s a joke about a guy that gets his girlfriend’s name tattooed somewhere uncomfortable. (Obligatory: “What, like the back of a Volkswagen?”) He then goes on vacation to the islands, and at one point glances over to the next urinal and says, “Hey, your girlfriend’s name is Wendy, too?”

      “No, mon. ‘Welcome to Jamaica. Have a nice day!'”

      1. avatar CA.Ben says:

        Don’t get it. I’m sure it’s funny in Florida though! Everybody in Florida is funny.

        1. avatar ropingdown says:

          The joke, one guesses, is that only in a certain condition could the entire tattoo be read. And he was no where near that condition.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          He has a long dick.

      2. avatar Randy Drescher says:

        I don’t get it, but seeing as I can’t tell a moose from a bear, well what can I say.

    6. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:

      Scientifically, it actually is rifled, not smoothbore. Go look it up. And everybody learns something today!

      1. avatar Tommycat says:

        *The more you know*

      2. avatar jwm says:

        Sounds to me like someone’s been looking down the muzzle.(I really wish I knew how to do that smiley face icon thingy)

        1. avatar Kelly in GA says:

          Just use punctuation plus letters without spaces. Watch
          : – ) πŸ™‚ : – P πŸ˜› : – D πŸ˜€ ; – ) πŸ˜‰ : – ( πŸ™

      3. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:

        This actually came about in a conversation when a friend (not Matt) had his first child. When the doc asked ‘snip or no snip?’ He didn’t know(he was 28 at the time). Neither did his wife! He called his dad from the delivery room to ask if he was circumcised or not! The doc who delivered the baby joking over them not knowing told him some facts of life, including the rifling bit. So of course we mock him mercilessly to this day for not knowing if he had a woody with a hoodie or not.

  8. avatar Matt Richardson says:

    Ironic that a Ruger logo should be opposite a 2a tat, huh?

    1. avatar David PA/NJ says:

      That was a while ago…

  9. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Nice tat, I can’t believe the creepers and haters coming out of the woodwork tonight. As long as your comfortable with it, enjoy!

  10. avatar JaxD says:

    Well, these comments aren’t exactly going the way she expected. Can’t wait for the Colt pic.

  11. avatar Bob in Washington says:

    Nice tat, not into them, but great revolver design.

  12. avatar Ducky says:

    Love the ink. I can’t wait to see the rest of the tats you have planned.

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    Last week a saw a deer with a tattoo of a woman and little high heel tracks. It was quite amusing.

  14. avatar Zebulon Pike says:

    News story from the future…

    “A local sheriff’s deputy is on paid administrative leave after shooting an unarmed man during a traffic stop. Witnesses say the deputy ordered the man to ‘show his hands’ after the man exited his vehicle in an ‘agitated state.’ What happened next is unclear. Some say the man was simply raising his hands up as ordered. The deputy contends he saw the man reach for and draw ‘a large hunting revolver from his waistline.’ Friends of the man, who is currently listed in critical condition at General Hospital, told Action News that he does have ‘several tattoos of guns’ including one of a revolver on the inside of his right forearm ‘that extends from wrist to elbow.'”

    1. avatar Yossarian says:


  15. avatar Jeff says:

    So did Browning pay for the tattoo or what?

    What’s next? Tapout? Mossy Oak?

    Sorry I just don’t care for people plastering corporate logos on their bodies.

    1. avatar Marcus Aurelius says:

      Not a bad idea, get a full body tattoo of the mossy oak cammo pattern and hunt NAKED!

      1. avatar AmericanSpirit says:


        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          Pretty sure you need digital cam for that

      2. Total body multicam would be even more awesome.

  16. avatar JasonM says:

    When the father goes through TSA screening, do they make him throw away his arm?

  17. avatar sacorey says:

    Yeah i dont get it, why spend on ink when you can spend on ammunition

    1. avatar AmericanSpirit says:

      ’cause it’s pretty easy to reload cartridges yaself if you have the gear.

      I’m still working on self-tattooing that doesn’t look like I failed the “color inside the lines” part of kindergarten.

  18. avatar Philip says:

    A disguised “that’s what she said” joke? What, is TTAG trying to appeal to more of the UK audience?

    1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      No, they’re just trying to separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the awkwardly feminine from the possibly Canadian.

      1. avatar Javier says:

        The Ocho!

        1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

          Usually you have to pay double for that action.

  19. avatar mk10108 says:

    “buck mark since it depicts a buck and a doe”

    I’ve seen that graphic, 50 times, never noticed the doe….I’m better informed…thanks TTAG and tat’s.

  20. avatar Skyler says:

    I’m not a hunter, but I’ve never seen deer prints with toe nails before. What causes the toe nail imprint?

    1. avatar Jeff says:

      they’re the dew claws, and usually only show up when the animal impacts hard (i.e. running) or is walking in really soft ground.

  21. At least she put it in a place that she can easily cover up when she is older and realizes it was pretty stupid to get it in the first place, unlike the neck tramp stamp the other gal got.

  22. avatar g says:

    Revolver on the arm looks nice… but the Browning deer? Meh.

  23. avatar Accur81 says:

    Cool tats! I hope the full firearm tat never gets mistaken for the real deal.

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