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Over at, the Trump administration is asking Americans to let them know the “most important issues for this administration to focus on.” Gun rights don’t get a look in — unless you file them under “Reducing Regulations” or “Fighting Crime.” Firearms freedom does better on the list of “accomplishments you consider most significant of the Trump administration so far.” Well kinda . . .

See it? J. Nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. You might also say that the real estate magnate cum president’s executive order commanding Uncle Sam to reduce crime and restore public safety has something to do with gun rights, right?

There’s a bit at the bottom of the survey to write-in a gun rights-related reminder to the Commander-in-Chief, should you consider firearms freedom more worthy than, say, Energy and Environment. Regardless, we shall see what we shall see or don’t see, Hearing Protection Act and National Reciprocity-wise. Watch this space.

h/t austintxch

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  1. This is me holding my breath…………………….see??
    He might just chicken out thinking those of us who got him there. What we want doesn’t count.
    Reciprocity and taking back the import laws regarding M1s and 1911s with a EO wont make his cut. The importation of our guns from the Philippians and ammo to begin with could have been done already.

      • Is “philipians” a chapter in the damn bible, or something? There is a country called the “Philippines”, but the resemblance on paper is minimal.

        • Show some class, huh. The Bible means more than the constitution or the BORs to many of us. I don’t curse the Koran or the Torah, don’t curse the Bible, please. Yes, I do believe in the seperation of church and state, I am not a Bible banger, just don’t curse something most of us hold as a way of life.

        • Ooh, ouch there route. But my point is that the same democrats that are bashed hourly here are the same ones that pushed trump over the top in November.

          Of course guns didn’t make the list. Trump says what his audience wants to hear. Gun owners are nothing to him. He played the NRA like a harp.

          Now please grow away and don’t touch anything.

  2. Yes, we shall see.

    Given the circumstances of everyday life for the populace, and everyday life for the world, and everyday life for politicians, “gun rights” would not influence any of the other 12. People will vote their most immediate interests. The populace is more likely to have an interest in things more immediate to themselves. Given the lowering of crime, the “need” for guns really falls quickly off the list (special interest groups may be organized and peopled by single issue litmus tests, but “gun rights” would likely not make the top fifty (my guess) of individual concerns for a significant majority of those polled? The survey should be asking people, what are your top 10/20/30 issues for the president to address. Then rack and stack in importance. Be interesting to see where “gun rights” really falls.

    The surveys Robert referenced are prepackaged to reflect the agenda of the person(s) who commissioned the survey. Open ended surveys (“What are YOUR priorities….?) are politically unhealthy for politicians.

        • It’s a response to “Open ended surveys (“What are YOUR priorities….?) are politically unhealthy for politicians.”

          There is a box asking the survey taker his/her ideas. It’s pretty close to what you are asking for. It would be better if other was an option, but it is something.

        • Ahh. Understand. I only skimmed the survey page, and read the narrative (no excuse for not knowing better). It was good to ask for opinion, but most people are done with surveys by the time they get to the opinion block. Should have been the entire survey, “What are your 12 priorities?”

        • There are severe problems with getting anything meaningful out of open ended surveys, but there are also severe problems with internet surveys.

          Now your comment about what’s my point seems to be in order.

  3. 38 days in folks. If nothing substantive happens in the next few months I’ll get excited. And not ‘tll then…

    • Yeah, I understand he’s dealing with a lot of crap right now just getting the basics of the administration settled over Dem obstructionism at every step and he is otherwise keeping a lot of promises that I didn’t think he would…I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for an arbitrary period of time.

      • The Left/Liberal/Demoncrat mob never let up while in power. Waiting is not a winning strategy. Pressure, pressure. Attack, Attack. All along the line. All the time. Repubs (and lookalikes) are fond of cautioning patience. Use the rules against the the other side, for a change.

        • Um, are you guys missing the establishment Republican obstruction? The Democrats are a speed bump. The Republican establishment is a brick wall. Are you blind?

    • Sorry….that’s completely ignoring facts and reality. We aren’t talking MAJOR legislation here that will take months and months of bill writing, negotiations, and political maneuvering. We are talking very simple EOs that could have been written between Nov 10th and now(The NRA could have done the leg work and made recommendations) and signed by now. TRUMP was the one PROMISING to get rid of gun-free zones on Military bases DAY ONE. He spoke at the NRA convention when he got the endorsement and made a bunch of promises. It can very well be argued that gun voters/hunters put him over the top in PA, MI, and WI. The fact he hasn’t taken a few minutes to throw us any bone in terms of gun rights is very troubling and should worry People of the Gun immensely.

      He could have allowed guns on Army Corps property, allowed importation of all those Korean Garands, had his AG loosen the “Sporting Purpose” definition of the 68 GCA to allow more importations, overturned the Bush Sr. Import ban…et. ALL of these things could have been done with a stroke of the pen but nothing. He’s been down to Palm Beach twice now…hell, all of those could have been signed on the plane ride down.

      Look at CPAC….not any mention of gun rights specifics by Trump. Even scarier not ONE mention by LaPierre….just a scare tactic speech about left wing protesters and terrorists. Why wasn’t the HEAD OF THE NRA talking about specific things Trump was going to do or how great Trump was going to be for gun rights? Why a speech about about the Left? It’s almost as if he knows Trump is already giving them the cold shoulder, isn’t going to really do anything, and trying to divert attention.

      Listen…I voted for Trump. I was hopeful of his son being so pro-grun…of the 2nd Amendment Advisory committee he created after the election….of all the promises he made during the election. But Mark my words…we are about to get screwed again. I’ve seen this show before. The Republicans promise us the moon if we elect them and when they get into office they do nothing. We’re seeing this in Florida right now. We control the whole govt….and while states with the same of less Republican majorities get Constitutional Carry our Open Carry Bill(which we were PROMISED would get passed during the election by the Republicans) is all but dead….killed by those same Republicans.

      I’ll give Trump another month….if we haven’t even gotten a simple EO as bone to us gun owners we aren’t going to get anything. The Republicans won’t ever work to pass National Reciprocity or Hearing Protection Act.. Doing so would require the elimination of the filibuster and if the Republicans won’t do that to get rid of Obamacare or pass Tax cuts you’re crazy to think they’ll do it for our bills. They’ll give us some more BS…”Hey..I know we have the Congress and the SC and the Presidency…but we REALLY need a filibuster proof Senate so if we get that in 2018 THEN we’ll pass these gun bills. No point in trying now….you understand right?”

      I’d advise all to do what I’m doing….writing my Congressman, Senator, Trump, and the NRA emails demanding they keep their promises.

      • “Look at CPAC….not any mention of gun rights specifics by Trump.”

        Also at CPAC 2017, Bannon said something to the effect of – “Hold our feet to the fire, make us responsible for doing what we said we would do.”

        Then let’s lay some pressure on them, people…

        • “Otherwise, wtf do you suggest?”

          Oh, I don’t know, maybe sit around waiting for a bone after the dinner is over?

          Pressure congress, pressure the White House, remind the rulers that we can push alt candidates at primary time. Phone calls, letters, postcards (do those still exist?), pressure local and state Repub chairpersons (in my state, the two party leaders are interchangeable, and i suspect sometimes they do that). You know, all that grass roots kinda stuff.

      • I agree. Those things that can lawfully be delivered by EO are a bone we are entitled to be thrown. The most important issue (IMHO) is National Reciprocity. It is the ONLY think that will breach the iron curtain surrounding the last 10 NO-2A States. THESE States are the high-population centers that will – inevitably – control the White-House and House of Representatives. We can’t let these 10 States remain in enemy hands. This is no time for those of us in the other 40 “Free” States to be complacent.

        National Reciprocity does NOT require $1 in Federal pork. We are not asking for any Congress-critter to sacrifice any promises made to his contributors. Nor asking to raise the national debt or taxes. We ask ONLY for our liberty to defend ourselves. As such, N-R is NOT about rationing limited resources.

        N-R is exclusively about whether Congress – i.e., the leadership in the Senate and House – will be responsive to our petition for redress of grievance. We must make it clear to Trump, McConnell and Ryan that we require – at a minimum – N-R; without which we will: primary the GOP incumbents; and, vote for Democrats. There is nothing these 3 fear more than loss of power.

        • Yeah, that’s also a hill the Dems WILL die on, along with some squishy RINOs. No way that passes the Senate.

          The HPA has a much better chance, since Silencers are illegal in NY anyway, it won’t freak out the Dem base like Reciprocity.

      • Amen. I could get most of what we want in a month as president. I could neuter the NFA. Most laws in this country are regulations, not statutes. Executive action can do a great deal.

        There is no need for the NFA tax stamp process to take 5-15 minutes longer than the 4473 process. There is no need for the 4473 to be larger than a post card. There may even be no need for the 4473. There is no need for FFLs to keep there records longer than a few years, if that.

        If you want to be bold and push the limits, I could probably work around the Hughes Amendment one of a few ways.

        The president might even be able to preempt state level gun control through executive action. Why not try it?

        • I would like to propose my nuclear EO, again:

          “As of the moment this Order is published, all, repeat all, Executive Orders promulgated by President BH Obama are rescinded in their entirety. Any and all actions, regulations, procedures, processes or activities applied to enforcing or effectuating such rescinded orders are null an void. No resources or funding will be used pursuant to the rescinded orders.”

        • Sessions has been in what, about a week? Is there even a new BATFE director yet?

          Has NRA complained one bit yet?

          Geepers folks, it’s nice to think we are the number one priority, but the reality is, the economy, terrorism, and Obamacare are up front problems. I put a lot of the NFA stuff under the “less regulation” ballot anyway. Look what he did today with “waterways” in the EPA… a very big deal.

          I, too, will be there to hold him accountable, but I am going to give him time.

  4. Reducing regulations could be construed as change in 2A problems. We should reduce regulations that restrict rights of people who have done nothing wrong, ever.

    That list could be just a “right this minute” thing, and once some of that list is done, he moves on to other issues impacting the constituents.

  5. Indeed. Gun rights are not in the “top twelve”. Yet DJT has already done more for “gun rights” than either slimy Bush or Reagan, combined.

    My schadenboner remains rock-hard.

    • We have until September to win it all. After that, election season until Nov18. That will be a referendum on Trump and all the Repubs. Show up with empty hands, and defeat is inevitable. Do you guys not realize the Demoncrats arrived with a boatload of initiatives they set about installing one minute after the inauguration? And they managed more destruction is the first months than virtually all the years prior?

      • This times 1 BILLION.

        They had 8 years to prepare for this. The NRA had 8 years to put together a list of “wants” and have things ready to go DAY ONE.. They had 4 months since the election to put together a simple EO on ANYTHNG gun rights related and Trump sign it and nothing.

        • “The NRA had 8 years to put together a list of “wants” and have things ready to go DAY ONE.”

          It is not in the interest of the permanent unelected bureaucracy that runs NRA to “win” anything. It is in the interest of the staff at NRA to maintain the status quo or lose on gun legislation, then collect more money to “fix” the shit bills their lobbyists put up in the first place.

          The only reason NRA doesn’t go broke tomorrow is because most of their members are baby boomers and old farts with the I.Q. of a turnip. Look at the NRA apologists around here, and this is supposed to be a pro-gun site. Trump and Congress is not the problem, NRA is the problem.

          Look at what NRA legal did to obstruct the McDonald v. Chicago Supreme Court case, and look at what NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde did to backstab Otis McDonald in Illinois’ 2013 concealed carry bill. NRA HQ is a whorehouse filled with liars and rats.

      • Sounds like you are assuming any gun rights moves must be hidden and denied during the campaign months. I assume the opposite, they need to be up front during the ENTIRE campaign, and on into the 2020 campaign, too. The only hurry I perceive is the heat from money burning a hole in my pocket, waiting for new toys.

        • “Gun rights” are not the most important, live or die, make or break issue for the majority of even Repub voters. Very few gun owners would put “gun rights” above every other political (or personal) interest at election time. How many voters do you think would really say, “To hell with everything else, if you don’t support unlimited ‘gun rights’, I’m for voting you out of office!”

          Politicians get all wobbly at campaign time. The will look to appeal to the widest audience, with the widest proposals that will not alienate most of the voters. Look at the Tea Party people at TownHall meetings during Obama. How many were stomping their feet, shouting over the crowd with threats to vote for someone else if “gun rights” were not at the top of the agends?

          Repub politicians know that if they put emphasis on “gun rights”, they give Demoncrats (i.e. leftists, statists) free ammunition. As a done deal, expanded (protected?) “gun rights” are a damp squib, put it on the table for campaign season and the risk is very high.

          Just look at what the enemy did under Obama, and how fast. Repubs are by nature slow, and timid. When dealing with the Left, there is no “tomorrow”. Hit hard, hit fast, never let up.

  6. Plenty of the things on that list are important enough that I don’t begrudge their inclusion.

    But some are NOT. And even if they decided that these top 12 things were important then they should have made it a list of thirteen. That is, if they really cared about doing what they said they would for the common voter.

    • So here’s the $64,000 question: What event, issue, privilege, right or benefit would lead you to abandon your quest for uninhibited “gun rights”? Given the requirement to choose between one another really, really important issue, and “gun rights”, what issue would cause you to willingly give up your focus on “gun rights”?

      • I would give up on the focus on gun rights when we have our full civil rights restored. Simple!

        Seriously, there are more than just “gun rights”, gun rights are just a small part of our civil right and there has been enough BS with the “you need to give something up”. Most cases there are more choices that would solve the other issues and have our rights restored.

        • My point was to get illuminate the political fact that it is just possible the vast majority of those who produced the Repub victories over the last eight years do not put “gun rights” at the top of their priority list, either.

          There are a number of single-issue groups for whom “gun rights” are meaningless, or low priority vs. what they treasure most. By extension, everyone who voted for Trump is not likely a pro-gun advocate to the exclusion of all else. We need to understand this.

          The underlying question is, “If Trump delivers everything you want except protected, expanded, honored “gun rights”, are you going to dump Trump and the Repubs, or go along, once again? Are guns the whole ball game, or are there things just as, or more, important when it comes to gaining your support and vote?

        • If the opponent were Hillary, as it will be in 2020 (rigged!), then I would still support the GOP, but I would be very interested in the primaries. But, for some reason, the same SCOTUS justices who oppose freedom for women are the ones who support firearm rights. So, still has to be GOP, but I can vote and contribute to remove the particular candidate who has been such a liar.

      • The courts, which I admit is cheating because the 2A is baked into what I mean by “the courts.” I get your point, but it wouldn’t cost Trump anything to do some executive action on the 2A.

        • Agree, there is no non-laughable reason Trump has not produced every change he promised (even Trump is culpable, like congress, for not having a shovel-ready piece of legislation regarding Obamacare repeal/replace the day after his inauguration).

          If I were to speculate, I think Trump is already bored with being president. As CEO he was the idea man, the front man, leaving details, management and administration to someone else. I would expect to see not much actually done the first year, while he puts a team in place, then turns over day-to-day to Pence, or Ivanka. Trump needs the wide open spaces to display his showmanship, make deals, and paint vast panoramas of grand ideas.

          All of which would leave us once again in the hands of establishment Repubs who are likely to surrender their majorities quietly, and with apologies to the Left/Demoncrats.

          But all in all, it will be wildly entertaining and fabulous to be part of living historic events.

        • Agree to “But all in all, it will be wildly entertaining and fabulous to be part of living historic events.”

          Also, Trump still beats the alternative.

  7. My concerns at this point is the typical slow moving GOP, RINOS, (like Garaham and mcain tuck tail and running), judge Kennedy flipping to go full Lib, and Trump not getting full GOP support. In essence, we need to keep up pressure on our GOP reps and senators, along with the NRA/GOA/SAF, to keep the fire under their feet. Trump WILL do our bidding provided he sees it as something he can win big on. AND the GOP actually gets the legislation to his desk.

    • I wouldn’t insult GOA and SAF by including them in the same sentence as NRA. Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America are legit. If Pratt analyzes or backs a bill, you can trust him, he is not a liar. Alan Gottlieb and SAF funded McDonald v. Chicago in the beginning, when NRA legal tried to sabotage the case.

      Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ILA continue to send a paycheck to state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde, who sold out Otis McDonald and every gun owner in Illinois to anti-gun police unions. NRA is a false front.

  8. The man is dealing with an inept government, a congress that is stalling and fighting him at every turn, traitors in the ranks, and a shadow government that wants him gone…

    Its been a month, give him some time to work. Hes already done more good for us in a few weeks than Obama and Bush did in their entire terms.

    • “The man is dealing with an inept government, a congress that is stalling and fighting him at every turn, traitors in the ranks, and a shadow government that wants him gone…”

      None of this could have stopped him from signing a couple simple EOs on day one…none of it.

    • This, story, to me, is about priorities. You’re right that he has lots of opposition at every turn. That’s why I’m even more worried that he doesn’t seem interested in doing much on gun ownership rights. The reality is that he’s only going to be able to get so much done and if he’s looking to get those twelve things done before he runs out of steam (and possibly loses part of the Congress at midterms, which is common for a President) it’s very unlikely that he’ll ever get to #13.

      Remember how many things Obama said he would do; as it turned out, once he was done with health insurance, he didn’t have any cards left to play and got very very little done except via executive order. And those EOs are often defeated in courts or, at best, can be reversed in 4 years.

  9. Give us the right folks for scotus. And keep illegal immigration front and center. CA might not be blue if you weed out the illegals voting. Pulling the support the illegals give the dems nationwide may do more for gun owners even than a conservative scotus.

    • Exactly. Look at what NRA did in Illinois. After the 7th Circuit U.S. Federal Appeals Court in Chicago totally overturned Illinois’ FIFTY YEAR ban on concealed weapons (for taxpayers, not police) NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde bent over backwards to place Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in the “NRA backed” concealed carry bill. The only politicians who opposed DTI in the NRA bill were Chicago area Black Caucus Reps. and sponsor Brandon Phelps refused to take DTI OUT of his NRA bill!

      Now Vandermyde is trying to legalize suppressors in Illinois, while there are over 2,000 people that are waiting for their concealed carry licenses due to police objections to their applications. No help from NRA legal.

      I thought maybe the average education of NRA members was G.E.D. level at best. Now I see that fetal alcohol syndrome and chronic meth abuse have lowered the average I.Q. to that of a house plant. The rubes are so stupid that they don’t even know they have been conned, and they continue to send money to NRA. Yee-haw!

      • Constant progress overall, still, really small minds can find a reason to do nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch. I am not sending *your* money to NRA, so what’s it to ya?

    • Support it with actions not just words. That is the proof. we need to remind him we exist and that he has some jobs to get done. He needs to stop dallying with the press and get to work. If he spent the time getting our rights restored that he spends tweeting we would be having this conversation.

    • Steve- If you use your binoculars, you can see President Trump and Wayne LaPierre sitting at the same table. They care about you as a person, and will work hard to advance your best interests, now that you have voted for them and given them your money.

      Above all, don’t question anything, and conform to the group. That’s the way to be a good gun owner and sleep restfully at night like a child without bad dreams.

      • Your alternative is to support Demo Man, send him your money, worship him from afar, as he offers NOTHING but criticism about literally everything, I guess no one could hope to be as good as he pretends to be. YO! If you are over 25, you know this is the best we’ve had in a long time. I’m counting since the ’70s, and am quite happy with progress.

  10. Maybe we should all pick a date to show up in defiance of DC law with our personal choice of “evil rifle” LOADED in front of the Capital and walk on over to the White house. Just as a friendly reminder to them we’re still here and we know where to find them.

    • It’s been a long time since people who could actually do something showed up like this. (The Bonus Army). The government called out the troops.

      If we had enough people, we would be immune from prosecution in practice. I just don’t how many are enough.

    • Ed- Most NRA members are cop fetishists. If you showed up with a piece for an armed demonstration, they would be acting as informants within your org and snitching you out to the police.

      Look at all the cop suckasses around here, and this is a pro-gun site. The rubes don’t want to be legally armed, they want to have a police approved piece of plastic in their wallet that proves they are “one of the good guys.”

      • “they would be acting as informants within your org and snitching you out to the police.”

        Unless you are planning mass murder, the authorities knowing that you are armed would be part of the plan, doofus! Try to keep up.

  11. I’ve also had a feeling Gorsuch will not help us out either.

    Mark my words. I have a good sense of feelings, and I have a feeling Gorsuch will deny Cert, or if granted, vote in favor of an AW Ban.

    I have a guy feeling that something isn’t good about that guy.

    • The fact that NRA, Inc. is ecstatic about Judge Gorsuch, and that Larry Pratt from GOA is concerned about him, is an indication that Gorsuch may sell out, since NRA actively colludes with police unions to advance legislation building the criminal police state.

  12. So tired of hearing folks cry a bought what Trump has not done for the 2A yet. The man has been fighting night and day to restore the Constitutional Republic, and give the government back to the people.

    The man has been fighting the MSM lies, the swamp people, working on getting his cabinet confirmed, illegal immigration, ISIS, jobs, and so much more.

    Give it a freaking break with the crying like a bunch of snowflakes. Your embarrassing us.

    • Sorry,
      We sure are whinny, but you are going to keep on hearing it until our rights are restored as far as I am concerned. One thing I learned from the opposition is that if you keep you mouth shut and are patient, they are going exploit us bad. Like Connecticut all over again. We need to constructively organize and protest like is doing. We need to help him make the right choices by reminding him of what is important. If we can speak loud enough on the issues it will help him cut through the BS and get these things done, we all know what they are! Being quiet will get us ignored and lose us the best opportunity to restore civil rights we have had in generations.

    • “The man has been fighting the MSM lies,”

      Opposing the press, even (especially) if it is unfavorable to you, is not supporting the Constitutional Republic.

      “the swamp people, working on getting his cabinet confirmed,”

      The people he’s putting in his cabinet are from the very same corporations and political bodies that the ones they replaced. Stop getting played.

      • When the press is lying to the American people, yeah, fighting the press is indeed supporting the republic.

        Calling them out on their false information and narratives has caused many to open their eyes to whats been spoon fed to them other the years and is driving them to alternative media. Alternative media tends to be more supportive of individual rights.

      • The ones they replaced have never had a real job at all, and have spent decades feeding at the govt tit, absolutely not the same. Let’s see some evidence, here, not just stupid pretense.

    • Troybilt- “So tired of hearing folks cry a bought what Trump has not done for the 2A yet.”

      You’re right. Don’t question your government. Go back to sleep and let your betters make the decisions for you. It’s easier that way. You’re upset.

      “The man has been fighting night and day to restore the Constitutional Republic, and give the government back to the people.”

      Donald Trump and Wayne LaPierre care about the issues in your trailer park. If you just leave it up to them to make the decisions that affect your life, they will take care of you. When they have time.

      “Give it a freaking break with the crying like a bunch of snowflakes.”

      Real men don’t cry when they are betrayed by the people they vote for/ sent money too. They just hold their feelings inside, and wave the flag.

      “Your embarrassing us.”

      Who’s us? You and the crew that runs your moonshine still? Rubes like you that are too stupid to figure out that you bought some Dr. Feelgood, but the carney wagon packed up and left town? You’re the embarassment.

      • “Donald Trump and Wayne LaPierre care about the issues in your trailer park. If you just leave it up to them to make the decisions that affect your life, they will take care of you. When they have time.”

        Unlike Bury Soetero or Hillary Bitch, who if given a million years in office will *NEVER* give a rat’s ass what happens to you.

        I smell a troll.

  13. That is very disappointing. Voted for Trump for 2 reasons: Not Hillary and Civil Rights. One out of the way, the Second is at the top of the list. Get those done first and the rest of the issues are solvable.

  14. Gun rights are moving in a fairly positive direction without him heavy handing some legislation. I’m not scared. Focus on the 2018 elections, make the Dems lose again, really make them squirm, let’s keep winning, and really make them question their existence.

    • Why is it necessary to “focus on the 2018 elections” when Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House? Did you finish high school level American government or what?

      What is the reading comprehension level of the average NRA member, 7th grade? Ridiculous.

      • Because, among other reasons, the GOP does not have 60 senators. Beyond that, read up on how our government works, you sound like an imbecile.

  15. “I will get rid of gun-free zones on…military bases…My first day, it gets signed, okay? My first day. There’s no more gun-free zones.”


    Seriously, I don’t expect nirvana here, and I also recognize that gun rights aren’t an existential threat to our way of life, like our $20T debt is. But this is something he could have done instantaneously with zero effort as a show of good faith to the POTG who voted for him.

    Y’all can think what you like, but until he does this or something similar, I’m operating under the assumption that we got duped.

    • You’re right, you got duped.

      The Big Con is expecting NRA to do anything to advance gun rights, when the record shows that their lobbyists consistently advance legislation that sets up a legal infrastructure allowing police criminals to get away with legalized execution.

  16. Government Reform. Clean it up, bring back ethics where fool Demcrats can’t build a government that ignores the foundation of what built our country in the first place.

  17. We have a 2 year total window in which to try to stop the gun grabbers. We all know that when the House of Representatives vote comes up, some Reps are going to lose. Some are for Guns, but many are on the fence. If it isn’t made known how Trump feels and bad gun control laws are stopped at the state level(maybe by the feds claiming that the states can not take these God given rights), there is no way we can win in the bad states. Ca has gone way too far and the feds have to do something, quickly.

    • Generally speaking, I’m with you. And I have less faith in any Democrat, they seem to all be brainless drones for the Pelosis, Schumers, and Clintons.

  18. a serious question for the trump supporters: what will it take for you to lose faith?

    he already has back peddled on pretty much everything he said he would do. the wall is not going to get built, he is not throwing hillary in jail, the repeal of aca is going to be a colossal shit storm, he is not going to get to any of his 2a promises anytime soon, I can go on and on.

    my question is what will it take for you to give up your support?

    • A decent question, but….

      Let’s suppose that Trump crosses a red line for every gun owner in the nation (whatever red line that might be), and every gun owner in the nation refuses to vote for him again. Then what?

      Just like in the first place, Repubs have no bench, no leader, no alt candidate. Independents have their usual 2% (libertines), Democrats have all the usual suspects. No matter how many times the people of substance are swindled by the Repubs, one thing remains constant….No Demoncrats !

    • A bullshit question, assumes facts not in evidence. He is moving as fast as he can, faster than many thought possible, yet it is so EASY to say “he is doing nothing” if you are a moron without any principles. Screeching that the sky is falling, after a month, is the realm of a demagogue. Osama was a disaster every damn day for 8 freaking years, and I never saw such complaint as I saw after 12 hours from Trump’s inauguration. Try STFU for 90 days, then get back to me about Armageddon, we should have voted for Hillary. And present an ALTERNATIVE!

  19. Most of those 12 items are more important to most of the population than guns. The truly die hard gun rights advocates are much fewer than being on this site would make you believe are actually out there. Maybe 5-10 million of us? And the rest of the gun owners are single gun owners who bought a Glock for home defense and haven’t shot it since they bought it, or, Fudds.

    • “And the rest of the gun owners are single gun owners who bought a Glock for home defense and haven’t shot it since they bought it…”

      Hey, is this a call for government-mandated day at the range for every gun owner?

      Like it. ‘Specially if we can make gov’t buy the ammo.

  20. The most important thing right now on gun rights is let the dust settle. The loss of Clinton was a devastating blow and haters have come out of the woodwork. Even undoing that no guns for SS recipients who have someone managing their finances was a whirlwind of negative publicity. The mainstream media, or as I call them, the media cartel had a field day with it. “Guns for the severely mentally ill” was the constant headlines.
    We will get our candy soon enough. Be patient. This isn’t a sprint, but rather a long distance run. Having the Supreme Court with the correct judges is the formula to win the race we seek.
    I’m not expecting anything significant for at least a year.

    • The lower federal courts have shown SC rulings are moot. Lower courts rule as they please, even in direct contravention of SC rulings. Having 9 pro-gun SC justices will do nothing to rein-in the lower courts.

      This whole thing is bigger than many suspect. Time is fleeting. We don’t have a year to let things settle.

  21. My top priority, even above National Reciprocity and FAR above the Hearing Protection Act is the REPEAL of the heinous Gun Free School Zone Act.

    This horrible law makes federal felons out of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans every day of the year, INCLUDING off-duty police officers who are NOT granted exemption from it’s provision. Look at a map that shows property boundaries: unless you live in a very secluded area, it is nearly impossible to go about your daily activities without encroaching to within 1,000 feet – one-fifth of a mile – of some school property. If you choose to carry a firearm for self-defense, and you do not hold a permit from the state you are in (reciprocity does NOT count for this one) then YOU TOO are a federal felon!

    This heinous law need to GO AWAY.

    • Don’t be ridiculous. Yes, it’s a bullshit law, but absolutely nobody has been inconvenienced by it, since everybody has ignored it since day one. You cannot drive through most cities without violating the law, and I have yet to see a city with a posted route to avoid GFSZ restrictions, it is a NOTHING law, difficult to get worked up over. And look at the bright side, if someone enters a school and murders a few dozen teachers and students, looking to score his 72 Virginians, we can point out the bastard disobeyed the GFSZ law, he would be so embarrassed.

      • Questions posed to the local constabulary:
        – My home is within 1000ft of a school, can I keep a gun in the house?
        – – Yes
        – Can I put the gun in my car and drive to and from my house while within 1000ft of a school
        – – No
        – Even with a permit?
        – – No
        – Is it legal to drive through town (with a gun) where it is likely that one or another school will be within 1000ft of my car?
        – – No
        – Are police randomly stopping cars or pedestrians within 1000ft of a school to determine if that person has a gun?
        – – No
        – How can the 1000ft rule be enforced?
        – – If stopped for a traffic violation, you are required to declare you have a gun, if one is present in the car. If within 1000ft of a school, you will be arrested.

        All of which uncertainty keeps me on the fence about buying a gun, for any purpose.

  22. e: National Security. More armed citizens increases national security. National Reciprocity would accomplish that goal as well as restoring a right that was unlawfully taken from many.

  23. Petition to Restore 2nd Amendment rights in all states!!! Including states that have deamed it a privilege….And not a right…Needs to be immediately changed…To prevent further constitutional infringements….

  24. Meanwhile, Trump has repealed Obama’s social security firearms purchase ban.
    Funny. An active, pro-gun move somehow beneath Farago’s notice.
    But panic over a list, please.

  25. Meanwhile, Trump has repealed Obama’s social security firearms purchase ban. Funny. An active, pro-gun move going unreport by The Truth About Guns. But by all means, panic over a list.

  26. It should not all be on Trumps plate, that’s why we have state rep’s for right? We have the majority in both houses so THEY need to get off their asses and contribute I’ll be watching them (Dean Heller & Mark Amodei) with my finger on the Ballot. Since Heller didn’t support Trump I won’t be supporting him in the next election anyway!


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