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Gun Rights: As Goes Texas, So Goes the Nation

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By Rachel Malone

As goes Texas, so goes the nation.

Texas is a battleground state, and it’s no secret that Michael Bloomberg and his allies want to claim it as a prize this November. If Texas falls, that could result in the White House, the Supreme Court, and Congress all being delivered over to gun control—and Texas being used as an example to browbeat other “conservative” states into passing gun control.

That’s why Gun Owners of America is investing in a strong Texas campaign.

Not only is GOA Texas fighting for Gun Owner’s Champion seats in the Texas legislature and the Texas congressional delegation, we’re also ready to go to war against gun-grabbing legislation in the upcoming 2021 legislative session. We’re ready to move forward with freedom.

Texas has fallen behind many other states in protecting the individual right to keep and bear arms. It’s time to remember the spirit of the Alamo and restore our gun freedoms.

We are reminded of William Barret Travis and the letter that he wrote during the siege of the Alamo:

Commandancy of the Alamo

Bejar, Feby. 24th. 1836

To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World-Fellow Citizens & compatriots-

I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna –

I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man –

The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken –

I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls –

I shall never surrender or retreat.

Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch –

The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days.

If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country –

Victory or Death.

William Barret Travis

Lt. Col.comdt.

Although the right to keep and bear arms is, in a very real sense, our “hill to die on,” we have a precious opportunity right now to win for gun rights through a peaceful stand. We need to use the Constitutional freedoms afforded us — our right to vote, our right of free speech, and our right to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances — to stand up for the right that protects the others.

As goes Texas, so goes the nation. That’s why we must stand now to protect liberty and restore gun rights in Texas.

Join the fight at gunowners.org/texas, and then join our activist community in the GOA Texas Facebook Group.


Rachel Malone is the Texas director of Gun Owners of America. 

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  1. As a former Californian, now Texan, I will be EXTREMELY upset if Texas was to flip blue… part of why I left California was to escape the leftist policies that control every facet of your life there. I will be voting in November, we must draw the line at Texas!

    • We can stop the Democrat party dead in its track by requiring the passage of an IQ test before being allowed to vote or breed

        • How about an audit on all parties registered voters? To be valid voters, they must have either lodged a tax return or claimed a welfare cheque in the last year.

        • Southern Cross, there are many of us retired people here in TX on fixed incomes and because of our low incomes and do not receive welfare checks we are not required to file a tax return. So I don’t think your proposal would work. Voter ID is the way to go, hell you need an valid ID for everything else, including purchasing a weapon, even a package of cigarettes, everything except to vote!!!

        • Texas currently requires voter id, but that is under attack, and there is a big push for mail in ballots.

          Texans need to stand their ground and all y’all foreigners moving here need remember why the heck you moved here in the first place.

          Many people moving in I speak with are glad to be free at last, but I’ve been amazed at the number of Californians that want to bring Cali ideals with them. They need to go back home. 🙂

    • Plenty of people from California, Mexico, and other places made Texas their home. Guess how they vote?

    • Please remember that 25 years ago, GOA and Larry Pratt encouraged Texas gun owners to “turn down” concealed carry until “constitutional carry” was approved. If GOA had had its way, Texas would not have more than 1 MILLION licensed concealed carrier’s today. GOA is just a fund raising scheme for Pratt and his family. I know. I spent that year getting the concealed carry bill passed. I was in the first class of concealed carry instructors. Never give GOA a penny.

      • I’ll take your word for your story, but that was 25 years ago and literally a generation from the past. Today’s GOA is worth supporting. Both FPC and GOA are “no compromise” for full 2A as written. Better than NRA or any compromising organizations.

        You may very well be spot on for the GOA of 1995 with which you had troubles, but today we need to charge forward with full force to combat the leftist anti-gunners who have been doing the same against us.

      • You failed to mention the part where, Larry Pratt didn’t like half measures. Instead you prefer Texans being forced to beg for permission to exercise their unalienable rights. 1 million permits are meaningless, except to say that 1 million Texans have been cowed by their state government, at the behest of the NRA, to beg for that permission, with your actions as a legislator sealing their fate.

        BTW, I’m a personal friend of Larry Pratt. If you think he’s enriched himself from GOA, then Wayne LaPierre is next door neighbors with Jeff Bezos.


    • I’m already looking at leaving Texas and going to Idaho. White Flight and Constitutionalist flight is real.

      I also hate the heat down here and in the least, want a vacation lodge or RV parking spot up there.

      • As a former Texan, I lived in the Austin area because the software engineering jobs are plentiful and well-paying. My wife and I lasted less than 2-1/2 years there.

        Although we wisely chose to not live in Austin or Travis County, the radical “progressives” there managed to mess up the whole area. Austin is unaffordable and the “progressive” California refugees are now ruining the suburbs. Why leave the Left Coast and bring your failed politics with you?

        Those people are like the aliens in Independence Day. They destroy everything and then move on the next unspoiled state. Look at what happened to Oregon, Washington state and Nevada. Don’t let that happen to Texas.

  2. insert california where texas is plugged in, and you have it how i’ve heard it since childhood.

    • Nah, you’ll hand your guns over to the union Democrat cops who pound on your door, and then you’ll watch the police cars(that you paid for) drive away with all your guns in them, and then you’ll quietly shit your pants.

        • I’m a retired combat soldier and I stand with GOA who doesn’t give a inch and GOA Texas works their butts off, as for these Democrat communists thinking they would come after me, good luck!

      • Which is why I support BLM and calls to defund the police.
        Send in the social workers!

        • Yah, soy boy. You will shit your pants if you ever get out from behind your keyboard and try to “riot” on federal property.

        • Like the “peace protesters” who tried to disrupt an arms manufacturers exhibition. But it was being held on a military base and they found themselves under military arrest. The look on their faces when they realized this was priceless!

      • I was just going to go to the police to voluntarily surrender all firearms just like I did with my bump stock. No need to have them come out and get them when I’m already in town getting my shackles sized so I can be led safely on a leash.

        • >just like I did with my bump stock

          I see what you did there. Mine sadly got left in my car on a hot summer day and melted itself. I’ve even got a puddle of plastic to prove it! xD

  3. I’ve seen a lot of comments online from people saying it will never happen in Texas. Have you been paying attention to Virginia?

    • Lifelong Texan. Go by any school crosswalk and you will the future of Texas, and it is appalling for gun rights. Mainly Hispanic kids whose parents vote Democrat and will teach them to do so. That and all of the liberal techies fleeing the Socialist states will turn Texas blue in about 10 years. Absolutely depressing but true.

  4. The Nation is already gone. For the first time in American history there is nothing that unites “two” groups in anymore. Regardless who wins in November is see country is splitting in two parts now. Well done Marxists.

    • If only it were so simple as to split it in two… At this time it is neighbor against neighbor. I don’t see how this can continue to go on at this rate. The divide is so wide, and like you said, there is no meaningful common ground anymore. I pray for the future of this once-great nation, and for future peace for the children who will have to live in the new reality that is being shaped for them.

      Given the divide, given the lack of commonality, given the tone of the national conversation and what lies ahead (just a few short months ahead), I don’t see how these States can possibly stay United.

        • they have the numbers…and (apparently) breed faster than we do…if you’re searching for a way to combat this..check out what they’ve been doing in Hungary…..

    • There will be a split into the “Federation of Socialist States of America” comprising of the West coast, North East (as far west as Illinois), and eastern seaboard. The rest will be a rump United States that is at least contiguous. The FSSA will probably receive support and advisors from the CCP’s PLA to unify the rest of the country.

      Pass the popcorn.

    • There is still something that unites the dems and repubs, power and greed. Talking about the congress.

  5. Texas would have been my first choice when I moved out of MN but this possibility tipped the scales to WY for me. I do have confidence in the premise of this article though. If the Marxists get control of Texas all of our options narrow horribly. I expect that my living in WY will only buy me a scant few years of partial mitigation through the resistance of a very small state (population wise) government. I don’t think my vote in Texas would have slowed down any movement left there. The ‘hill to die on’ seems to be getting closer and more inevitable every day.

    • Leftism is a mental disease that spreads like the plague,leaving it’s host functionally brain dead,a walking, talking waste of airspace of no redeeming value.

  6. I am moving to Alaska. It is the only NORMAL state left that is not geographically connected to the future USSA

    • Bad idea 007. AK is like 75+% Fed owned and DC runs the State. Also it is under the Nutty 9th Circus Court out of Commifornia. Highest cost of living of all 50 states and way less employment opportunities. The Chicoms will starve out the few population centers and move in during next uncivil war, imo.

  7. I don’t often hear anything that GOA does besides send emails for money, kinda like an arm of the NRA……Just sayin’

    • GOA in Texas is a pretty lean operation. The two main drivers are Rachel Malone, and Felisha Bull.

      These ladies work tirelessly to navigate the Texas legislature and get pro gun bills through, while fighting against the bad ones.

      Right before covid 19 hit, Rachel got a bit over 100 Texas gun owners to show up for a hearing on guns, and testify in favor of constitutional carry, school carry, unrestricted carry (51%)

      They also helped about a dozen pro gun candidates win their elections by block walking, calling, emailing, etc.

      GOA-TX has earned every penny I’ve given them.

    • AM PAT,

      GOA has been partnering with the SAF in lawsuits across the country protecting the 2A.

      I have a Patriot membership in GOA; selected them because, for a small organization, they build strategic alliances, work hard, and have been effective.

      Check out their Website.

    • As a relatively new Texan, escaping from the clutches of the People’s Republic of Maryland just a few years ago, I was very eager to see which 2A Rights groups had their act together in Texas. I can gladly vouch for the stellar work being done by GOA Texas. Fundraising isn’t their big focus but instead they preach the mantra, “Show up and be ready for anything.” Rachel Malone’s traveling lectures on how to navigate the maze of the Texas legislature and effectively advocate for reform and protection of our rights made it much easier to hit the ground running in my new home. GOA Texas is hard at work preparing for the upcoming elections and the new Texas Legislature’s 2021 session. While there are other 2A groups working hard in Texas and I will gladly support their efforts, GOA Texas has shown the ability to educate their members on issues and then motivate them to put that knowledge to work.

      • The biggest question of next year’s legislative session is who will be the Speaker of the House. The last two were RINOs and the last one of them, Dennis Bonnen(may he fade into obscurity and get the reward he so richly deserves) is giving up his seat in disgrace after plotting against fellow Republicans. Both kept Constitutional Carry from even being brought for a vote. Bonnen even put a Demorat in charge of the committee! And the rest of the Repubs let him get away with it! And since the legislature only meets every two years this has been overdue by at least 4 years.

        • It is worse with the GA House speaker, David Ralston! This clown car jackass used his position in the house to keep rapists and thugs that hired him as their lawyer from having to go to trial for years and years. He has repeatedly worked against other Republicans and against gun rights. We don’t have constitutional carry here primarily due to the efforts of this waste of oxygen. If I lived anywhere close to his district I would work to unseat him and get anyone else elected, even a damned Democrat and I haven’t voted for one of those in over 45 years.

      • If you are the same John that I met in the Halls of Annapolis kindly helping me prepare my thoughts and presentation to the Maryland General Assembly,,,, I thank you Sir! You are a tireless advocate for the 2A,, glad to see that you’ve carried the battle to Texas. As you know Maryland has grown even worse with more radical proposals each year. BTW,,, I’m sure Duffy’s misses you,, although I’m trying to pick up where you left off!

  8. Was brought up a Texan, and leaving an impoverished, financially decimated, locked down blue state next month to become a proud Texas citizen once again. I have seen firsthand the lengths to which corrupt radicalized Marxist politicians will go to grab power, and trample constitutional rights. Along with my conservative spouse, I’m taking my Constitutional Conservative values and vote straight to Texas. Texas is where I’ll cast my next vote, and Texas is where it will stay.

  9. Who’s going to come get them? The feds are all tied up, the city cops don’t get paid enough and they’re getting laid off and with budget cuts ??? And God knows they have done a great job Banning them, right Chicago ? And New York and Washington?…. and that’s just in the big cities, wait till they hit the suburbs of gay, crackheaded armed proud American rednecks..!!!!

    • When the struggle for the government is over, the police will be reconstituted larger, more brutal and invasive than ever.

    • Who’s going to come get them? I can assure you it will not be police or feds. It very well will be new NKVD/Stasi brown shirts or Peoples Liberation Army of China.

    • “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
      Barry Soetoro

      • “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…”

        But something tells me that wasn’t what he had in mind. The BurnLootMurder organization is probably exactly what he wanted…it just took a few extra years to develop, is all.

        • Oh he knows. But “just as well funded” doesn’t mean “with the economic power of millions of individuals working in tandem” but rather “are mercenaries paid for by the people who pay me.”

  10. Texas has long been “all hat, no cattle” where gun rights are concerned. It’s never been all that long a trip for Texas to turn blue and against the Second Amendment.

    Lots of hat wearing, legend writing, narrative spinning and bragging in Texas, damned little real action in defense of the Second Amendment.

      • Speak for yourself, please. You may be “all hat, no cattle” but I can assure you Texas gun owners are not.

      • No where is perfect but even Arizona and Oklahoma are superior to Texas on protcting gun rights.

      • Well, something like 16 states currently have Constitutional Carry in the books. Texas is notably absent from the list, and CC is a BIG barometer for overall gun freedoms. Two other major examples: up until just a few years ago you couldn’t open carry a handgun in Texas under any circumstance, and college students with CHLs were barred by law from carrying on campus. Y’all aren’t nearly as bad as the slave states (CA, NY, NJ, etc), but let’s not pretend your state is a bastion of gun rights

        • Red, your post highlights something that most seem to be missing here.
          Texans are getting more legal free exercise of their second amendment rights, not less.
          I remember when we didn’t have concealed carry, open carry, campus-carry, or any of that.
          if things are getting so bad, why are they getting better?

        • JWT, that is correct. Prior to about ’94, there was zero legal carry in TX, although that was deliberate and the laws were only enforced against blacks and Mexicans. GW Bush was elected governor very largely on his promise to sign carry legislation, which was promptly handed to him and he promptly did. Ever since the laws have improved every few years, there is one or two aging roadblocks to Constitutional Carry, then TX WILL be there, moving in the correct direction.

        • “the laws were only enforced against blacks and Mexicans.”

          No just you hush your mouth, you’re not supposed to say that part out loud!

      • Waylon, a state doesn’t have to be anywhere near ‘perfect’ to be better than Texas on 2A support and adhesion. Also there is no Austin in most conservative states.

        • There are Austins growing in all states now. Maybe not as state capital but the site of state universities. Bastions of communist indoctrination.

        • Yeah, it ranks much freer overall than my abode state. Wyoming took a nose dive in the rankings when the oil and coal industries here tanked. It is just that I rank 2A higher in importance than the Cato Institute does and I fear Texas is turning “blue” and thus anti-2A. I think Beto’s rise and near success in TX scared me more than anything. It is hard for me to think of a guy that I like less and that 48% of Texans voted for him is very discouraging. Wyoming has it’s downsides too, that is for sure.

        • That’s a completely fair concern. But it’s important to know that the Cruz, O’Rourke election was an outlier. For a few reasons. First, Cruz didn’t run a campaign. Didn’t even even put any commercials out until two weeks prior to the election, and even then at a small percentage of previous ad buys. No one with any sense thought he would lose and no one wanted to waste the money.
          Second, although he is a constitutionalist, for some reason Texans have never really liked Cruz. He just comes off as an ass. Which is a real shame, because he is strong on the second amendment and as a former arbiter to the supreme Court on behalf of Texas, really knows his Constitution.
          Also, less than half of eligible voters in Texas even showed up to vote. It was abysmal.
          But also, the real tell is to look at other races around the state during that election. Texas became more Republican during that election, not less. We had a district in South Texas go Republican for the first time in a century. More Hispanics voted Republican than ever in our history.

      • “Don’t mess with Texas!”…but, unfortunately….that is exactly what they’re doing…..spray-painting the Alamo can’t be far off….

    • Agreed. Despite the stereotypes, Texas is throughly mediocre when it comes to gun rights. Far from the best and far from the worst

    • For a very long time politics in Texas was Democrat run. As a result there are still too many anti-gun laws on our books, some dating all the way back to Reconstruction. The realpolitik of Texas government has always meant that most Republican state office holders are entirely to cozy with Democrat-progressives. Joe Strauss, long serving Speaker of The House, was a thoroughgoing RINO and proud of it. This is why constitutional carry has never had much actual political support from elected Republicans. Oklahoma is a far more gun-friendly state.

      • The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has almost twice the population of the entire state of Oklahoma. Not a fair comparison.

      • And what has been prying Texas away from Democrat hands for 25 years, has been firearm rights, since Bush defeated Ann Richards for governor because of her absolute refusal to consider *any* firearm rights, even vetoing a proposal to simply study the question of concealed carry.

  11. Good luck taking our guns. We will continue to fight for our constitutional right to bear arms. No matter what laws they pass, Texans will not give up their guns.

  12. Its the coronavirus vaccine paperwork that I’m worried about , what will it consist of in order for them to give you the vaccine ? And it will be mandatory

  13. Gun Control is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. The only people who could support such a sleazy agenda are racists and nazis otherwise they would not support such filth. America laying the 2A at the feet of the mini fuhrer mike bloomberg ain’t happening.

  14. Oklahoma didn’t wait on Texas for constitutional carry. It’s already lost.

  15. “I shall never surrender or retreat.” This is a statement of defiance that held special reverence for Travis and the Alamo defenders, most of whom were Scots- Irish. It was first heard on the walls of Londonderry when the city was besieged by James II of England. The siege of ‘Derry was very much a part of America’s Scots-Irish oral tradition. One of the continuing mysteries of the Alamo battle is just why Travis and his men, against military logic, decided to defend the Alamo. If you understand Scots-Irish culture and history the answer is pretty simple: They stayed because they wanted to fight.

    • I think Travis spelled out why he was staying in his last subordinate clause. But he did it against the orders of Houston, and did it for nothing.
      The Alamo was not the rallying cry around Texas. The Battle cry of “remember the Alamo” is completely made up, it has no historical fact. The real act that spurred so many Texans to support Independence was goliad. And “remember goliad” was the Battle cry of the battle of San jacinto.

      • Travis should have abandoned the Alamo and joined Houston, who surely could have used those riflemen. My point is that there is a thread of stubborn defiance in Scots-Irish culture that connects the Siege of ‘Derry in 1689, to the Battle of King’s Mountain in the Revolutionary War, to the Siege of the Alamo. The Scots-Irish are Europe’s last barbarians. The Alamo makes no sense militarily but it makes perfect sense as a final act of Tribal defiance. That is simply where they decided they were going to fight. I think it is that stubborn defiance that makes the Alamo such a signal moment in popular history and not Goliad.

    • staying was the only logical option…once Santa Anna had arrived…otherwise they probably would have experienced another Goliad…the few that did try to flee at the end were quickly ridden down by Mexican dragoons….

      • According to Travis’ letters, Santa Anna’s troops didn’t arrive at once. He received reinforcements daily. Travis made repeated requests for reinforcements, and was repeatedly told to leave his indefensible position. His troops were needed elsewhere.

    • Attempting to carve out your own little empire from another sovereign nation’s territory can often be hazardous.

      “Under a decree pressured by Santa Anna and passed by the Mexican Congress on December 30 of the previous year, armed foreigners taken in combat were to be treated as pirates and executed.”

      • Once again you prove you are completely incapable of recognizing the truth.
        Hey, remember when you tripled down on your obvious racist lies? I do.

      • Santa Anna thought of himself as the “Napoleon Of The West” and was certainly expansionist-minded. If he’d had the resources and skill he’d have certainly taken more territory for himself and Mexico. Fortunately, he turned out to be one of history’s worst battlefield commanders. Although he had competent field-commanders, the ignored their advice and used hubris to hide his incompetence. History is not at all kind to incompetent national leaders. In the end they all tend to lose territory, if not entire nations.

  16. GOA Texas Director Rachel Malone is one of the hardest working Second Amendment Rights lobbyists in the nation of not thee hardest working Second Amendment Rights lobbyist in the Nation. I too am a Second Amendment Advocate for Veteran’s Second Amendment Rights and hands down she has the vast field of us beat. She is at the Capitol every day of session and when not there she is advocating elsewhere. The belief that Second Amendment Rights Lobbyists don’t do anything is ridiculous I am online with both NRA and GOA lobbyists all day everyday getting pertinent information out to my own people. Yeah they fundraise a lot why because lobbying, campaign contributions and lawsuits especially lawsuits aren’t cheap. You may complain about the emails and phone calls now but you’ll damn sure complain when Democrats rip your guns from your hands cold and dead or not. We are in the middle of the biggest assault on Second Amendment Rights ever. The Democrats are literally running for President the architect of the 1986 NFA and the 1994 AWB laws. I know facing the odds there is no better people to have between my rights and gun grabbers than the Lobbyists and Lawyers of both the NRA and GOA especially the Texas GOA Director Rachel Malone and her team!

  17. Oh please Texass gave us 2 Bushes. They took forever to have CC. They “lead” in NO 2nd Amendment way. Are they gonna help ILLonoyed? Didn’t think so…

    • George Bush the Elder was born in Massachusetts and raised in Connecticut. Bush the Younger was born in Connecticut.

      • To be fair, George W Bush has been in Texas since 1975. He may have been born somewhere else, but 45 years is long enough to claim him as a Texan.

      • GHW Bush was called “Poppy” while in the CIA, not as a grandfatherly gesture but because he played an influential role in the US taking control of the opium production worldwide. For doubters of this fact read Operation Gladio by Kevon Shipp.
        Jr. was a pure RINO who could only fly a jet because he was good as doing what he was told. He extended the tyrannical NDAA, took us into Iraq using fabricated evidence, not to remove Sadam but to keep the dollar as the reserve currency which was threatened by Sadam’s joining the BRIC alliance. They do not deserve the title of Texan.

  18. GOA’s energetic advocacy for constitutional (permitless) carry recognizes the will of everyday Texans who lawfully keep and bear arms. Other groups bargain and compromise with elected politicians who are terrified of voters who’ve never owned a gun. Attempts to identify pre-criminals through red flag laws simply will not work. Passing such laws is a cynical effort to “do something”

  19. As a public school district employee and father of an elementary schooler, I have been working hard for the last five years to make it legal to carry a licensed concealed handgun in K-12 schools in Texas. When I started this journey, no one was talking about it so I took the initiative and got a bill drafted up and have made many edits to it since.

    Not a single legislator was willing to file it during the 2015 legislative session and absolutely no pro-gun organizations were talking about it or pushing it. When the 2015 session was over, I saw Rachel Malone was hired to be the director for GOA Texas so I messaged her, not expecting a response. She responded almost immediately and has been working her butt off to help me make this happen ever since.

    Since then, she’s gotten me and a huge and growing number of other grassroots activists involved in showing up to testify at committee hearings and to build connections and make our voices heard at relevant political events, and conferences. Thanks to her and our combined efforts, my bill was filed in the Texas Senate in 2019 by esteemed Senator Bob Hall. Now, the core concept of the bill is on the list of official Republican Party of Texas planks being voted on and the support for it has been overwhelming. I’m really excited to see where the bill goes this coming session!

    GOA Texas and Rachel Malone have been actively teaching people how the legislative process works, how to track it, and how to block-walk for pro-gun candidates during the primaries and it’s getting results. They’re truly effective at networking and organizing. I don’t normally become a paying member of major gun-rights organizations but GOA Texas has earned my membership and loyalty. I encourage everyone reading this to get involved with them, whether as a paying member or not. If you want to be an effective force for not just defending but reclaiming our gun rights, these are the people you want to know!

    • Sean, I posted this above but felt it needed to be repeated here.
      The biggest question of next year’s legislative session is who will be the Speaker of the House. The last two were RINOs and the last one of them, Dennis Bonnen(may he fade into obscurity and get the reward he so richly deserves) is giving up his seat in disgrace after plotting against fellow Republicans. Both kept Constitutional Carry from even being brought for a vote. Bonnen even put a Demorat in charge of the committee! And the rest of the Repubs let him get away with it! And since the legislature only meets every two years this has been overdue by at least 4 years.

      Sean, do you have any idea who the next Speaker will be? And will he/she be a RINO or a conservative Republican?

      • I don’t but I’m as interested as you are for the very reasons you outlined here. I was so excited when we got rid of Straus. Then we got Bonnen. Now I’m excited we got rid of Bonnen. But who will be next? One would hope the other Republicans would see the pattern of ousting here and make the right decision for a change. But what actually ends up happening is yet to be seen. We need to be active when the time comes and let our legislators know who, among those being looked at, have a record we’re happy with and those who do not.

  20. “I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans”

    174 years and nothing has changed.

    • Oh look, another racist who thinks if we get rid of all the brown people, we’ll go back to the absolute peace and prosperity of the 1950s.

  21. Just joined GOA. If Texas falls it will get really, but really ugly.

    Be Texas polite – but – Fight For Our God Given Rights.

  22. As a member of GOA and GOA Texas, I will do whatever I can, whenever I can to defend my rights and the rights of all Texans first and Americans as a whole. We must keep working towards constitutional carry in Texas and then the whole country eventually working toward abolishing the National Firearms Act by starting with the removal of Silencers from the registry. And if you really want to defund a law enforcement agency with more power then sense, how about the BATF?

    • defunding the ATF has been a good idea for decades…they’ve always been involved in one dumb stunt or another in an attempt to justify their existence…we simply don’t need this agency……

      • Couldn’t agree more. I’m so damn tired of these pussy ass legislators writing legislation that negatively affects the law abiding only due to a tiny percent of idiots being themselves.

  23. The key to Texas is Governor Abbott, he will hold… until someone stabs him and the state of Texas in the back, probably in a wrapped up lie as usual, that is there tactics nowadays… or something racial

  24. Hispanics watching the BLM fiasco have to realize they are not being considered despite what they say. This large and diverse group of people the democrats take for granted are not a monolithic voting bloc. It’s imperative more Hispanics realize the threat democrats rellresent to their freedoms, gun rights, and safety. Mexican immigrants fled the type of lawlessness we see today, they should worry about it happening here.

  25. Perhaps if otherwise law abiding Americans in unison pledge to the communists and others that they (we) will never surrender their(our) arms at any time and for any reason, and that such orders to surrender or confiscate said arms violates the national law defined as the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the USA, it shall constitute State Tyranny and will be met with resistance.
    Its clear that the communists working impose bans and confiscation schemes of our arms have no fear of gun owners. Its time they get an unmistakable message.


  26. Our ACCESS to the right to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances is now being systematically Shut Down, Cancelled, Silenced, Purged.

    Those who are eliminating peaceful assembly for redress of grievances impossible are thereby ensuring MORE violence is inevitable.

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