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 NYC Rino Republican Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota (courtesy

“Republican Joe Lhota [above], fending off repeated attacks from his Democratic rival, Bill de Blasio, that he is too right-wing to become mayor of New York City, was forced to defend himself tonight after a video surfaced that showed him telling conservatives that gun permits should be easier to obtain in the city,” reports. Wait. Lhota’s defending himself? How about New York City liberals defending themselves for denying citizens their natural, civil and Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms? Nope. Actually, it’s worse than that. Lhota proves that RINOs aren’t an endangered species . . .

“The City of New York … goes to an extreme with their–bureaucracy is not even strong enough of a word,” Mr. Lhota told a Staten Island Tea Party group in April, NY1 reported. “It’s almost a level of harassment at a certain point and it needs to change. There’s something that should be fair and speedy about being able to get a gun permit.”

Pressed on the issue in a Road to City Hall interview tonight, Mr. Lhota said he was referring to people who were renewing their licenses, not those looking to obtain a gun for the first time. The brief video clip does not contain this context and it was not immediately possible to verify Mr. Lhota’s nuance.

“The question was about being able to get a new permit. You know, you need to have one every year–these are people who legally have guns who have shown that they have a need for it,” Mr. Lhota explained in the interview. “What’s gone on is, those people who legitimately need it, it’s getting harder and harder and harder for getting the renewal license, which is required and should be required once a year.”

Renewal? Who the hell has a New York City concealed carry permit? Celebrities, politicians and billionaires. Lhota was criticizing the city’s bureaucracy for making it difficult for the chosen ones to renew their handgun permit? Yeah right. Let’s face it: the Big Apple is a lost cause for gun rights unless we, The People of the Gun, can liberate them through the courts or the culture. Meanwhile, this.

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    • Political correctness has made all politicians and a good portion of the American people spineless whimps thanks to a litigation happy society you spill hot coffee on yourself blame the restaraunt sue them instead of being careful or writing it off as one of those times you should have waited to get to where you were going before taking a drink you shoot someone you’re not a criminal you’re a victim blame the gun and sue the manufacturer you get your ass kicked in a fight you started sue the other guy this and a number of other factors have led to a society where conformity is prized over independence where original thought is smothered in group thought. Yes such a lovely society now ain’t it? Guns are less dangerous than most prescriptions yet people want to ban guns and if you are pro gun you have ruined your shot at office yet pro pharma are heralded as great heroes for humanity. Gimme a break.

      • Really, Republicans are the reason that all the anti-Second Amendment bills went down to defeat in Congress this year.

        • ALL, Jay? There are two headed snakes in nature. Who the hell is talking about ALL of anything. Gun grabbing IS a main platform of the libtard (democrat party). If you vote libtard (democrat) you are anti-gun and the problem. Yeah, there are some weak Republicans, but they aint fighting like hell to take your guns away.

        • That’s small “d”, my friend, and they (libtards) are indeed the ones who are responsible for the assault on our freedoms (guns). If this is a wedding, I want a divorce.

    • Poor NY. I’m happy I live in Indiana where we have a lifetime permit. No renewing. I feel bad for its citizens being unable to defend themselves like we are constitutionally supposed to do.

  1. For all the good folks across the country, please don’t confuse New York CITY with pretty much 90 % of New York STATE.

  2. Well, the ole NYC will have to get some tough love. For now, there isn’t much we can do other than document our predictions of rising crime and violence in the city that had it much more under control under the previous mayors. It may also be helpful to encourage your local hoods to relocated to the lands of easier prey like New York and California. It makes sense, lots of rich folks and easy victims in those places so why not get the word out in the criminal community. Of course, they will do what they always do, blame their neighboring communities and states, but it will fall on deaf ears as most people in flyover land ultimately do not care what happens on the coasts.

  3. New York City is just a lost cause period. I live in western CT…been to “the city” a few times. The first time I figured why not? Any time since it was only because I didnt want my future wife going alone. I honestly cannot see what the attraction is to that immense open sewer. I like a good museum as much as anyone, but I’d rather look at pictures on a computer screen than have to wade through all the human filth and ignorance of NYC to view something in person. I wish someone could point out the things (that Im apparantly missing) that allegedly make NYC so great. I suppose if youre a phony “educated” liberal, then a phony polished turd of a city seems like a fine place to live.

    • Exactly how I feel from the very first time I ever set foot in that sewer they call a “city”.

  4. If only NYC prosecuted the bankers as hard as regular people who just want to defend themselves, the economy would be in better shape, your house and 401k would be worth more, and you would not have to hear about this kind of silliness as an added bonus.

    • Client #9 prosecuted bankers. In fact he went after Hank Greenberg at AIG and pushed him out the of way. The result? A well run company goes high flier and the taxpayer picked up the bill.

      • AIG was writing derivatives on its own demise, and was not particularly well run. If they were, they would have treated mortage insurance like a risk not free money. The only reason AIG got bailed out is that the Vampire Squid owns the us govt.

        • And all that happened after Hank Greenberg, who built the company, was driven out by Elliot Spitzer over Greensberg’s refusal to contribute to his campaign.

        • I’m in the business. Greenberg controlled that CDS business w an iron fist. Once he and howie smith were gone those guys ran wild. Then became the bailout conduit to Goldman which got paid off at full value

        • yup. i worked for a sub of aig and it was corrupt fromtop to bottom. then worked for ml and saw the cds trainwreck from within including the fed bailout of the tbtf baks and thanes lies to the sovereign funds and bofa. the squid takes care of its own…

  5. The Second Amendment was overruled in NYC on August 31, 1911, when the Sullivan Law was passed by Irish politicians to keep firearms away from Italian immigrants.

  6. I’m tired of the whine of lost causes. There are no constitution free zones in America. And the sooner we remember that we’re all POTG and we need to be united the sooner we take our country back from the progressives that are attempting to destroy it.

    Fvck bloomberg and his allies but especially fvck all those so called gun owners that are so willing to tuck tail and run and concede large tracts of our once great country to these progressive sh!ts.

    • +1

      By saying somewhere is a lost cause we are conceding that it is ok to infringe on rights if enough people support it. It just makes it easier to happen elsewhere.

      Also, the phrase “those people who legitimately need it” makes me sick. There is no requirement to show a legitimate need in 2nd amendment. May issue is unconstitutional.

      • No, saying ‘x is a lost cause’ means that local action isn’t going to accomplish anything useful…. so we need to redirect the effort to the federal level.

        Concealed carry for normal people isn’t coming to Chicago just because of local action- the Heller decision had to come first. California is in the same boat- it’s going to take action at the federal level before any significant rollback of the absurdity is possible.

  7. Cheer up. When de Blasio takes over in January the city will swiftly return to “good old days” of bankruptcy and 2000 murders a year. At least Bloomberg had the common sense to violate other rights so the city remained relatively safe. de Blasio will after economic criminals, i.e., people who create jobs, but the street thugs rights will be intact. One of those cherished rights will be the right to rape, murder and pillage throughout the disarmed population.

  8. Joe Lhota: “What What What!? You thought I was talking about the hordes of worthless rabble out there? Of course not! I was referring to the privileged few whose wealth and stature entitles them to permits and how they are now being burdened by undue wait times when they demand their renewals. It’s appalling that they have to wait. You guys! You really thought I was referring to the peasants? Why on earth would I want any one of them owning a gun?”

  9. As an ex NYC dweller and having a carry permit from NY State good every where including the city.
    I cant say what the last few years have been like with the cities stop and frisk policies. But I never had any problems. Back then most cops honestly didn’t question a person like me if they saw a slightly concealed weapon. On more then one occasion Id ask a cop for directions and my coat might blow back a bit or leaning into the cop car window exposing my belt holstered Hi-Power. I guess if you look like you belonged, dressed properly and walking right up to a cop and asking a direct question. They the cops would assume you had a permit etc etc.
    Or maybe I was just lucky for 10 years???
    Most NYC permit holders when I lived in NYC were not celebrities or hooked up.
    They were business persons carrying large amounts of cash or valuables, Just ask anyone in the Diamond District. I saw more 38s in that area of the city then at a gun shop.
    My point being,
    Back then.
    If you knew a Captain or higher up in the NYC Police Dept. or In my case a NY State Supreme Court judge.
    You got your permit for the most part.
    As for NYC and the Sullivan Act. Its never really been challenged.
    Most upstaters don’t give a ratsass about NYC and its rules. They don’t go into the city.
    Its just too bad for NY they don’t go by land mass.
    NYC, Westchester and Long Islands total population will always out number the rest of the states voters. My NYS permit issued in Ulster County never expired it was good for life. The NYC endorsement cost me $225 every 2 years back then.

    • As a Western NYer, I agree that upstaters and NYC residents don’t much care about each other’s existence. I’m quite familiar with the idiocy of NY’s Safe Act and Sullivan law and their implications for citizens.

      That said, I’ve proposed, in these forums, that pro-gun Red States that recognize NY permits carve out a rather brutal exception for those who have a NYC carry permit. Specifically, Red States should consider visitors with NYC carry permits to be de-facto KGB agents or worse.

      My reasoning:
      a) NYC treats the rest of its state (and country) like criminals for carrying; turning the tables will highlight this fact. If an NYC resident wants the trappings of royalty that go with carrying in NYC, that’s fine. Just be willing to give up your royal status everywhere else in the US.

      b) Those with NYC carry permits are extremely politically connected. They have the juice to change the Sullivan Law if given the proper incentive. Maybe when a few of these nomenklatura end up in a Texas jail for a few months for visiting a gun range, they’ll understand the utter contempt with which they are regarded by the rest of the country.

      How about it Jay? Would you be willing to give up your NYC permit for a more restricted upstate (or out of NY State) permit if you had to choose?

      • I did give it up when I moved to Orange and then Ulster County.
        In Orange my permit was restricted, to carrying large sums of money as a part of my business. I asked the judge what a large sum was??
        His reply. “Ill let you know when and if it happens”. Sort of with a wink and a nod.
        In Ulster I had no restrictions, Depending on the judge who signs it I guess.
        Not knowing where you live and NY being a county by county state.
        Every ones permits are different.

        I do however keep my Non resident Connecticut permit up to date even as of today. As they don’t recognize anyone elses permit as is the same with NY.
        I did how ever let my Massachusetts Non resident permit go.

        • Thank you for the very informative reply.

          Since you have had a NYC carry permit and are familiar with the process, do you think my proposal (above) to essentially “criminalize” NYC permit holders when they carry in Red States, would be effective?

          Again, my goal would be to make those willing to do “business” with NYC (permit-wise) to work to change the law. I strongly suspect a quid pro quo in the permit process; STFU about the details (and not rock the boat in any way) or get your permit revoked. I’ve never heard anyone with a NYC carry permit speak publicly about the process…

          What do you think? Many in this forum disagree… I think NYC is such an egregious case that special vindictiveness is necessary.

      • Maybe ihatetrees but I seriously doubt that is even a workable idea.
        Not all states get along and until the Robed ones get their collective shit together and stop skirting the issues of permits being treated the same as a drivers license.
        Or rule in favor of the up coming Maryland case,
        Nothing will change.
        The best bet for NY will be the next 2 elections.
        2014 and 16. But don’t hold your breath,
        In 2016 a senate change is our best bet for reciprocity there as it did pass in Congress last year.
        The Sullivan Act is a Civil Rights issue and no one has had the ballz or $$$ to go after it.
        A Federal judge is the best bet on that one.
        Unfortunately the Eastern District is a lost cause for us.
        But all gun control laws are racist and violate our civil rights.
        We all know what “Shall Not be Infringed” means. They libertards don’t.
        And the current Supreme Court doesn’t and is a bunch of pansies.

        But as far as other states.
        I might be wrong here but I dont believe so.
        Being that NY State does not recognize any other states permits at all.
        None have a reciprocity agreement with NY.
        I had at one time a full NY State, also non resident, Pennsylvania, Connecticut . Massachusetts and Florida permits. As I did business in all of them.
        I still have my NY State permit with no restrictions less the NYC endorsement.
        Its issued for life with no renewal, providing I am still a resident of NY state. Then if I go back there I have to turn it in to whatever Sherriff’s dept. of the county I plan on living in at that time. And abide by whatever rules they have.
        But that’s a moot point as I have no intentions of returning there for the rest of my life.
        Other areas of NY of which its a county by county permitting system renewals are on the books. Most being for 5 years.
        As I mentioned earlier I still have my Connecticut non resident permit,
        As a resident of Florida as most know its good in 36 some odd states.
        Being in a D rated state at the moment brings me a lot of happiness…….
        I have nothing to complain about other then the ammo shortages we still have here big time.

        As for you Ralph I cant change my skin color nor would I want to. But Im sure that had a crapload to do with it.

  10. Never vote libtard (democrat) again. All you morons on this forum who thing they (R and d) are the same.
    Wise up.

  11. On the plus side, NYC does have great pizza, bakeries, and then lastly there is The Pickle Guys who sell old-fashioned barrel cured pickles.

    Yet, overall, the people of NYC are naive when it comes to self-reliance and being the willing sheeple of government.

  12. Oh there’s hope all right.

    This coming Tuesday we should find out if the US Supremes are going to take a “carry case” this season. If they take any it would be Woolard from Maryland, its the “cleanest”. If they take it, that would mean orals in the spring, decision summer of 2014. If it goes right, and we have the votes, it could mean a massive open carry party the next day in Times Square.


  13. Who gets a NYC Carry permit? Anyone who donates $1500 to a winning city councilman or mayor’s campaign. That’s how a buddy of mine got his. Of course that was a while back, so the price is probably up.

  14. NYers don’t want to help themselves, so why should I spend my time and hard earned money helping them?

    Just because I own guns and my state believes in the freedom doesn’t make me morally obligated to fight for people in other states that aren’t freedom minded.

    I don’t give a damn about NY

  15. Didn’t we buy New York from the Native Americans for $24 worth of trinkets? I think we got screwed.

    • They got a deal because there was no concept of land ownership among the native Americans. You cant sell what you don’t own.

  16. I have a good idea that should make both freedom loving Americans and the statists who reside in urban areas like NYC happy. The rulers can do whatever they wish in their enclaves under the conditions that they leave us alone in the red areas in the country. We in turn,will leave them alone. The red areas will be able to pursue individual liberties as they wish and metro areas like New York, LA, Chicago, and the SF Bay area would be free to turn their places into socialist nightmares if they wished. You would think the left would go for that deal, except that they will no longer be able to impose their way of life on others. They could not stand the idea that someone somewhere is not being controlled and regulated.

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